Louie Gohmert’s Big Adventure…

Don’t take this the wrong way because I actually like Congressman Louis Gohmert a lot.  However, this sketchy all-over-the-map interview is at an almost Tippy Guam level of  bizzarro.  The sum total of this interview would be exhibit “A” in the sketchy trial of “methinks he doth protest too much”, the Broadway musical.

Um, Louie.. dude. Rather than shout: “he lie”, “he lie”, “heeee lieeeee”; I’m left wondering if your hands or fingers are broken.  Why didn’t Louis Gohmert, a sitting member of congress, just walk over to the Senate and ask the Parliamentarian herself – if he had a question.  Weird.


For want of koch nail avoidance, the war was lost.  Louie, have a nice sammich and a diet Koch, then go lay down a bit…. maybe, get some sleep.

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301 Responses to Louie Gohmert’s Big Adventure…

  1. Bubba says:

    Weeks ago, I read that the senate officer, at McConnell’s direction, could overrule the parlimentarian. More word salad theater from a congressman – Louie – another fraud.

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  2. Juan says:

    Sorry, but every time Louie is trotted out the Dems gain support. He’s an embarrassing goober.

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    • ALEX says:

      I like your style…If you look at all members of Congress it’s an embarrassment on so many levels it’s worthy of a book with pictures…

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      • A2 says:

        I’m still waiting for the primary blooper roll; Fiorina taking a dive, booger eater, the mailman’s son stuffing three pizzas in his mouth at the same time, little Marco raining salty tears on his lifts, the Lunatic barking and being hoisted into a van and so many other memorable moments showing Americans that indeed their politicians are without qualities.

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    • dustycowpoke says:

      Texas rattling reptile me thinks. Beware of the fangs.


    • Patriot Lady says:

      Louie is worse than a goober. He’s a traitor– breaking immigration laws, and going to he border to welcome the illegals into our country. After that stab in the back, how could we ever trust him again?


  3. ALEX says:

    Louie Louie Oh no…me gotta go…He’s a folksy fraud and his act is real old….

    I’m playing the long game with President Trump. He has hung these boys and girls out to dry and they don’t even no it….Let em bring up a new bill and the President says: GOP GOP Oh no….me gotta go….

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    • mdaush says:

      Agreed about trump. He’ll get to the bottom of this and kick out the betrayers. I’m not ready to kick out Gohment as a traitor. I have very little faith in Ryan and felt that his behavior resembles kabuki theater much more than the Freedom Caucus.
      In the end, Trump will have to take his case to the American people and not give the Corrupt congress much trust.

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      • dbobway says:

        Me thinks the betrayers have now been exposed, clearly!

        All the betrayers constituencies now know who represents big “greedy” money.

        Anyone in their districts who like their country and want to be a politician?

        Here is your chance!


      • cozette says:

        Just remember the reality. The Freedom Caucus were the ONLY Republicans who joined with ALL of Pelosi’s Democrats to KEEP Obamacare. They alone kept funding for Planned Parenthood abortions continuing.


        • Let’s say that this is all some kind of big play, all talk no action and no action intended. It looks that way to me because it seems if the repugnants had the votes, why didn’t they come up w/ an acceptable Bill?”


  4. Ghostrider says:

    I think Louie had more to drink than a Diet Koch; he sounds more like he is strung out on Koch.

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  5. distracted2 says:

    This is what happens when you’re not very good at lying. I’ve lost all respect for him. And it’s a damn shame because I thought he was one of the good guys. Apparently not.

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    • Louie’s not lying, Paul Ryan lied about the Senate Rules Process. Phase 1,2 and 3 because he didn’t want OC to go. The governors love the Medicaid money.

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      • Patriot Lady says:

        As I posted above, Louie is a liar, worse than a liar. He’s a traitor–in 2014–breaking immigration laws, and going to he border to welcome the illegals into our country. After that stab in the back, how could we ever trust him again?


