Smart Move – Trump Takes Key Cabinet Team To Secure Location….

Last night President Trump had a lengthy dinner and conversation with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in advance of several upcoming foreign emissary visits to the White House, and T-Rex’s strategic trip to Asia.

Today President Trump took Secretary Kelly (DHS), Secretary Ross (Commerce), Secretary Mnuchin (Treasury), Secretary Shulkin (VA), together with their spouses to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

Accompanying the cabinet group was key staff: Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Senior Adviser Steve Bannon, and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Clockwise from President Trump: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Hilary Ross, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton (engaged), Karen Kelly and DHS Secretary John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Senior Adviser Steve Bannon, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Merle Bari Shulkin and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.

This type of exit from DC is really smart for multiple reasons.  It might be a little challenging for the convoy to drive 35 minutes, but it allows the cabinet team to synergize in a more relaxed environment with introductions and fellowship amid the spouses.

Additionally, it provides a fully private venue, with full pre-arrival security controlled by Team Trump (ie. no ears); and an escape from the toxic fumes which perpetually emanate from the DC Swamp.

However, word of President Trump going to his National Golf Club in Virginia immediately sent The Hill into an article about Trump golfing today:

President Trump paid a visit to one of his golf courses again Saturday, marking apparently his ninth visit to a golf course in the seven weeks since he took office.

The president visited Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, about 25 miles outside Washington, according to a pool report. The report did not state whether the president was actually playing golf, or if he was just visiting the club.

Before becoming president, Trump frequently complained about former President Barack Obama playing golf, arguing that he should instead be working. But since taking office, Trump hasn’t been shy about hitting the golf course himself.   (link)


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229 Responses to Smart Move – Trump Takes Key Cabinet Team To Secure Location….

  1. WTH???????????????????????? Is that a CELL PHONE next to Rience Priebus on the table??????

    I sure hope this photo is from a time PRIOR to Vault7 coming out. Note cell phone next to Priebus:

    Speaking of the CIA’s spying software Julian Assange said:
    “Well there were earlier press reports that the Trump cabinet has been using an encryption system called ‘CONFIDE’ where the messages disappear quite quickly, it’s sort of like an extra encrypted version of SNAPCHAT. Well, it doesn’t matter, it’s on smart phones, this software attacks smart phones, it doesn’t matter what encryption you’re running on it whether it’s Telegram, Signal, or CONFIDE, it can bypass that encryption, it can turn on the microphones, it can monitor movements, it can activate the camera, typically photos been taken…”
    SOURCE: Wikileaks news conference, (cue to 52:23 for this part)

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    • free2313 says:

      Priebus always looks disconnect from his environment, as if he wish he were not there. I think that malaise can be easily dealt with… Poor Priebus torn between right and wrong…

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      • SpanglishKC says:

        Priebus, Bannon and Spicer are the only ones without their spouses there. Maybe workig 16 hour days 7 days a week? The rest of them have their wives their…Other than Trump as Melania is with their son in NY


  2. MfM says:

    Looks like they are eating lunch and socializing. Perfectly reasonable to have phones, etc there.

    When the wives leave and they move into a secured room, I bet they leave all their phones and other electronic devices behind and maybe shut down with batteries removed.

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  3. Martin says:

    Who’s the idiot that leaked this out to the Hill website? Dope.


  4. graphiclucidity says:

    The report did not state whether the president was actually playing golf, or if he was just visiting the club.

    The pool had photos and video, though, The Hill.

    They also have these new-fangled things like texts and 📱 telephones ☎️ and the email on those confusing computer 💻 thingamajigs with screens and keyboards that your “reporters” (dubious) can utilize to contact people at the White House Press Office and find out the answers to obvious questions you may have.

    …that is if you actually wanted real answers and not just clickbait hitpiece fluff to fill up twitter timelines of braindead lefties looking to get their daily dose of da Trump Vapors.

    🤦‍♂️ SMH

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  5. sammyhains says:

    Trump knows the White House is bugged.

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  6. MfM says:

    There is a photo of a much heavier Trump that has been circulated lately on leftist postings. Pres. Trump has definitely slimmed down when you look at the picture of him with Abe last month in Florida.

    Losing weight is not easy to do with all the work he’s been doing. Then again, how often did we actually see him eat during the campaign? He always seemed to have food in front of him, but he was talking to reporters and other people instead of actually eating. I think he didn’t want a bad photo of him ‘stuffing’ his face to make the rounds.


