President Trump Remarks During Visit to Detroit Michigan – Auto Industry Focus – 2:00pm Live Stream…

President Donald Trump delivers remarks today in Detroit Michigan. President Trump is holding an event at the American Center for Mobility, a testing center for self-driving vehicles in Ypsilanti Township.

Within the remarks it is anticipated that President Trump will announce the U.S. Environmental Protection agency will restart a review process for tougher fuel-economy standards, a move that has been applauded by U.S. automakers.

Video Added:

Live Stream Link Alternate Live Stream via Fox10Alternate Live Stream Via RSBN White House Live Stream

Trump Schedule provided courtesy of DaveNYviii

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90 Responses to President Trump Remarks During Visit to Detroit Michigan – Auto Industry Focus – 2:00pm Live Stream…

  1. EWSoCal says:

    How many heads would explode if President Trump started spending a lot of time in Detroit? If any city out there could benefit from this administration, it’s Detroit. Can we get KISS to team up with President Trump for a Make Detroit Great Again concert?

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  2. Eric Kennedy says:

    FYI, for those who have Roku, the White House channel has been added to it.

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  3. Kelly says:

    Think it’s coincidence that the “Intelligence” Committee made their grand announcement that there was no proof of wiretapping today? I don’t believe in coincidences. I also don’t understand folks that spin off into panic mode on how this “looks” for President Trump. This is a long game, and who knows who on the IC committee might have knowledge of the wiretaps themselves. If a person is going to get worked up about everything the msm, GOPe and the spins out, they are going to have an ulcer.

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    • Howie says:

      The scum of the MSM does not even know how much the people despise them.

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    • albrevin says:

      I listened to the remarks on the radio. Dems and RINOs about to go on warpath over PDJT’s ‘wiretap’ comments. They are starting to feel emboldened. My guess is Comey will say on Monday ‘didn’t happen’. Long knives about to come out. If Trumps got the goods, let them walk way out on the plank before dropping the hammer.

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    • georgiafl says:

      No proof of wire tap literally – or intrusive communications surveillance in general ?

      By US personnel or by exchange with UK or other allies?

      Obama, Clinton and the rest are cheats, liars, crooks and TRAITORS.

      They deserve the ultimate penalty.

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      • Kelly says:

        The idiotic thing is that the Flynn surveillance happened in Trump Tower. How do they explain that? Watch and wait. There is more to this story.

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      • albrevin says:

        They’re parsing….. Nunez saying wiretap means general surveillance, demo guy say Trumps statement should be taken literally. Guessing they will start planting flags around ‘no evidence’…. blah blah blah…. McCain ‘concerned’…. Judge Naps comments about U.K. may be the start is spin by Trumps team. Who knows. I think all these guys sound very hesitant to say anything definitive although the democrat congrssman on IC sounded more emboldened.

        No reporter asked the obvious…. did the Obama administration pass information obtained via surveillance to the Clinton campaign. This is the question….. they won’t ask Igbo right now bc they know the answer based on Hillary’s October tweets. We the people need to force the media to start asking this question.

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        • georgiafl says:

          Good analysis – Thanks!

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        • Garrison Hall says:

          ‘Nunez saying wiretap means general surveillance, demo guy say Trumps statement should be taken literally. Guessing they will start planting flags around ‘no evidence’….’

          Exactly. The libtards and never-Trumpers will define “wiretapping” as narrowly as possible. Meanwhile . . . there’s ample circumstantial evidence piling up to support Trump’s claim that Obama and the Deep State have deliberately monitored all of Trump’s communications and are continuing to do so.

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      • Howie says:

        So why did Sessions have to recuse?


        • CharterOakie says:

          He didn’t have to, other than to keep his word. He promised he would do so in his confirmation hearing.

          I’m reasonably confident that he and POTUS have this.

