Unhinged and Shouting Mike Brown Documentary Filmmaker Explodes During Interview…

A seriously unstable Jason Pollock appeared on Fox News for an interview about his ridiculous, and entirely false, documentary claims.  What happened next is rather unsettling – the guy has a full psychotic reality break on television.



This is the sketchy guy CNN was promoting over the weekend in order to stir up racial animus on behalf of the agenda-driven social justice movement.

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248 Responses to Unhinged and Shouting Mike Brown Documentary Filmmaker Explodes During Interview…

  1. patrickhenrycensored says:

    But, but bigots and cops and, and ……..don’t bogart that joint…..and evidence and……

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    • I think that this Pollack feller was paid by outside persons to stir this up on purpose. There is NO reason for him to act this way and to be so rude. Talk about “Facts don’t matter” Yes a picture may say a thousand words” the very reason why testimony is so important, because those “Thousand words” can be spun in any direction. Whether it iwas a robbery or not, Michael Brown was rude to the store owner, it was reported as a robbery, Micheal was walking in the middle of the street, the police officer recognized him as the potential robber, the police officer told him to get out of the middle of the street and it goes on from there. Sorry, folks, behavior screams here the behavior is the “Tell” Michael did not have to act out in the arrogant manor that he did, whether to the store owner or to the police, as well as this film maker. AND, why all this now? We now have more violence in this town, what to get BLM involved yet again, to get the “Black community” stirred up again, is this another “False flag” What is the REAL story for the reason of this film release right now??? I think that this is NOT for Michael, I think his death is being used for a totally different agenda, Pollacks behavior screams it!

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      • maga2004 says:

        I agree with this, except Michael Brown was more than rude to the store owner, he threatened and assaulted him.

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        • Trump Babe says:

          Right but I think OP was stating that even if given their set of “alternative facts” it would NOT have any bearing on the outcome of the case or the validity of Officer Wilson’s innocence. Basically, he is just doing this to create “outrage,” get people riled up again, and help the families secure some sort of settlement in the case. They are trying to scare the defendants into submission through the threat of more mob violence if they lose their case. I hope they don’t break on this one, as it would set a serious precedent.

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    • That Jason guy is an emotional basket case. There’s no point in arguing with such a zealot.

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      • Jay Dee says:

        That is exactly why he was hired to make a film about this… They knew he was a basket case and just supplied him with gas and a lighter… Sounds a lot like the DJT protesters don’t ya think?

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      • Realist says:

        And his whole EXCUSE for the ‘Gentle Giant’ is that he is really just a VIOLENT DRUG DEALER – you couldn’t make it up but POLLOCK did.

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  2. Maquis says:

    His strong arm robbery does go to his state of mind, and his perceptions of the reason for his stop.

    Dude commits a crime, gets stopped shortly after. Does he not suspect he is being stopped for that crime?

    Merely helps understand things, perhaps, but changes nothing regarding his apparent attempt to murder a police officer. A good cop with a nice family.

    I think the scoreboard came out just as it ought.

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  3. Mr. Izz says:

    There used to be consequences for these kinds of actions. Instead, this person will be celebrated and promoted by the liberals.

    It’s kind of saddening to know that we have fallen this much as a society. What a difference eight years makes. Let us pray the next eight will help bring us back at least a little. It doesn’t take much time to bring down a country like ours, and it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain it. President Trump has a lot of work to do.

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    • Dekester says:

      Yes, but it is not all on PDJT.
      He needs all our help in speaking up and pushing back.
      Our social circle up this way is, and the evidence is that millions more across America, the Brexiteers, and others in Europe are too.
      Hopefully we all have this terrific mans back.

      As Sundance says, he is a Lion. Treepers are a part of his pride.

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    • Sharon says:

      “There used to be consequences for these kinds of actions.”

      Unfortunately much of the current population of the United States was born after the time you describe and knows nothing about it.

      Escalation, nonsense, falsehood, and instability are the new normals.

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      • Escalation, nonsense, falsehood and instability use to be the new normals.

        When we elected Donald Trump as POTUS we started the turnaround toward our new normal.

        Back to Law and Order.

        President Trump himself talks about this.

        It will take a while but we will get there.

        Michael Brown and this Jason Pollock are two of the same kind of crackpots and the progressive’s have not helped their cause with these two losers.

        I hope we see this guy Jason on the news often.

