Democrats Use Senate Committee Rule To Delay Gorsuch and Rosenstein…

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have used a “holdover” rule to delay any vote on supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch and Deputy Attorney General nominee Rod Rosenstein.   The Committee vote is now postponed one week and will take place April 3rd.

The Democrats are using every procedural rule possible to delay confirmation of any President Trump nominee.   Neil Gorsuch and Rosenstein are the latest exhibits.

♦ Rod Rosenstein is being delayed because he would be responsible to follow-up on the “Muh Russian” conspiracy narrative as AG Sessions has recused himself.  Rosenstein, 52, was appointed as Maryland’s top federal prosecutor by Republican President George W. Bush in 2005 and retained under President Barack Obama.

♦ Judge Neil Gorsuch is being delayed because the Democrats are doing everything possible to block  his entry into the Supreme Court.

WASHINGTON – […] The committee concluded four days of confirmation hearings on Thursday where Gorsuch underwent two full days of questioning by senators. Nothing explosive emerged but Democrats expressed concerns about his judicial leanings that they said often sided with corporations over people and echoed conservative ideology. They also remain angry over the blockade against former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, who didn’t even receive a hearing under the GOP-controlled Senate last year.

[…]  At least 17 Democrats have come out in opposition to Gorsuch and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said that he will filibuster the nominee, which means he’ll force a 60-vote threshold once it clears the committee.

With Republicans holding 52 seats, they will need at least eight Democrats to vote with them under the current rules to send the nominee forward for a final confirmation vote that would then require a simple majority.

But Republicans do have the extreme option of employing the “nuclear” option — a change of Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees.  (more)

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275 Responses to Democrats Use Senate Committee Rule To Delay Gorsuch and Rosenstein…

  1. TKA says:

    And where is Mitch McConnell? As usual, nowhere to be found. The current leadership in congress needs to change folks, their disdain for this president is evident in every transaction.

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    • WSB says:

      And the Congress goes on Recess after next week, so we will see McConnell’s hand if he lets this go for another month, IMHO.

      Meanwhile our country is still upside down.

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  2. Gadge says:

    whats the latest with the FBI NSA meeting with Nunes tomorrow?


  3. albrevin says:

    James Comey needs to go!

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  4. Scott says:

    So Schumer has 17 dems on his side? Out of 48? Heh.

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    • ALEX says:

      So far….We will see. Considering it’s a replacement for Scalia it seems many don’t want to rock the boat that much.

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      • WSB says:

        Well, it’s really a replacement for Kennedy who is hoping to retire. I believe Gorsuch may be closer to a Kennedy than the lion of a Scalia.

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        • Marc says:

          I’m almost sure of it. Scalia was an old school, conservative Catholic. He was pro-life and solidly opposed to same sex marriage and felt the decision in 2013 was a farce. Gorsuch said the law is settled. He also attends a very “progressive” church so I’m not sure where his moral worldview is. Knowing President Trump, he likely didn’t consider that at all and Heritage Foundation picked Gorsuch in the first place.

          Gorsuch may be a strict constitutionalist on federal laws but a liberal nut on anything outside constitutional purview.

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  5. james23 says:

    Is there anything Mitch McTurtle can do, and if so, what is he waiting for?


  6. McConnell is a traitor. if this were Jeb! all the nominees would have long since been confirmed.

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    • 3x1 says:

      He wasted no time getting his wife into her position.

      Then he sprang into action!

      (This is the larger screensaver size! Hideous, ain’t it?)


  7. deplorabledooku says:

    The longer the Dims can delay Justice Gorsuch getting to sit on SCOTUS the more they are pushing him to be seated in October. IMO if he were to be confirmed when it was assumed he would (during March) he would still have the opportunity to be a part of the current session. With all of the delaying tactics (making Schmucky the de facto Senate leader) I don’t see Justice Gorsuch getting on the SCOTUS before they adjourn in May. It’s sickening that McGobbler is always missing when any Repub leadership is necessary. What a bunch of phonies, and unworthy of the “respect” their positions deserve. They conveniently ignore that they are not royalty and work for We The People.

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  8. BRC says:

    Here’s Gorsuch fed up and rolling his eyes at Al Franken during the Hearings:


  9. shirley49 says:

    Amazing how the Dems get everything they want and whomever they wany while the ba!!less republicans fold on everything. How many breaks do these clowns get every year.


  10. nhgardengram says:

    So, let’s mob McConnell TODAY with phone calls (202-224-2541) to get off his butt and use the “nuclear option”. We will have the next three judges to get through the Senate anyhow! Do we want to go through this with every one of them???


    • nhgardengram says:

      Called Mitch McConnell’s office.
      Well I got a “high volume of calls, so we cannot take your call at this time”. It also said that the mailbox was not receiving calls. He may just shut it down so he doesn’t have to bother with the public, or we are swamping him…..I can only hope it is the latter. I will keep trying today!!!


  11. nhgardengram says:

    Tried to call McConnell again; same response. Sent a note to his online contact. Honestly, these people do NOT want to hear from us. I reminded him that he works for US, and that WE voted Donald Trump into office. So use the nuclear option and get Judge Gorsuch confirmed. Cold anger is right!


  12. UKExpat says:

    The corrupt undemocratic DemoncRATS do everything they can, fair and foul,to delay and confound Trump appointees and Policies while at the SAME time their Lap dogs in America’s world laughing stock Media criticize Trump for not doing enough fast enough and not getting his Government up to muster quickly.
    Its all part of the DemoncRAT and complicit Media double act.


  13. UKExpat says:

    In America it seems that ‘Elections do NOT have consequences’ but only when the Right wins of course.


  14. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Employ the nuclear option already, you god-forsaken excuse for “Republicans”. Confirm Gorsuch and take a nice vacation on Pedophile-Island with Chuck!


  15. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Al lost his sense of humor when he bought a seat in Libtardville. Furniture courtesy of IKEA, and some really cool posters from Woodstock.


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