President Trump Holds Heart Breaking Listening Session on “Healthcare”…

Tomorrow President Trump will be meeting with members of the House Freedom Caucus to discuss their concerns with the ongoing Tom Price and Paul Ryan healthcare bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Today President Trump and Vice President Pence held a listening session with those affected by the current insurance market.

In this video President Trump listening to those who purchase health insurance on the individual market. Each of the people participating in the discussion shared their experience with the collapsing system.  Many of the stories are heart breaking.


Hopefully the intransigent Freedom Caucus members will be listening to the voices of the average Americans who are being crushed by the ‘status quo’.

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200 Responses to President Trump Holds Heart Breaking Listening Session on “Healthcare”…

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Via the Wayback Machine, what we avoided –

    2014 – “Healthcare will be the #1 issue in the 2016 election…..

    “Stage Eight – Election year 2016 ! Introduction of “Clintoncare” Hillary Clinton steps in with previous plan from 1990’s, and the nation votes on essentially a single payer plan with promises of lower taxation, et al. By that time so many people will be enrolled in the ACA “Obamacare” the selling point will be around transition to “Clintoncare” being actually easier.”

    “Stage Nine – Medicare is rolled into Clintoncare – Nationalization is complete.”

    2012 – “Prediction: Medicare Will Be Eliminated – Absorbed Into Obamacare”

    **READ THESE**. Read both. This is what we avoided with the election of President Donald J. Trump.

    Now quit arguing and get to work supporting President Trump and what President Trump needs to do. There is much work ahead.

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  2. John Galt says:

    Similar to education, we spend the most money, yet rank the least among developed countries in results.


  3. trapper says:

    Well, not that long ago medical technology consisted of a stethoscope, a scalpel, and an X-ray machine at the hospital. CT scanners, magnetic resonance imagers, dialysis machines, nuclear scanners, and literally hundreds of newly developed medications don’t just sprout out of the ground next to the corn. It costs billions of dollars to develop, to purchase, to learn to operate, and to use. Who pays for it? You and me, and it’s expensive.

    We didn’t have these discussions when we still had manufacturing jobs and factories from coast to coast had workers with employer-provided health insurance. Destroy America’s manufacturing base and all the rest crashed to the ground, and it was NO accident.

    Obamacare was designed and brought to us by an unholy alliance of big business globalists and political socialists to de-link health insurance from employer-provided plans. Just bring back the jobs and many problems take care of themselves.

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  4. ZZZ says:

    I’ll be gad when we no longer call it the greatest oxymoron ever coined, obama-care.


  5. entagor says:

    I still can’t figure out what Parts of Obamacare will still remain under Ryan’s plan – death panels, sex changes, federalized medical records database, intrusive questionaires etc

    Supposedly Ryancare makes it easier for illegals to sign up

    Meanwhile, my local supermarkets are shifting to more Mexican/south American produce, and not just for off season. They are boosting their profit margin shoving this stuff. Now I learn NAFTA brings sugar from Mexico. NAFTA blocks Country of Origin labeling on beef from Canada and Mexico. But who knew we get sugar from Mexico?

    With NAFTA labeling rules, we can’t see Mexican food moving into the middle class food chain. With Ryancare’s loophole on illegal aliens, we can’t see how much illegals are raising our premiums. Ryan has a penalty on Americans who don’t renew their health insurance, but he hides illegals tapping the system

    Nonetheless, I am trusting Trump. Maybe Trump has to give Ryan and the CoC this as a payoff to get the Medicaid populations separated for special handling.

    I don’t trust the Freedom Caucus; still no explanation why they aided Ryan taking control

    Trump is my lawyer. I trust Trump to do his best for me.


  6. Rich Hahn says:

    We need to fix healthcare, not health insurance. Doctors need to treat the cause of disease, not the symptoms. Removing harmful substances from our food would improve overall health dramatically.

    When healthcare is fixed, health insurance becomes affordable. So it is unlikely health insurance will ever be affordable again. Big medicine and big pharma want expensive healthcare that prolongs life, not cures disease.

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    • mike says:

      The RDAs have been sabotaged all my life.


