LOL Actual CNN Budget Headline: “Trump’s plan to dismember government”…

There are articles that are funny in their presentation, and then there are articles that are hilariously funny in their apoplectic protestations.  CNN writes a lengthy article about the upcoming President Trump budget.  The headline:

Trump’s plan to dismember government

Washington (CNN) – President Donald Trump plans to dismember government one dollar at a time.

His first budget — expected to be unveiled later this week — will mark Trump’s most significant attempt yet to remold national life and the relationship between federal and state power.

It would codify an assault on regulatory regimes over the environment, business and education bequeathed by former President Barack Obama, and attempt to halt decades of steadily growing government reach. (read more)

And, and… they say this like it’s a bad thing.

[…]  Trump’s first budget will make more of a statement than most debut spending blueprints by other new presidents. The White House has made clear it intends to use the document to usher in the radical political changes that powered Trump’s upstart, anti-establishment campaign last year.

“We’re going to do more with less,” Trump told state governors late last month, promising a government that is “lean and accountable to the people.”

[…]  The President will cement his “America First” policy by slashing State Department funding, foreign aid spending and grants to the United Nations, officials have already made clear. And nowhere is his assault on government expected to be as dramatic as at the Environmental Protection Agency — which is bracing for a massive reduction of its budget.

[…]  EPA officials are bracing for a budget cut of at least a quarter of its current size, and one source told CNN’s Rene Marsh that layoffs and facilities closures are likely to take place as well as a reduction to the agency’s basic services.

Other programs under threat include the environmental justice program, which is meant to help local communities grapple with environmental concerns, and Global Change Research, a program funded by several agencies, including the EPA, which reports humans’ impact on the planet.

[…] The President did not wait for the official announcement of his budget to get a start on cutting government.

In January, Trump signed an executive memorandum ordering a federal hiring freeze.
Monday, he went a step further, signing an executive order mandating an evaluation of every agency in the Executive Branch to work out where money could be saved.
“This order likely will result in agencies directing significant resources toward the agencies’ very survival. That alone, will significantly slow regulatory activity,” said Creighton Magid, a partner at Dorsey & Whitney, an international law firm. (read more)

…“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO!  We will win, and we will keep on winning”.

~ Donald Trump

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216 Responses to LOL Actual CNN Budget Headline: “Trump’s plan to dismember government”…

  1. Unclezeb says:


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    • Raven says:

      Although he says we may get tired of winning, I say I’m up to the challenge and love it!

      Thank you, President Trump!

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      • buzzybee says:

        Wheeeeee! Still so not tired of winning. Want to see more and more winning. Support our veterans. Rebuild our military. Rebuild our infrastructure. Hire legal American citizens. (None of this multi-culti crap.) Build new highways and roads (relief from gridlock). RENEW and REPAIR our healthcare system (not just the insurance markets; the whole system). Rebuild our security at our borders (ALL of them!) and protect our citizenry. Abolish Common Core (don’t get me started on the marriage between education and healthscare – give me a divorce from this fiasco otherwise known as social engineering socialist style). SAY Merry Christmas every holiday season. Decrease regulatory oppression on businesses, especially SMALL businesses who are the backbone of our economy. Celebrate Capitalism! Get the bureaucrats the hell out of our private family lives! Keep winning to regain and protect our liberties ala the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Did I leave anything out?

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          We’re gonna protect out Second Amendment! So important! We’re going to protect our environment! Clean air and clean water! We’re gonna seal our borders, so the bad guys can’t get in! We’re gonna build a wall – a GREAT WALL! And who’s gonna pay for it? That’s right! Mexico’s gonna pay for it! And we’re gonna have energy! We’re gonna turn on the energy, with clean coal! We’re gonna put our coal miners back to work!

          We’re going to appoint wonderful justices to the Supreme Court, who are going to protect our Constitution. Really great justices!

          And most of all, we’re gonna DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! 😎

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        • G-d&Country says:

          Regular light bulbs, toilets, washing machines, and other appliances that don’t spy on us and aren’t connected to the internet.
          Yes – there are toilets that connect to the internet for some insane reason.
          In about 2012 in a conference in Europe General Petraeus said how wonderful it will be when the CIA can spy on the public through their dishwashers rather than sending in an agent to plant a bug in their chandelier. Do a search on Petraeus, spying, dishwasher, Wired magazine.