    • Patriot Lady says:

      And a 1000 likes sent to you! All I have to do is remember 2 things about Gohmert:
      1) In 2014, breaking our immigration laws, & welcoming the illegals over the border and
      2) voting to keep Ryan Speaker.


  6. David Hopkins says:

    If what Louie Gohmert says is true about budget reconciliation, aka the “Byrd Rule”, then there would be no limit to what could be put into a Tax Reform bill. Somehow, I don’t think Louie’s, or Senator Lee’s, interpretation is correct and he is trying to cover his rear end for his vote on Repeal and Replace. In fact, we will find out when the House takes up a Tax Reform bill this month. Trump and the entire US Economy is keen on getting a Tax Reform bill to passes quickly so we can start to rev up the economic engines. We will test their little theory about the lack of limitations around budget reconciliation language real soon. After lifting the rock, we will watch all the insects scramble for cover.


  7. NCPatrick says:

    Uh yeah .. I thought it was just me but I’ve become very tired of listening to Gohmert whine. Sorry, boys, but you are flailing and looking like a bunch of weak kneed little worms, and you are not convincing. They remind me of these guys who keep coming into my driveway to sell me a new roof.

    The last guy actually said to me that he could get homeowner’s insurance to pay for a new roof as he had an “arrangement” with the insurance adjuster. Haha. I reminded him that my .357 Magnum and I also have a fine working arrangement if we ever see him again.


  8. Barb Meier says:

    SD, you wrote this: “Why didn’t Louis Gohmert, a sitting member of congress, just walk over to the Senate and ask the Parliamentarian herself – if he had a question. Weird.” I listened to Louie in the video clip and he said that Mike Lee did talk to the parliamentarian. All I can tell you is that the federal government has no business in our healthcare and many other social ‘adventures’ that cause citizens great harm. Assuming that no democrats would support repeal is a false assertion. Given a loud enough roar from voters en masse, even democrats can be brought to a yes vote on repeal. Likewise, repealing Obamacare does not, IMHO, automatically mean all healthcare will be lost. Medicaid and Medicare still exist separately. The law to treat everyone who shows up at an ER still exists. Those things by themselves are the safety net. I do not trust Paul Ryan at all based on his past votes on spending and ‘leadership’ that gave Obama more than he even asked for. How then can I trust him on Ryancare?

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    • betseyross says:

      Another question for me, anyway: Why do they need to replace it? I have no love for government health care. I am on Medicare now. What happens when they start denying me health care to Seniors? Death Panels anyone? When the government gets involved they just mess things up, bigly!

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    • cozette says:

      The Freedom Caucus wanted repeal only. President Trump would have vetoed it if it came to his desk. However repeal only was NEVER going to get enough support to pass the House and Senate. The Freedom Caucus knew this but demanded it anyway. They are like Leftists. Ideologues who demand things be their way or they will let the country burn.


  9. oldgrunt68 says:

    Ryan never had any hearings or debate on this GOPe so called healthcare bill. He never set up any calls with house members. He never reached out. He kept it under lock and key.

    The bill is a joke meant to serve the moderate republicans and Wall Street and the CofC. The Republican Party hates the conservatives in their party. Priebus and Ryan old school chums played Trump.

    They have a huge majority and still refuse to offer up a real healthcare that serves the American people and not DC.

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    • Exactly, remember when Rand Paul went with his copier to go read the bill, and he was barred from entering the room to read it. I am not sure when they finally had the chance to read it and how many actually read the bill. Rand was on it from the git-go, and was very publicly upset that he was not allowed to read it. So the bill was printed and done with NO discussion before it was given to the CONgress to vote on it, so no amendments or re-writes could be done. I do not blame many of them that would have voted no for the bill, simply because their name would have been on it, with no INPUT from them on it. Sorry folks but I believe that this was ALL Ryan and I do not trust that weasel from the git go-I have not liked nor trusted him since his very first budget (before he ran for VP), And the rest from the Freedom caucus was all smoke and mirrors, but they did have a right to be upset.

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      • Bill Wright says:


        Does it make any sense?

