President Trump Oval Office Remarks After Failure of Healthcare Reform…

President Trump, Vice-President Pence and Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price, stood united in defeat in the Oval Office as President Trump shares his thoughts on the failure of the ObamaCare repeal/replace bill to pass the House of Representatives.

President Trump points out that any future attempt at repairing ObamaCare will necessarily include Democrats. Ultimately that means a much worse future outcome caused by the intransigent CONservative caucus today with their opposition.

President Trump thanks VP Pence, Speaker Paul Ryan and Secretary Tom Price for their united team effort toward the repeal and replace road map created by Secretary Price.  President Trump also affirms his intention not to let Americans suffer as a consequence of the democrat or republican party and their inability to deliver an appropriate healthcare outcome.

Moving forward, any tax legislation will now have to keep the $1 to $2 trillion ObamaCare spending in place; ultimately meaning far less room for comprehensive tax reform.  Again, the intransigent CONservative caucus just dealt a blow to tax cuts – this is “disappointing” to the Trump economic agenda and will ultimately mean lesser job growth.

[TRANSCRIPT] 4:26 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. We were very close, and it was a very, very tight margin. We had no Democrat support. We had no votes from the Democrats. They weren’t going to give us a single vote, so it’s a very difficult thing to do.

Last Night: President Trump begs the House Freedom Caucus not to obstruct his economic agenda and to support the Repeal and Replace bill made by Tom Price.

I’ve been saying for the last year and a half that the best thing we can do politically speaking is let Obamacare explode. It is exploding right now. Many states have big problems — almost all states have big problems. I was in Tennessee the other day, and they’ve lost half of their state in terms of an insurer; they have no insurer. And that’s happened to many other places. I was in Kentucky the other day, and similar things are happening.

So Obamacare is exploding. With no Democrat support, we couldn’t quite get there. We were just a very small number of votes short in terms of getting our bill passed. A lot of people don’t realize how good our bill was because they were viewing phase one. But when you add phase two — which was mostly the signings of Secretary Price, who’s behind me — and you add phase three, which I think we would have gotten — it became a great bill. Premiums would have gone down and it would have been very stable, it would have been very strong. But that’s okay.

But we’re very, very close. And again, I think what will happen is Obamacare, unfortunately, will explode. It’s going to have a very bad year. Last year you had over a 100 percent increases in various places. In Arizona, I understand it’s going up very rapidly again, like it did last year; last year it was 116 percent. Many places, 50, 60, 70 percent, I guess it averaged — whatever the average was — very, very high. And this year should be much worse for Obamacare.

So what would be really good, with no Democrat support, is if the Democrats, when it explodes — which it will soon — if they got together with us and got a real healthcare bill. I would be totally up to do it. And I think that’s going to happen. I think the losers are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, because now they own Obamacare. They own it — 100 percent own it.

And this is not a Republican healthcare, this is not anything but a Democrat healthcare. And they have Obamacare for a little while longer, until it ceases to exist, which it will at some point in the near future. And just remember this is not our bill, this is their bill.

Now, when they all become civilized and get together, and try and work out a great healthcare bill for the people of this country, we’re open to it. We’re totally open to it.

I want to thank the Republican Party. I want to thank Paul Ryan — he worked very, very hard, I will tell you that. He worked very, very hard. Tom Price and Mike Pence — who’s right here — our Vice President, our great Vice President. Everybody worked hard. I worked as a team player and would have loved to have seen it passed. But again, I think you know I was very clear, I think there wasn’t a speech I made, or very few where I didn’t mention that perhaps the best thing that can happen is exactly what happened today, because we’ll end up with a truly great healthcare bill in the future, after this mess known as Obamacare explodes.

So I want to thank everybody for being here. It will go very smoothly, I really believe. I think this is something — it certainly was an interesting period of time. We all learned a lot. We learned a lot about loyalty. We learned a lot about the vote-getting process. We learned a lot about some very arcane rules in, obviously, both the Senate and in the House. So it’s been — certainly for me, it’s been a very interesting experience. But in the end, I think it’s going to be an experience that leads to an even better healthcare plan.

So thank you all very much. And I’ll see you soon.

Q Mr. President, is it now your intention to go for tax reform? Or what’s next on your priority list?

THE PRESIDENT: We’ll be going right now for tax reform, which we could have done earlier, but this really would have worked out better if we could have had some Democrat support. Remember this: We had no Democrat support. So now we’re going to go for tax reform, which I’ve always liked.