      • Bruce Fauth says:

        Yeah. I’m up for more winning. I’ll let you know when I’m tired of winning. (hint, it’ll be a cold day in you know where)


    • I, for one, can’t wait to watch the rally tomorrow. The country needs it!

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    • hugofitch1 says:

      Ah doan feel noways tarrd.

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    • mysticrose80 says:

      Nah….I’m greedy. Keep the wins coming!


  2. MrE says:

    *”The President will cement his “America First” policy by slashing State Department funding”*

    Even CNN knows that “America First” means no more State Dept funding of #FakeNews.

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    • BobBoxBody says:

      This isn’t that different with what happened with the BBC during the UK parliamentary elections. They not only are taxpayer-funded, but also get generous “donations” from the EU….donations they are now going to lose thanks to Brexit. And now the taxpayers are very angry with the BBC for a myriad of reasons and want to stop having their taxes funding them. Yeah, same thing here. Without funding from the Swamp, CNN won’t be able to sustain themselves.

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    • WSB says:

      Well, if this doesn’t get them off the Russian stupidity, nothing will.

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    • buzzybee says:

      Oh, I can hardly wait to see it. Can’t happen fast enough.

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      • buzzybee says:

        I mean the dismantling of bureaucratic socialist madness that’s been going on. Just waiting to see the action.

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        • Be ready for the National Parks to close! Passport offices! Maybe even USPS, if they get desparate enough. When bureaucrats are threatened, they fight back and fight dirty!!!

          I can take it!

          And here’s another good thing – the State Govt apparatus’ response will be a bit muted. Why? Because the Block Grants will be coming back! Bwahahahaha!

          I can’t wait for the rally either!


          • Watcher says:

            Remember when zero slowed down nation wide air travel.


          • buzzybee says:

            I’d be surprised if the National Parks closed. There will be bureaucrats in need of work and there may be job openings for cleaning up campsites, etc. Of course, with the new growth of private sector jobs there will be other opportunities; waiting tables, catering, stocking shelves retail, etc.


    • COLibertyBelle says:

      Yippee-skippee! I absolutely adore our PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!! Folks, I truly believe we will get our Republic restored!

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    • mamadogsite says:

      As per the previous story of TRex and the State Department barring reporters from his official government plane on his trip to Asia, saving taxpayers $$$, this administration is off to a great start.

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  3. John Galt says:

    “a reduction to the agency’s basic services.”

    Oh noze, people already bought orange kayaks.

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  4. Pam says:

    The pearl clutching by the left has gone to an epic level. Boy, these snowflakes are so scared right now.

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    He’s going to make government “do more with less”…

    Oh the horror!
    What a monster!
    The Left will be having conniption fits!


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  6. Stringy theory says:

    OMG!! I LOVE THIS. Cut, cut, cut until they squeal. What great news. That’s my President Trump.

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  7. rashamon says:

    Dismember the government? I sure in the h3ll hope so. It’s the reason I voted for him.

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  8. A2 says:

    In related news, ‘Vibrator maker ordered to pay out C$4m for tracking users’ sexual activity’
    Be very afraid CNN. The devices have gone smart.

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  9. Mariposa 323 says:

    Love it , love it ! They’re not afraid of what Trump can do , but what he WILL do !

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  10. kittytrump84 says:

    That’s actually my plan

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  11. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Good-bye and good riddance. One piece at a time. (or two or three…)

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  12. NJF says:

    “Dismember” I like it!

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  13. bulwarker says:

    The winning……. its too much… He warned us!….

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  14. Derek Hagen says:

    That first photo is right up there with the one where Donald touches the cheek of the one-armed vet in my treasure folder of Trump images. Brings a tear to the eye.

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  15. Yes… yes… YES!!!!! Oh, I am absolutely loving all this winning!

    😀 😀 😀 #MorePlease 😀 😀 😀

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  16. Rex Brocki says:

    I have been fighting for actions like this since the early 1960’s (Trump himself was only 13 years old when that tumultuous decade started)… and I never, ever thought I would see a TENTH of the things I was fighting for passed in my lifetime.
    Trump hasn’t even been in office for TWO MONTHS and he’s rapidly closing on HALF of the things I’ve worked for.
    Somebody pinch me.
    I was an enthusiastic Trump supporter (I’m a proud co-founder of “Libertarians for Trump”), but if I had had ANY IDEA that he was going to be THIS good at the job, I would have been out beating my fellow Libertarians with a stick, yelling “GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND CAMPAIGN FOR THIS GUY!!!”
    I’m running in yet another election May seventh, along with a gallant band of fellow Libertarians. Any Canadian or Canadian-friendly treepers, please help. I’ll be on twitter, hopefully under my own name, in a few days.

