Texas Republican Ted Poe Quits Freedom Caucus Over Their #NeverTrump Intransigence…

Texas Republican Congressman Ted Poe has announced he is giving up membership in Hillary’s Favorite Caucus over their unwillingness to support President Trump:

“I have resigned from the House Freedom Caucus,” Poe said in a statement. “In order to deliver on the conservative agenda we have promised the American people for eight years, we must come together to find solutions to move this country forward. Saying no is easy, leading is hard, but that is what we were elected to do.

Leaving this caucus will allow me to be a more effective Member of Congress and advocate for the people of Texas. It is time to lead.”  “Some only want to be the party of ‘no’ & would’ve voted against the 10 commandments,” (link)

Congressman Poe’s exit from #NeverTrump leaves 29 remaining members.

We now await the most important person to leave the caucus, the first follower.


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  1. SandraOpines says:

    Ponder on this one

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    • Gadge says:

      I hope Trump delivers serious payback

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      • cozette says:

        We have to deliver payback via tweets like President Trump and Sheriff Joe sent. They must be relentlessly mocked. Tax payer funded abortions will continue because of these phonies. They actually prayed before doing it. The most religious Jew’s killed Jesus because God incarnate wasn’t holy enough for them. And now Trump isn’t Conservative enough for them. The we’d rather have Hillary than vote for Trump crowd. Never mind the Supreme Court. I have to keep my principles in tact.

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        • Willy says:

          ryano sunk Trump’s agenda with his ocare 2.0.
          We voted for REPEAL.
          Not REPAIR.

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          • Bunky says:

            Full repeal would NOT have passed Senate because of their rules.
            Full repeal may not have 51 votes even if the rules were changed.
            This is all chicanery from uni-party and never-Trumpers.

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            • mossback says:

              Yeah, yeah, yeah…..we keep hearing that but how does one know for sure? HUMMMMMMM. If the Senate voted it down THEN hell would come next election cycle.


              • Patriot Lady says:

                Remember– this is the Senate in which every GOP senator but 1 voted for Obama’s gift to Iran, the Corker-Cardin Deal. These scumbags never plan on repealing Obamacare. We have no Republicans left in Congress. “Hell will never come in the next election cycle” and Congress knows it because there aren’t enough of us concerned enough to throw the bums out when we have the chance to do it. In 2016, Ohio had the chance to replace Rob Portman with a conservative Independent, and Ohio voters refused to do it. Phony conservatives won’t donate even $10.00 or spend one hour volunteering in a campaign. ‘Conservative’ apathy is a far stronger enemy than liberalism. Perhaps we need a new term– CINO — Conservative in name only.
                Yup, from where I see it, the Washington ‘Toxic Dump’ has nothing to worry about from the American voter.


    • Scott says:

      That’s going to leave a mark.

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    • Tons of bills to replace Ocare and NO replacement bill ready in 7 years. What would have happened if the o signed one? Republicans knew he would not so all replacement bills were FOR SHOW! And NO real replacement bill was ever worked on! Republicans are owned by BIG $$$ and are not allowed to replace ocare!

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    • gnadfly says:

      In this instance, one mother would have begged Solomon to cut the baby in two in order to save her virginity. It doesn’t make sense not to compromise.


  2. mot2grls says:

    I heard an interview on the radio of Congressman Tom McClintoch. He also spoke how he quit the HFC earlier. His reasons were very similar.
    I’ve read a lot of negative comments about congress and Republicans specifically. Most about how hopeless the situation is and why bother to vote. I have to believe there are good people in there that want to represent and support our president and his agenda.
    I noticed one of the HFC members is Steve Pearce from NM. While he isn’t in my district I do plan to write to him and express my disappointment in him. Perhaps we could start letter writing and let our representatives know we are paying attention.
    I want to do my part to help President Trump realize his goals. MAGA!

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    • catmom says:

      I am moving to his district next month and plan to look him up. He was not listed as a hold out. I have no idea how he would have voted.

