After Creating Chaos For Brand Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Steps Down – Preparing For 2020 White House Bid?…

According to a report in the Seattle Times, Howard Schultz, the current CEO of Starbucks, will step down from his role at the coffee chain next month.  This comes following the collapsing brand image as a direct result of Schultz’s political virtue signaling to hire 10,000 refugees and avoid hiring Americans.

The refugee announcement followed the first President Trump temporary travel-ban and many Trump supporters boycotted the coffee chain.  In a letter to employees Schultz claimed the promise of the American Dream was ‘being called into question’ and ‘the civility and human rights we have all taken for granted for so long are under attack.’

However, with the successful installment of Tom Perez as head of the DNC – the timing and political transparency indicate Howard Schultz could also be  positioning himself for a 2020 White House run.

Schultz has long been a favorite candidate for the professional political donor class within the DNC and was a top-tier contender for Clinton’s VP in 2016.   The DNC will always position the winning candidate as one they are able to control.

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181 Responses to After Creating Chaos For Brand Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Steps Down – Preparing For 2020 White House Bid?…

  1. US says:

    Spitting upwards is usually a bad idea.

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  2. Daniel says:

    LOL! No. There’s no way that person would make it. Sanders had all the marks of a person true to the cause and he couldn’t get elected because the Democrat establishment would not let it happen. They won’t let this guy happen either. And worse, as was the case with Sanders, they wouldn’t as easily buy this guy off.

    He’s a failure as a business leader and will ultimately be a failure of a politician. Nothing to worry about here. No one even knows his name…. yet.

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    • Sure we do. Its DECAF!

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      I think it’s the reverse situation with this guy. He’s a part of the “they” who wouldn’t let Bernie happen. He’s a Democrat Party donor, he’s one of the ones who calls the shots. They wouldn’t need to buy him off, because he’s already a part of “they” and he agrees with (and is part of) Democrat Party leadership.

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      • Lucille says:

        Exactly. He’s a favored son of the left and he’ll claim persecution by the “alt right”. If the vicious Perez backs him, he’ll be in the running…birds of a feather. Maybe even he’ll get Hillary’s support if she’s not in jail by 2020.

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      • Betty says:

        I agree with you rsanchez. I also believe that Starbucks will never recover and so I think Schultz hopes his early resignation from Starbucks will provide enough time for the stench of his epic failure to wash off.

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      • lbmomblog says:

        Yes RSanchez1990, and now he is Un-employed, I am sure he will have less income ….I am sure he is diversified, but…he there is income that he will not be getting here. So, he will lose impotence. I mean Importance…Or do I. 🙂

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      • Daniel says:

        He’s more useful where he is. Perhaps there is a list of politicians among the Democrats which weren’t “on track” from an early age and raised/groomed for their roles as activists etc. Perhaps there are some who didn’t come from academia or entertainment management. And there’s just enough in-fighting among the Democrats which would insist that whoever is coronated to run should be inherently steeped in their culture as anyone else cannot be trusted. Trust is a very difficult thing on the left.

        Could be right… a leftist CEO without direct political experience could become their next nominee. But it would be a major change and departure for so many reasons. All that “white privilege” would be rejected by so many from the get-go.

        If Sundance were to talk about a potential run by Oprah, I would actually get a little more nervous. That’s a topic which has been floated and she would be a more perfect “Anti-Trump.”

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    • litlbit2 says:

      We should step back, let’em go! It is the only way a democrat ever helps the economy! Spending OPM!
      Just look what Hillary the GOPe and the dnc did in 2016!

      The results will be the same!
      I hope they also use the same pollsters and msm snowflakes🙈🙈😂

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    • paulgilpin says:

      He’s a failure as a business leader and will ultimately be a failure of a politician.

      that’s how we got to the mess we’re in now isn’t it? but it all depends on what you call “failure of a politician”.

      the way it has worked, in the past at least, is that the rich man hands over the reins of the company he built, to his son, so he can enjoy the fruits of his labor. what he sees in horror is his son literally running the company into the ground. what can the father do to get him out of the way and salvage what is left of his life? politics. there was a listing years ago, probably fake, that showed the number of senators that had run failed businesses prior to entering politics. some were three and four term senators. that, to some, would indicate or describe, a successful political career.

      given our current state, we will probably return 90%+ of congress. to improve things. what constitutes success? what constitutes failure? perception?