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  17. emet says:

    If you were an Americann in the very early 1900s, you would not be paying income tax, and in fact your only contact with the Federal Govt would be the post office. The nation was run on customs duties and intetnal revenue tax on alcohol and tobacco. It was legal to import drugs such as opium, but it was smuggled to evade duty. Fire breathing Mike Healey (Captain, Revenue Cutter Service) easily the most widely known Federal employee besides the president, was seen as a hero, and people read exploits of his journeys to Alsska on the cutter Bear, which was something like a trip to the moon today. All changed, in 12 decades.

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    • lbmomblog says:

      and, then, we got Pelosi. no relation to Canada, but I am thinking she was born around that time. LOL

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    • annieoakley says:

      Like. My Grandmother grew marijuana, with the permission of the Governor of the State. Before she graduated from high School

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    • BINGO! Only 3.9% of Americans before 1940 were paying “federal” income taxes and why? Because they were earning their PROPERTY through “federal” privilege as employees of the “federal” “government”.

      That truth is told in the oxymoron “voluntary compliance”! The code isn’t law, and is plainly written to entail ONLY “federal” employees… period.

      Know your rights, folks!


    • Kroesus says:

      if you do your research you will find the 16th and 17th amendments were neither one legitimately enacted according to the conditions set in the US Constitution… amendment passed by a majority of 3/4 of the state legislatures by the method used…..amended versions never brought to a single worded amendment and mystery state house acceptance when they were not in session…..shenanigans all

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      • You are correct, but the 16th amendment “argument” is moot, as SCOTUS has ruled time and time again that it in no way conferred any new powers of taxation over the people. The truth is better than their fiction, it’s all a scam.


  18. rsanchez1990 says:

    Hey, I guess even CNN gets it right sometimes. Dismember government? Yes please!

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  19. Joe says:

    Have a buddy from college football days – now a military history prof. at Air Force Academy – he is literally having a meltdown. Thinks the ocean will be too acidic to support life before Trump even finishes serving. He does know his history but one of the dumbest people i know when it comes to American politics.

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    • annieoakley says:

      Maybe he should look at the real Science and forget politics.

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    • Your friend may not be wrong about how far gone the Pacific Ocean is. But even if he’s right, there’s nothing we can do to stop Fukushima’s spew of radioactive elements into the ocean and atmosphere. Which is why I think the elites are on such a mission to escape to outer space. They know and must be looking for answers…


    • FL_Guy says:

      I hope he’s better at military history than he is at basic science, but I doubt it. A big O supporter I would surmise.


    • Christine says:

      Hi Joe. Ah yes, “ocean acidification”. Both that inaccurate pejorative term + supporting false data only entered science journals 15 years ago. Yet another complete fraud by the climate alarmists!

      Perhaps you’d like to give your buddy this brief basic science lesson, to calm him down:

      * Water = H2O (each water molecule contains 2 atoms of Hydrogen + 1 atom of Oxygen).

      * Hydrogen ion concentration is expressed universally on the pH scale (from 0 – 14), where 0 is most acidic, 7 is neutral + 14 is most alkaline.

      * Examples along the pH scale of 0 – 14:
      O = lead acid battery (very acid)
      3 = vinegar (quite acid)
      5 = coffee (slightly acid)
      7 = pure water (neutral)
      8.2 = ocean water (slightly alkaline)
      10 = handsoap (quite alkaline)
      13 = bleach
      14 = sodium hydroxide (very alkaline)

      * The alarmists claim the surface waters of the oceans have declined from pH 8.2 (slightly alkaline) to pH 8.1 (slightly less alkaline) since the industrial revolution. Two fatal problems with this:

      (1) This slight pH alkaline drop from 8.2 to 8.1 is alarmists’ “ocean acidification”. Nonsense. It’s simply becoming slightly less alkaline, heading in the direction of neutral (pH 7). That’s like saying a -20°C frozen ice cube is “more watery” than a -10°C frozen ice cube, despite ice not turning to water until 0°C! It’s simply less cold ice – not more watery ice. And both remain frozen despite the 10°C difference between the 2 cubes.