Q And you’re confident in Speaker Ryan’s leadership and his ability to get things done?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I am. I like Speaker Ryan. He worked very, very hard. A lot of different groups, he’s got a lot of factions. And there’s been a long history of liking and disliking, even within the Republican Party, long before I got here. But I’ve had a great relationship with the Republican Party. It seems that both sides like Trump, and that’s good. And you see that, I guess, more clearly than anybody.

But we’ve had a — I’m not going to speak badly about anybody within the party. But certainly there’s a big history. I think Paul really worked hard. And I would say that we will probably start going very, very strong for the big tax cuts and tax reform. That will be next.

Q Sir, is it fair to Americans to let Obamacare explode?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it’s going to happen. There’s not much you can do about it. It’s going to — bad things are going to happen to Obamacare. There’s not much you can do to help it. I’ve been saying that for a year and a half. I said, look, eventually it’s not sustainable. The insurance companies are leaving — you know that. They’re leaving one by one, as quick as you can leave. And you have states, in some cases, who will not be covered. So there’s no way out of that.

But the one thing that was happening, as we got closer and closer, everybody was talking about how wonderful it was, and now we’ll go back to real life and people will see how bad it is. And it’s getting much worse.

You know, I said the other day, when President Obama left — ’17, he knew he wasn’t going to be here; ’17 is going to be a very, very bad year for Obamacare. Very, very bad. You’re going to have explosive premium increases. And the deductibles are so high people don’t even get to use it.

So they’ll go with that for a little while. And I honestly believe — I know some of the Democrats, and they’re good people — I honestly believe the Democrats will come to us and say, look, let’s get together and get a great healthcare bill or plan that’s really great for the people of our country. And I think that’s going to happen.

Q If you could have passed the bill in the House without any Democratic support, why do you think you weren’t able to craft a deal among the Republican Party?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we were very close. We were just probably anywhere from 10 to 15 votes short. Could have even been closer than that. You’ll never know because you’ll never know how they vote. But in the end, I think we would have been 10 votes, maybe closer. And it was very hard to get almost 100 percent. You’re talking about a very, very large number of votes — among any group. And we were very close to doing it. But when you get no votes from the other side — meaning the Democrats — it’s really a difficult situation.

Q Will you reach out to the Democrats now?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I think we have to let Obamacare go its way for a little while, and we’ll see how things go. I’d love to see it do well, but it can’t. I mean, it can’t. It’s not a question of, gee — I hope it does well. I would love it to do well. I want great healthcare for the people of this nation. But it can’t do well. It’s imploding, and soon will explode, and it’s not going to be pretty.

So the Democrats don’t want to see that, so they’re going to reach out when they’re ready. And whenever they’re ready, we’re ready.

Q Do you feel betrayed by the House Freedom Caucus at all? They seemed to be the most difficult to get.

THE PRESIDENT: No, I’m not betrayed. They’re friends of mine. I’m disappointed because we could have had it. So I’m disappointed. I’m a little surprised, to be honest with you. We really had it. It was pretty much there within grasp. But I’ll tell you what’s going to come out of it is a better bill — I really believe a better bill. Because there were things in this bill I didn’t particularly love. And I think it’s a better bill.

You know, both parties can get together and do real healthcare. That’s the best thing. Obamacare was rammed down everyone’s throat — 100 percent Democrat. And I think having bipartisan would be a big, big improvement.

So, no, I think that this is going to end up being a very good thing. I’m disappointed, but they’re friends of mine, and they got — this is a very hard time for them and a very hard vote. But they’re very good people.

Q You mentioned that there were things in this bill that you didn’t necessarily love. What specifically are those?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think we could have things that I would have liked more. And if we had bipartisan, I really think we could have a healthcare bill that would be the ultimate. And I think the Democrats know that also. And some day, in the not–too-distant future, that will happen.

And I never said — I guess I’m here, what, 64 days? I never said repeal and replace Obamacare — you’ve all heard my speeches — I never said repeal it and replace it within 64 days. I have a long time. But I want to have a great healthcare bill and plan — and we will. It will happen. And it won’t be in the very distant future. I really believe there will be some Democrat support, and that will happen, and it will be an even better bill. I think this was a very good bill. I think it will be even better the next time around. I don’t think that’s going to be in too long a period of time.

