Senate Confirms Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross 72 – 27…

Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary will have the lead position in renegotiating trade deals including NAFTA.   When candidate Trump said “we have some real killers for negotiators, we just never use them”, he could have been specifically describing Wilbur Ross.

trump-friendsRoss amassed a fortune as a private equities investor playing financial chess amid the tilted globalist board created by anti-American progressive trade policies supported by Tom Donohue and the U.S. CoC.

Having Ross in the cabinet is like hiring a Ty Cobb type veteran cat burglar to install your security system; Skippy The Wolverine knows all the angles….

(NYT) By a vote of 72 to 27, the Senate confirmed Mr. Ross, who has already been advising President Trump on economic policy and helping him to craft ways to rewrite the tax code. A renegotiation of Nafta is expected to be Mr. Ross’s top priority when he takes over the job. During his confirmation hearing in January, he warned that “all aspects” of the agreement between the United States and its northern and southern neighbors are on the table.

With the confirmation of Mr. Ross, the most important members of Mr. Trump’s economic team are in place just in time for looming fights over the budget, health care and tax legislation. (read more)


Wilbur Ross: Investor, banker, art collector and real life Hannibal Lecter.  Dedicated to creating and saving American jobs…. and if you don’t deal fairly, Mr. Cuddles will enjoy a nice Chianti as you throw yourself into a pool of razor blades…



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111 Responses to Senate Confirms Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross 72 – 27…

  1. Martin says:

    Love it.

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  2. Snow White says:

    Poor Rinos, they have no idea what’s going to hit them. Trump train going 300 miles per hour.

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  3. Eric Kennedy says:


  4. Sloth1963 says:

    Ross looks like he laughs a lot, at other peoples expense 🙂

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    Wow! A true Cabinet of Patriots not rivals. People dedicated to MAGA! Waiting on Carson next. Better be tomorrow too.

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  6. Sandy says:

    President’s Trump train continues to go full speed ahead! Love it!

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  7. MrE says:

    Have I ever mentioned before, how much I love winning?

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  8. NJF says:

    Wow what a vote tally. I like it!

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  9. annieoakley says:

    Someone needs to take out the insufferable Warren Buffet.

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  10. Gail says:

    I LOVE the 3 Wolverines. They are smiling. ROFLMAO!!

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  11. freddiel says:

    The vote was 72 – 27!!! Why in the heck did it take them so long?

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    • Michelle says:

      No kidding. Clearly the delay was the dems just being jerks.

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    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      Before any nominations are made, the White House Office of Presidential Personnel vets a list of candidates, including suggestions provided by members of Congress and special interest groups.[4] A chosen nominee then must pass through a series of investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, the Office of Government Ethics and an ethics official from the agency to which the position is assigned.[4] The nominee must also fill out the Public Financial Disclosure Report and questionnaires related to his or her background check.
      The process begins when the president provides a written nomination to the Senate, where it is read on the floor and assigned a number.[1] This starts the Senate’s procedure of “Advice and Consent” laid out in Article II of the U.S. Constitution for the appointment of high ranking officials by the president.[1]
      The nomination is passed to the Senate committee with jurisdiction over the appointed position.
      The nomination must be on the Executive Calendar for more than one day before it can make it to the Senate floor for consideration.[1] Unanimous consent of the time and date for debate must be agreed upon by all senators.[4] If even one senator does not agree, a hold is placed on the nomination.[4] Once the nomination is considered by the Senate, unlimited debate is allowed until two-thirds of the Senate vote to invoke cloture, closing debate.[1] Following a vote of cloture, the Senate conducts a simple majority vote on whether to confirm, reject or take no action on the nomination.[1]

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      The Dems keep trying to slow down the Trump Train. What the dummies don’t realize is this just helps it pick up more riders!

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  12. ❤ Wilbur Ross, Killer Wolverine ❤

    I really like him and Steven Mnuchin. They work well together. Wilbur is so unassuming but like Sundance said, one of the killers Trump referred to, although not by name, so many times.

    "…Wilbur Ross: Investor, banker, art collector and real life Hannibal Lecter. Dedicated to creating and saving American jobs…. and if you don’t deal fairly, Mr. Cuddles will enjoy a nice Chianti as you throw yourself into a pool of razor blades…"


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  13. Trumppin says:

    President Donald J. Trump will be delivering his first address to a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Be sure to tune in as the President will be sharing his vision for the country.

    When: Tuesday, February 28, 2017, at 9 p.m.

    Where: The United States Capitol in the House Chamber, also known as the “Hall of the House of Representatives.”