    • Deb says:

      High ups in the party have been begging him to get into politics for years. President Trump would eat him alive. Let’s hope they get behind him.

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    • He is actually a huge success as a businessman. That crash in brand image lasted, what? a week? Let’s stay real, folks. He started that business from scratch, based only on his vision of delicious coffee and treating his employees well.

      And Schultz would be very popular if he imitated our beloved Pres. Trump and self-funded his campaign. And he may not be interested in running as a VP. Let’s not be like the idiots who didn’t understand who DJT really is.

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      • entagor says:

        It isn’t the length of the boycott. It is the staying power of his sticking race in the face of something people were paying for, and his preferential hiring of imported muslims in a time when the slob on the street knows he can’t get a job. This stuff doesn’t die, it grows and marginalized him.

        People seek coffee that doesn’t burn a hole in their stomach, because coffee is a survival drug. People don’t need this guy as President to get their coffee. Will they want what he will shovel at them as President? He already proved he is willing to push their faces into the puppy dish

        I hope he does run. along with Pocahontas. They are great vote splitters

        I would love the guy to run, along with Pocahontas. Great vote splitters


  3. Patriot1783 says:

    Hahaha just saw that and gonna post….but as usual SD is 3 steps ahead 😂😂😂

    The Trump Effect strikes again!

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  4. Katie says:

    What will his slogan be? “Make Islamic Invasion Great Again”?

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  5. Oldschool says:

    Just because you are from a business background, it doesn’t make you TRUMP!!!!!!


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  6. Peter says:

    Not radical enough. The left is rabid…only Dracula will win.

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  7. whoseyore says:

    These folks are so fickle. They don’t seem to realize that We the People are like elephants. We have great memories and will never enter a Starbucks again. Just like Target, Kelloggs and Nordstrom, they are finished.

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  8. big bad mike says:

    Depends on if the MSM has more reporters like Jesse Waters in 2020. If so, nobody has a chance against President Trump. Can you imagine Jesse and Tucker instead of Megan and her boyfriend?

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  9. Damn!!! Hell yeah! BAM!!!!! …and the moron thinks after destroying his brand people will vote for him????? Hello Earth to brain!!!

    Black Rifle Coffee go go go!!! Yeah C’mon!!! Veterans Veterans Veterans!!! Our blessed, our greatest our most Treasured!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    • WVPatriot says:

      I hope the Black Rifle Coffee owners voted for our President Donald J. Trump.

      I have their site bookmarked.

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      • Rejuvenated says:

        We just got our coffee and it is AWESOME!! I’m a coffee wimp and usually make mine taste like a jamocha shake, but I can drink this black! I bought their light and medium roast to try and will make a larger order tomorrow for more 😋

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        • Good on ya!!!! Yep their coffee is soooooooo amazing. So many blends just so awesome! Even their darker roasts are fantastic!!! Cannot get enough! Will never buy anything else! Also, hubby who had stopped drinkinking anything but decaf can now drink coffee again becuz of BRCC!!!! Every morning 7 days o’ week….that is saying something!!! We love it and everything they stand for! YUM x Infinity!!!!!!

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          • auntiefran413 says:

            OK…you sold me…I just ordered the gunship blend. Why? A very good friend was a crew chief in ‘Nam. HOOAH!

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            • That brings tears to my eyes!!!! God bless ya and good on ya!!! You will NOT be disappointed!!! Gunship, Oh the heavenly aroma, just amazing as a pulled shot for espresso or regular drip coffee …mmmmmm can smell it from here….even tho I have tons o’ Gunship bags here and will be brewing in the a.m. 😉😂😂

              God bless and thank you so much to your friend for his service in ‘Nam!!💖💖💖💖💖💖

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      • You can tell they love him!!! … of their older shirts was Make Coffee Great Again… in red….i hope they bring it back I sooooooo want one….I am not on twitter but they do Praise Trump so rest easy😉 Also, some of the same guys who own Leadslingers Whiskey had a commemorative bottle for Trump45’s Inauguration served at the Inaugural Balls. So cool! Verycool label!!