        Why would leadership write a bill in private? Does that sound like regular order to you? The normal process is to submit a bill, debate it in public, amend it, vote on the amendments, then vote on the finished product. What Ryan did was write a finished product behind closed doors, and submit it.

        The bad news is that Freedom Caucus suggestions were dropping off Tuesday Group (i.e.- liberal Republicans) support. This isn’t easy as the Republican tent is very diverse. In other words, I’m not sure regular order would have resulted in a bill that could pass both chambers. Even worse, regular order would have taken months and months.

        On the Democrat side, they generally follow the leader as most don’t read the bill. The truth be known, about half of the Democrats and 30% of the Republicans do not have the mental equipment to read the bills. Reading the bills is very tough, try it some time. Do you really think Maxine Watters or Nancy Pelosi have the mental equipment to read a bill. The bills are written by corporate lobbyists, and handed to them. They get a quick briefing, and a promise for a lot of help with fundraising. One of the most shocking things when I got to Capitol Hill was watching members walk from one congressman’s office to the next asking how they were going to vote. It is very clear that many of them are incapable of reading the bills as they can’t answer the most basic questions. It’s like eighth grade up there. The public would be shocked.

        What I think happened is that Ryan, in conjunction with lobbyists, wrote a bill that he thought would pass. He was wrong. Trump has surrounded himself with GOPe (Pence, Priebus, Price, et. al.) who advised him that the Freedom Caucus were the problem. President Trump tried to fix it by meeting with the Freedom Caucus, but the Tuesday Group was dropping out. When ObamaCare does explode, and it will, the best method to fix it is regular order.

        The press is (of course) going to blame the explosion on the Republicans. Remember that President Trump instructed the IRS NOT to collect the ObamaCare penalties as he thought it was going away soon.

        The reason Pence was put on the ticket is that Trump needed to gather in GOPe support. Pence did that. However, the consequence is that you have GOPe surrounding the president, and unfortunately, their ideas do not match up with his. For example, where is the REINS Act? Where is the border wall? Where is immigration reform? Why are they moving so slooooow. “Yes Mr. President….we’re with you, but that border wall comes last in our priorities, and it will take months and months.”

        I’m getting a little long here. Let me stop by saying Gorsuch is the prize. Everything else is a bonus. Hopefully, once he gets on the court he is who we think he is.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      He didn’t want the light of day on this POS. Why they don’t have public meetings to explain the law in detail is because the endless corruption would be exposed.


  10. Lukeflip says:

    Is there any place that these house and senate rules can be viewed an studied by the citizens of our country?

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  11. NYborn says:

    I am really amazed and tired of people saying that the President was lied to. Do you think POTUS Trump is a fool and easy to deceive? He is a highly successful businessman and knows how to deal with all types of people. Do you think if Sen Lee could get the answer from the Parliamentarian POTUS could not? Come on. I can only conclude that the Freedom Caucus really does not want Obamacare gone because what they will get with a bipartisan bill when it collapses will never be as conservative as they claim to have wanted and held out for. POTUS will make a deal with some of the Dems whose Yes votes will cancel out the Freedom Caucus’ No votes. Maybe that’s what the Freedom Caucus really wants in order to keep their Koch Uniparty donors happy. Just saying!


  12. Robert Simmons says:

    The GOP in congress handed the president his a defeat on the first price of major legislation proposed and left Obamacare in place in its entirety in order to get campaign commercials. That’s typical DC. The Conservatives have been in government 30 years since Reagan left and what do We The People have to show for it?


  13. Bannon270 says:

    President Trump has exposed more and more “good conservatives” as frauds. Brother Louie is one of them. Congressman Louie doesn’t have Obamacare…WE DO! Congressman Louie will have along with his Freedom Caucus gobs of taxpayer pay and benefits along with his taxpayer retirement, all on the backs of the working class who have to pay him. He’ll take the cash with a smile on his face and no guilt at doing a lousy job for all he is rewarded. We are now stuck with the $800,000,000,000 in mandated taxes hurting tax reform. Unless we get a strong pro-Trump speaker the entire Trump agenda will be stopped by billionaire bribes…the Wall, Immagration Reform, etc. My fear is Congress will be so ineffective they will lose the House in 2018 with an average midterm loss of 30 plus for the incumbent. Then the Democratic House will do nothing but threaten to impeach Trump on a daily basis. It is truly amazing that having the House and Senate will mean nothing due to bribes and corruption.