    Who: The President will address Members of both the House of Representatives and Senate in his first address to a Joint Session of Congress.

    The Speech: President Trump is keeping the tradition of previous Presidents by delivering a formal address to a Joint Session of Congress during his inaugural year, and will deliver his first State of the Union address in 2018. The President will deliver his speech from the Speaker’s rostrum.

    How to watch: The address will be streamed live at

    How to participate: Follow along live on Twitter @WhiteHouse and @POTUS for real-time information before, during and after the speech. The speech will also be live streamed at


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  14. beaujest says:

    Birds of a feather flock together, the group that voted against Ross are right out of the communist guide for insurrection! ,

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  15. Wait, why did this guy get so many Democrat votes compared with other nominees?

    Also, if he had such large support, why did it take so long?

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    • Dems are purposely obstructing the government to block any legislation and going forth on Trump’s policies. They refuse to accept the results of the election. Pathetic jerks. And the Republicans are not much better. Why is it McConnell can not seem to get control of the situation? I have no respect for any of them.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      The Dems have nothing to offer. No plans no ideas. They have blown huge holes in every city, state, and federal Budget. Let Team Trump take over and watch our country roar back!

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      • I don’t understand the point of linking this. I know what the process is. I’m just wondering why this particular guy took so long when he had fairly overwhelming support.


        • Maquis says:

          I don’t know the timelines, but do keep in mind that committees can avoid allowing the full Senate the opportunity to express their near overwhelming approval by sitti g on the nomination.

          It’s that committee process that disappears lots of good bills. Like here in Washington State, where a bill to allow 100% disabled veteran’s to avoid paying property taxes was sailing along, until it hit the pocket of the leader of the senate committee that next had tbe opportunity to destroy good legislation. The SOB hid it away and never even allowed the committee to see it, or even know it existed. It died at the end of session, and no one attempted to reinitiate the attempt. Fries my bacon.

          I don’t think these committees are even in the Constitution, got to look it up. But this is where a great deal of chicanery and fraud and graft take place.



        • Windy Day says:

          You’re focusing on one small thing and forgetting the big picture–which is that the Dems are stalling any and all nominees to stop Trump. (Only . . . . it isn’t working, and it’s making the Dems look really, really bad!)


  16. Bob says:

    Notice the NYT has no comments section.

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    • Patriot 1 says:

      They can’t handle one man calling them fake news. Can you imagine what would happen to them if they had millions of people calling them fake news?


  17. Fe says:

    Oh Sundance I adore those three precious wolverines!!!! ❤❤❤Well done once again!!!

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  18. Wilbur Ross represents Trump’s trade agenda. This vote means that the Democrats are going to cross the aisle to show that they support Trump on trade.

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  19. Piper says:

    Can’t stay up late enough to wait for open thread tonight, so am leaving this here: (sorry if it pisses anyone off). Anyone from TN going to the Spirit of America Rally this Saturday? The organizers are short a little cash, if you can make a donation, please do. I am going to show support for my President. Whole family are caravaning to the rally. Go here if you want to help out. The intent of this rally is to support our President and focus on the corrupt judiciary, time to start helping Trump clean house. I will put on my sign, I’m hoping to meet some fellow treepers🇺🇸🇺🇸🛤🚂

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  20. Finalage says:

    Wilbur Ross is on point. I enjoyed his confirmation hearings and to see how supportive his wife was there. These are truly high caliber people! I think the Trump economic, defense and national security teams are the best I’ve seen in my lifetime. I wasn’t old enough for Reagan’s cabinet.

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    • missmarple2 says:

      I was in my 30’s during the Reagan era. This cabinet outshines Reagan’s by far.

      These are men of great accomplishment who have foregone much money in order to serve our nation. Many of them could move into a comfortable retirement, like our president.

      Instead, they are willing to serve. I am very grateful and will keep them in my prayers.

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      • Maquis says:

        Trump’s Cabinet are all High-Caliber Team Players. They don’t have the kind of egos that unfortunately plagued Reagan’s Cabinet.

        This is like the Mother of all All-Star Teams. They already stand on top of the world, now they’re going to save it.

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  21. Keln says:

    I am becoming convinced that President Trump may turn out to be the greatest president the nation has ever had. Someone actually determined to save our Republic and talented and strong enough to make it happen. The political class have absolutely no clue how to deal with someone like this.

    I could be wrong. Anything could happen and heaven knows the opposition is going to go to the mattresses to stop him. But it will be very interesting whatever the outcome is.