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      • mot2grls says:

        He was a yes vote. Said every time the HFC won a concession they wanted more. He said legislation is never perfect and the HFC wanted perfect. I thought he sounded reasonable.

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    • Patriot Lady says:

      But didn’t Ted McClintoch vote for keep Boehner speaker when he had a chance to remove him in 2013 and 2015? And didn’t he vote for Paul Ryan for Speaker when he had a chance to vote for Daniel Webster?


  3. missmarple2 says:

    A long time ago and old political hand told me that if someone cannot count on your support, he will go to those who WILL support him.

    The Freedom Caucus just demonstrated that they won’t support President Trump.

    Did you all see those trucking company owners and truck drivers at the White House last week talking about how hard Obamacare had been on their business?

    What do you think will happen when Jimmy Hoffa throws the weight of the Teamsters behind the repeal of Obamacare? You think they will want some extra favors like union contracts for hauling pipeline materials and panels for the Border Wall? I do.

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and after all, President Trump is all about KEEPING HIS PROMISES.

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    • Willy says:

      Trucking company owners.. you mean, the guys who have backed legislation to destroy independent truckers so that they can control transportation completely? Big oil, Big pharma, Big trucking, Big etc.,… same oligarch deal.

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      • marcyo13 says:

        Good point, but even in Hollywood, I learned you’re not doing anything if you make enemies of the unions. Ideally, should have both independent truckers and Union truckers to better serve our transportation market.


  4. Texian says:

    It took balls to do that. If things go hot, I petition that Ted Poe be spared the hanging tree..

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Thank Poe publicly on Twitter. I did. They need our data points

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      Don’t get too lovey about Ted Poe. He’s a conservative-of-convenience who is cut from the same corrupt mold as Big John Cornyn. The only time either are conservative is when their campaigning for office. But when they get back to DC, where they actually live, they’re GOPe all the way.

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      • Texian says:

        Notice I mentioned hanging only – and only at this current juncture. gotta give a parity reward when they behave Constitutionally. Everything else is still on the table should one roam back onto the DC plantation – including being put back on the list with the rest of them should a traitorous transgression occur..

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      • RG says:

        I say we shutter the doors of Congress except for a fall and spring meeting. Overall they are nothing but sitting Royalty that believe its their way or the highway for tax paying American workers. Really, look at their posture, their desire to keep many conversations private and secret from the public, and then they party together at the end of each day.

        Ole Lindsey Graham looked drunk during the President’s last speech. He is a nothing but a two faced donkey…well, maybe it is two assed but either way, he projects the image that so many in D.C. project. They are not for the people.

        I am now charter member of the “American” party. How do we get organized and get our candidate on the next ballot?


    • Jason Ross says:

      Why? He’s reading the tea leaves and preserving his tenure in congress. Nothing more.


  5. Strea says:

    More exposure of the anti freedom ruckus.

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  6. dbobway says:

    President Trump continues to chip away at his giantly annoying group of people,

    His strength is leaving these people naked, exposed, outed!

    Hey you Deplorables, are you listening?

    All of you are Trump’s strength. And he feeds on it.

    We need to start a list or journal of who Trump exposes as a fraud.

    It grows DAILY!

    Faux grown men falling on the sword of small testicles.

    Their scream is high pitched.

    “Milo” tell everybody this is not a Gay joke!

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  7. Willy says:

    I’ll guarantee you that if klinton had gotten in, the RINOs would have had a one sentence bill on her desk the first day..
    *** HR-1 Obamacare is hereby repealed in (some number, less than 100) days.***
    Knowing full well that she would never sign it.

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  8. mw says:

    The thing no Debbie Downer or troll or NeverTrumper can understand is this. President Donald J. Trump has our loyalty. Period. It ain’t gonna be a perfect run, but he loves us, we know it, so we love him back. This isn’t going to change. Which makes us Trump’s greatest weapon. We know he’s playing the long game. We’re not about to dissolve into shining on the third play in the first quarter. Unlike snowflakes, we’ve got stamina and we’ve got faith in Jesus Christ. This makes us unbeatable

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  9. TexasDude says:

    To flat out repeal Obamacare with no thought to those will lose their truly horrible insurance is wrong and politically untenable. It is suicide.