      (2) For the ocean to be acidifying, pH would have to drop to 6.7 or below. That’s an absurd proposition, which not even the alarmists suggest is possible. They say it’s dropped from pH 8.2 to 8.1 since 1840 (almost 200 years ago). But, just like Manne’s Fraudulent Climate Change Hockey Stick, those findings omit all historical data accumulated until 1989 (ie omits 150 years of data), uses only sparse, contradictory evidence acquired since 1989 + dodgy computer modelling. So, the pH drop from 8.2 to 8.1 is unsubstantiated.

      BUT, even if true, the oceans are only becoming very slightly less alkaline. And, given pH 8.2 is only an average of the world’s oceans, with a variation of +/- 0.3 pH across the world, that 0.1 pH difference falls within the ocean’s historical alkaline variation. So, NO CHANGE in 200 years, with rishing CO2 making almost zero impact in the future.

      To paraphrase Sundance: Ocean Acidification is a NOTHING BURGER!
      I hope your friend now sleeps well tonight, knowing all is good. Mother Nature’s got this!
      My post is a brief summary inspired by this excellent, quite lengthy, detailed article.

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      • Christine says:

        * small typo in my ice example above (#1)), sorry. It should read the slight pH alkaline drop from 8.2 to 8.1 is “like saying a -10°C frozen ice cube is “more watery” than a -20°C frozen ice cube…., when it’s simply a less cold yet still frozen ice cube”.

        I find this ice eg is a great one to help people wrap their heads around the pH alkaline issue. Except alarmists I debate with, since logic + reason aren’t in their vocab!

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      • buzzybee says:

        This is an awesome example of explaining some real science. A keeper for sure. Thanks muchly for this info.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Thanks for the link, Christine, and also your summary.

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        • Christine says:

          My absolute pleasure buzzybee + JoAnn! I excelled at Chemistry, Physics + Complex Math at high school (Queensland), but decided to become an international lawyer, instead of forensic scientist. Yet, my love of science has remained for the last 27 years!

          As soon as I heard the catastrophic global warming hypothesis a decade ago, I intuitively knew it was false. So, purely for fun, I started researching + writing about this unprecedented global hoax. Spent at least 1,000 hours on it now! (Strange hobby I know). I’ve published several concise posts, surgically evicerating the hoax, on Australia’s most-read sites (Andrew Bolt, The Australian newspaper) which have been exceptionally well received, except by the odd Climista Scientist, who have zero compelling arguments!

          With President Trump gutting the EPA + cancelling the fraudulent Paris Climate Agreement, I’m hoping to see various relevant Sundance articles, so I can contribute my thoughts here too! Hope you’re both having a great week.

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Guess he’s at the Chair Force Academy because he wouldn’t make it at West Point.

      Hell, maybe even the Naval Academy wouldn’t take him!



    • Ever notice how those bad environmantal things are always happening somewhere way far away from wherever you are???


  20. alliwantissometruth says:

    They’re simply paralyzed by fear. They cannot understand or comprehend limited government. They’re freaking out about the demise of the government using tax dollars to illegally build their leftist empire

    What! You’re going to save the taxpayers money? What about the “refugees”? What about illegal aliens? What about the Arts? The UN? Planned Parenthood? Our leftist brethren’s causes?

    They’re becoming more unhinged by the day

    Do most businesses, airports, bars, etc. still have CNN on as their “go to” station?

    And if so, why?

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  21. Sedanka says:

    Poor Barack, watching his legacy get flushed down the toilet.

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  22. Suite D says:

    10% for the military. Privatize or wipe out everything else. Trump The MAGAnificent!!

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  23. MaineCoon says:

    “Government is not the solution to our problem government is the problem.” President Reagan

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  24. fleporeblog says:

    What scares them the most is that after 8 years of his Presidency, the country will have a GDP over 5% and a federal budget that will save billions if not trillions of dollars. He will also be successful in cutting our national debt.

    Where do they Republicans and Democrats go from there. There is no way that the American people will ever want a return to the government before January 20, 2017. He will set the bar so high, that Trumpism will reign for 50+ years. Bannon is absolutely right in saying that if they do it right, all politicians after Donald the Great will have to run and govern on his agenda.

    Our President is absolutely putting this country on a path to MAGA! Please continue to pray for him, his family and his administration.

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  25. All Too Much says:

    “bequeathed by former President Barack Obama”

    Eff Ewe Cnn.

