Congratulations Lauren Southern – “Going Independent”

Lauren Southern is leaving her former platform (Rebel Media) and going independent with her media, stories, investigations and interviews etc.  YouTube Channel HERE

It’s always a bit scary to independent, but Lauren does a great job and when you put quality information together, people will find it.


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71 Responses to Congratulations Lauren Southern – “Going Independent”

  1. Mikayla825 says:

    I bought this book and am currently reading it. She pulls NO punches!

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  2. John Martin says:

    Lauren is awesome. Already picked up her book last week but no chance to dive in just yet.

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  3. John Prewett says:

    Sorry that when you came of age (21 or so) the world was imperfect. Hope you can find some consolation in my assuring you that when I turned 21 America was engaged in Vietnam and I was in the Marine Corps. I didn’t think the world was perfect either. Ya know, when my father was about 25, [1943] he was in the army serving in the Canal Zone. World was far from perfect then too.

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    • toriangirl says:

      The world has never been a perfect place. However, I do not think that is the gist of her writing. She is one of the rare gems her age that has a good head on their shoulders. It gives all of us hope for the future world our grandchildren and great grandchildren will live in.

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      • Director says:

        The greatest generation and boomers made this nest.

        genX onward are simply trying to cope with your narcissus like bull.

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        • toriangirl says:

          I’m GenX, friend. You are preaching to the choir.

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        • Evocati says:

          Boomers were enamored with frivolous luxuries. The breakup of the family happened under their watch. The current moral crisis is due to their selfishness.

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          • Arkindole says:

            That is all.


          • maga2004 says:

            Evocati let’s put the blame at the feet of those who deserve it – socialist/liberals, starting with Roosevelt.

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          • John says:

            It’s absurd to blame an entire generation for anything. I’ll bet that elite globalists (Soros and his ilk) love that kind of thinking. The elite globalists have been promoting militant feminism for decades in order to destroy the family and destabilize society so that they could transform it to serve their purposes.

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            • Deplorable Unum says:

              I disagree.

              The largest expansion of government agencies, federal power, social programs, and administrative state was under your generation of voting. Look at the swamp, and when they entered government. We are cleaning up a mess you voted into power decade after decade. If it wasn’t for our social media news sites and pioneers like Sundance, Lauren Southern, Mike Cernovich, alt-media etc., (all GenEx/Millenials) we would be making the same futile mistakes.

              I was at the Inauguration, front and center, and attended the Deploraball. There were few Baby Boomers. The majority were 45 and under from racially diverse backgrounds.

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              • Gen X includes those born in the mid-1960’s, usually 1964 and lower are the boomers. 1965 to about mid-1980’s are considered Gen X. People born 1965-1969, see themselves as boomer or Gen X depending on many factors. I am 51, my first vote was for Reagan. I consider myself the first group of Gen X.


        • Southern Son says:

          I’m a boomer, and My first vote was for Reagan.
          Tell me how I fit under Your Blanket!
          Blame a generation is too easy.
          Boomers feel we spoilt y’all.

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    • Sam says:

      Why make light of her valid protest,?

      Are you actually in support of the Americans governments genocidal policies towards its own citizens?

      I suppose the kind of stock that blithely follow orders tend not to care to much about the morality of the policies they help implement.

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    • Sa_Bi says:

      Encouraging, uplifting and true words.

      But I think that she refers to political decisions that screwed up the future, not about the present.

      As a matter of fact – in 1943, no government of an English-speaking country was deliberately trying to hurt its own people. Now look at Trudeau or at what Hillary would have done.

      Since nations came into being, there have always been foreign enemies. But in the last 30 years, liberalism has put domestic enemies into positions of power (not just in politics), and globalism has turned the wars between countries into wars within countries. Do you think the US of WWII would have deliberately imported terrorists? We do now know that Obama did that. Same story in Europe. And even the Vietnam War, as bad as it is regarded, was directed against America’s biggest enemy at that time – international communism.

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      • Director says:

        We might have to revisit the motives of the Anglosphere in the 1930s and 1940s.

        The Third Worldization was in the theoretical stage at that time perhaps but they were antiticipating a flood of blacks and browns as the Kalergi Plan for the mongrelization of Europe was widely discussed in leadership circles. Churchill, Blum and others set the stage for Merkel and Hollande’s Anti-nationalism.