    A full repeal will not magically mean things reset to how they were pre 2010. Insurance companies, who are part of the problem, have configured their plans to abide by Obamacare, that is the problem with a full repeal with no replace.

    Ryancare did have problems, but it did a whole lot to address the 7 year complaints that the GOP used to gain power.

    Alas, we cannot even debate the plan in the Senate because of the idiots in the House.


    Do what we sent you to do Congress!

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  10. TexasDude says:

    In conjunction with the political pitfall of just a repeal, the GOP, while a majority in both Houses and has the Executive, is in a much weaker position than the Demicrats where in 2009/2010. We just cannit ram anything down anyone’s throats even if we all wanted to.

    The House Freedom Caucus and other intrasigents don’t or don’t care. They just want to go down on principle no matter the effect.


  11. Time to announce the TRUMP CAUCUS:
    You’re either with us – COMPLETELY – or you’re against us.

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    • TexasDude says:

      I don’t agree with that, but do you have to compromise some to get most if what you want.


      • TexasDude says:

        Jeez, can’t type … but you DO have to compromise …


        • Willy says:

          Guy says he wants to rape your daughter.
          Let’s compromise…
          What day?
          For how long??
          I see… if something sucks, we just compromise???
          ‘NO’ must have disappeared from the dictionary?


      • Consider the Math; Consider the Corruption; Consider the Consequences.

        29 Republicans are now BOUGHT and PAID FOR by the KOCH Brothers.
        • The KOCH Brothers now have BOUGHT the “swing vote” to Control Congress
        • Democrats need only PAY the KOCHs for 20 RINOs and 3 SENATORS.

        Good luck compromising with Democrats.


        • Frankly Ben says:

          In time it will probably come to that – Trump laying out the Trump healthcare plan and barnstorming across the country (with every mainline, well-known conservative he can bring onboard) during primary season asking us to vote for the representative who’ll totally support his plan either yes or no.

          Let’s see the engine of the Trump train roar! Let’s see how many RINO’s can be obliterated.


    • WSB says:

      That should be every Republican in the House and Senate, no? Poe is not the first follower, but maybe look to a vulnerable Republican or Republicans who will find the wrath of Trump supporters who have teeth the size of wolverines or honey badgers.

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  12. jvlovesk says:

    Ok seriously that 1st follower clip was awesome!!!! You are so insightful Sundance! I am blown away more & more with every article!

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  13. Bert Darrell says:

    We know that no Republicans voted for Obamacare
    We know that no Democrats were going to vote for the AHCA (Ryancare)
    How many Republicans will vote for Sanders’ single payer program (AKA Obama’s dream of his father)?
    Those who do, and you can bet there will be some because that’s the nature of the beast (Congress), will pay the price in November 2018.

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  14. greenmakescents says:

    It’s heartening one sane Congressman had a come to Jesus moment and left with the realization he is working for we the people. Waiting patiently for the first follower and hope in the near future the carcass implodes.

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  15. Texmom says:

    #NeverTrump is #NeverOver and we’d best remember it. I want a great bill, but seems like they want to obstruct Trump, as he was trying to work with them. We cannot afford to let them pull this on every single thing.

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    • WSB says:

      I wanted a great repeal with a one year sunset, and a slew of one page bills for tort reform, anti-trust legislation, etc. PS, rid of the 60 vote stupidity.

      At this point, and until that happens, let’s disband all caucuses by starting with the first follower.


  16. JT says:

    part of the problem is the bill was started by Ryan. that meant no one was going to trust it, even if it was a great bill. next time around someone else has to generate it. maybe Chris Collins or someone like that.

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    • WSB says:

      JT, I believe that Sundance senses that the Freedom Caucus may be fracturing because each member is getting some heavy blowback from constituents.

      All it takes is not necessarily the Leader but the ‘first follower’. And we may see who that vulnerable first follower is…soon.

      This could be big!