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  26. MaryfromMarin says:

    CNN: “Trump’s plan to dismember government”

    Us: “Well, yeah. So?”

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  27. repsort says:

    I scooped up all the extra winning that’s laying around and I filled up the kiddie pool with it and I’m in my underwear wallowing it!!!!
    TMI? Sorry.

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  28. EV22 says:

    I worked with fed officials out in LA. Ugh. The arrogance, the lack of respect for people’s time, investments and livelihoods – it was shocking. They just did not care. And the higher up they were, the worse they got. They ruled their fiefdoms like petty tyrants – with huge, swollen budgets. And they were ALL bad at their jobs (except for promoting themselves, of course). Fire them all. Just fire them all.

    The one hope I had was that one day the American people would say, “ENOUGH!” Guess we finally got there with President Trump!

    What I’d really like to see is a movement started that called for equality of pensions. You know how the lefties are always calling for Social Justice, well I want to see Pension Justice. Basically, the idea would be to index government pensions to the average of non-governmental workers’ pensions. So, if you worked for a government agency in Illinois, your pension couldn’t be more than the average pension of all non-government workers in Illinois. If you worked for the feds in DC, your pension couldn’t be more than, say, 2X the average American pension.

    And, as icing on the cake, this would probably solve all the underfunded government pensions problems which will probably start to bankrupt many cities and states in just a few short years.

    POTUS said to dream bigly, right?

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    • EV22 says:

      Forgot to add that if government pension rates were tied to the general population’s pension rates, it would “concentrate their minds” on what’s important. As things stand, many state and local governments couldn’t care less about workers, all they care about is raising tax revenues. Well, all these so-called public servants (/s) need to start being servants to the public and watching out for the public’s welfare. And at the top of that list is not only jobs, jobs, jobs but also citizens’ wages and benefits.

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    • buzzybee says:

      People in the private sector get pensions? Oh, I guess some of them do. Anyway, good idea. BTW – take a look at what’s happening with PERS in Oregon. Insolvent. It gets really expensive to keep agencies afloat with golden parachutes; and some of their retirees.


      • So right, buzzybee! And I just heard on the radio about a poll of Oregonians who agreed that we need to raise our taxes to make up the “deficit” or the schools will suffer!

        Do they think we are idiots? Wait, don’t answer that!


  29. WSB says:


    LOL! If you are not wearing a skirt In DC or Foggy Bottom (sorry about that pun), be very very afraid!

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  30. Southern Son says:

    And we will keep On Winning!!
    MAGA in Motion.
    A Beautifull thing…

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  31. fred5678 says:

    CUT!! SLASH!! . Sounds like a horror flick movie poster.

    Or sound business practices applied to government … which is a horror story to the deeply-embedded federal sloths.

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  32. fred5678 says:

    “Bequeathed by former President Obama” To the MSM, it’s ALWAYS about the legacy, the legacy, the legacy.

    “Bequeathed” … almost as if he was personally responsible for leaving us lowly citizens all them National Parks, fer Pete’s sake!!

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  33. Bull Durham says:

    The cutbacks look deep in some departments and agencies, but overall, the Federal government should be cut 10% every year until it is one-third the size it is today. Slow attrition won’t do the job fast enough. In about eight years, we can be at 40% or so. In ten years, we’d be at 33%.

    Use the 10% model. It’s like tithing. The government gives up 10%.

    Almost 3 million workers in the Federal government. 300,000 the first year, 270,000 the next, and so on. Plus, 10% of the budget of the government. The budget is around $4 Trillion. So you cut $400 Billion the first year, $360 Billion the second and so on.

    It’s very simple to do and very simple to audit.
    In fact, we could watch it on the Internet with digital aggregators like we watch the debt rise by the second. Instead, we’ll watch employees disappear and the budget reduce.

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    • WSB says:

      Bull, if the government has already been cut by 75% and 50% by Lincoln and Coolidge respectively, I see no reason that our current one cannot also be cut by 75%.

      Once the oil business is unleashed for export, maybe the gubment folkes will learn a new skill. They have to. There will no longer be Welfare.

