Two Men Armed with Axes Go on Rampage at German Train Station…

Sketchy details. Jihadist attack possible. At least five people have been injured when two men armed with axes went on a rampage at Dusseldorf’s main train station.  (Bild Article)

(Via BBC) The attack happened at about 21:00 local time on Thursday (20:00 GMT). Two arrests were made, and police have not ruled out the possibility that more attackers are still at large. There are no reports of fatalities. Images shared on social media from the scene showed that the station had been cordoned off by police, and helicopters hovered overhead. Witnesses reported seeing injured people lying on the ground. (more from BBC)

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254 Responses to Two Men Armed with Axes Go on Rampage at German Train Station…

  1. In AZ says:

    After an Islamic suicide bomber blew himself up he went to Heaven and he met God.
    He asked God where were the 72 Virgins for himself. God took the bomber to a room and in the room was George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and many others who founded America.
    George Washington said to the bonber……”Your Scriptures got it wrong. It’s not 72 Virgins…….It’s 72 Virginians “…, and the Founding Fathers proceeded to beat the living daylights out of the bomber.

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    • Minnie says:

      Nope terrorists will never see the beauty of Heaven

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    • Kevin Sherlock says:

      Actually, the raghead takes his virgins from among the sheep or the goats.

      In Islama ba-a-a-a-d.

      No kidding.

      Or as Bill Clinton would say to his cousin the waitress:

      “I want a shepherd’s pot pie and a piece of ewe.”


    • Jason Ross says:

      Old Robin Williams joke is old.


      • Kevin Sherlock says:

        That joke was around long before Mork the Dork.

        ‘Cause if Mork told that joke about Bill the baa-bopper, maybe he’d be found to have committed Arkancide by hanging.

        Did John John Kennedy’s fatal crash have anything to do with his ambition to become a senator from New York about the time Hillary was extorting campaign funds and sucking gold crowns off the teeth of cadavers?

        Or is it something about Kennedys and water mishaps?

        And will Anthony and Hum a Weiner be found in cement kimonos?

        Enquiring minds want to know.


  2. Peter Barry says:

    Merkel’s Marauders strike again but no doubt the German Authorities and the Western Media will be digging their heads even deeper in the sand attempting ‘not to say’ what is really happening and that is a MUSLIM INVASION of Europe.

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  3. fedback says:

    When civilians are attacked with an axe it’s terror.
    Authorities and media trying to deflect, it’s disgusting

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  4. Justin says:

    Generating a new, large voting block means cracking some eggs. Democrats know that third worlders breed faster, so they aren’t pandering for those votes now, be it Mexican or Muslim.

    If a few people have to get raped or hacked apart with axes or decapitated by drug cartels, Democrats don’t care.

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  5. Scotty19541 says:

    Right on cue….
    The police have released a statement on the attack through their Facebook page. They describe the attacker as a 36-year-old man from the former Yugoslavia with mental problems who lives in Wuppertal. “In total, the police have registered seven victims, including three severely injured and four others injured,” they said.
    Police also say that the man in custody is the only suspect in the attack and they are not searching for anyone else.


  6. SomebodyNobody says:

    Who cares? The Germans don’t or they would have done something about it by now.

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      NOT TRUE. General elections are in September.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        They should have thrown Merkel out last year. She has done almost as much as the Third Reich to destroy Germany.

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        • Wavetheshales says:

          Couldn’t throw her out. Kanzler/in are elected for five-year terms, and hers ends this coming September, hopefully for good….. she’s old enough to retire, anyway…..


          • Marc says:

            I’m hearing the Deplorables want Frauke Petry in. What do you think of her?


            • Wavetheshales says:

              She’s good, but obviously no “trump-ette” (sorry, that sounds rude, don’t mean it that way).
              The fellow who was head of the AfD before her (don’t remember his name) had too many rough edges for his own good.

              What the AfD are fighting is that they basically came out of nowhere to be a political force. They are also a “protest party”, like (in a sense) we Deplorables.

              Having said that, Frau Petry is good, and somehow it seems that Europe prefers women politicians. I’d like to see a German version of Thatcher, but the cries of “Nazi” or “fascist” would follow soon after. Germany has a really tight line to walk, even though it’s been 70 years or so.

              I like Seehofer (CSU), although the CSU is Bayern’s subset of the CDU. (no)Thanks to
              Helmut Kohl, they are limited to Bayern, and can’t go national against the CDU. They are more conservative, though, and it would be an interesting coalition with the AfD. The globalists are doing everything they can to torpedo the AfD, but people here are fed up, and the AfD are the only ones offering some semblance of a solution, and going back to Germany first (a la Trump).