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      • In 1943, America, Canada, Australia and Great Britain all referred to themselves as “The Great Democracies”, and “anglo-saxon nations” – which they overwhelmingly were.

        The loss of that civilized monoculture is something that only a fool would ignore when seeking to explain the horrors that have followed ever since.

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    • Director says:

      Y’all sold
      Your kids out and they get to grow up battling Tyrone, Achmed,
      Chang and Juan in the homeland.

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    • southernmom19 says:

      I think you you’re missing the point.


    • Ploni says:

      People today just don’t get it.

      That’s the whole point of why we’re here . . . why we’re alive: to fix an imperfect world. And our imperfect selves.

      And most importantly, people today don’t understand that there is Evil, and that Evil exists to be destroyed.

      Whether that’s ISIS or perverted American political-social philosophies.

      But the main evil that we must defeat is inside of us: our poor personality traits like selfishness, laziness, or greed. It’s all one Evil.

      Evil seeks to destroy all of this knowledge so people don’t know anymore what Evil is.

      They now think Evil is Good and Good is Evil.

      In G-d We Trust . . . now and forever.

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  4. greenvalleygal says:

    I can relate as a rebel turned responsible citizen.

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  5. woohoowee says:

    Lauren heard the call, “Dream Bigly!” We wish her much success 🙂

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  6. DeWalt says:

    Love to listen to a hotie with brains.

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  7. delete world… not sure how that got in there!


  8. andi lee says:

    Congratulations, Lauren Southern, in following your heart. Trust your instincts, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!

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  9. wheatietoo says:

    I hope she’s not too rough on “Baby Boomers”.
    We’re not all moonbats and socialists.

    The baby boomer generation is who has given her computers, cell phones and the internet…which she is now using to make a living.

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    • Sa_Bi says:

      ‘We’re not all moonbats and socialists.’
      I don’t think she meant it that way. One of the darker aspects of the internet seems to be that people always feel as if they were attacked.

      ‘The baby boomer generation is who has given her computers, cell phones and the internet…which she is now using to make a living.’
      This is a) true and b) a weak point. The first computer was built by the German scientist Konrad Zuse – who was funded by Hitler. And guess which country sent the first man-made object into space… Nazi Germany.
      The ‘these people invented that and you make money using it’ argument doesn’t work very well for many reasons, among them that someone else would have invented it. If the US had not invented the nuke – well, some other country would have done it, and that’s not a nice idea. And if Europeans had not colonized the Americas and Australia, the Russians, Japanese or the Chinese would have claimed it. That would hardly have been better for the natives.

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    • toriangirl says:

      My parents are baby boomers and they raised me. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t use myself as an example. They were being responsible and raising two children when others were tuning in and dropping out. It’s not fair to paint an entire generation with a broad brush.

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      • KBR says:


        This blaming with a broad brush tactic is more of the same divisive crapola spewed by the leftists at every opportunity.

        It is why I never say “millenials” with a sneer, too.

        So now that PC is erasing some of the old divisive cards, lets all create some new divisive ones, how ’bout it?/s

        Let’s divide up into generations and throw 💩 like 🐒 at one another just to see what sticks.

        Let’s pretend that we know every single human born between years x and X and not only that, let’s pretend we know every single thing about each life and what they thought.

        Let’s pretend we have each walked a mile in the “other” generation’s moccasins, and thus we know for certain why they each did what they did, or didn’t do what they didn’t do.

        While we’re at it, let’s continue the meme “greatest generation” as if Hitler and his ilk, Alinsky and his ilk, Mussolini and his ilk, were not also of that same generation, okay?

        Stop the blame game. Every generation blames the one before as if the small town millworker and his wife (or whomever your parents were) held the keys to the entire world situation in their hardworking hands, and unlocked Pandora’s box deliberately while rubbing their hands together in glee, in between shifts and diaper changes. /s

        As if they were the king and queen whose daily decisions (how are we gonna afford coats for our kids this winter?) affected the world balance of power. /s

        As if their votes (what did Cronkite say?) were completely well-informed and based on the power of the internet (that they did not have) and as if their votes were never overcome by cheating at ballot boxes, nor by lying polls back then, because crooks in politics only started recently, ya know. /s

        And hey, let’s pretend that every single millenial (even the ones in the military, and those lying in military graves) are all prepared to don their burkas and head wraps in submission to the jihadis, okay? All millenials are ready to stretch their necks out for the sword, right? Because we know exactly what each one thinks and why think and why they think that way, right?/s

        JUST. STOP.

