Sunday Talks: HHS Secretary Tom Price Discusses Healthcare Issues…

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price appears on ABC and CNN to discuss the GOP health care bill to replace ObamaCare.


Secretary Price also appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper:


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46 Responses to Sunday Talks: HHS Secretary Tom Price Discusses Healthcare Issues…

  1. bulwarker says:

    The problem with phase #2 of the plan is that without Trump laying the smack-down on these rogue judges I can see any substantial changed done through regulations/EOs getting held up in court. So far liberals believe they can simply judge-shop for someone who will rule in their favor not matter how absurd or unconstitutional the claim, and they’d be right. The left is testing you Mr. President. You need to do something about these lower courts ASAP (that doesn’t always rely on taking it to the supreme court).

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    • Summer says:

      What can be actually done? I hear people say that President Trump must do something but what is this “something?”

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    • dawndoe says:

      I think he should ignore them and go ahead with his EO since their obstructionism is unconstitutional. But maybe that’s a bad precedent to set? If he doesn’t do something like that, they are going to stop him in his tracks at every turn. Can he ask congress to start impeachment against these rogue judges? I doubt congress has the backbone to do it.


      • Maquis says:

        Conggress can remove them.

        The President can call out their unConstitutionality and declare that he will ignore their invalid anti-democratic edicts and do his job, while seeking remedies to eliminate these judges.

        I understand, correctly, I hope, that he can abolish the Ninth Circus of his own accord, and that it has been done in the past. Jackson? Hmmm…more research, STAT!

        The lower courts are filled with enemy agents with zero judicial temperment or respect for our Constitution. I’d like to see these clowns jailed, awaiting their, um, disposition.

        It is utterly infuriating. That there was clear collusion between Anti-President Obama and his flakey fellow Harvard drug buddy, committing racketeering and sedition, I believe that criminal action is indubitably in order.

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  2. mike says:

    #1 I want my right to opt out (me, $) of anything government controlled – state, local, federal
    If it is that good, I’ll join. There is a lot of (over)control and ignorance in basic medicine that we reject.

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    • Yup. I had to pay my “Fair Share” so someone ELSE could have health insurance, even though I had NONE for myself (and STILL don’t). If I had my way, Nancy Pelosi would have that huge gavel of hers shoved clean up her butt!

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    • dbobway says:

      I heard tell , the house is voting on a bill Thursday, the same day as the healthcare bill, that will allow the purchase of health insurance across state lines?

      The bill would repeal the 1945 Antitrust Exemption for Health Insurance Companies, the .McCarran-Ferguson Act

      I can’t find one bit of news on it.


  3. “Nice to see you,” “Thanks for having me.” And so their lying begins… Honestly, I don’t know why anyone from the Administration goes on those two men’s “shows.”

    Pedogate defenders George Staphylococcus and Jake Snapper. I refuse to watch either one of them. I’ve seen enough of their kind depicted in ritual abuse of children and babies paling around with John Molesta that whenever I see their faces all I see is each one of them being hung to die on the end of a rope.

    Their day is coming. They know it. And I know it.

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  4. Summer says:

    “Tom Price appears on CNN”

    Say what?


  5. GrouchonotKarl says:

    All I can hope for is DJT is playing the game, appearing to back Ryan while coordinating with Rand to defeat it while Gorsuch & tax reductions get secured. Thereafter DJT can openly blow up this piece of garbage legislation and the corrupt Speaker. DJT has to know it’s a nightmare and a backstabbing of his constituency. Hope he’s getting savvy to the swamp. You cannot drain it w/o getting dirty.

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  6. carnan43 says:

    Message to Georgie, You funded a loser!!!!

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  7. KBR says:

    The still of Fake Tapper above looks like he is about to start crying 😭 any minute. I won’t be watching that fake facial expression change to the next fake facial expression, because I like the nearly-weeping one just fine.

    When he is being perp-walked, let me know. That I’ll watch.

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  8. Albertus Magnus says:

    Anyone who thinks that President Trump will support a bill that is ONLY Obamacare REPEAL is basically calling him a liar. He has ALWAYS said he will NOT support that, during the campaign and as President.

    Please do not misrepresent his position on this. Sorry if this upsets you, but people twisting his words upsets ME.

    So if you don’t like his position on this. remember that all of you Cruz supporters had your chance with Lying Ted and got no where.

    So stop trying to put your stink on President Trump’s plans.

    Please and thank you.

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  9. vinchenzer says:

    After listening to these two idiot fake journalists, the only conclusion I can come to is that they do not even know what they are talking about or they are purposely being obtuse. Tom Price had to tell George “I hate sounding like a broken record” because he explained ad nauseum that George is only focusing on the 1st phase of The Plan and not The Plan in it’s entirety. Fake Jake Tapper was just rifling through his talking points like he wasn’t even listening to Tom Price’s answers to his questions.

    I was against this Plan but as Tom Price has stated over and over and over, everyone is focused on the First Phase not the The Plan in it’s entirety. So I’m boarding the Trump Train on this one and gonna ride it out with the President and Tom Price with their Plan.

    We a really need to get the vote out during the Midterms and retire the Democrat Party like we did in the Presidential Election. They are in the way and they have no message, they have no vision and they have no accomplishments. They are rotting corpse infecting the Body Politic. I’d keep Tabbi Gabbard though (don’t know if she is up for re-election but she is a keeper).