Q Anything specifically you want to see changed going from this bill to the next bill?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I mean, I don’t want to speak about specifics, but there are things I could have — I would have liked even more. But I feel overall this was a very, very good bill. And I thought Tom Price — Dr. Tom Price — who really is amazing on healthcare, his knowledge — I thought he did a fantastic job. Same with Mike Pence. I think these two guys — they worked so hard and really did a fantastic job.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

END 4:36 P.M. EDT

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798 Responses to President Trump Oval Office Remarks After Failure of Healthcare Reform…

  1. Niagara Frontier says:

    As hard as I try, and it may not be fair at all, but I cannot look at Ryan without also seeing the shadow of Romney over his shoulder whispering into his ear.

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  2. Thorfinnr says:

    All I hear on here is how it is the President or the Congress that have failed. What about the American voters? What took us so long to vote in an America First agenda, and wait to the last minute and expect one man, Trump, to be able to do it all. Dozens of Rubios, Bushes, Cruzes and Kasiches stock the Congress. They are not going to do anything except OBSTRUCT, OBSTRUCT, OBSTRUCT to teach us uppity voters to not ever, ever go against their globalist agenda again.

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  3. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Okay, GOP. Whatcha gonna do now?

    Ya said ya need the House. We gotcha the House.

    Then ya said ya need the Senate. We gotcha the Senate.

    After we gotcha the Senate ya told us all ya need now is the Presidency. We gotcha the Presidency.

    Not only did we getcha the Presidency, we gotcha “The Art of The Deal” Maker, Big League.

    Ya’ll nuthin’ but a bunch of lyin’ snakes. Ya ain’t gonna do nuthin’. Ya good for nuthin’.

    Get outta here.

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    • john graham says:

      “vote for us, and we will repeal obamacare…2010
      “vote for us, and we will repeal obamacare…2012
      “vote for us and we will repeal obamacare …2014
      “vote for us, and we will repeal obamacare…2016


    • olderwiser21 says:

      I love this so much! Way to tell it, Phil!


    • Ditto: However there is some futility in trying to replace or change obamacare. Congress is childlike in their belief they can compete against industrial practices. they can regulate, they can punish those who abuse regulations. But they cannot use static laws to innovate or regulate unknown future innovation by a dynamic industry. Instead of competing they should co-operate, provide the structure for universal medical records, open competition across state lines, etc.


  4. comman33 says:

    I think this sums up the problem with Paul Ryan’s leadership.

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  5. Mickey Wasp says:

    Who benefited from the ‘pulling’ of the vote? Who pulls a vote if you’re only 2 or 3 short?

    Who had control of the running tally of the collective votes to pass the first stage or the ‘reconciliation’ part of the bill? Ryan and his minions?

    There 237 Republicans – less the few that have went into the Trump Admin … and there are supposedly 40 House Freedom Caucus members – close? So, minus 40 from 237 and that’s 197 – right? And President Trump had 12 to 15 in his office that said they had changed to ‘Yes’ votes and add the ones that weren’t at the meeting and expressed a willingness to follow President Trump … That is 209 to 212 – right? And these are very conservative numbers. The threshold of 217 was easily reached. Anyone can do simple math – but, I’m not far off, if any.

    Now, how many of the FHC members have confidence in HHS Sec Price and President Trump won their respected districts … Ryan pulled it because it would have passed. Thus, keeping it within the control of the UniParty and their lobbyist.

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    • Cowwow says:

      Mickey, this is HUGE!!

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      • Mickey Wasp says:

        It’s a simple analogy … It’s the bottom of the 9th, you are 1 run behind, with a man on 2nd and 2 outs … and you just quit? Or do you go up and bat …

        President trump will win the battle in laying it on the Democrats, but he knows he can’t ever trust Ryan for anything – yea, a pat on the butt … saying nice try ….


        • Cowwow says:

          Indeed, indeed. Oh my goodness. I knew it didn’t jive. I smelled a rat- I knew it!
          Ryan-I would really hate to be that judas ass.


      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Don’t forget, there were a couple of dozen squishy RINO congressmen who were also determined to keep PPACA in place.

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        • Mickey Wasp says:

          Okay … But, most of the RINO’s came out in support of HHS Sec Price.
          Possibly, they knew the game play by Ryan and spoke one way and knew Ryan would dump the vote and blame it all on the HFC members. Kill two birds with one stone … in the public discourse – I was for it ! The HFC caused this mess, the ones that took out Eric Cantor …. My estimation above is speculation, knowing the GOPe RINO’s.