        Broad brushes don’t get to the point of anything, but they can cover up a lot real fast.

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      • True, my parents were born in early 1940’s. They were different than those born in the 50’s. IMHO. My parents raised 5, Dad in the USMC until I was 8. They did not tune in and drop out. My Aunt and Uncle were born in the 1950’s and they are uber liberal but also went to college, raised 3 and have had very responsible (almost nerdy) lives.

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    • Marc says:

      Boomers also gave use no fault divorce, abortion on demand, and war all over the world for the attainment of monetary gain and monopolized power.


    • So recent generations are blaming the baby boomers for everything? Yikes. We had our own battles to fight !!!

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  10. Don’t really understand what in the world she means by “immigrants” have ruined her life. The US roots are immigrants. I hope she’s not referring to illegal aliens as “immigrants.”


    • Director says:

      America is an offshoot of Anglo-Saxon chauvinism with a dash of dissident Anglo anti-monarchical/aristocratic posturing. Immigrants? Bah.

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      • toriangirl says:

        You do realize that what you wrote makes absolutely no sense? Coherent writing is more than how many big words you can use in one sentence. In fact, it takes greater skill to communicate difficult concepts into simple language than it does to troll a thesaurus.

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        • Director says:

          America most certainly is not immigrants. Jefferson suggested that Hengest and Horsa (Anglo-Saxon mythic kings) should be used as the image on the Seal of the United States. It really was that direct for him.


          • toriangirl says:

            I’m not sure who you are directing your comment to as I never mentioned anything concerning immigrants. Though I can’t imagine how the “almost” original seal has anything to do with immigration, you neglected to mention Hengest & Horsa also were to have represented the Jutes.


      • jeans2nd says:

        Excellent job making this thread all about you and your own point of view while ignoring the intent of this post, which is celebrating and encouraging a young person to Think Different.

        Looking forward to your next fact-free label-filled enthusiastic comment.

        And Way To Go Lauren, All The Best.

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  11. Rex Brocki says:

    Well, having both done political business with Lauren, and met her in person more than once, I can say that she is both smart, and I suppose quite attractive (my sense of both “attractive” and “smart” in females has been totally ruined by the fact that I’m married to a former fashion model and actress who somehow thinks that I’m the most attractive man in the world… oh how I hope she never gets her glasses fixed! LOL), and I wish Lauren all the best, and hope she ends up being the most successful of politicians.
    But… I can say–modest cough–that the last time Lauren and I both ran for federal legislative office in different districts, and despite my being an old fart, ugly to boot, with no measurable political asset beyond my loud mouth… I still got three times the votes Lauren did!
    But of course since both of us were on the right side, we both lost… here’s looking forward to us both winning!
    …and on that note, the next election is May 7th, and I’m running out of time and money, so anyone who wants to help, please get in touch.
    …and anyone who wants to help talk Lauren into running this time as well (we could use her), please let her know! She still owes over a thousand bucks from her last election, and could probably use the help.

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  12. Mystery comment says:

    Hope Lauren does well, but she’ll need to grow beyond her alt-right fan boys and good looks. She’ll have to get better in person on person debate department, and she is going to struggle monetarily by leaving Rebel Media. Its going to be a rough road with all the censorship and liberal media platforms working against up and coming conservative influencers like herself in both money and marketing suppression. I’ll make sure to watch.

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  13. Director says:

    Is she tired of (((Ezra))) and taking the Red Pill? Skeptical.

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  14. Sunshine says:

    Rebel group, of which Ezra, are great people. But Ezra has to change his tone. Not focused enough on the issue. He tends to extrapolate. Lauren shoots from the hip. The facts and only the facts.

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  15. Jimmy Jack says:

    I like her. I hope she does well with her new venture.