  17. barton2016 says:

    The “Freedom Caucus” is the result of Bush Limbaugh shouting at the country for 25 years that any compromise is a bad thing. Ie beware of the wishy washy RINO, etc. There are times when compromise is needed.


    • navysquid says:

      I don’t agree totally with you on that comment about Rush..I listen to him daily and he is always talking about Reagan and his quotes of better to get 75-80% of loaf of bread than reject the whole or to better to deal with a colleague/congressman who agrees with you 75% of the time than holdout for the 100% (paraphrasing of course).

      Congress should have voted for this bill. I didn’t like many things in it but could see what is to come if we didn’t and already the Dems are starting, as Sundance posted, with their “look America, we will give you healthcare for free or single payer, it’s so simple”…we can NEVER compete with the Dems in playing Santa Claus.


  18. 3x1 says:

    For every single person who is screaming “Koch Brothers”, please go to Opensecrets.org and back up your claims with citations for the HFC vs. other members of Congress.

    FWIW, the left’s favorite Bush-era villains, are no longer even in the Top 50 donors:


    I sense an awful lot of effort by new and interesting posters to sow seeds of discord over this bill.

    Seriously. If Congress is that FUBAR that they can’t fathom going back to work (instead of more vacations) and hammering out a better bill, then it’s the Congressional leaders who need unelected.

    In the world outside the beltway, you don’t throw up your hands and quit if something fails. That appears to be precisely what Ryan is doing. “Oh gee not enough votes, gonna pull the bill, yup yup yup, gee gotta go home now and get new orders from the wife, yup yup yup”

    Competent leaders would have said, ok, you guys won’t vote for this particular bill so we’re all going to stay here in session until we can knock something out that WILL pass.

    That’s because people in the business world get FIRED if they don’t produce. Ryan and his ilk have ZERO INCENTIVE to perform. All they do is angle for bigger bribes, bad autocorrect, bigger “campaign contributions”


    • cozette says:

      The Koch’s get responsibility for this because they publically told Freedom Caucus members who voted no that they would bank roll any attempt to primary them out in the next election.


    • Helen says:

      A quick Bing search shows most of these congressmen endorsed Cruz.


  19. cozette says:

    We have to deliver payback via tweets like President Trump and Sheriff Joe sent. They must be relentlessly mocked. Tax payer funded abortions will continue because of these phonies. They actually prayed before doing it. The most religious Jew’s killed Jesus because God incarnate wasn’t holy enough for them. And now Trump isn’t Conservative enough for them. The we’d rather have Hillary than vote for Trump crowd. Never mind the Supreme Court. I have to keep my principles in tact.


  20. nutherguy says:

    An awful lot of smart people here are missing the key point. The AHCA would have done exactly ONE noteworthy thing: Given the Republican Party and President Trump ownership of what we have been calling Obamacare. It changed the law in no important worthwhile manner.

    — All of the 10 required coverages in the Obamacare law? STILL THERE IN AHCA.

    — The individual mandate? Only real difference is when/how you’re punished for no insurance.

    — Younger people to buy insurance in order to subsidize us old folks? Just a bit less so.

    — ANY change that would help the free market retake health insurance? Are you kidding?

    The ‘disloyalty’ of the House Freedom Caucus allowed President Trump to dodge a huge bullet. Had the AHCA passes and gotten through the Senate then when the system implodes — just a couple years off and SOONER under AHCA than Obamacare as it is — Trump and the Republican Party would have been the ones explaining that to voters. Is that really an outcome we want?

    Don’t think so. Until Republicans can pass a bill that essentially REPEALS O’care (remember when we all knew that was what we wanted? Remember back as far as November 7, 2016?) it’s better that we pass NOTHING.

    Putting our fingerprints on the murder weapon is NOT a good way to sol

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  21. kltk1 says:

    Nutherguy is spot on. Can’t have it both ways, folks. POTUS was put in an ugly spot. Support Ryan and a bill that, if passed, would have made him look like an ass or support the out of power Freedom Caucus and never get anything done in the future. The POTUS Tweet to watch Jeanine Pirro was telling, no? There was a reason for that and I think we all need to take it seriously. POTUS is no fool and, while new to Washington deals, this isn’t his first experience in dealing with people looking to do him harm. He knows what he’s doing and, as you saw with Judge Jeanine and Judge Napolitano, he’ll use the voice of others to carry his message.