    • ledygrey says:

      I heard somewhere that Scalise was the whip.


    • Concerned Virginian says:

      Paul Ryan trying to show President Trump that RYAN and the Uniparty elites are the ones REALLY running the show.
      This is going to backfire on Ryan.

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    • soozword says:

      Wasn’t there a late afternoon telephone call between Ryan and the President to make a last-minute decision? PTrump may have had the opportunity for one last push on Ryan to get the vote but chose not to because he wanted to pursue Plan B per his remarks above. We may never know what actually was said or happened during that telephone call, so I’m not so sure 100% is due to Ryan.


      • Mickey Wasp says:

        If there was a call – as you say – in the late afternoon. Was it Ryan saying ‘we don’t have the votes’ and Trump being dumbfounded and busy with other meetings ask Ryan to come by … to see Ryan’s demeanor and get the exact tally and who is holding out?

        Then President Trump knew the game and went on about his meetings and forced Ryan to go out first to the public and then responded … Thus, blaming Democrats rightfully. President Trump won this and many can’t see the long term.

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        • soozword says:

          Who knows that exactly transpired between them in the late afternoon. But I’m comfortable with the new direction PTrump is taking (albeit risky too). That’s because my husband and I are in a comfortable situation unlike many who will really suffer in the meantime. Too bad those who will suffer from these delays do not work in Congress.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Truth! Just what has been said here before, Mickey..


  6. Lawrence says:

    That is one cool cat, our President. In one 10 minute chat he exposed the whole swamp for the country to witness. No one is hidden from the voters anymore. The networks MUST show it.

    I like how he pointed out what we all “learned from the experience.” I don’t recall any President in my lifetime being that transparent and humble.

    Like a great football coach, he didn’t poor mouth, but praised his teammates.

    Naming Schumer and Pelosi as villains…those two won’t know what to do. Their media army is compromised by this site and others and is in meltdown. Their only choice will be to cooperate, go to jail, or get into a bathtub with pills.

    But more importantly, let’s not forget that what President Trump really was doing here. Lighting a fire under OUR asses. The American public has now been set on boil and the politicians know it and they are powerless to stop it except for capitulation. Wonderful!!!

    It was a joy to behold Ryan looking pathetic after showing his ass to Trump for almost 2 years.
    He’s going down on his own power.

    President Trump is like Moe of the 3 Stooges at this stage of the game. Curley is the Republicans, and Larry is the Democrats. They’re trying to fix stuff and messing up and President Moe gets their attention and asserts his leadership by cracking their heads together, telling them to “wise up.” And woe is the person who challenges Moe.

    This needed to happen. I’m glad it did. I have no fear that PDT will Make America Great Again! What a LEADER!

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    • FofBW says:

      Thank you Lawrence! A great insightful post!

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    • Cowwow says:

      Oh amen Lawrence!

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      • Lawrence says:

        Thank you. Except for the trolls, I think everyone on this site who contributes and discusses should be proud of themselves for not giving up during the past dark years and not being distracted by the crapstorm you hear from friends, co-workers, and the media. We thought for ourselves and learned from each other, and that’s how great movements happen. Well done. Have a great weekend and smile. We’re in good hands.

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        • Mickey Wasp says:

          Cute story for you … which does have a point.
          Many months ago I called my lovely over to read a post. After reading it she asked what’s that next to your name … My moniker (avatar) ….. She laughed and said “They don’t know you – tape across your mouth?”


    • setup2100 says:

      What most are missing is the behind the scenes war going on between BANNON ( TRUMP only friend in DC beside the voters) and Priebus. BANNON won and will continue winning with the populist agenda that TRUMP campaigned on. The MOLES in TRUMP adm PREIBUS, Pence, Price and the other UNIPARTY members just realized there is a nesw sheriff in town and the old ways of doing nothing are over. The Karl Rove plant and other UNIPARTY members are now on notice. Look for a house cleaning in the near future. TRUMP is playing chess while the SWAMP Criters are playing checkers. KUDOS to TRUMP for getting riid of the first major SWAMP SNAKE RYAN with others to follow. BANNON also deserves KUDOS for hanging in their and defeating the RINOGOPe and Golbalists. JMO

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      • Mickey Wasp says:

        One has to remember … Bannon brought in Julia Hahn to his staff. Possibly, the best person that has researched and followed and written about Paul Ryan more than any other investigative journalist … Even the Ryan staff whined about Bannon hiring Julia.