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    • WallyWorld says:

      Tulsi is in the House so she is up for re election every 2 years. Tulsi is an idiot and supported the Iran deal- worst foreign policy “deal” the US has ever made.

      Phase 3 will never happen. Even if the GOP has a supermajority in 2018, there will be several RINOS who will make sure it never happens.

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      • Until his agenda is passed for Health Care and Tax Restructuring – to benefit his working class voters – President Trump will be holding off on his actions to benefit corporate donors, including Regulatory Reductions, Corporate Tax Reduction and Foreign Profit Repatriation, not to mention the alternative stick of Import Border Taxes and RICO Cases.


      • vinchenzer says:

        She is absolutely right about Syria and the US funding terrorists. Unlike John McCain the War Pig.

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    • Ding, ding, ding and the correct answer is “they are purposely being obtuse”. This is the game the fake journalists play all day everyday.

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    • wondering999 says:

      At this point I’m without insurance. Unaffordable Health Care would cost more every month than I earn right now (earned more last year, but had to switch jobs for sanity).

      I know what I want:
      Major medical so I don’t have to worry about the big unexpected stuff;
      Health Savings Account so I can get decent interest on the savings I have set aside for my deductible;
      Portable healthcare that is not tied to my workplace necessarily, because I often work several jobs, work intensively, and then take off for a while. I’d like to be able to take a month off (at least) to visit my kids, but I’d lose my “job” and health insurance if I have company health benefits.
      I want PORTABLE, reasonably priced insurance. I’m a prudent, careful person; don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t speed and avoid crises. My health insurance plan doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg because if all goes according to plan I’ll almost never use it.

      And in any case, I’m going to trust My President because Team Trump is my best bet. I’ll stay out of the way and continue to support the Pres & his people who repeatedly display their connection with reality. It’s going to work out, and if it doesn’t, it won’t be because he failed to work his tail off for us

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  10. WallyWorld says:

    Trumps ObamaCare is a fail. I say we go through the motions for a full repeal and let it die in the Senate. Then we know which Republicans to primary and Dems to target in 2018.


    • Albertus Magnus says:


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    • Summer says:

      You really want Democrats win the Senate back in ’18 and Trump fail badly, don’t you. Then the Principled Conservatives will be mocking the Trump supporters with how we “keep losing.”
      What’s the point in introducing a legislation that would never pass? Grandstanding? How does it advance the cause? That’s what people like Ted and Rand do. All hat and no cattle.

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      • WallyWorld says:

        You probably meant House. The GOP is only defending 8 seats in 2018- they will have a majority no matter what (and likely pick up several seats). Regardless, you are wrong.

        What do you not understand about Phase 3 never happening? That’s the free market stuff. It will never get through the Senate. Never. And then we are screwed.

        Go for the full repeal. If it fails, it fails. And then ObamaCare implodes on its own.


        • Summer says:

          No, I meant what I said — Senate. I don’t know why you think I was confused.

          And it is funny you are concerned with phase 3 never getting through the Senate but have no problem with the “full repeal” being dead on arrival. Failure is a failure is a failure, is it not? However, by the time phase 3 will come up, the ACA will be de facto dead. Without the mandate and the ability to enforce the penalty (therefore no money) and with thousands of regulations trashed by the administration it will be just a pile of paper. The vote will be about the Democrats preventing people from having a better health insurance, not the other way around. With 2018 approaching, some Democrats might be persuaded. Not the ones who usually win their far left hellholes by 70% of course.
          Pushing the “repeal” only, knowing in advance it will fail and doing nothing will send a message to the voters that Republicans are not serious about the reform.

          I will tell you one thing: I firmly believe that the nevertrumpers want Trump to be a one-term President, just like their friends on the left. They will still expect Trump’s help and endorsement in 2018, though.

          Speaking of 2018, I hope Flake (and some other Senators) will be Primaried.


    • vinchenzer says:

      Yea. Sure. Sounds like a typical RINO plan for failure. And you call “TrumpCare” a fail and you’re strategy is more failure? Lmao. Only in Wally’s World is the way to avoid failure is to fight it with more failure. Thanks for the “advice”, sound like it came right out of the Dim/RINO Playbook. Try and think of plan where the outcome is victory.

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    • ray76 says:

      It’s not Trump’s, it Ryan’s. Ryan owns it. Completely.

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  11. Hollywood Bungalow says:

    Ryan indicated today on Fox that the credits for older Americans are going to be higher than previously indicated. I support this since older Americans use more healthcare dollars.

    It’s worth saying again: the Trump/Ryan/House plan is the only one that can actually pass and based on the legislation written into ObamaCare, Price will be able to further amend/improve the House plan.

    I do concede that implementing Part 3 of the plan will be the most difficult but that’s when Trump will be flying to red states with blue senators up for re-election. The bully pulpit will be used bigly at that time.

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  12. All American Snowflake says:

    Since I don’t like doctors much to begin with, and sometimes pretend to be a Christian Scientist to keep them at bay, it hardly matters to me one way or the other whether I have their so-called “affordable healthcare.”
    I actually believe doctors kill about as many people as they help. (Just my personal point of view.) A person must to be so careful which doctor gets “assigned to them” (the ones that if you like ’em, you can keep ’em) on the Affordable Care Act that it isn’t worth the risk to me.

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  13. Finalage says:

    I enjoyed Tom Price’s interview with Jake Tapper. Very competent and passionate about this issue and extremely knowledgeable. I am very, very encouraged by our HHS Secretary and I am completely, 100% behind this reform.


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