    To consider the Priebus plan to work with Democrats is beyond ridiculous. It’s a sad attempt at kicking conservatives, and liberty-minded conservatives, to the curb in favor of the Uniparty Elitist Republicans. The Democrats will continue to sit on their hands and do nothing, right along with Ryan and McConell, to help POTUS move his agenda. This isn’t the 1980’s where Reagan and Tip O’Neill would have lunch weekly and work together. That’s how it should work and DJT is the man to do just that, but Democrats won’t allow it anymore than Republicans would have tolerated Ryan meeting with Obama on a weekly basis. What he should be doing is exactly that with those in the Republican party. Weekly luncheons with Ryan, McConnell, Freedom Caucus and other high-ranking Republicans. They’re the only ones right now that can move his agenda. Democrats can’t, and won’t do anything to help move his agenda.

    In the end, it’s time to start moving the current leadership out of positions of power and bring in fresh faces that will work with this president to get things done. There are no Republicans that have shown more disdain for this President than Paul Ryan and Mitch McConell and defending them, against the Freedom Caucus, is a waste of energy. As painful as it is to watch this unfold, this is a discussion the Republican party needs to have. And while it should happen in private, sadly, there are many in the Republican party who’ve decided to wage the war publicly. Again, more failed leadership on the part of the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority leader.

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    • Willy says:

      Thank you!


    • Rock Knutne says:

      nutherguy is ‘close’ to spot on.

      He needs to go back and find Sundance’s post on the 3 part strategy. Read it, digest it, follow the links, read them and then come back and re-comment.

      The other thing I think both you guys miss is the Trump factor.

      We trust him. He’s got this. He’s been in backstabbing confrontations for 30 years.


      • Willy says:

        The globalzioneocons don’t have unauthorized people wandering around the white house and jumping the fence for nothing. President Trump’s life is not being protected.
        When JFK wrote the EO to put the fed out of business, how long did he last?


      • kltk1 says:

        The three phase plan was a ruse. If he didn’t have 60 votes now, he wouldn’t get them later. Might wanna consider your own advice and go back and study how the republicans won the house and Senate. Democrats are following the same game plan and will never lift a finger to help. Ever. Again, the only hope POTUS has at getting his agenda through is doing what he should do and heal the wounds within his own party. That said, I have every confidence Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will stand in the way of that effort too. DJT must understand he hasn’t a friend in the world right now and will be opposed at every turn from within his own party and the outsider democrats.

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  22. oldgrunt68 says:

    Republicans Flores and Price had a top flight, soup to nuts, repeal and replace for ACA on the books as of a June 4, 2015 press release, see below.


    Key Provisions — Fully Repeals Obamacare.When American Health Care Reform Act (AHCRA) goes ito effect, it will fully repeal Obama’s health care law.

    – Increases Access to Affordable, Portable Health Insurance. AHCRA levels the playing field between people who receive their insurance through their employer and those who purchase it on the individual market by creating a standard deduction for health insurance. Under the RSC’s plan, individuals with qualifying insurance receive a $7,500 tax deduction and families receive a $20,500 deduction.

    – Expands Insurance Access for Vulnerable Americans. AHCRA ensures those with pre-existing conditions have access to health insurance by expanding federal support for state high-risk pools.
    (This takes those with pre-existing conditions out of the private insurance market, which will greatly lower premium costs. They also need to bring 18-26 year-old young adults into the market, not on their parents’ policies.)

    – Spurs Competition Between Insurers. AHCRA allows people to shop for and purchase insurance plans across state lines, like other forms of insurance already allow. The plan also allows small businesses to pool together to negotiate for better rates. (ACHRA also needs to prohibit mandates that drive up costs tremendously.)