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  10. jeans2nd says:

    We will be winning so much by 2020 it will not matter who the Democrats conspire to run for President. The Uniparty will lose, again.

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    • WVPatriot says:

      I pray with you. WE the people will NOT loose sight of our future as we did. As Patriots, we will never again take our Constitution for granted. We cannot take our freedoms and liberty for granted — the socialists never sleep in their corrosive, constant attempts of taking this country apart.

      Cpusa — communist party — opened first office in the U.S. of America in 1919…the Tsar and his family (the Romanovs) were murdered on July 16, 1918.

      Think about that.


      • WVPatriot says:

        Important omitted fact: the cpusa (communist party USA) publicly opened their first American office in none other than the politically corrupt, infamous CHICAGO —

        — anyone surprised?


  11. Plain Jane says:

    He’s had experience in creating pain and chaos. That qualifies him to be a dem candidate.

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  12. Augie says:

    I believe Starbucks is a publicly held company. Is it possible that the board of directors decided that Schultz’s virute signaling was a bug, rather than a feature, and did the rational thing?

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    • WVPatriot says:

      No way…even if they try to walk it back; a leopard CANNOT change its spots.

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    • aguila2011 says:

      I’ve been waiting for the axe to fall. This guy has gone too far this time. He has done this in the past but not to the extent of damage to the brand or the stock price. The BOD and shareholders finally got fed up. To save face, the story being put out is he is ready now to be (as in the Peter Principle) promoted up to President. I give him all due credit for building Starbucks into a success but his mouth keeps undoing the good work his people do. Despite all the accolades he gets for “caring” so much and how he treats his employees, if he really cared so much, he would keep his damn mouth shut. OTOH, if the employees care more about their “causes” well, then they support Howie and will gladly suffer losses to their financial holding as a consequence of his verbalizing support for unpopular causes.

      To paraphrase Laura Ingraham, he should have just “STFU and make your damn coffee!”

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  13. MrE says:

    Starcucks stock is still doing too well. Damage his parachute before he’s gone!

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    • margarite1 says:

      I was wondering about the stock – that’s all that matters to most. Why do we think the brand was damaged?

      I hate his idea of hiring all these refugees. If I go into a Starbucks and see a woman with one of those head covers then I’m outta there. But here is my problem – I’ve got a Starbucks right next door to me. I go over there every morning and get a grande dark roast drip with no room. It’s so easy. Why did Schultz have to screw it up?

      Schultz is a close friend of one of our clients who is BIG in Democrat politics – i.e. Hillary has been to his house for fundraisers. I think these people care (meaning our client and maybe Schultz)…they’re just misguided about letting people fend for themselves the way they want to and then letting them learn from the consequences of their decisions. I guess you could say they’re well meaning – unlike the Clintons who have always used people’s urge to do the right thing for their own power and enrichment.


  14. WVPatriot says:

    If starbucks can proclaim their lenin socialism; then I can exhibit my capitalistic free market choice and buy American main street local coffee vendors.

    To hades with these people becoming billionaires and using those billions to destroy America!

    Besides the fact that their cheap coffees suck…they have to be laden with sugar to disguise the flavor.

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    • aguila2011 says:

      There really are some great competitors to Starbucks. Where I live, Costa Coffee is really good. Great product, service and environment that is a nice alternative to the dark, expensive, enclave of aficionados.


    • 4bleu says:

      Maybe their big money secret value is their ownership of the monopoly placement on college campuses, airports, inside supermarkets. that’s worth lots of money and totally locks out competitors.
      Still constantly amazed at how sheep-like Americans are waiting for scorching black paint in a cup so unfit for the job it requires a second piece of cardboard to protect the customers’ fingers. Their coffee is not just bleah, expensive, and absurdly SLOW to deliver, but the glop they add to it is absolutely unhealthy for human bodies to ingest.

      And how much markup do they add to the price to pay for the tractor-trailer loads of markers they use to write customers names embellished by arrogant harangues on the cups? Silly Americans. paying for indelible ink on the throw away cup.

      McDs is holding out the customer’s cup of coffee from the window seconds after it’s paid for – and somehow at half the price they manage to get the order correct without having to write anyone’s name on it. Like magic or something.