    • Leigh says:

      Not true, Rich. We have the best healthcare in the world! Our focus is clearly on prevention. If you get cancer in the USA, you have, on average, a 300-800% better chance of survival than in any other country. I could quote similar statistics all day. Don’t confuse your points. You are mixing pharma with healthcare. Pharma needs to focus on new antibiotics and different areas rather than long term medication-clearly they don’t due to $$. But make no mistake, we did not need healthcare reform…we needed insurance reform. What we got was a bill of sale that congress knew was so bad, they exempted themselves. Women were forced to carry prostate coverage. Men forced to carry obstetrical coverage. Copays went up exponentially. Consumers can’t pay, hospitals are losing money at horrendous rates. Everyone’s plans suffered. The price went up across the country. Quality went way down! THEN, we were forced to include the pathetic plans into our taxed income!! Medications that used to be on the $4-12 copay list are now costing $100’s in copays. This is a cautionary tale of what happens when the government interferes with healthcare. Nothing is efficient. Middle America is screwed. 1% of our population was getting the raw end of the healthcare deal prior to Obamacare. Now 99% are feeling the pain. Paul Ryan’s pathetic program is nothing but a further cater to insurance lobbyists. It really makes me wonder if the President can’t trust him? I hope the President consults with those of us on the front lines of the healthcare industry in order to understand true issues and true ways to fix it! I fail to understand how Paul Ryan thinks he knows enough about fixing healthcare to effect the change we need? I can guarantee that not one of those fools read that healthcare bill-that was so full of pork it would leave you speechless! We have some real issues. Many of us have some real solutions. We have made ground up proposals on departments we need-and some have been enacted by our hospitals-but our hands are tied as long as Obamacare and insurance drain boat anchors healthcare. The end result is that many hospitals aren’t going to be able to operate any longer. something needs to be done, quickly. But Rand is right–Ryan’s proposal is pure crap.


    • Leigh says:

      And while I’m on my soapbox rant…someone needs to explain why the government refuses to allow senior citizens, who can afford it, carry their own private healthcare? They are forced, across the board, into Medicare. Medicare is such a joke-and largely substandard care for our elderly! Many would love to be apart of a plan that allows them better coverage and more options. The government blocks them from doing so. Medicare is the biggest budgetary drain. It makes absolutely no sense why we wouldn’t allow subsidies and breaks for those who can and desire to carry private insurance? Think of the budget recovery! Another shining example of the asinine outcomes of government interfering in healthcare.


  7. David Hopkins says:

    I am continually amazed by much of the commentary by the Fake News Media as well as some well meaning Conservatives about the facts of the situation. Here are some important facts whenever you consider the current set of actions available to the Congressional GOP and President Trump.
    1) Without 60 votes in the Senate, which is unlikely given the lack of cooperation we are getting with the Democrats so far, we will be forced to use the budgetary reconciliation process to do the first phase of repeal and replace
    2) The budgetary reconciliation process limits the actions which can be implemented in the legislation. This is why we cannot get things like Health Insurance purchases across state lines in this first phase
    3) After passing this first reconciliation bill, having HHS Secretary Tom Price in this second phase decide on which regulations are helpful to any US patient and which are not are worth a lot of savings to both patients and taxpayers.
    4) Getting 60 votes in the Senate by adding 8 Democrats in the third phase might be more possible once the Democrats realize Obamacare is dead and they can only vote to make things better and not worse. Don’t forget that in the Senate, there are 10 Democratic Senator seats up for election in 2018. These Democrats in the Senate will never vote to repeal ObamaCare but once it is dead, they might vote for being able to buy Health Insurance across state lines to lower costs for all Americans.
    5) President Trump is watching and driving this. He will make sure we have a good result at the end of this third phase. He knows that his brand is at stake over this. He won’t rest until he has it just right.

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  8. spaulj67 says:

    The scam here is that government is forcing us to overpay for health insurance so they can look like their the ones paying for the old, the poor and the sick. We are broke under this debt money system the international banking cartel parasites have placed on us. The sooner we push the reset button on this Ponzi scheme scam the better. We need to return back to a sovereign non debt based currency issued by the people and for the people. Return gold and silver coin issued by the Treasury as a capital gains free form of wealth at floating prices keeping the amount of currency in check along with market based interest rates. Frankly everything else is just rearranging the deck chairs.

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  9. MIKE says:

    One would think a piece of legislation that prioritized health care for American military veterans, especially combat veterans, would be a done deal. That is just how evil our legislative body has become. These cruds would rather insure illegal masses for the reward of the vote. Disgraceful.


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