Attorney General Jeff Sessions Asks Remaining Obama DOJ Appointees To Resign…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions is seeking the resignations of 46 United States attorneys who were appointed during the prior presidential administration.

In a statement Friday, the Justice Department said the request was similar to ones made in past presidential transitions.   The department said many federal prosecutors appointed in the Obama administration have already left their positions, but that Sessions is now seeking the resignations of 46 holdovers. (read more)

Flashback Friday:


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188 Responses to Attorney General Jeff Sessions Asks Remaining Obama DOJ Appointees To Resign…

  1. Bull Durham says:

    Well, from Nov. 8th until today, he had 4 months to move cases he was handling. Jeff Sessions may have seen the status of the cases and decided the Prosecutor was not doing an effective job.
    It could be formality to ask for all Obama appointees’ resignations, and then keep him. We shall see.

    I was never impressed with him. I think he is into his career first, not justice.
    For all the bad of Chris Christie, he prosecuted Kushner’s old man because the dude was dirty.
    It may have been costly down the line (for certain it was), but Chris did the right thing.
    Justice first. Consequences to follow. The bridge hurt him more than anything anyway. He would never have been pushed aside without the bridge issue.

    A prosecutor in the Southern District must be fearless. Maybe Preet thought nailing some fat inside traders was good enough. He certainly did nothing against the real crooks, the big shot Dems. Nor the Pedophilia crowd. Think of the all the crimes that were being committed against the Trump Tower and Org over the last year. No one feared Preet’s office.

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      Great points … Those who have served in the SDNY include lawyers who have gone on to become Senators / Congressmen, Mayors of NYC, Gov’ of NY, Secretary of War, Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of State, AG of the US, Supreme Court Justice, Ambassadors and federal judges – some real heavy hitters.
      This is the office that Rudy Giuliani came from.

      You’re correct on the selected banking fraud / corruption cases (fat insiders) – and think, these are the same Wall Street firms that funneled money into Obama / Holder preferred activist organizations. How could Preet turn a blind eye to that?

      The Pedophile ring investigations went through the NYPD Special Crime Victim Unit – they got the Weiner / Huma laptop first and it wasn’t until the sexting of a NC female teen (across state lines) did it become federal (another offense). Yet, the NY District Attorney has jurisdiction.

      However, it has been speculated that Bharara launched a joint US / FBI Investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The FBI has multiple investigations on the books involving the Clinton Foundation. The one in New York City, where the charity is based, is reportedly headed by Bharara.

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    • bofh says:

      Bharara went after Dinesh D’Souza for a really minimal thing, and according to D’Souza’s book, was much more concerned with building his (Bharara’s) reputation than anything else. FWIW.

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    • Howie says:

      Normally all the US Attorneys would tender their resignation on their own is a new administration of a different party effective when their replacement was hired. 46 of them were hanging on to cause trouble. Get em’ out.

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  2. Mickey Wasp says:

    Sessions took perhaps a veiled swipe at their work in a memo earlier this week, saying that prosecutions for violent crime have been on the decline even as the number of murders has gone up. The demand for resignations seems a way to ensure he will have a team of new federal prosecutors more likely to share his agenda.

    It was not immediately clear when each of the prosecutors would resign, or if they all actually will. And the request for resignations doesn’t necessarily mean Sessions plans to accept all of them. In November, Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for Manhattan, said that he’d been asked by Trump to stay on and that he intended to. Bharara’s office declined to comment Friday.

    ** The AP story that Sundance / CTH linked to … see (read more) above. And from I have researched the ‘jury’ may still be out on Bharara – but, all 46 were asked to ‘resign’ …

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    • amanda4321 says:

      I totally trust Trump and Sessions on this. I thought that Bharra was supposed to be a good guy, but that has been the impression sold to me by the MSM, which I DO NOT TRUST. So, you never know–sometimes when someone gets good press, it’s just to give them cover, when in reality they are on the other side.

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      • NewYorker says:

        Unfortunately not many US attorney’s are “good guys” (Repub. or Dem.), especially in New York. They are all mostly out to make a name for themselves and move up that step in the big govt ladder.


    • aguila2011 says:

      They, those asked to resign, have two options: resign or be fired. Others might be asked to stay on, to serve at the President’s pleasure of course (and that is not meant in the Democrat sense, if you know what I mean!)


  3. Stanley says:

    I found this website last year and I have been reading your articles but I have not commented, this is my 1st time.
    I want to thank the founder and those of you who contribute to this site, you guy’s are AMAZING!


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  4. Jedi9 says:

    This is the first step! Next get rid of every Obama appointee in the State Dept, as well as other places of the intelligence community. Find and prosecute the ones responsible for the intelligence leaks.