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  15. patrickhenrycensored says:

    The dimms will run Warren/Franken
    That’s who they are.


  16. suncc49 says:

    Doubt the DNC will let him make it past the primaries lol…


  17. Sa_Bi says:

    Maybe he’s related to the tyrannic EU clown Martin Schulz…? (Who has called Trump a ‘threat to the world’ and wants to be German chancellor.)

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  18. CheshireCat says:

    Howard Schultz should run for President of the Islamic State.


  19. aprilyn43 says:

    Presidential bid ?? Right … maybe he should look at the reason his business is tanking & opp out! Looney Clooney has a better chance.

    Joyous that “Starbucks” is tanking ! Couldn’t happen to a more arrogant liberal lefter.

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  20. Travis McGee says:

    Could we please call them democrats instead of leftist? When they are called leftist it’s like they have no tie to the democrat party and are separate but they are in fact democrats. My rant for the day although I may push this more..

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      I think it fits. It makes more sense to call someone “far left” than to call them “very Democrat”, for example.

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    • Lucille says:

      The Democrat party equals the international/domestic Left…and they are proud of it. There’s not an ounce of difference between them. As a matter of fact, their accomplishments to-date have fulfilled the CPUSA agenda.

      Those persons who don’t actually consider themselves leftists but remain in the Democrat party aren’t thinking for themselves but follow a family/community tradition which includes demonizing conservatism contrary to the truth.

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    • Travis McGee says:

      All democrats are leftist. By calling them democrats instead of leftist stigmatizes that party and attaches the violence to the democrat party. They certainly are’t afraid to republican vile names.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      The Dem Party sure has not made any attempt to define the difference between a Democrat and a Communist.

      I can make a good case. But the vast majority of Dems would not like what I have to say. JFK would, they would not.


    • WVPatriot says:

      Travis McGee — John D. MacDonald lives on!

      Smart, tough protagonist…old favorites that I enjoy with every reading.


  21. Sentient says:

    I can’t spend any less at Starbucks than I already do – unless they pay me to take their product.

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  22. rsanchez1990 says:

    Hillary’s campaign has already shown virtue signaling fails as a campaign against Trump. Schultz only has virtue signaling in his pocket. His business record doesn’t stack up favorably against Trump’s, and for 2020 Trump will have his business and political record going for him.

    Schultz would be just another failed Democrat candidate.

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  23. Sentient says:

    I assume blacks, Asians and hispanics buy a disproportionately low percentage of Starbucks’ overpriced coffee. Therefore, Starbucks is racist. Therefore, Howard Schulz is racist.

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  24. Joe says:

    That Garrison cartoon alone will derail his run.

    Devastating because of the brilliant truth it portrays.

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    • WVPatriot says:


      Ben Garrison is a brilliant, highly talented cartoonist. His work is food for thought on more levels than can be counted, and every pen stroke tells its own story.


  25. majorstar says:

    “…the promise of the American Dream was ‘being called into question’ and ‘the civility and human rights we have all taken for granted for so long are under attack.’”

    If this loon and others like him think 8 years of Obozo completely transformed what it means to be an American they’re not only insane but dangerously so. To act like Obozo’s radical views have existed and been “taken for granted so long” is an attempt to rewrite history into some kooky Leftist wet dream of an America that never existed.

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  26. RedBallExpress says:

    I think this shoe fits the democratic party . . .
    “Coo coo for cocoa puffs”
    A strictly medical term, used to describe a patient or person that has delved into a realm of irrational, illogical and/or crazy thought processes; Affected with madness; insane to an exceeding degree characterized by weakness or feebleness; decrepit; broken; falling to decay; shaky; unsafe; foolish

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  27. WeeWeed says:

    Oh, pleeeeze……….. 😀

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  28. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    This begs the question, will there be a Democrat Splitter Strategy in 2020? Will the DNC choose a candidate like how the GOPe chose Jeb! and then flood the field to split the oppostion. Will the DNC allow an outsider to run. As I remember no one had a problem with Trump running till the first polls came out.