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  7. Just Curious says:

    I do not understand why anyone would want to blame our president for the heath care bill fiasco. Our president can only do so much arms twisting to get the bill through but the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan eventually has to get his members in his own party to vote for it, knowing that there is no support from the Democrats. Blaming the President for this failure is akin to blaming the automobiles for an accident while the involved drivers are completely innocent.

    Sadly, all of us will be hurt by the increased premiums and deductibles as a result of this monstrous law while the politicians who have approved this mess are not impacted by their own creation. They are hell bent not to change it without losing financial benefits from their wealthy donors and that’s exactly what happened today. At this point, I am not sure what the rest of us can do about it except for praying and believing in our president. So far, our president has tried his best to overcome the opposition so do not blame him for any short comings that will happen along the way.

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  8. dogsmaw says:

    So it looks as if the hijackers are out in force, trying to depress and gloat…but guess what:

    The American Revolution wasn’t fought in one day and took many lives of our ancestors, we are the people and stand by each other through thick and thin.

    So little ones, go ahead and earn your pay, I aint replying to each and everyone of you. You know Im talkin to you and its a shame you have to earn a living by spewing discontent. Btw, do you have any fringe benefits with your work 😛

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  9. wyntre says:

    Where are all the fighters President Trump started out with?

    Where is Giuliani, Christie, Flynn, Bannon?

    Where are the pit bulls President Trump needs?

    All cut from the herd and neutered, by design.

    Look at the limp, passionless pathetic patsies now flanking him: Price and Pence. Priebus probably hiding. Ryan laughing his butt off at pulling a fast one.

    President Trump is being subjected daily to the thousand cuts strategy.


  10. JAS says:

    For a businessman to lose a deal as a buyer is not an end all. Remember that. When, as a buyer, you walk away it’s because you know it is a bad deal. In the end it hurts the seller more than you, the buyer. This because of the time cost of money. The more time that passes the less the money from the deal is worth. As a seller you DON”T get the money and can’t put it back to work.

    In this case Trump is the buyer. Think about that hard. He was not selling anything. He was offering to buy a failed business. Think, hard.

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  11. truthandjustice says:

    Ah….now after receiving their humongous checks for being good employees of the Globalist Deep State cabal and obeying orders…..they rush off on the Lolita Express for a very enjoyable time on their next “break”, leaving behind an evil, destructive mess for us lowly ones and looking forward to creating even more evil, destructive messes for the helpless, most innocent ones – children.
    May justice and relief come very, very soon Lord.!

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  12. JoD says:

    On Monday, I will call the Congressional offices of every name on the “Freedom” caucus list.
    I will ask them when they plan to present their Replace Bill. This should be fun!!

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      While the HFC deserves some blame – do not forget the Democrats failing to give one single vote and the corporatist RINO’s.

      Follow President Trump’s lead – blame and lay the explosion on the Democrats.


    • john graham says:

      how about we just call them , and thank them…the govt doesn’t belong in healthcare


  13. mamadogsite says:

    Well, I am sure this drama is not over.

    Now we know what a bunch of gasbags (barfbags) the House and most of the Senate are.

    What would stop Trump and a few of his brilliant friends drafting a truly sensible Insurance/Healthcare bill,…. plop it down on the desk of whomever is speaker mid-June or July? Then dare the House to reject it.

    In the meantime, knowing what is contained in the Trump bill crafted by Trump and friends, Trump can push his tax reform because he knows what is secretly in HIS bill that the Repubs wouldn’t dare reject as 2018 elections are looming. Seeing as they are incompetent anyway, it would be a win-win for Trump, and the embarassed Reps would be limping mightly into their campaigns with lots of ‘splainin to do.

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  14. asawasa says:

    i want to remind everyone that this is exactly what the democrats want. they want Obamacare to fail so they can implement that single payer system and have total government control over “healthcare”. those people saying let ACA fail and the Dems will come running, ask this question: why would they suddenly work against their own agenda when they want Nationalized health insurance/care? if i were one of them i would be feeling pretty good right now.

    right now these congressmen are rolling the dice on this issue. if anything that should be the message to all of those “principled” people who couldn’t get onboard about doing something today to put a stop to this nonsense. they are gambling badly with this country and there is as yet no answer, no plan of action from these pearl clutching, virtue signalling, busy-bodies. if they had a better idea it would have already seen the light of day.