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          • Southern Son says:

            I’m Confident!
            HOW many times has PDJT been Finished?
            Finished I say!
            Should we be Concerned?
            Or just Vigilant?
            Time for Bluto’s list of
            Trumps done…
            President Trump is Diligent and Determined to go about MAGA, while many stand around here hand wringing and lamenting.
            The Lion has got this.
            It is just another squirrel, as Enemedia wait for the Atomic Sledgehammer of Truth to fall on their heads.
            Trump is the one that hollered Squirrel, and pointed.

            Press ON!

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      To the IC, I say this. Define wiretapping. Are they allowed to disclose all approved projects? Are there projects that are off the books, or approved by FISA to be denied by all means necessary, including lies to Congress and the President? Did Brennan ask British intelligence or any other intelligence agency to carry out surveillance “off the books”?

      Clapper lied to Congress. I simply assume these people lie, lie, and lie some more.

      This denial proves one thing to me. Deep State intelligence is out of control.

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      • rashamon says:

        The comments by The “Intelligence” Committee only shows how little they know about the ability to steal data from today’s devices — from smart phones, to computers of all types, to anything with chips — all containing programs with backdoors. What do you think they store in that monster building in Utah?

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    • THere is a reason why they haven’t asked Mike Rogers to testify! WHat could that be? Until we hear from him the rest of this is nonsense!

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    • At best, they can say no proof that an American agency wiretapped under authority. Pretty sure foreign sourced or illegal wiretapping don’t generate the same paperwork.

      All they need is a foreign sourced pile of recordings and transcripts, all marked with the name of the official target – Boris Badenov, whoever – and if it just so happens that every single intercept involves Trump well that’s the luck of the draw.

      Also who would believe a word any of these grifters say, about anything?

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  4. georgiafl says:

    While we wait:

    HAIL TO THE CHIEF – Words to the Anthem and tribute to DJT:

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  5. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    A Wednesday afternoon Twin Spin dedicated to the memory of a once-great American city….

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  6. georgiafl says:

    On the way to Detroit:

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    • fedback says:

      Red MAGA hat ready

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    • maiingankwe says:

      I am so happy for Tucker, this is something I think he deserves above many others. I also know Tucker is not going to give our President Trump a walk in the park, but he will be fair.

      It kinda makes me wonder how many times our President has watched Tucker and laughing his bum off when he’s torn into the crazy libs like so many of us here have. I wonder if he likes Tucker’s facial expressions as well. To me, they’re priceless.

      One night my husband was working on something while I was watching Tucker, every time one of his expressions came on I would point to the tv and make him look. After awhile he just gave up on what he was doing and finally joined me. He’s not into watching news people, but he actually admitted he enjoyed watching Tucker. I know he liked him because he was laughing harder than I was.

      So yeah, I’m super happy for Tucker. I can’t wait to watch my soon to be recorded copy of it later tonight.

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  7. IMO The MSM are advertising agency’s for the DNC, Soros and MIC to keep their base involved. At this point, they don’t even care about Americans, much less what anyone, including President Trump, thinks. The MSM is there to keep the left fired up and softened up to believe what ever they report.

    I am very excited that President Trump is visiting the once manufacturing capital of America. There’s a new word being used by entrepreneurs, “reshoring”. Restoring is when a company that was once in America and left, is now reshoring back to America. A guest on Fox&Friends used it this morning and said that since Nov 8, companies have begun hiring, investing and reshoring again.

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    • Aparition42 says:

      I’ve been trying to get the phrase “corporate sales media” to catch on for a while now. Even when they stray from their breathless political propaganda, they’re still just advertisements. How many times have you seen a “news” report about which toys kids want most for Christmas, or how long the lines are for some new cellphone. Even the practice of using the word “google” instead of search was a paid campaign through the cable news networks.

      Everything is an advertisement for something. The only difference is whether they’re after your money, your vote, or your mind.