              A couple of positive points: she is nerdy (chemistry diplom, parents chemist and engineer),
              she has four kids, pro-life, pro-family, and Christian. Unfortunately she’s split up with her husband, but, sadly, that seems to be the way of politics. Between Schröder (SPD), Fischer(Greens) and Trittin (Greens) are something like 15 wives (!).

              Her views on women in the workplace (no quotas, hires should be the best qualified, no matter what), refugees (more/stricter vetting needed), take-over by Islam (ban Minarets, etc.) and the Church of Germany (aka Lutheran or EKD) being more political than Christian
              are really spot on.

              I think she is the best choice of the currently available candidates. She also speaks fluent English (University of Reading), which could help with understanding and being understood by the USA. I hope and pray that we get someone who can take us away from the Øbozo policies of Merkel. I think Frau Petry can do it. And she seems “deplorable” 🙂


  7. graphiclucidity says:

    Even if this guy turns out to be an atheist Serbian, Merkel and the CDU still have a massive PR/Perception problem.

    Everybody in Germany, Europe, and the rest of the western world thought “Another brutal Muslim attack in Germany!” as soon as they heard the news.

    Well, everybody except the deranged, delusional left, who thought “Even if it only saves one life we need to license or outright ban axes. We have to do it for the children!”

    But my point is, these Muslim attacks are now getting to the point of becoming common place, and expected as a new way of life. Tuned in – or tuned out, depending on your POV – citizens are going to eventually reach the boiling point, and then there will be revenge attacks on the streets.

    No wonder Merkel has the Zuckerberg and the San Francisco Stasi combing Fakebook for “Hate” 24/7/365; she’s long since lost the propaganda war and the predictions of what the invasion would bring are all horribly coming true.

    My money will not be on the invaders, Antifa, and the Soros Brigades.

    I truly feel for Germany and their neighbors in the EU.
    It seems that they are going to have to learn this lesson the hard way.

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    • Rudy Bowen says:

      It’s going to be a frickin’ bloodbath when it gets started. Mostly moslem blood, I’m betting.

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    • decisiontime16 says:

      While visiting New York City (9/21,16), London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan evidenced mild chagrin in saying terrorist attacks should be seen as “part and parcel of living in a big city.”  

      He added, “It is a reality, I’m afraid, that London, New York, and other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things.”

      Mayor Khan makes it clear that preparing for the sort of thing that causes streets to run with the blood of dozens of innocents should not involve a military response.  He advocates police staying “in touch with communities” and “exchanging ideas and best practices.”

      Read more:

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      • Watcher says:

        “exchanging ideas and best practices.” is submitting to sharia law.

        Stop the “missionaries” from ultra radically influencing the flock.
        We know who they are and where they come from and where they hang out.

        Mayor Kahn doesn’t want a military response to Muslim violence until they become victims. Than the military becomes their proxy.
        In Europe, America, Asia, Australia,Africa, just about the whole world they are in the provoking phase of their plan. Japan and Switzerland are examples of how to deal with them.

        After all didn’t we have a mayor kahn in the WH for 8 years?

        P.S.! Follow the money.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        He also said the past week he wants to bring in 1.5 million more Muslims to London.


  8. TreeperInTraining says:

    Worry, not, Treepers…the German police are on top of things. Check out this statement:

    “A person, probably armed with an ax, attacked people at random,” police said in a statement. Seven people were injured, three of them seriously. The statement said police are investigating whether the suspect attacked passengers on a commuter train as well.

    How does one say Captain Obvious in German?

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  9. Quick! Call the CIA! They’re stationed right there in Frankfort Germany. {sarc}

    CIA probably behind a lot of muslim terror going on there too. I wouldn’t doubt it if they provided the axes.

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      Note that Frankfurt is a HUGE financial center, and the financial center of the EU when Brexit completes.

      It is also the largest (by far) Internet “knotenpunkt” in Europe, so that’s probably why the spooks decided to settle there. And fibre taps are much easier and far less detectable to make than they once were…..

      Anyone wonder about all the undersea cable outages a couple of years ago?????
      The big taps are around the UK, GCHQ, of course won’t say anything…..

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Check out the US bases now and in the past:

        37 presently
        217 from the past decades

        Germany is a vassal of the US.