        Love it when the flaming, screaming, freaks go off on TV.

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  4. dalethorn says:

    This guy belongs in one of those deviant early 1980’s punk rock bands. But unfortunately, it’s not the 80’s any more and this miscreant has somehow landed a job race-baiting for CNN instead. It says a lot about CNN that they’re featuring a guy who by all rights should be going the way of Ian Curtis, Darby Crash, Sid Vicious, and G.G. Allin. If you don’t know more than one of those names, a quick listen to this Pollock guy is all you need to know.

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  5. Mike diamond says:

    This filmmaker dude must be related to Michael Moore he is a moonbat!

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  6. Nchadwick says:

    Wow, looks like Michael Moore has been busy in the last 7 years mentoring Jason to be a piece of crap just like him… hard to believe this is the same guy – well, not surprising what he is “confessing” – we already knew he is not very bright!

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  7. woohoowee says:

    (Bold mine)

    April 24, 2013

    Undroppable, the new documentary brainchild of filmmaker Jason Pollock, has added two more producers to its team. Alex Soros and John Powers Middleton …


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  8. itswoot says:

    Shades of a Jim Jones rant to his cult members at Jonestown.


    • jello333 says:

      I don’t know. Part of Jones’ delusional thinking was that he was actually helping people, making their lives better. But this Pollock guy…. I think a desire to do ANY kind of good is nowhere to be found in his makeup. He wants to destroy and hurt… period.


  9. Sandra says:

    Soros connection: In 2013, Pollock wrote and directed a film about high school dropouts. Here are the producers: Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, Adam McKay, Sharon Chang, John Powers Middleton, singer Usher, and …. Alex Soros, George Soros’ son.. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/usher-exec-produce-education-doc-649292 I wonder if Soros is a co-producer of Pollock’s latest mess.

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  10. jello333 says:

    My first thought?…. Rabies.

    But I just went and looked up the symptoms, and while this freakazoid has one or two of them, he’s missing others. So nope… not rabies I guess. I shall continue to research…

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  11. Stinky-Inky says:

    This guy also doesn’t understand the jurisdictional differences between St. Louis City and St. Louis County when he says McCullough hasn’t charged one cop in 20 years. St Louis City is an independent city, McCullough has no jurisdiction there, only in STL County. Probably a lot more Officer-involved shootings in STL City than STL County.

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    • Sandra says:

      Pollock apparently isn’t from that area and was too stupid to do any research before he made his film. Facts don’t interest him.


  12. wolfmoon1776 says:

    The re-analysis of the full night-time video is stunning. The backfire is spectacular. We now have a fuller understanding of what went on, including the following:

    (1) Michael Brown TRIED to trade pot for cigarillos and drinks, and was REFUSED by store personnel

    (2) Michael Brown was visibly angry and argumentative with the store personnel, who had to react very strongly in saying no to taking drugs for merchandise

    (3) Michael Brown tried to force the deal by STEALING the goods and leaving the pot behind

    (4) Store personnel yelled after Michael Brown, made him return the goods, take his pot, and leave.

    SUMMARY – Michael Brown tried to steal cigarillos and drinks, paying with pot, and was forced to return the goods and take his illegal drugs. Michael Brown showed visible anger with store personnel for refusing to take drugs as payment. Michael Brown STOLE CIGARILLOS the next day in anger, after having been refused service the night before.

    Jason Pollock didn’t just lie – he fully reversed the reality of the situation. Mike Brown is MORE GUILTY of ROBBERY than most of us realized. He wasn’t a gentle giant – he was a big angry giant.

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      • yakmaster2 says:

        This article says the Brown family had that 1:13 am video, so Pollack lied on camera to CNN while an apparently mute Mike Brown, Sr. sat by his side and let him tell that whopper. Lying liars always lie.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:


          Either that or the family never deconstructed the video, and just believed whatever Pollock said – WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN A HUGE MISTAKE.

          But no. You’re right. Lying liars always lie.


    • DT says:

      Wolfmoon absolutely nailed it. He probably stewed all night about being dissed at the store.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Thank you. You see how important this is. It wasn’t just shoplifting. It was payback for a perceived slight, which is absolutely one of the top motivators for murder now in the black community. Throw a crying smiley at the wrong person at the wrong time on Facebook, and you end up dead.

        I’m absolutely shocked that the anti-BGI side isn’t pounding this into the ground on every channel and radio frequency. We have enough motive now for three cases. We have the source of the anger, too.