  14. jeans2nd says:

    Translation of Louie Gohmert

    “Paul Ryan lied, according to me Louie Gohmert, so we, the House Freedom Caucus (HFC), must continue the Torture of the American People on Obamacare, especially our Senior Americans, until such time as the HFC determines the American People have suffered enough under Obamacare and/or sees things the HFC’s way.”

    See Louie? Not so hard to say concisely. Now Louie may go find that sammich and Diet Koch.
    Much luv to ya, Louie.


  15. Contrarymary says:

    I would trust Louie gohmert over Paul Ryan any day of the week. When the deems are in power, they elect the attack dogs to achieve their communist agenda. When the republican get in power, they elect the whimpering weinies as their leaders for the communist light (or as bush said “compassionate conservatives”) as their leaders. I want attack dogs for the constitution and our borders.

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      The issue isn’t trust Ryan over Ghomert; the issue is did you trust President Trump?

      IMO those who opposed passing the Ryan plan opposed President Trump and his agenda.


      • Contrarymary says:

        I was backing trump from the very start to the chagrin of family and friends who were shocked because I am their go-to person on the issues. Trump is not the Savior, and is not always 100% correct on every issue. Remember he backed Rene elmers in her bid and she was a leftist republican. It just may be that I don’t understand what he’s doing, but not being of a manipulative mind, no, I don’t go along with everything anyone does. Do we have to destroy everyone that stands for what’s right? I don’t trust ANYTHING Ryan does.

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    • Patriot Lady says:

      Will say this just once more or Sundance may revoke my ‘poster license’—
      Louie supported the traitor, Ryan! He VOTED TO KEEP HIM SPEAKER. If you still trust him after that, it’s a waste of time for me to say anything else. And this may get blocked, but Mark Twain said it succinctly: “Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”


  16. NYborn says:

    Come on people, Mike Pence is the Senate President don’t you think he knows the rules better than Louie or Sen Lee?


  17. Mike diamond says:

    Louie,in code was trying to say some behind the the scene were messing stuff up about the new health care bill that would replace Obama care! Paul Ryan and his rat patrol,is the parlementry bunch Louie is talking about! Louie was wired up,but its like fox didn’t want him to tell all! Fox,here lately acts like some big dog liberal media group told Rupert Merdock to tone it down! Just my theory! If Louie is all shook up it means he has been at war with some very big parliamentary rats!,like Paul Ryan who lied!


  18. Tejas Rob says:

    So, Louie doesn’t trust Paul Ryan or anything he tries to sell and all of a sudden that is a bad thing?


    • cozette says:

      So Mike Pence is a rube or a liar too? And Dr. Price? This bill was based on the bill Dr. Price has worked on for 7 YEARS. Have you heard anything in the replacement bill that the Freedom Caucus wanted but couldn’t get? Or changes they wanted made? Nope. They kept saying that the people elected them to REPEAL Obamacare. Well the American people, many of them life long democrats, did not. Trump ran on Repeal and Replace with 2 mandates left in place. The Freedom Caucus preyed on battered conservatives fears to distract them, using phrases like RINOcare, big business written blah, blah. Appeals to emotion without facts. They acted like the Left. Bottom line it really is time for Rand’s Better Way Plan to be in the spotlight. Have the Freedom Caucus build enough of consensus to get it passed like Ryan did. They assured us their better way could pass if Ryan’s bill was defeated. OK. Batter up, Rand. I bet though, that now that they’ve made sure we are stuck with Obamacare the Freedom Caucus will do nothing until they block Trumps tax reform saying they have to, because as principled conservatives, the failure to get tax cuts passed in Ryancare means there’s not enough money for the tax reform Trump needs to stimulate the economy.


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