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    • SteveInCO says:

      Precisely. The dems will come running–with their proposed solution, and they won’t budge from it. So Trump will either have to blow them off after all, or–he’ll give them what they want, at which point I will make it my mission in life to see he doesn’t win a second term.


    • bobalexander1950 says:

      I agree. It was evident with the passage of Obamacare and the pathological liars behind it, healthcare was not their concern. Obamacare was designed to destroy health insurance companies and lead the way to total Governmental control of all aspects of Medicine! I don’t know if folks actually listened to our bat-shit crazy leftist liars on the House floor speak against passing the Bill, but to think we will get any interest from them in promotion medical care co-opts is a pipe-dream.

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      • john graham says:

        they not only accomplished their mission…they got many on our side to think the govt needs to be in control of healthcare…instead of everyone providing their own healthcare


  15. outerlimitsfan says:

    It’s hilarious hearing the Freedom Caucus saying Trump shouldn’t have listened to Ryan.

    The Freedom Caucus voted Ryan as their leader. Was Trump supposed to ignore and not listen to the person the Freedom Caucus themselves put in charge to lead their efforts?

    Granted, Ryan sucks and moderate Repubs who are scared to repeal Obamacare are equally to blame as well. However the Freedom Caucus trying to pretend they are being helpful in this whole process is frankly pathetic.

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  16. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Have also noticed that recently and it’s getting worse.. It’s like the photogs are purposely clicking away their motor drives when Trump is speaking softly about a serious subject . It seems deliberately disrespectful. With today’s technology there is no reason for that noise. Those old power winders should be banned from the White House. (Well, preferably along with the leftist cameramen who own them.)


  17. Piper says:

    To uplift all my fellow treeps and fire-power against groddy trolls,
    I have shared the Fireman’s Prophecy here many times, because He has not been wrong yet, so I believe GOD DID give him this message.
    Here is an update to that prophesy- IT IS AWESOME!
    Love you all- we live to fight another day…

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  18. sDee says:

    Ironically today was our last day in our house. We can no longer afford both healthcare and our house. Premiums for $5000 deductible now are $1400 a month. Doctor is out of network and after 3 years we still have no reimbursements from insurer.

    F’ Congress

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  19. Ejay says:

    I understand some of what happened with this bill, but not everything. No one is being honest. My take is that the Bill represented the least worst for both ends of the GOP spectrum. And why would Ryan risk such a massive failure? Was Price’s nomination a big mistake? SD said Price wrote the bill. Both Breitbart and Drudge were so obviously against the bill.


  20. redsequin4 says:

    It would have passed if the Freedom Caucus had cooperated, hope they’re happy. They literally held the healthcare bill hostage because it was critical to get every Republican vote. And as Sundance laid out previously, this was just the first leg of the bill, they couldn’t get it done all at once because of the arcane rules. The FC knew that but they were willing to let the bill go down. Shame on them. Now tax cuts will suffer because of it. I saw Rand Paul glowing from his “victory” saying he wants to keep working on this. Hey Rand, did you hear what President Trump said? He’s moving on to the rest of his agenda and will wait and see if the Dimms come begging when this thing really starts to implode this year. Plenty of Dimms up for re-election in 2018. Sadly it’s the American people who’ll suffer because a few Representatives put their own ego’s ahead of what was best for the country.

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    • bobalexander1950 says:

      No. I watched Rand Paul a few times today and he is absolutely correct. The House is capable of working on far more than one Bill at a time, as is the Senate! As far as the confusion created and manipulated, what could possibly add more than this sham of… “Trust me, this just Phase I! Phase II & Phase III will be terrific and I can explain either but trust us!” Uh, how many years have we heard THAT bullshit from politicians?

      Liked by 1 person

      • redsequin4 says:

        The point I was making is Rand Paul and the Freedom caucus don’t represent all Trump supporters. The FC was able to pull off the defeat of the bill because there was zero bi-partisan support so every Republican vote was needed. Now we’re left with collapsing Obamacare, many people and businesses will continue to suffer under it. It’s a disgrace that Republicans didn’t have something comprehensive and ready to go after 7 long years. I’m disgusted.