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  16. freeperjim says:

    OT question…

    Is anyone else having trouble playing these embedded YouTube videos on CTH?

    To watch this video, I can only “right click/copy” the url and play on YT directly.

    This problem seems to have begun this week – certainly a new development. CIA messing with conservative sites?


  17. GSR says:

    She’s a young person who doesn’t go along with the typical “you and me, hug a tree”, metro-sexual, cross-dressing pacifism BS. Good for her.

    As far as immigrants, I think she means, like probably most of us, the forced migration in excessive numbers of peasants from south of the border as well as the Islamic World. They are very different in culture. Why must governments force everyone to live among one another? It always causes friction and huge government to keep everyone bound up in laws to maintain the multi-culti society.


  18. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I missed being a baby boomer by one year. I was born at the end of WW2 and came of age during Vietnam, civil rights, the feminist movement, etc. It wasn’t pleasant to say the least. During that time I was newly married, starting a family and working my butt off as a nurse trying to make ends meet. I saw all of the crap going on in the country on the news every night and was against the war, the riots and had no time for the feminists. I really think that the government was very secretive in the things that they were doing and have always done. We didn’t have the technology at that time to be on top of it as we have now. My 3 grown children, now in their 40s, were brainwashed in school and given false history of our country and the world. I believe they call it “the dumbing down of America”. Now they are on the next generation of kids. Good for Lauren and those like her because many of the younger people today think socialism is good because they didn’t have fear of communism drilled into them during their formative years like my generation did. I still cringe when I think of all the times the fire co in my town blew that air raid whistle and we had to get down on the floor under our school desks until it stopped, however that was gong to save us from an atomic bomb attack. The country put the fear of communism and Russia in us and scared us to death.


    • Baby Boomers are defined as having been born between the years 1946 and 1964. This includes people who are between 53 and 71 years old in 2017. Other generational theories have the baby boomers as defined as people born between 1943 and 1960, which would include people who are between 57 and 74 years old in 2017.


  19. entagor says:

    As a Boomer when I was a kid, the majority attended some kind of church. Our parents suffered the Depression and WWII, and they lavished us the way kids were never lavished down on the farm in 1898. Our schools were more disciplined, but we were already taught edited histories and pushed toward social justice.

    It seemed in the Hippie era, my generation used the excuse of the draft to dump responsibilities and party down. But if you kids watch film made during the Kennedy era, you will see a huge drop in quality of script and content, nihilism, and childish narcissism to match any snowflake. Only difference was the US was dripping jobs as our factories rebuilt post WWII Europe. Go back and look at the out of control decadence of movies made in the roaring twenties. That slide was halted by WWII, and the slide re started in the fifties, not the sixties,

    The real slide started sooner. There were two major religious revivals in America: the first preceding the American Revolution was massive. Benjamin Franklin witness revival crowds that for population matched Billy Graham’s. The second preceding the Civil War boosted abolitionism and gave Lincoln the volunteers he needed. These revivals fought a concurrent effort to deprecate the Bible for its declaration of absolute truth and inalienable rights.

    Naval/ scientific genius Matthew Fontaine Maury, born 1804, wrote of arguments he had with other scientists of his era who already believed science negated the Bible.

    The battle is AbsoluteTruth versus Moral Relativism. The Boomers invented half of today’s world but they also partied down and spent the bank. The first took moral discipline and sacrifice, the second came of moral relativism and its twin, nihilism. We Boomer knew there was always a job if we wanted one. The Millenials know we sold the jobs to other nations in return for trinkets.

    I had an internet conversation with Doug Tenapel the cartoonist who created Earthworm Jim. He was discussing the decadence infesting us, and the nihilism of euthanesia. In terms of the insane way my generation is spending and living like there was no tomorrow, I asked him when this would end?

    Tenapel sent me this email: he said it would end when our generation had spent all the money accumulated by the all generations that came before us.

    IMHO Boomers did it because they could. Moral relativism justified what the Church would not. Millenials can’t because they are screwed. The screaming snowflakes among them are being subsidized at some level to have the luxury of hiding in safe spaces. The Millenials who fell or clawed out of the Matrix can’t afford to play snowflake. I love those kids. I try to help them

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