        Ironically – very ironically – Jason Pollock, in his neurotic (and nearly psychotic) white guilt hyper-empathizing, is a bit like an interpretive dancer for the rage, frustration, and sadness of the REAL CASE. He gets it at an emotional level, but not a logical level, where he actually HOAXES as a way of dealing with the situation. There is some amazing psychology here.

        Yes. It sucks to live in a welfare community with lots of drugs and not enough money, thanks to no jobs. And we finally have a president who says “enough is enough” – stop the political madness which produces this situation. Of course, the interpretive whiner and liar can’t see THAT part, because he departs from Truth.


  13. There was a number of reasons why this is personal for me. One of them is my grandfather served the public for a very long career with a position just under the Chief of Police for the City of STL for many years. I still have family in STL Police for both City and Co and I pray for them daily.

    Robert M the prosecuting Attorney for STL County who was at the end of that interview is a hero to common sense and the rule of law. And he’s a Democrat. Yes really. He became a PA likely because his father was killed in the line of duty when he was around 10 years old as a STL City Policeman. If I’m not mistaken his Uncle was also killed in the line of duty (may have been brother). Those were the basic reasons they wanted him recused. Bob M is a man who doesn’t let pressure get to him and thank God for that. I would lose my cool if Holder’s crew showed up with microscopes to stick up my rear. So obviously the force wasn’t for me.

    At any rate I can tell you I had some reasonable insight into the beat on the street during that time among the men/women in blue. Sundance knew everything there was to be known which shocked me but in a soothing way. There were many rumors floating around during that time and CTH never fell for them. I actually learned more from CTH than I did through the GOBN. Perpetually amazed and eternally grateful for all of you.

    Nearing the three yr anniversary of this “justified use of force” as it should now be called…I’m reminded of the only group of people who refused to be counted on and cowered each time they were needed. I won’t name them here but they are in the city of Ferguson. They put out fires for a living. Well they usually do. I’m not speaking of the night of the Grand Jury Decision (although officially citing the police’s inability to stop gun fire was unneeded). I’m talking about an event most never heard of. One where Chief Tom Jackson was supposed to give a presser from the fire station. Anthony Shahid and fellow New Black Panthers stormed the podium because Jackson had yet to come out to speak and the cameras were all ready. The result was the leading story that night locally and madness ensued. The reason it was being held there is because the new Ferguson City Hall/Police Station was a month away from completion. After the event the Ferguson hook (or) ladder (sometimes both) put out a press release that they were no longer making their facility available to the Cheif for pressers. Absolutely disgraceful. Noteworthy caveat the Ferguson Fire is Union. The Ferguson PD as well as the STL County PD is NOT. Make of that what you will.

    Hijacked Presser

    Pic of MSHP Cap Ron Johnson (put in charge by Gov to enforce curfew) pointing loaded guns at white kids prior to Brown’s death.

    Much more on Anthony Shahid

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  14. rsanchez1990 says:

    Jason Pollock, projection much?

    If this guy got so unhinged on CNN, CNN would suddenly experience technical difficulties and lose him for the night. They can’t have their viewers see how bats–t crazy the guy behind their propaganda hit piece is.

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  15. James F says:

    Cocaine is one helluva drug.

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  16. freddy says:

    If I was the family I’d back out of this quick. It does accomplish showing Big Mikes state of mind prior to the day he grabbed the clerk and had another altercation over cigarellos to make blunts with….This affirms the story and discredits the family further if they embrace it. CNN are just crooked media and they matter very little. The game changer is if someone comitts a crime based on being incited by this………

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  17. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    someone fed the crazy some bat guano…


  18. maiingankwe says:

    It seemed he was set and ready to attack before he even went on, probably because it was Fox News and their reputation among the unhinged lefties. I was wondering if his grandmother was watching and what she would’ve thought of his classless behavior. I mention the grandma because he had tweeted yesterday or the day before to his grandma saying, look! I’m in The NY Times, aren’t you proud? I thought, proud of what? Lying? Outright, blatant, lies that are so easy to unravel?

    I couldn’t believe the level of disrespect right off the bat with his air of superiority. He was condescending, which I found uncouth. Absolutely no respect to a journalist who has been in the field for years, well educated, and smart. Now, I really don’t care for Martha personally, but never in a million years would I have ever behaved that way towards anyone on national tv.