    – Encourages Innovation. AHCRA establishes an eight year, $15 billion spending fund through the National Institute of Health (NIH) to develop biomedical breakthroughs in the five diseases that cost the most American lives each year: heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. It would also create a $1 billion prize, similar to the X Prize, for a cure to Alzheimer’s disease.

    Also needed: Health Savings accounts.

    This is the plan Trump campaigned on.

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  23. Holly says:

    Hi Sundance. I love your articles. Please continue to stir the pot and inform us of the latest news from the swap. My question is… You show Louis Gohmert’s picture on this article but don’t include his name on the list of members of the mm Freedom Caucasus. Is he a member? Thank you.


  24. I’m not sure the so-called freedom caucus is any better than the democrats or any other anti-America self centered sociopathic group in congress. They use high sounding words (politician training) and have a high minded sounding name but they seem to be the same old power hungry egotist BS. If they were as they claim they should be actively ridding congress of RINO Ryan and supporting the president instead of sandbagging him.


  25. entagor says:

    I started with the following link and tried to build a list of how HFC members stand on Trump himself. Please add corrections if I got any of this wrong. but it looks like the HFC is not a wellspring of enthusiastic support


    HFC Chairman Mark Meadows Gets His Own Category:
    Mark Meadows – anti Boehner, pro Ryan, pro Cruz in May, 2016 said he would support nominee
    03-04-17 Meadows Warns About Problems Legislating Trump Agenda

    Rabid Pro Trumpers:
    Rod Blum – pro
    Warren Davidson – pro 100% agreement with Trump since January 2016
    Jeff Duncan – pro one of first to endorse
    Paul Gosar – pro
    Jim Jordan – pro HFC Founder
    Ted Yoho – pro
    Andy Harris – pro May 2016 101% for trump

    Trump is Lesser of Two Evils or Good for My State
    Trent Franks – pro Trump, we have two flawed candidates
    Gary Palmer – pro Trump, we have two flawed candidates
    Alex Mooney – pro, good for Virginia

    Distancing Themselves From the ‘Bad’ Trump
    Steve Pearce – pro denounced many Trump statements will support nominee
    Bill Posey – pro distanced self from Access Hollywood tape

    We Must Unite Around the Candidate pro Trump
    Ron DeSantis – pro must unite around Trump or whoever is nominee
    Morgan Griffith – pro must unite around Trump
    David Schweikert -Reluctant pro Trump supported Cruz obligated to vote for a Republican
    Dave Brat – 2015 tepid support endorsed Trump after nomination
    Brian Babin – pro cruz may 12 2016: totally at peace endorsing Trump
    Jim Bridenstine – pro Cruz endorsed Trump after nomination
    Mo Brooks – tepid endorse ment 2016 (I endorse all republicans)

    Establishment Reluctant pro Trump
    Raúl Labrador – very reluctant pro open border – Hispanic issues

    No Support for Trump During Election
    Ted Poe – no public endorsement during election
    Jody Hice – On Dec 12, 2016 had not publicly said if he intends to support Trump.
    —-Hice also said Repeal problems because no one expected Trump to win

    Rabid Anti Trumpers
    Justin amash – rabid anti
    Ken Buck – rabid anti
    Mark Sanford – rabid anti
    Randy Weber – rabid anti did not support trump during election



    • entagor says:

      I see I had a misleading typo about Hice – I incorrectly listed a date of Dec 16, 2016.

      the date should be May 16, 2016. I got that date from the the Washington Examiner link above

      The Washington Examiner on May 16, 2016 (after Trump won enough primaries to be a nominee) noted that Hice had not publically said if he would support Trump

      My typo was really confusing. The gist is Hice was less than enthusastic about the presumptive nominee


  26. Rock Knutne says:

    If so many of these guys are ‘Pro Trump’ where were they when he went and personally addressed them?!

    Pro Trump? Apparently not so much.


  27. LibertyVibe says:

    I have never seen that video. It made me cry. Bawling like a baby.


  28. Mickey Wasp says:

    I’ve got a different take on this kabuki theater of ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare. Here me out.