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  22. Dekester says:

    What intrigues me no end, is that so many fabulously wealthy men and women are prepared to serve DJT and your country.
    Lost in the noise is that these individuals have such faith in DJT. Contrast this with the snakes in the Republican Party, and the so called Conservative media.
    Only those dolts and the MSM could refuse to acknowledge this. Likely because none of these clowns understand the power of integrity and loyalty.
    That said they are one dimensional in so many ways, and are still looking under the bed for them pesky Russkies

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Indeed. Think about it: Ross is 79 years old. How many 79 year old men decide to divest themselves of their successful business enterprises and endure the vetting and confirming stupidity of Senate elitist power-whores? You must have a serious SERIOUS love of country and faith in the ideals of President Trump to want to take on this kind of fight in your twilight years.

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      • NCPatrick says:

        Mike, do you remember Trump saying in an interview shortly after he announced his candidacy that there was a time when he and a group of his friends were prepared to pay off the national debt and get the country onto sound fiscal footing? Only then the debt grew so huge that private donors could no longer pay it off. No, I don’t have a link. It was during one of his early days interviews and I’m sure he meant it.

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        • singingsoul says:

          NCPatrick “Mike, do you remember Trump saying in an interview shortly after he announced his candidacy that there was a time when he and a group of his friends were prepared to pay off the national debt and get the country onto sound fiscal footing? Only then the debt grew so huge that private donors could no longer pay it off.”

          I believe Trump said this in an interview. I heard it also.


    • vfm#7634 says:

      DJT is assembling a new American aristocracy that puts their country first, as opposed to the bloodsucking globalist elites.

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    • SSI01 says:

      That’s what’s so amazing about this, Not ONE of these people NEEDS to be taking the govt’s money in a salary for performing their duties in Trump’s cabinet. Why on earth would they be tackling this political BS at their age, or at their positions of power within their organizations? Yet they are doing so, and willingly. They are there because they believe in themselves, they believe in President Trump, and they believe in their country. The sycophants that were there before were play-actors at this, political appointees only. Now you’ve got people who have made, frequently, hundreds of MILLIONS in our economy, know how it works, and are determined to safeguard that economy and further its interests. They intend to act on behalf of their country, not their own interests or those of a political party – their COUNTRY.

      I’ll tell you what they are really doing – they are shaming the political appointees who in the past have always held these positions. Now you’ve got tough, sharp businessmen cutting these deals who have demonstrated, over and over, their abilities at this profession. Their personal bank accounts and business empires speak for them. They’ve voluntarily given that up to try to fix something both political parties have gotten so SNARLED over the years even THEY can’t figure it out. We’re tired on both sets. We’re glad someone else is stepping in to set things straight.


  23. Rip Tide says:

    In the wolverine state of Michigan, I love the analogy! These animals are mean, and tenacious and quite fitting for our newest cabinet members.

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    • Texian says:

      The prevalence of wolverines in southern reaches are understated on maps. Let’s just say when I was in the northeast reaches of the Republic of Texas for a season or two there was something in my garden eating my watermelons, etc. The teeth marks indicated long canine type bites. One evening I heard a sizable rustling in the garden. I grabbed a big stick and went in.. Oh sht! I came running out, “I need a bigger stick!” “It’s an overgrown hairy possum the size of a big dog with lots of teeth!” I let it have the watermelon. I looked it up and damn – it was a freakin’ wolverine! First one I ever saw.. and from only a few feet away.. a effing wolverine.. (or a mutant overgrown hairy possum dog with lots of teeth..).

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      • Windy Day says:

        I’ve never seen a wolverine in Texas, but the badgers here are no laughing matter either. I had never seen one until I moved further west (still in Texas). Then I had one visit me while I was bank fishing. “Yes sir, you’re welcome to my bait and anything else you want. I’ll just stand over here and watch!”


  24. janc1955 says:

    OMG! Say hello to my little friends!! ROFLMAO!!!

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  25. Mickey Wasp says:

    Ok … first off, the vote tally tells me that the Democrats are splitting up, only 27 of them decided to run with the Democrat establishment – Schumer, Durbin, Leahy, Brown, Cardin, Merkley, Warren, McCaskill, Blumenthal, Sanders – to name a few. Quite possibly, the D’s that voted in the ‘Yea’ column are ones up for the 2018 re-election cycle.
    Also, Sec of Comm Ross’s confirmation hearing was quite un-contentious and the D’s just used the same 3 or 4 questions, just reworded and the R’s just made congratulatory type statements. Why? Because everyone of them knew they could not match wits with Mr. Ross in the complexities of economics and trade and Wilbur knows where the bodies are buried in the monstrosity of loophole filled trade and tax bill’s that Congress passes. Plus, not a damn one of them know what is in most bills, because their Wall Street CoC donors write them. You really think any of them wanted to grill and attempt to embarrass Mr. Ross with ‘got-cha’ questions?