    • big bad mike says:

      Reshoring was a buzzword starting in 2011, 2012 to get Obamao re-elected. Remember how he touted Manufacturing back then and after he was re-elected he ignored manufacturing and “Reshoring” was never used or talked about again. Still, a lot of socialists in manufacturing representing Foreign companies and interests. Our “Make America Manufacturing Great Again” Magnet signs are a big hit at all of the Trade Shows now. If we can get the Machine Tool Companies to manufacturer their products in the USA – we won’t need any of these carpet baggers. Right now, HAAS in California is the only US Manufacturer or Cutting Tool Machines (Mills & Lathes). CINCINNATI is the only US Manufacturer of Press Brakes. MINSTER still makes Punch Presses in the US. All the Great U.S. Machine Tool Builders – Sciaky, Danley, Verson, Chicago Press only make parts now for their old machines. We need them back.

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  8. ddouthat09 says:

    Schedule is wrong. Destination is Willow Run airport, not Detroit Metro. Willow Run is site of bomber plant built/operated by Ford during World War II. It turned out one B-24 bomber per hour and was the worksite of the famous “Rosie the Riveter”.

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  9. ddouthat09 says:

    Willow Run airport is freight and private airplane terminus. It is near Ann Arbor and the American Center for Mobility is a joint operation of State of MI, University of Michigan and Ann Arbor SPARK (a technology professional group).

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  10. georgiafl says:


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  11. Sandra-VA says:

    Janet Yellen has pre-empted the President on FBN… luckily, OAN switched to President Trump 😀

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  12. woohoowee says:

    American workers were cranking out one B-24 every *hour* during the war. Wow!

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    • fred5678 says:

      We WWII history buffs LOVE this story about Willow Run:

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      • fred5678 says:

        Truly — America was and will be again, the Arsenal of Democracy.

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        • says:

          Sadly, the Willow Run plant has been disassembled other than a portion for the Yaknee Museum. Who bought the high grade steel that made the rafters in the plant? The Chinese, I am not kidding. I have had the pleasure of hearing “docents” tell the story of the plant. How it was designed with AC to keep the tolerances close during manufacturing, and how the production numbers of the aircraft was reversed engineered given the data of the day as to loss rate and the success rate of bomb drops. Little known is the B-24 was the 1st aircraft to use a Laminar Airfoil, the “Davis” airfoil section.

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      • woohoowee says:

        That is a fascinating video! Thanks 🙂

        From the intro @ 0:27: “…boys were learning a trade of being productive and responsible Americans. They were taught to till and plow a straight furrow.” Compared to today’s “You’re helpless. Git cher food stamps! Be an unhappy and discontent Marxist!” It’ll be great to return to self-reliance and productivity!


    • ddouthat09 says:

      Yep, 24/7 and they taxied out and took off for UK from Willow Run airport. That’s how you get 2000 plane raids on Germany.

      Meanwhile, on the East side, Chrysler (Detroit Arsenal) was pumping out 22,000 tanks and North of Detroit, GM (Grand Blanc) plant pumped out 19,000 tanks.

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    • entagor says:

      My mom was an aircraft inspector during the war. well at least at the start of the war. That would be Willow Run since mom lived in Detroit

      Mom said she got stuck as inspector because you were frozen in your job, and couldn’t quit if it was war related. Everything I know now is secondhand. I kick myself I never had the foresight to learn more. Like once I asked Granma why they didn’t have a bathtub in the upstairs bathroom. She said it was built during the war, and you could have a sink or a bathtub, but not both (war materials)

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      • Actually, much of that “scarcity” was manufactured by the govt people who took total control of the economy. They even confiscated all the typewriters from an office supply company in Portland, OR. The “scarcity” was to make the civilian population feel part of the “War Effort.”

        There was also major propaganda push, since a huge number of Midwesterners saw no reason whatsoever to go help those people in Europe were fighting again. The propagandists had to have a major advertising/psychological war effort to make the civilians believe and obey. These propagandists became the Mad Men of the 1950s and on until today.

        They were people who did not believe in the Free Market, or American ability to act without coercion. This is why so many people to this day have questions about the “reality” of Pearl Harbor.


    • repsort says:

      Yup. We don’t F@#$ around when we put our minds to it..

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  13. Kelly says:

    Excellent pro-manufacturing speech my PDJT!