    My goodness, my Mom would’ve thrown a stabbing, hot lightening bolt from Heaven if I had. She may no longer be here, but she still scares the hell out of me when it comes to proper behavior in public. And Pollack was bragging to his grandmother? Wonder what she would say if she was old school like my Mom.

    I think Martha was shocked at his outright disrespect towards her. I don’t think she has ever encountered anything like this slime before, especially on national tv. To me, he looked and acted guilty as hell when it came to misrepresenting the facts, and I was happy to see the DA calmly dispute what had been said.

    One thing though, he did well in the people’s eyes of Fergeson where the poverty is high and the education is low. He hit his target audience and it’s all he wanted. He wanted his street cred. He got it with flying colors. The thugs who love to riot I’m sure have put this idiot high on their pedestal. Now he just has to stay on. I wonder if he’s smart enough to continue? Doubtful. One false move and he could get beat or worse. They have no problems turning on one another when they think they’ve been disrespected. Time will tell.


  19. andi lee says:

    Brett Mac, you rock, dude!

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Wait … this is from SNL, right? A fake joke parody? Must be as it could not be real. This moron Pollock needs to go find a new career.


  20. thinkwell says:

    Okay, I must know. What kind of animal is that blue eyed mongrel?


  21. thinkwell says:

    Ode to Race Baiters Everywhere

    Michael Brown’s thuggish brain
    burned with rage and disdain,
    but the last thing passing through his racist head
    … was Darren Wilson’s hot service lead.
    The lesson here is plain,
    be good, play nice, reach old age,
    be bad, be thuggish, you soon be dead.

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  22. andi lee says:

    Did someone say BLACK PANTHERS? In Ferguson? Yep.

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  23. For all we know, he might have been one of the 3 stooges at the quick-mart buying blunts for Trayvon.


  24. Howie says:

    De sebbledents is what this is all about. Fee building by Social Justice scheming lawyers to get more go away money from the insurance companies. Notice they never go all the way to a civil trial with a jury? It is not up to the insureds it is up to the insurance company.

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    • The Fighting Man says:

      In the “ambulance chaser” world, every defense lawyer knows you should ALWAYS fight them. Unfortunately, the insurance companies don’t see it that way. And, that is why your rates only go one way, up.


  25. Nchadwick says:

    Not sure if I just totally missed this interview where he is JUST as delusional and disrespectful — calling former NYPD detective Harry Houck a white supremacist.. when he baited him into revealing his pro-Obama anti-Trump agenda…

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  26. McGuffin says:

    Filmmaker must be one of Michael Brown’s former customers. Dude acts like he’s on drugs.


  27. Unprotected Class says:

    This may have been posted here before (heck I probably originally got it from here), but it is VERY relevant to this thread. https://pjmedia.com/blog/social-justice-syndrome-rising-tide-of-personality-disorders-among-millenials/

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  28. jeans2nd says:

    In our professional opinion, the filmmaker has definitive mental problems. Diagnosis Paranoid Delusional Schizophrenia.

    Recommended treatment to include initial dosages of heavy medication in a secure psychiatric facility and intense psycho-therapy, for the protection of the patient and society.

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  29. the ruester says:

    See this for what it is; we are bird dogging them.


  30. mightyconservative says:

    I had to quit halfway through….this guy is nuts, throwing a temper tantrum on tv. Gotta love how Martha came out with her “mom” statements….”no, now you listen to ME” and “back down now”! If you take run off the volume and just watch her expression, wow, was she angry.


  31. floridahoosier93 says:

    Another video of an unhinged liberal that is extremely hard to watch or listen to. Holy smokes Pollack is one huge A hole. Wow.


  32. Digleigh says:

    I would like to see if Pollack met with OFA, BLM,muslim extremist groups, Soros folks, etc. This new but redux anti-cop narrative is being brought out again, because they want to rile up the black community and bring up Hillary’s new SUBVERSION term of RESIST…(Hollywood, etc. remember tape of funding Islamic groups,? etc.) etc, etc. Lynch put out the video about spilling blood, and these kind of things are cropping up nationwide… I think Justice Dept. needs to keep eye on the muslim camps across this nation and any collusion with OFA, antifa, BLM , Soros groups. It is also disheartening how McCain and Graham have planted their flags with the anti-American, anti-president groups ( pro-Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS/hide Benghazi and operation zero footprint at all costs brigade ) and “attack Trump at every turn” idiocy!!!