    Ross has left little doubt that the Trump Admin plans to reshape the U.S. approach to trade.
    “The president has done a wonderful job preconditioning other countries with whom we will be negotiating that change is coming,” Ross said before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and “I think tariffs play a role both as a negotiating tool and where necessary to punish those who don’t play by the rules.”

    Wilbur Ross bought several struggling U.S. steelmakers and restored them to financial health and made statements about his knowledge of shipping, tourism, auto manufacturing, the airline industry and other sectors and draws support from some labor leaders.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Dems that voted *against* him are not Democrat establishment (in my opinion). They are batshit crazy leftist political whores (Warren, Sanders). Dem establishment would be the Clinton mafia types such as her own running mate Tim Kaine, who voted for Ross.

      Survival instinct is kicking in for those Dem Senators who actually pause before opening their yaps. They have probably decided to cast their lot with the winning team after amassing enough sound bytes about “how they opposed radical GOP nominees like Sessions” for their re-election campaigns.

      Warren has decided that being flaming liberal retard is the ticket to restore power to a Dem Party this is already on death watch after 8 years of combined Obama-Clinton destruction. She only has street cred with (1) desperate, emasculated men pretending to support ugly college girls in pussy hats, (2) shrieking middle aged women in giant vagina costumes, (3) aging union bosses and their rent-a-mobs, (4) illegal aliens sucking welfare out of America, and (5) Soros-funded domestic terrorists.

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  26. justfactsplz says:

    The above pictures are worth more than a thousand words. In all these years this the first time I recall a wolverine mascot here being named. I love it. I also love love the picture of Tillerson and the president of Mexico. The look on Rex’s face and the Nieto sweating bullets. These visuals are so great.

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  27. ZurichMike says:

    72-27? Sounds like only hardcore Dems are putting up a a fight. Even Tim Kaine voted for him. People like moonbat ethno-liar socialist whore Elizabeth Warren voted against him.

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  28. Aileen Wright says:

    Can we please rename Skippy the awesome wolverine mascot to something else? “Skippy” is the nickname of John Podesta’s infamous alter-ego, who/which is well known among insiders to be particularly nasty.

    Other than that, let’s continue to MAGA!


  29. Trump’s Cabinet is going to be one of those close knit teams whose bond was forged because of a shared experience. When you are with a group of people that have survived a firestorm the way these people have you become a great winning team. You also have a common revenge goal…here hee.

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  30. telerider says:

    The President is proposing to spend a lot of money on defense and infrastructure. That is a very sweet carrot attached to a big ol’ whompin’ stick. Even Dem.Senators know they have to start toeing the line if they expect to see any of that flow their way. Mr. President is MAGA!

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  31. wodiej says:

    I look forward with anticipation to the details of the new trade deals. Americans will be happy and to hell w everyone else. It’s time to reap what you sow.


  32. Zen Masta says:

    When President Trump then candidate Trump said “I know all the killers” he wasn’t kidding. Wilbur Ross is a KILLER ASSASSIN. I’ve read up on him and he is very strong, very experienced financially, the same goes for Mnuchin. The liberal politicians really have no idea how much the Trump administration will be able to boost this stagnate economy, bring jobs back and encourage more business innovation. If Trump jump starts small businesses which make up 70% of the jobs in American which he is going to do this will be one of the best economic environments in years! At the end of the day when they compare the Trump era to the Obama era it won’t even be funny and Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents in history.

    The Democrats and the Republican establishment know Trump is going to take action on his agenda they are hoping they can stall him so he can’t get anything done, it’s not going to work. At some point President Trump is going to have to go to war with Paul Ryan and the GOPe and call these guys out. This is a great video I uncovered with Scott Baio strong Trump supporter calling into the Rush Limbaugh show


    • Please says:

      Agreed, the war, or the ‘open warfare’ portion, with Ryan and GOPe is coming. President Trump is maneuvering as we speak and growing in strength and support, so when open warfare occurs, it will be swift and decisive.


  33. daughnworks247 says:

    LOVE Wilbur Ross as Sec of Commerce. He’s a legend, organizational genius, and just like a honey badger or wolverine, doesn’t give a damn. Tom Donahue had a lot to drink last night.
    I can’t WAIT to see the drama unfold.


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