    Paul Ryan, and his GOPe, along with several members of the FHC and all the Democrats did not want Obamacare done away with. But, the Republicans after campaigning for such (repeal and replace) had to give an illusion to the media and public of keeping their campaign promises.

    Having a vote was a lose-lose for all of them and they knew it. That is why Ryan pulled the vote. If it came up short – every ‘Nay’ vote was recorded and thus would suffer the consequences in the 2018 and 2020 election cycle. And if it passed and President Trump’s team, most notably HHS Sec Dr Tom Price, would get their hands on Obamacare in Stage 2 and strip it down and the changes they would implement, would have proved successful. Thus, a huge win for President Trump and his cabinet.

    The pulling of the vote and the number count has stuck in my gut, as Ryan knew it was going to pass. Because he knew that if Dr Price improved Obamacare in Stage 2 – there was no way of stopping Stage 3 because the public would have been clamoring for passage.
    Now … the numbers. It takes 217 votes and there are 237 Republican members in the US House. Minus the 30 FHC members, you are left with 207 votes. However, President Trump had 12 to 15 ‘Nay – sayers’ changed to ‘Yea’ votes and had as many as 18 of them move to ‘Yea’ votes. That is a total vote of 219 to 225. Stage 1 passes. One can say a few ‘moderates’ in closely battle-ground type districts could have voted ‘Nay’, but that ‘dog don’t hunt’. Because many had stated they were on-board and vote in ‘lemming’ fashion with the House leadership and the kabuki theater was that they wanted it to pass.

    Ask yourself … who had the ‘tally’ numbers of the ‘Yea’ and ‘Nay’ votes? The US House leadership and they made up all the ‘sweating’ of the outcome before the media. Why did President Trump tweet to watch Jeannine? He knows …


    • entagor says:

      Mickey Wasp nails it:

      I counted in the HFC only 7 pro Trumpers who hadn’t hedged their bets or kept Trump at arms length during the election

      How many HFC feared being put on the spot by a Trump agenda? Maybe that explains the lack of enthusiasm for Trump. Don’t help and pray Hillary wins

      March 3 Hice tells Breitbart
      “The problem is on Obamacare. Just to be very honest with you, I think very few people thought Trump would win. They were in defense mode, as to what are we going to do if Hillary wins this thing, and then when, fortunately, Trump won, everything started changing rapidly.”

      Meadows pushed to replace Boehner with Ryan. A shell game

      Ryan crafts a bill HFC can safely reject. But if the bill really passed, it removed the safeguard against illegal aliens and handed the tax penalty receipts to the insurance companies so not everyone loses if we never get to Step 2&3

      Ryan wrote it so bargaining would fail. Ryan gave those who never believed Trump would actually win, a cover. They could blame Ryan. Ryan could blame the HFC. HFC blames other HFC. Honeybadger don’t care.

      Trump might as well blame HFC. HFC as a cover has been outed


  29. Bill lee says:

    Time to eliminate this freedom caucus just a bunch of liberals who cannot accept the fact that Donald Trump won the white house just another worthless paid puppets of George SOROS and the Clinton’s.󾓦

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  30. Patriot Lady says:

    Ted Poe voted to keep Ryan Speaker. Ted Poe has ZERO credibility. All the House Republicans, except Thomas Massie, supported Ryan.


  31. jaimeInTexas says:

    I like Judge Poe but on this one he is wrong. Pass a bill that depends on some later legislative action, or on another Congress? When has that worked in history?


  32. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Yeah buddy. Trump has this under control. Glad we got him elected to sort through all the BS politicians. Been calling and writing my reps for years to no avail. Hope Trump starts cracking skulls and calling out the rinos by name.

    Repeal the 17th Amendment and also, lets get term limits on these lifetime pols. It will take years to get these ticks out of office and out of the pocketbook of k street influence. Only then will we start seeing change for the better.


  33. Snort Widley says:

    What we really need is a health care bill that would be supported by a majority of both parties. That would be what’s best for everyone.


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