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      The idea you have presented is sound, however, as always, there will be an institutional mindset, that they (officials) are still more important. What Pres Trump is doing is scaring them to leave AND cutting the budgets will do a lot of getting rid of the deadwood in short period of time. Rip everything out by the roots BUT leave the parts that are needed functions…Drain The Swamp in one fell swoop…


    • md070264 says:

      I think there is some real smart chess moves going on here.
      If you take out a high percentage of these departments and agencies, they will need to really cut hard on the staff.
      Here’s why I think it is a brilliant move.
      In most places , the last one hired is the first one hired.
      This will cut Obamas burrowed people if this happens. Cut deeeeep and the President can rip them all out. After all they were the last hired.
      That is a superior chess move

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    • md070264 says:

      I think there is some real smart chess moves going on here.
      If you take out a high percentage of these departments and agencies, they will need to really cut hard on the staff.
      Here’s why I think it is a brilliant move.
      In most places , the last one hired is the first one hired.
      This will cut Obamas burrowed people if this happens. Cut deeeeep and the President can rip them all out. After all they were the last hired.
      That is a superior chess move


  34. M33 says:

    These writers probably can’t remember a time when the federal government had a budget…

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  35. Gov Jay says:

    Hot stock picks for 2017… puppies, Play-Doh, Kleenex… and mops… yes, mops… we’ll need to clean up all the mess from Marxist liberal heads exploding… you heard it here first!…

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  36. Maquis says:


    Obama BEQUEATHED Trump with his oh so helpful radical socialism squeezing the freedoms and life out of our once free Nation via the noose of regulatory excess?

    That was BEQUEATHED to President Trump?


    Their Colors most certainly are showing today.

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  37. Maquis says:

    Right, Face!!

    Dismember, MARCH!

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  38. buzzybee says:

    Your left. Your left. Your left, right, left. March! (wish I could remember the songs we used to sing to the rhythm)

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  39. itswoot says:

    Call the budget reductions a health crisis intervention. A bloated federal bureaucracy needs trimming down before it becomes a major reason for the collapse of America from the rampant excesses.

    An analogy of a bloated bureaucracy:

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  40. CharterOakie says:

    Love the photos!

    D-Day on The Mall. Preparing to assault the federal Leviathan and drain the swamp, its habitat.

    Trump as Patton but with 5 stars — excellent. Both competitive, determined winners and patriots.


    • Kroesus says:

      only problem is they have the stars incorrectly placed……the 5 stars are in a circle when displayed on uniform or flag

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      • CharterOakie says:

        Understood. But a great photoshop nonetheless. He or she started with an actual photo of Patton while still a LTG, had to add two stars somewhere.


  41. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Dismemberment or hanging naked from lampposts. It’s a win-win!


  42. entagor says:

    I stepped away from the PC, Turned on Rush, and they were live broadcasting a speech by Trump, I think from Willow Run Airport (Ypsilanti, Michigan) which was a major plane manufacturing operation in WWII. It was a really great speech about bringing back American manufacturing. The news commentator said Trump was then going to another State for Another speech.

    Airforce One might have flown over me while I was sitting here.


    • entagor says:

      I love this: my radio’s traffic announcer just reported : Don’t forget the President is at Willow Run so its going to be crowded up there

      Wow! What a great have to worry about a traffic jam caused by Trump

      Now on comes the liberal talk show that WJR used to replace Michael Savage,
      That show, and Mitch Albom who follows are both snarcy Trump Trashers.

      I have to turn it off before my BP goes up

      Yayyyyyyy Trump!

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  43. James O'Malley says:

    Society should learn that cutting unnecessary regulations isn’t the same as eliminating necessary protections. People are getting too hyperbolic on this issue, and for no reason.


  44. All American Snowflake says:

    The photo of President Trump with “The Forgotten Man” always brings tears to my eyes. {Snowflake gently wipes tears from eyes} Thank God for President Trump!!!


  45. aguila2011 says:

    I just came across this little gem from one of my heroes, Will Rogers. For all those in the State Dept. crying about how much diplomats are needed and what perils Trump brings by cutting so deeply into their ‘safe space.’

    “Diplomats are just as essential to starting a war as soldiers are for finishing it.
    You take diplomacy out of war, and the thing would fall flat in a week.” – Will Rogers


  46. Leslie Ingersoll says:

    I love that President Donald J Trump takes his message to “we, the people”.
    I especially love that he has the foresight to address us in the most historical of places! Rosie the riviter, Hermitage, Gettysburg……and on and on. We are part of the resurgence of American pride! Something that has been with me my entire life❤🇺🇸
    Something I’ve been longing for since Ronald Reagan’s administration! What a great day to be an American! God speed President Donald J Trump!


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