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  5. andyocoregon says:

    If only The President had the authority to eliminate the 9th Circuit Court.

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      No, but he can back legislation to SPLIT IT UP, as several other circuits have been previously. You can bet Arizona, Alaska and Montana would be THRILLED to get out from under those hyper-political Leftist judges!

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      • Trumpinalong says:

        I think he can, actually.


        • Maquis says:

          I thoughy he could simply abolish it. That was the talk when the freakin WA State decided to rule US Foreign and National Security policy…

          Reason 15,001 to quit this State. Right behind the upcoming Cascadia Subduction Zone Event. Gonna get me a mountain and lots of popcorn.

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    • Eileen says:

      Congress does; Congress can split it, eliminate it, limit the scope if its rulings and limit the geographical area of its rulings. The only court created by the Constitution is the Supreme Court. Constitutional lawyer and speaker Kris Anne Hall has podcasts on Sanctuary cities (they are in violation of the Constitution, executive orders and the 9th Circuit.

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    • ScoutBird says:

      Congress can under the Constitution. Only the Supreme Court is protected in the Constitution. Ninth Circus is not.


  6. Honest Abbey says:

    Too Funny!
    CNN right now, is blaming Sean Hannity for the PURGE of the DOJ

    The doofus sitting in for Anderson Cooper said it sure is a coincidence that just last night Sean Hannity said the DOJ should be purged, and how we all know that Sean Hannity is friends with Donald Trump, so could THIS be the reason for this sudden move?

    Totally undermining our Attorney General.

    They are PATHETIC!

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  7. Joan calhoun says:

    Finally finally finally! MAGA!

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  8. lbmomblog says:

    they are all just upset because they have to give up their fat payroll checks and do something to actually earn their pay. Like the rest of us!

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  9. Wayne Robinson says:

    I don’t know where to put this/ my wife works for head start . She just told me today in her mail box she got email from Feinstein criticizing Presidents Trump and denouncing Ben Carson , claiming he isn’t gualified to fix the housing mess in California. I told my wife that was funny cause Pelosi and Feinstein have been in there for about twenty five years and are the ones responsible for any mess . They want people to believe they are the only ones that can fix the mess they made. This is beyond ludicrous, it’s asinine . These people have a serious mental issue. I remember our President saying the ones that rigged the system would never straighten it out. I’m sure President Trump was right. The need for America is not with socialist progressive brain dead zombies . America needs Americans that love America and our foundation documents to be in control of both houses and the Presidency for the next hundred years. Long may she wave MAGA 2020 and beyond

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  10. The Recent Republican says:

    Glad he’s sending them packing. I was praying for it.

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  11. TrustyHaste says:

    Just now, every single article on CTH is positive and TGIF on that! Great week, great day, best election and presidency ever. I get depressed sometimes about the pressure, the bad “hats,” etc. but I need to realize that Our President is doing the heavy lifting and doing it with fellow competent people, like Mr. Sessions. Good always wins over Evil. Long term. Thank you Mr. President!!

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  12. NC PATRIOT says:

    Didn’t some from the 7th floor get their walking papers early on? And isn’t Pruitt weeding out the EPA?


  13. Mike diamond says:

    A Russian ate my homework a Russian Made my dog bark a Russian stole my lawn mower, give me a break already, the fact is the demo- rats,and Obama almost messed our country up beyond repair! They know the light is shining forth the truth so they yel ,russia! Pray for president trump,and our country! Pray for attorney general Jeff sessions! They are good men!

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  14. redsequin4 says:

    So proud of Jeff Sessions, the swamp just got a little smaller.

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  15. paper doll says:

    Best news of the day..clear the deck

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  16. justfactsplz says:

    There has been so much winning today with Ross and Tillerson but this news from A.G. Sessions totally makes my day. He is right to drain the DOJ swamp. I hope he now goes after the criminal corruption in D.C. including all of the pedophiles. Sessions is my favorite of President Trump’s picks even though there are other great ones. I so wanted him to be V.P. but I realize he’s going to make the best A.G. ever. Either we are a country of law and order or we have no country. Session so gets it.

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  17. Dalisu says:

    President asks for Sessions’ Resignation

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      John Podesta? The guy who is a “dead ringer” for the police sketch of the pedophile who kidnapped the 3-year-old girl, Madeleine McCanne?


  18. ZZZ says:

    That video is priceless…and Dalisu, the letter you posted…also priceless.

    Excellent evidence and precedents.

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  19. Jimmy Jack says:

    The situation with Preet Bhahara is interesting. What’s the real deal there?


  20. All American Snowflake says:

    Oh yeah, Janet Reno, that Justice Department woman who had 76 people killed by fire in Waco, TX, including 5 children under the age of 14 years old, because the CIA suspected they had been sexually abused.


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