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  29. Jim Rogers says:

    Ho Ho Ho ~ Schultz for president? After turning Starbucks into Starsucks? Let’s face it, folks ~ at this writing, the Democrats have NO ONE with a legitimate chance of being elected POTUS!!!

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    • litlbit2 says:

      They dnc always use a rigged system, backed by Very Fake News!

      Shucks I can not stop laughing! Reading from the top and I get the visual of Pinocchio with dumbo’s ears!


  30. LANE says:

    I think this company may be putting them out of business. I believe it’s owned by veterans. It has become popular. Great commercial.

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  31. alliwantissometruth says:

    Of course he’s a perfect democrat candidate

    Take a highly successful company, destroy it with your stupidity, walk away from the company while leaving the stockholders to frantically try to repair the damage before they go bankrupt

    If that’s not the perfect qualification for democrat politician, I don’t know what is

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    • MissV says:

      Exactamundo! Cuz Democrats always take a perfectly good thing and run it into the ground!

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      • LANE says:

        You are so right. Everything they touch goes bad. They are always on the wrong side of the law. Hateful, racist, hypocritical, criminal, banana republic. We talk about immigrants from other countries that refuse or cannot assimilate to our customs. The liberals are the poster children for anti american non assimilation. It’s no wonder radical Islam and drug cartels feel at home here. They are just following in the foot steps of the liberal citizens.


    • Stock price is going up = about $55 per share right now. Mr. Schultz owns 29.5 million shares, or $1.65 billion worth. The company currently has a market cap of $81 billion.


  32. Liberals, Commies and the like:
    They come.
    They destroy.
    They leave what they’ve destroyed and move on to the next target.

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  33. Suite D says:

    Newsflash: Dems dream of Coffee Party finally comes true! Sgt. Schultz in the lead. Good to the last flop! MAGA

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  34. xango says:

    Not to mention he has all the personality of a wet noodle…And..not one out of a hundred people ,on the street, could tell you who he was if you held up his pix..hells bells..they don’t even know Uncle Joe Biden..

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  35. Bob says:

    What a great analogy. It applies to Obama and right down the chain of communists that call themselves Democrats.


  36. In AZ says:

    Another reason why the Commie Dhimmicrat’s are undermining President Trump and perusing subversion……..they are desperate to win in 2020.

    The more successful President Trump is, the harder they will attack him and the attacks will become more and more dangerous.

    Hopefully their doubling down on Trump attacks will turn more people away from the Communist Dhimmicrats.

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  37. lbmomblog says:

    Not worried that he may make a run for 2020,
    1. Currently he is Un-employed
    2. He will be having less income and less importance now that he is un-employed
    3. He stated “avoid hiring Americans” …duh…no further explanation on this needed
    4. His wife is going to be short of $$ now that he is un-employed….and if mama isn’t happy….
    4. And, he has crooked teeth.
    Just sayin, I am not worried.


  38. angelwhiskers says:

    The American Dream is a welfare check; how cute. Vomit icon here.


  39. Finalage says:

    If Schultz is the Dem nominee, understand they have thrown the 2020 elections just as they sent up a nobody to do the SOTU response in February.

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  40. repsort says:

    I’m sure these guys will come outta their parents basements by the dozens to vote for him!

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  41. He would be their best candidate compared to Warren.

    Sanders supporters all drink or work at a Starbucks.

    Still don’t think this guy would get Jim Webb’s endorsement.


  42. M33 says:

    He should go for it.

    Guaranteed win for Trump in 2020.


  43. Lawrence says:

    Bring it. Trump will win 57 states.

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  44. artichoke says:

    Is it just possible that the Board fired him for destroying the stock price? Like any normal board in any normal company would do when the CEO goes out and pisses off the customer base?

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I’m starting to think that somebody looked into the reality of hiring 10,000 refugees, and realized that there was NO graceful path other than this.

      Hire 10,000 Muslim refugees, and you not only shout “discrimination” every time a customer walks in – you hire 100 terrorists. Only ONE has to pull a trigger, light a fuse, or crash a car, and the brand takes a monster hit.

      Don’t hire 10,000 Muslim refugees, by departing in any meaningful way, and suffer both the existing criticism, and new criticism for not walking the walk. And still maybe get the “Starbucks terrorist” as a permanent addition to the vernacular, like “shoe bomber”.