    • john graham says:

      sorry, but sundance is wrong on this one…the senate makes the rules…these arcane rules can be changed with the swipe of a pen…as we witnessed with harry reid….sundance just wanted us to accept this excrement sammich


  21. Mr. Morris says:

    I did not like the repeal and replace bill but I thought it was a good vehicle to get to a better place on the road to change Obamacare. This bill did not repeal Obamacare. Unfortunately I found out too late that the insurance industry had imput on this bill, never a good idea. Also I was aghast that “the better way” Paul Ryan plan did not initially reach out to all the many Republican Groups. Seven years to plan and nada. President Trump worked hard to bring the various groups together but they ultimately rejected his outreach and rejected voters who do not have Obamacare subsidies or fantastic Congressional Group plans. Elephants have long memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Niagara Frontier says:

    I expect our President to come out with something like this in the near future.

    “Obviously, our political class for reasons that you may already know or suspect, have proven incapable of solving our health care problems in the interests of the American people.

    For that reason I’m convening a commission consistently almost entirely of members from business and the private sector. It will include doctors, hospital administrations, insurance executives, and private citizens. It will NOT included any registered or paid lobbyists….”

    Well, you get the point. I can dream.

    Liked by 4 people

  23. outerlimitsfan says:

    Local radio guy in my area who was a Never Trumper actually made some interesting points about the Trump speech.

    He claimed (and he said he couldn’t believe he was admitting this) that Trump sounded like the only adult in the room surrounded by a bunch of kids who were going to throw a temper tantrum unless they got everything they wanted.

    Granted, he wasn’t a fan of the Ryan bill very much but said the Freedom Caucus and moderates need to find some common ground.

    He then said the Repubs can share the blame down the road if the Dems shove single payer down our throats.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ALEX says:

      That seems the logical conclusion to me. This is a failure of republicans in Congress and putting President Trump in this posistion has passed off tens of millions of us…


  24. michael mcmahon says:

    My heart is breaking for President Trump he does not deserve to be surrounded by traitorous scum

    Liked by 1 person

    • JEM says:

      Michael….mine, too. Hope he has a rally soon so that we can show him how much we appreciate him and support him, no matter what. Because he has a good heart and it shows.


    • MaineCoon says:

      My heart breaks for President Trump too. He has worked so hard for us. He deserves better and he deserves to be interacting with better people in Congress.
      No matter how each representative voted, I don’t see how they can face their constituents. They are unworthy of holding office.


  25. ALEX says:

    Next few days should be interesting. Both sides blaming each other, with the President and us in the middle is not going to fly. The pressure is building…

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Piper says:

    Trump was right, but not just about illegals…

    Liked by 2 people

  27. boogywstew says:

    What could really upset the apple cart and drastically lower public opinion about ObamaCare would be the discovery that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. Obama would take on the mantle of the most dishonest con artist in our nation’s history, maybe in world history. This would taint anything he did or said and would grease the rails to expunge anything he was a part of and especially his signature achievement … ObamaCare!!! This could even occur if Obama is found to have been a part of illegal surveillance of President Trump. When more and more of Hillary’s and Obama’s dishonest backstabbing of the American public becomes common knowledge, the easier and easier it will be for President Trump. We are in the early days of Trump’s presidency and he’s looking more presidential every day. Time is on his side.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Frank H. says:

      “The Left” could care less, shocking but true, about Obama being fake, fraud certificate, the whole 9 yards. Headlines on Drudge, all the reporters read it, Obama’s brother showing Obama’s Keyna birth certificate, “crickets”. Under the rug. No oxygen.

      Whoopi Goldberg spreading poison with that look on her face, and all the “media” with that snide “better than you” attitude… and Obama’s false citizenship they just yawn at.

      Shows you the lack of value they have, for US Citizenship…

      But our numbers are growing. Those who won’t watch their “entertainment” or “news”.

      Without Trump, can you imagine… If Hillary stole it… oh my gosh.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dabigragu says:

        Frank, don’t kid yourself, the left does care if Barry is found to have fraudulently obtained the highest position in the U.S., it is why they treat the issue like the plague. Not so shocking and true is the fact that most here couldn’t care less what Whoopi and the gang are up to.
        You’re correct, our numbers who refuse to be “entertained” by them are growing exponentially.


        • AmericaFirst says:

          I’m afraid I have to agree with Frank on this one. The American Pravda have dispersed so much hyperbole that they would be happy to use their smug but false assertions to cast doubt on any absolute empirical proof of what anyone who has really paid attention pretty much assumes to be true at this point. I have come to believe that a lot of the mushing of the news is for the sole purpose of making it difficult for the lofos to believe it when that proof does become irrefutable.