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        • Wavetheshales says:

          I’ve lived in Germany more than 30 years, from long before “The Wall” came down. I used to live near Frankfurt, and there were a number of bases nearby (which, when they closed, made a huge dent in the local economy). The British and the French also had a large presence.

          And, as you say, we in Germany still aren’t “independent”. I just wish we could be independent of the globalists and the EU (OK, same thing). And our military is a
          disaster, probably because Soros wants it so….. von der Leyen is no Lion…..

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          • graphiclucidity says:

            It seems that economic value is one of the biggest reasons there are so many U.S. bases still in Germany and the other NATO nations.

            It’s the same in Japan, Korea, and all around the world.

            Nations love American bases for all the dollars that come with them.

            I don’t believe many people are understanding Trump when he speaks of reforming NATO while also boosting military spending. The president is a truly accomplished real estate man through and through.
            He knows the value of land and can see obvious wasteful duplication of resources and services.

            I’d bet Trump will cut the amount of U.S. bases to find savings and gain funding to improve & expand equipment, etc.

            Germany and others may find they’ll lose many of those bases if they can’t come up with a higher percentage of spending for their commitments to the alliance.


            • Wavetheshales says:

              There have already been many, many bases closed since I’ve been here. I think any military base, whether American or other, needs to be justified both militarily and economically. And I’m certain that Trump feels that way.

              What I also would like to see is less dependence on electronics/fancy equipment/virtual soldiers and spies versus the real thing, i.e. feet on the street.

              I think under Øbozo the military turned into some kind of social experiment and video game. Without local, human activity and intervention, the military and the TLAs cannot hope to win. I’m not against automated activities, but I think the emphasis the last eight years has been shortsighted, and downright wrong.

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  10. jdvalk says:

    Are the common sense axe laws in Germany up to European par?

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      Nah, the EU is busy developing regulations for the angle and curvature of the blades, and how much and what kind of solvent the handle treatment can have…..


  11. fred5678 says:

    Wuppertal is the giveaway — who else but a sharia-luvin’ muslim would live there?? — the town has to be high on drugs to be committing cultural suicide so quickly. Burning down a synagogue — no problem if you are a muslim.

    “A German regional court in the city of Wuppertal affirmed a lower court decision last Friday stating that a violent attempt to burn the city’s synagogue by three men in 2014 justified expression of criticism of Israel’s policies.

    islamic bigamy — no problem. sharia vigilantes — no problem.


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  12. Jimmy Jack says:

    Meanwhile, this week an EU official said Europe must bring in 6 million more migrants for financial reasons to offset low birth rates and Sidiq Khan says London must bring in 1.5 million more Muslims.

    They are giving Europe away. It is not salvageable at this pace.

    The Kalergi Plan and Agenda 21 have won in Europe. We have got to put our feet down to it here.


  13. Rainy says:

    my God Germany where are your axe control laws?!!! Please I call for a ban on all axes!!!


  14. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    We know how old he is and where he is from, but we just can’t figure out his name…


  15. unconqueredone says:

    But, but, I just heard this a.m. that this was NOT an act of islamic terrorism- just the act of a mentally ill immigrant from Kosovo! (And the difference is?)


    • Gary says:

      “But, but, I just heard this a.m. that this was NOT an act of islamic terrorism- just the act of a mentally ill immigrant from Kosovo! (And the difference is?)”

      You are correct. The “Islamic-Terorist” accusation usually precedes the facts.


    • Wavetheshales says:

      Worse, he’s been here seven years (as has his brother), even though Kosovo is not classified as a “dangerous country” (so there’s no possibility of getting refugee status from there).

      In other news, the Bundesrat (upper house of the German government) just re-confirmed
      Tunesia, Marocco, and Algeria as “dangerous countries”. Never mind the fact that the EU
      requires that stores purchase a percentage of their goods (e.g. produce) from these countries…..

      Hmmm. If I can get tomatoes, peppers, grapes, oranges, etc., etc. from a country, I don’t think it’s an unihabitable war zone. Indeed, it must be doing OK in order to be able to grow and export said goods……

      The Bundesrat. Putting the RAT back in the Bund…..

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  16. Josh says:

    Germany’s response will probably be, “the solution is we need more people of the Islamic religion in our country.”


  17. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    For those holding their breath: Fatmir H., late of Kosovo. Resided in the infamous Wuppertal, land of sharia police.


  18. Kenyon Hull says:

    Yes, this friggin Muslim terrorist is a “refugee” from Kosovo and entered the EU in 2009.


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