      Or move out the idiot, and never get to Incident Number 3, which would probably be worse than all of the above. Then renege on the 10,000 – which would be very smart.

      If I really wanted to hurt Starbucks, I would neglect to tell them that they need to clean out the SJWs who egged Schultz into doing this, and that they will find the lost money in the accounts of one George Soros, thus needing to make sure they don’t hire in any more of his bots. But I’m a nice guy, so I just might mention these things. 😉

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  45. sunnydaze says:

    Democrats are sooooo out of ideas.

    Repubs win. Trump’s a Business man.

    >>>>> Therefore….we’ll run a Businessman and win!!!

    Dems STILL don’t understand that Trump’s not JUST a Businessman. He’s a businessman who tells the TRUTH. Wants Law and Order. Loves the USA and what it USED to stand for, fairness and equal chance to succeed for all Americans, etc. etc. etc.

    Howard Schultz is no Donald Trump.

    And before you go there, Democrats, neither is Bill Gates.

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  46. Tommy Tunes says:

    Hey stupid like we are going to vote for a Anti American First Candidate !!!!!!!


  47. wolfmoon1776 says:

    OK. I’m ready to talk about race.

    I think that if a certain CEO had ever visited a certain crowd-sleuthing site – one that knew Trayvon was a drug-abusing JD and Mike Brown was guilty as hell from day one – he wouldn’t have let the Left Coast SJWs he hired destroy his company with a Trojan horse “race” campaign, followed by a knee-jerk promise to let 100 terrorists make drinks for his customers.

    Next time, don’t hire Marxists. A company’s future means nothing to them. Just ask Macy’s.

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  48. p'odwats says:

    A rich white guy? He’ll never get the Democrat nomination.

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  49. deplorabledooku says:

    Schultz was Hitlery’s preferred pick as SoS had she won, which I think would have led to a run for president. However, I don’t see him being able to withstand intraparty challenges from Oprah or Mooch Obama. Should Hitlery be alive and throw her well-worn hat into the ring yet again, I don’t think Schultz has a prayer. IMO he has very little charisma up against President Trump, and certainly against Oprah. As a business tycoon, he is not very likeable unless one is already in the SJW virtue signalling political camp. Not that I’m a fan, but there’s none of the faux-folksy (put-on) charm of Warren Buffett, the left’s favorite tycoon. Additionally, many people I know (including me) are sick and tired of paying for overpriced burnt tasting coffee with free, unasked-for political hectoring as a chaser.


    • Timmy-the-Ute says:

      Michelle-My-Belle will not run. She doesn’t have the heart for it like Hillary. The Democrat bench is always in the Senate, sometimes a Governor from outside like Carter but he got lucky. I think Franklin is going to try to make a name for himself, and at least make a bid for President. I know he is denying it now. Schumer knows he will lose, no appeal outside NY. Bet Keith Ellison runs just to be the first openly Muslim candidate,


  50. leebelieu says:

    Wait so the Proglodytes are going to run a white rich guy Yuppie Coffee merchant, and his lily white high cheekboned corporate lawyer with the approved equipment down south? While also continuing identity politics/kill whitey? Lord I am gonna be tired of winning

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    • Roy says:

      Wait until the democrat voters discover the profit margin of Starbucks products, 80% on everything it sells. Compared to Exxon 2 to 3%.

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      • farmhand1927 says:

        Picture the debates, President Trump vs Mr.Coffee Mogul: POTUS states the facts on the millions of good paying jobs created across the employment specter. Mr. Coffee touts his fight to raise the minimum wage, quickly followed by the installation of robots in his shops because hiring humans at $15 cuts into his bottom line too much. Bring it.

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        • SSI01 says:

          Or how about selling what is essentially flavored and colored water made from beans that are picked by folks who live at or below the poverty line; he then sells the fruit of their labors (literally) at an obscene profit, pays his bean-pickers, middle-men and minimum-wage barristas and pockets the difference. A real man of the people.

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    • bobby1122 says:

      Black Rifle Coffee Company- owned by combat Green Beret who promises to hire 10,000 veterans. This Coffee is good. Screw the slimy Schultz and his $8.00 cups.


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