President Trump Fox and Friends Morning Interview…

President Donald Trump pre-recorded an interview yesterday with the morning hosts of Fox and Friends.  The wide-ranging interview aired this morning:

It was interesting to see a question about 600 unfilled administration positions, and President Trump’s response NOT to fill those positions because they are fundamentally unnecessary to the priority functions of government.

This gives a peek into presidential priorities and his budgetary approach:



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62 Responses to President Trump Fox and Friends Morning Interview…

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    Shock and Awe – the Trump version. A man who has little fear of doing the right things, whatever the price may be. America, we have hit the jackpot.

    Meanwhile the Oscar are playing host to a convicted rapist. Gary from Chicago spent 22 years behind bars, recently released. YOU CAN”T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

    Theory: Hollywood and leftists are cursed.

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  2. Deplorable Sunflower says:

    FINALLY!! Been waiting for a republican to REALLY make government SMALLER since my first pay check in 1983!!!

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  3. Sanjiv Saste says:

    Leftists continue to double down on stupid. Even though they have tried, you can’t legislate against stupidity and bufoonery.

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  4. MaineCoon says:

    I am so glad that President Trump honored F&F. They have been fair to him. I particularly enjoyed watching Steve’s enthusiam and support during the campaign.

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    • yy4u says:

      Fox and Friends have been fair as has Morning With Maria and Stuart Varney. That said, Clayton Moore who hosts Fox and Friends on the weekend gets a little snarky about Trump.


  5. Landslide says:

    Sort of like the “superfluous buns” 🙂 (think Steve Martin in Father of the Bride) We only need what we need. Thank you, President Trump. We LOVE this thinking.

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  6. jwingermany says:

    Notice…how relaxed the Fox and Friends crew is compared to anything on CNN. F&F are genuinely having FUN!

    CNN…not so much.

    Lou Dobbs has a perma-smile! 😀

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    • Ellen says:

      F&F — one of the few good shows remaining on Fox News — they make the morning bearable. It’s downhill after that until some of the evening shows on Fox.

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      • crepelady says:

        Totally agree. TV goes off after Friends is over. Turn on radio and listen to Laura Ingraham for three hours while I do housework and walk the dog. El


  7. aqua says:

    Is anyone stunned that President Trump is up doing an interview this early in the morning, especially on a day when he has a big speech to give? Knowing Trump, I am not. But what a contrast to the last 8 years of Golfbama, who didn’t start his day until 11 am, and the potential of Hillary, who could use a single 15 minute speech as an event to “recover from” for six or seven more days.

    Just putting it out there that this man is working incredibly hard on our behalf. I am so thankful.

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  8. Sentient says:

    I think it’s great that the president sits for an interview with members of the “special needs” community.

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  9. repsort says:

    Blue collar billionaire right there.

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  10. 4bleu says:

    Notice how President Trump is the anti-Alinksy. He always says something nice about the person, separating the person from the actions. This is so needed in today’s society because the decades of the politics of personal destruction ushered in by the Clintons has poisoned and degraded normal social interactions and hurt a lot of individual people and the nation. He has complaints, but he’s always adding something nice to allow people to talk and negotiate rather than close up and bunker down.

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  11. Mike says:

    Fox and Friends were sometimes critical of Trump during the election, but also fair. I don’t think Trump minds criticism at all, as long as it is honest criticism and good faith inquiry. That’s my read.

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  12. steph_gray says:

    I had heard that number of unfilled jobs mentioned a few days ago, and had only thought about it in the recent context of President Trump’s enemies’ dragging their feet and blocking him.

    Then he said this today and I sat dumbfounded. The plain fact that the jobs are likely unnecessary _should_ have been so obvious to me – I’ve been wishing to see government cut down since the 80’s – but I didn’t think of it in this instance until he spoke _exactly_what I should have realized!

    We have a genius for President. We simply do. Gives me goosebumps.

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    • DGinGA says:

      When Congress does their “government shutdowns” and they give all “non-essential” government employees a bunch of days off (for which they are always paid retroactively) I have always wondered, if they know which government employees are not essential to the government functioning, why don’t they just eliminate those jobs? We do that in business all the time. Every year at budget time departnent heads have to figure out how to make do with 10 – 20% less money, or more; or how to cut X percent of staff. Nothing is sacred. Personally I would be pretty nervous if I was given time off for being non-essential. I have a cousin who is a speechwriter in Washington. Boy! talk about non-essential! He is well-paid, but is furious when he gets furloughed and called “non-essential.”

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    • Old Codger says:

      By my very rough estimate, not hiring those 600 saves the taxpayers $50 million, at least!

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  13. remuda2016 says:

    Kinda makes me think “Hurry Sundown” to his 2100 speech so I can watch my President once again in another steady ‘uptick’ into the ‘establishment’.with his “promise-keeping” ‘momentum’ (his fave word). I ‘cannardly’ wait to see the reaction…hopefully on broadcast stations. He is indefatigable and energized for US without a grimace to the weak-kneed adolescents who spew their puerile protestations into the leftist blogs and media. We are staunchly as his back-up as we watch this miracle-worker laser-focus the mission.

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  14. merlintobie says:

    What a wonderful interview, really enjoyed the tour too. Hope to see many more!


  15. yardman says:

    I awoke early today and tuned in at 6am, will be tuning in tomorrow. The brief look into the First Lady’s activities and event plannings was interesting. She likened it to being a busy wedding planner.


  16. alliwantissometruth says:

    “It was interesting to see a question about 600 unfilled administration positions, and President Trump’s response NOT to fill those positions because they are fundamentally unnecessary to the priority functions of government”

    Right there, that says it all

    That right there is the difference between a politician & a businessman. The difference between someone who could care less about taxpayer money & a true administrator who looks out for the bottom line

    We will save billions of dollars a year of taxpayer money when President Trump starts going over the books & cuts thousands upon thousands of useless jobs that we’ve been paying for for decades

    You could cut half of the federal workforce & the people wouldn’t even notice. Government has been run like a politicians personal piggy bank & spoil system for too long. Time to trim down the beast

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  17. The Boss says:

    These 600 appointed, unnecessary patronage jobs probably cost us well north of $100 million / year PLUS some sort of future retirement benefit. When President Trump [still feels great typing that] speaks of how massive the numbers are, perhaps he’s thinking of the massive savings he’s achieved and will achieve.

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  18. Landslide says:

    I have a neighbor who works in DC as a consultant. Her current project is with the VA. She said for almost every job, there is another one doing the exact same thing. Unreal. Waste, fraud, and abuse indeed.

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  19. Fe says:

    The title of this report caused me to do a double take….I thought it said President Fox and I’m like … wha? Thought it was that former President Fox from Mexico, yikes lol. Listening to the interview. Really like Whta I’m hearing from the 3 interviewing. And I especially loved that PDJT made a point of how they’ve treated him fairly.


  20. Regarding Brian’s statement of “There are 600 jobs you can appoint…”, i.e. why aren’t you?

    POTUS said he doesn’t want to; many of those jobs are not necessary, “what do all these people do?” (lol)

    per wikipedia regarding JUST the Department of State!!:
    13,000 Foreign Service employees
    11,000 Civil Service employees
    45,000 Foreign Service local employees[1]
    Annual budget $65.9 billion (FY 2015)[2]

    wha!!????? almost 70,000 government employees in just this ONE department.
    And how much is $65.9 billion dollars!?



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