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  14. SpanglishKC says:

    Everytime the President speaks I feel a sense of hope, pride and increased love of country. He is amazing. Thank God for President Trump. Godspeed.

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  15. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    President Trump visiting The Hermitage later today, holding rally downtown tonight….

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  16. missmarple2 says:

    That was an inspiring speech. I liked the imagery of working together to rebuild our industrial might…new industrial revolution…patriotism.


    Now I have to run my errands while he flies to Nashville!

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    • MVW says:

      “That was an inspiring speech. I liked the imagery of working together to rebuild our industrial might…new industrial revolution…patriotism.”

      Brought tears to my eyes. Tired of the hourly pounding and anti American propaganda from the Traitor Stream Media.


  17. JoD says:

    Michigan, 2016..
    Option 1…Trump…Revive the auto industry, rebuild the economy and promote prosperity for all.
    Option 2…Clinton.. Populate Detroit with Syrian refugees to rebuild the city…New Damascus. Michigan chose wisely.

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  18. jackphatz says:

    GM sold their soul to the devil. Not my auto maker!

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  19. Bonitabaycane says:

    An American President fighting for American jobs. And people wonder why our President won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin?

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  20. sunnydaze says:

    What a great speech in support of American workers.

    And THIS is who the American MSM, the Dem Party and assorted RINOs do NOT support.

    The ONLY President who has spoken on behalf of American workers in my lifetime is who they do not support.

    Could they BE any more disgusting?

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  21. Sam says:

    President Trump is everywhere! The most hard working President I haven’t seen in a long time.

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  22. Chillin says:

    I live in Michigan and today was so exciting. Before the election many factory workers would call into the radio to say that if they had a bumper sticker on their car for Trump they would be fired, but they were going to vote for him. It turned out that a county which had not voted for a Repub since Reagan all went for Trump. The exciting part, however, was that today the union-seeing the writing on the wall-not only let all the workers go to the rally, the union hired buses to take them there and said they would all get paid! The workers were so happy!

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    • MVW says:

      Nearly every CEO is afraid of the Globalists. All these companies that do business around the world are vulnerable and can be screwed at a Globalist whimsical moment.

      There is a huge push for driving automation. Guess why?

      I am a huge supporter of automation in principle, in principle. So, why do I smell a big stinking rat here when self driving vehicles are being pushed?


  23. MIKE says:

    Is there any meeting, or any oppressed industry that this man cannot lead, and empower? I am stunned every day how he commands the room he is in at any given time. Long game MAGA.
    Just, WOW

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  24. Kaco says:

    I have an important message if someone can pass onto the administration. I was reading on Reddit the AMA from Trump’s 1st Member, this person said they do NOT read the contact messages. Apparently, they are getting too much from the opposition through there and now just ignore it. I saw Trump’s 1st Member responded to someone who apparently tagged him in another post so this person might still get notifications in that manner.

    I am not on social media, so if someone here is on Reddit or Twitter or Facebook and can contact one of POTUS people or that Trump’s 1st Member on Reddit, I’d like to pass this message along from my husband because it affects the auto industry.

    .”Last year (1/16) Chem China purchased a German company named Krauss Maffei which is a chemical processing equipment manufacturer with U.S. facilities in Florence KY and Warren MI. One of the largest customers of Krauss Maffei is International Automotive Components (IAC) which is a tier 1 supplier to most of the automotive industry. Recently, IAC has divided into a “soft” and a “ridged” division. Currently China is in the process of purchasing the “soft” division which makes interior carpeting, instrument panels as well as other interior components. This is going to negatively impact American and other international companies which build competitive equipment to Krauss Maffei’s. This also threatens the automotive industry here in the U.S. if at a moments notice, this equipment can be moved off-shore, rendering the assembly lines shut down for an extended period of time. I want the administration to be aware, Thank you.”

    I might repeat this in the next daily thread.

    Sundance, if there is anything you can do to pass this to someone in the administration, I’d appreciate it. We don’t want China to have this kind of leverage or monopoly on our auto industry if we can help it. I had mentioned this before, my husband sent info through the but I doubt they saw it.


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