  7. majorstar says:

    It’s Saturday. Has anyone the right to challenge what a president does on the weekend? Do they expect him to sit in his office 24/7? And if Trump can’t take a day off on Saturday, can’t he meet with his cabinet on Saturday in a relaxed environment for their sake? IIRC, Obama was golfing all during the week.

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    • Cowwow says:

      I think the fsp got used to being lazy in obumer’s years and now have to actually work on weekends- they’re spoiled and whine a LOT about everything, especially the one with whose work ethic, the likes of they’ve never seen 😉

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  8. oncefired says:

    Who Really Reads What the Press Writes – Wouldn’t Have Even Been Aware of it had Sundance not included It In The Article!

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  9. Kristin says:

    Work dinner. Work lunch. Work golf. Any questions?

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  10. redtreesquirrel says:

    Obama played golf with Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan. Trump plays with his key Cabinet Team, so he won’t be wired tapped by Obama’s leftover CIA comrades.

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    • bofh says:

      Yup! WH must be considered to be as buggy as the US Embassy in Moscow. Moving the meetings off-site is simply due diligence.

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      • Old fogey says:

        True. If I were Trump I would only take hand-written notes from colleagues and would only speak to them on important matters far away from the WH or any potential listening/watching device. Scary.

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  11. Barbara Abner says:

    Plus he doesn’t take a paycheck. He works 12 hours a day.

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  12. pinandpuller says:

    President Trump doesn’t spend two hours a day lifting weights and playing basketball so I figure some weekend golf averages out quite nicely.

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  13. justfactsplz says:

    I for one am glad that President Trump took his team to the country club. It is his club and he feels safe there from spying. It is a much safer environment to discuss business and he shouldn’t have to worry about leaks of sensitive information to the press. Meanwhile, he sent Vice President Pence to Kentucky to talk about the healthcare issue in a state that is being crushed by Obamacare. It’s a win win situation for President Trump. If anything is leaked from this meeting there is only one person there that I would suspect of doing it.

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    • Barry Odinga says:

      Could be Reince Priebus the suspect by any chance?

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      • justfactsplz says:


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      • Benson II says:

        I could be proven wrong in the long run but as of now I think Reince is doing a great job. The main thing that makes me think he’s all in helping Trump is his friendship and working partnership with Bannon. The interview with both of them on stage at CPAC was a real eye opener. Bannon is no fool and he and Reince not only have adjoining offices but they seem like fast friends with the same goals.

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        • setup2100 says:

          Why do U think we currently have RYANCARE???? Trump needs to make some deals if he wants this to pass. Have to look at the way the SNAKES are working and thus far they are working.


  14. kltk1 says:

    I like it. Trump the CEO stepping up to the plate and doing what needs to be done to build HIS cohesive unit without kneeling to the demands of Washington insiders.These Washington fat cats really don’t know what to do with this guy that’s constantly running circles around them.

    I have nothing to base this on other than a gut feeling, but, I don’t think Reince Priebus is liking this approach very much. If word gets out of what was discussed at that meeting a lot of fingers are going to be pointed his way. All the other players at that meeting are essentially Trump folks and/or outside Washington types and are less likely to leak. Bannon at his side isn’t helping matters either. I like it. Priebus is too close for comfort with Ryan in my view.

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  15. shirley49 says:

    Keep moving to different spots until that swamp gets drained. Drive the media nuts.

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  16. Msher says:

    How about comparing Trump’s extreme workaholic, very long working hours with Obama’s. Let’s do this as a hours of work to hours of golfing ratio. I think we know how that would work out. And that’s not even counting the fact that Trump uses golf as a work tool – e.g., with Japanese PM.

    Personally my problem wasn’t exactly with Obama’s frequent golfing – except when done right after announcing a beheading. There seem to be a lot of unexplained absences from duty, most especially his still unexplained whereabouts during the Benghazi attack.

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  17. Byron Hogan says:

    Wow really. I mean obama lived in a golf course on the tax payers dime. Yet President Trump goes to his own course probably on his own dime and y’all wanna talk about it. Talk about fake news

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  18. Farmon says:

    Of course the WH is buggy. Trump doesn’t discuss his most private plans for our country there, I would hope. I give him more credit than that. The BB article with Dan Bongino about ineptitude in the presidential SS detail not exactly filling me with confidence about POTUS security. I hope that that gets addressed pronto.

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  19. wodiej says:

    Excellent idea but I am wondering to what extent obama’s moles had access to all of Trump’s properties for wiretapping purposes.


  20. The difference is Obama only played golf, even when formal duties called.


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