  33. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Who let that brat out of his playpen?

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  34. myopiafree says:

    The Washington Post – extreme bias and corruption – of honesty.

    “Hands up – don’t shoot”, was a lie by the “other thug”. Yet the WaPo, kept on repeating this lie – end lessly. Eugene Robison, repeated the phrase – even AFTER it was proven that it never happened. He repeated it after it was proven this 400 pound THUG charged the police man – forcing him to shoot to save his own life.

    That is wear FAKE NEWS is coming from. That is why I can not trust the “neutrality” of the Washington Post.

    It was ONLY because of Sundance, that we got the truth about George Zimmerman. He was getting the crap beat ouf of his head, buy this THUG, and shot him – to save his own life. Thanks for having a fair trial – in this country.


  35. Jason says:

    who had also previously attempted to arm himself by stealing Wilson’s gun

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  36. Holy crap. She was way more tolerant of this putz then I would have been. I would have cut this idiot off early on. Another brain dead white male liberal who thinks he’s earning street cred by pandering to minorities.


  37. DeWalt says:

    Can’t believe you can come up with crap like this idiot just accomplished and backed by a media corporation and not have the $hi+ sued out of yourself and everyone with their name in the credits.


  38. kinthenorthwest says:

    You know if the parents want any type of traction they would release his juvenile records. Oh wait wasn’t it known that Brown had some Juvenile issues.
    All this crap just proves how unhinged the liberals have become.


  39. Polish Rifle says:

    Young Mr. Pollock confessed that 1) he is a college dropout who had 2) a GPA of 0.33. No wonder he synergizes so well with nearly illiterate ghetto thugs like Harambe Brown’s sperm donor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh6YwzF_1MM


  40. Arthur says:

    And this Jason reminds me of another ‘Jason’ who was also running some funded Psyop trying to create a consensus that would’ve resulted in violence… Jason Russell wanted U.S. involvement in Africa to go after Joseph R. Kony who was the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). He would later have his own melt down when it turned out he wasn’t getting what he wanted with his Kony 2012 campaign. His Psyop tried to create a consensus alongside of other Globalist talking heads such as Angelina Jolie, and George Clooney who all wanted U.S. military ventures into Africa. Remember that? Now we have the next ‘Jason’ who wants to incite his own brand of violence. This time in America.


  41. Mickey Wasp says:

    Gonna’ tell a short story and there is a point to be made.

    I worked for a gentleman for several years that had taken a small family owned business into a medium size corporation that serviced investor-owned and Co-op electrical utility providers in the TX, LA and OK areas. This man was of the Rex Tlllerson caliber – commanding deserving respect and talked in a knowledge of people manner. I never heard this man curse or raise his voice.

    After the completion of the day we would sit and visit and on a particular evening, I brought this fact up. He told me … “A man does not have to curse to get his projection across and yelling only puts others on the defense”. Then he said, as I was interrupting him … “When a person is interrupting they are not listening.” BAM, talk about getting Patton-Slapped and having an immediate learning experience and I took no offense to his correction, because I had interrupted him. Then he went on to share, “80% of a conversation is listening to the other person.” (I cut short the whole conversation for brevity on this post) …

    This Pollock character broke every rule in a conversation – even if it is contentious… And proves to me, that even he does does not believe what he is stating.

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  42. kpm58 says:

    It seems MSM should be asking why the Obama White House covered up evidence and hid evidence in the shooting of Brown.


  43. sukietawdry says:

    I’m surprised the guy didn’t stroke out. Sure has some anger issues.

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  44. freepetta says:

    What an imbecile that Pollach freak is!! He needs Valium or something!!


  45. El Gordo Loco says:

    He doesnt REALLY believe Michael Brown was innocent. He came to get footage to do a documentary so he can cash in like Benjamin Crump or Al Sharpton. This tirade act is a sales pitch. How much are those shirts btw?


  46. Realist says:

    Pollock is a typical DERANGED LEFTARD that can do nothing but EMOTE


  47. Realist says:

    POLLOCK is the POSTER BOY for DELUDED LIBTARDS all over the world.


  48. Russian Limbaugh says:

    When are you cucks going to see the JQ when it is right in front of you?

    Who is this man?

    He is a radical anti white leftist.

    He is also…

    Obviously a jew.

    Grow up.

    Stop being faggots.


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