          Get ready for “Racist”! Their faux indignation is SO much more important than the founding principles of what was once our representative republic.


          • Frank H. says:

            “One can only say so much” posting on these forums, what you said re: “…when that proof does become irrefutable” hits an exact point I was thinking but didn’t type.

            As history is told, much of what we are outraged about, will become clearly / irrefutably known. As happened re: LBJ’s Vietnam lies etc.

            At the time of our nation’s beginning, true patriots were a bit in the minority.

            The founding principles are echoed well in this group, our current numbers small but growing.


  28. EV22 says:

    What’s really sad is how our representatives can’t sit down and work together for the good of the entire country even when we’re talking about 1/6 of the entire American economy as well as literally matters of life and death.

    Of course, Obama and the Dems started it all with their “elections have consequences” and riding over all Republican objections when they pushed through Obamacare. No arguing about that. The thing is, though, maybe the Republicans could have learned a lesson from that.

    Well, like POTUS said, the Dems will come to the table when Obamacare really starts imploding and then bi-partisan negotiations will really start. But the Dems should be forced to pay a high price for putting the country through this nightmare.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cozette says:

      The donors to both the Dems GOP both want Obamacare to stay in place until it finishes it’s intended job of destroying the private American healthcare system. Then America will move to a single payer government program. There is no motivation on either side to negotiate anything that will stop this from happening. The FC betrayed Americans today.


  29. Hollywood Bungalow says:

    I am only buoyed by the fact that the president is now taking a long term view on Obamacare.

    He’s right, Obamacare is going down the tubes. Unfortunately things need to get worse before they can get better.

    I just feel bad about all of the people who are being devastated by Obamacare.

    I know patience is justly in short supply but perhaps we can find success in 12 months when word of 2019 premium hikes and carrier pull-outs come out.

    Today was a lose-lose for everybody.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. Mike diamond says:

    Yes I agree with the fire fighter God chose president trump! For this time in our history!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Eileen says:

    The President used to be a Democrat. IMO, the President is correct in assuming he has to work with the Democrats. Lots of them are up for re-election; many are upset with Obama who siphoned off state money for his agenda. If I were a Democrat, I would feel like I have been betrayed by the DNC and would see making a deal with Trump in order to reform healthcare as a way of salvaging my political career. Although Trump ran as a Republican, he is not a typical Republican and strikes me more as an old fashioned Democrat. Many of those Democrats still exist in Congress. All we hear about are the whiners like Schumer or from people like Maxine Waters who don’t even know the difference between Russia and China. We don’t hear about the other Democrats who still think they represent people.


  32. QuiteContrary says:

    I’m glad it was pulled. How could the phase 3 bill, which was key to health insurance offering more for less money, have passed the Senate? The Dems in the past blocked the selling insurance against state lines and association health plans. I believe the Republicans would have been left with a two-stage disaster that didn’t work right. Of course, the media that has ignored or at least downplayed ObamaCare’s failures would have made a huge deal about that. It could have been a disaster for the midterms. Yesterday’s failure is a plus long term, given the difficulty in getting phase 3 passed.

    A big problem for Trump is that Ryan was selling this. Dem voters hate all Republicans, and Trump’s base hates Ryan, so how many among the electorate and the population in general could Ryan convince? This seems to be a very small group. Ryan can’t sell Trump’s legislation because he has NO CONSTITUENCY. They need to replace him with someone who can at least convince the Republican grassroots and hopefully people beyond that. I don’t know who that would be, but these GOP-e pols who hated the Tea Party and now hate the Trump voters (in many cases the same people) cannot drum up support for anything. Who would be a more effective speaker?


  33. Barbara Chadwick says:

    You needed to get more info out to the people so we could pray intelligently. I don’t think we have us enough info on it
    You think it’s enough to just tell our reps but it isn’t. We cannot tell them what we want if we don’t know what’s going on.


  34. Stephen says:

    I believe one of two things will happen, the better of which is that the obstructionists of both parties—in allegiance with the media, of course—will hogtie President Trump. The worse evil, which becomes more likely each time the Trump administration outmaneuvers the obstructionists, would be assassination.

    If the first doesn’t work, the enemy will employ the second.


  35. BMG says:

    Question: Why did POTUS back off on his insistence that a vote be taken?
    We wanted to see in black and white who are the turds who voted against this bill.


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