**UPDATE** Tom Perez Wins – DNC Votes Today For Future of Democrat Party…

Today in Atlanta 435 members of the Democrat National Committee will meet to vote on the next Chairperson for the DNC.  The two top candidates are Representative Keith Ellison and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez.  Watch Live Voting Here

**UPDATE** Tom Perez wins !!!


The DNC Party Machine has won again.  Keith Ellison has been defeated by Tom Perez for DNC Chairman.  After a day of shenanigans, electronic voting dropped in preference of paper ballots and back-room deals, the professional party apparatus has crushed the pesky insurgents.

As a consolation to the activists, after victory Chairman Perez asked for a suspension of the rules and voice nominated Keith Ellison for Deputy Chair.  The DNC voted affirmatively in that regard.   Tom Perez is Chairman and Keith Ellison is Deputy Chair.

The vote will determine which path the Democrat party will choose in the next several election cycles:

perez-vs-ellison(left) Tom Perez – (right) Keith Ellison

Will they choose the direction of Black Live Matter Islamic Socialists, the coalition of Keith Ellison; or the more traditional Limo-Liberal Moonbat Communists of Tom Perez.

The latest insider discussions put the race very close.

(Via Reuters) The stakes are high for a party still struggling to recover from the surprising Nov. 8 loss of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and anxious to channel the growing grassroots resistance to Trump into political support for Democrats at all levels of government across the country.

[…]  Perez and Ellison are considered to be running neck-and-neck in the race to win a majority of the 447 DNC members, who include state party officials, donors and activists from all 50 states.

But if no candidate wins a majority on the first ballot – a strong possibility given the large field – additional rounds of voting will be held. After two rounds, the candidate with the lowest vote total is eliminated.  (link)


My hunch is that Ellison will squeak out a victory based on the DNC’s former decision to undermine candidate Bernie Sanders.  The aggrieved insurgents are very angry about the party establishment and the nomination of Hillary Clinton.  Tom Perez is perceived to be the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama party guy.

However, the DNC machine is structurally very strong, and it won’t give up power to the Bernie/Ellison insurgents without a fight.  It should be an interesting day in Atlanta.

Michael Moore wants Ellison.

Alan Dershowitz wants anyone BUT Ellison.


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704 Responses to **UPDATE** Tom Perez Wins – DNC Votes Today For Future of Democrat Party…

  1. rsanchez1990 says:

    Hope the aggrieved Bernie insurgents do put up a fight and blow up the Democrat Party.

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    • John Galt says:


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      • Blade says:

        Anyone remember Joe Clark?

        Donna Brazile … HRIC … Head Rigga In Charge


        • RG says:

          Donna Brazile – yep, she’s the “black woman” I saw on TV somewhere yelling into a microphone saying they were going to KICK ASS….KICK ASS real hard…hide and watch….or something of that nature and then she stormed off stage. Now I understand why blacks in the 21st Century are often rude and noncompliant in matters of education, social skills, and conversation. I bet Brazile even listens to RAP music when she is not kicking ass.

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  2. Patriot 1 says:

    Considering Obama’s administration was very white and Muslim there sure are a lot of blacks up there for a DNC photo op.

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  3. georgiafl says:

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  4. Owlen Rose says:

    Perez just made a major mistake making Ellison deputy chair. I predict Ellison undermines him at every turn.

    I love the smell of chaos in the morning. It smells like…victory.

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  5. John says:

    I don’t think I see it the way most people here do. I thought that Ellison was a true believer in leftist ideology like Bernie, while Perez, in the mold of the Clinton’s and Obama, uses Identity politics to get as many people as possible voting based on Identity, which will distract them so he can engage in virtually unlimited corruption behind the scenes. If anyone accuses him of any corrupt activities, he can call them a “racist,” similar to what Obama’s defenders did to his detractors (Hillary defenders similarly called critics “sexists”). Identity politics not only means that the politician need do nothing for the voters, but that the politician can use accusations of bigotry to hide any malfeasance.

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    • Sedanka says:

      None of them are true believers, including Sanders. All of them stand somewhere on the line from liars to narcissists. It’s a mistake for us to think of the left as having an ideology – they don’t. They only have varying degrees of fraudulence, delusion and/or personality disorders.

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      • redtreesquirrel says:

        Unless you can call Communism their ideology. Like the old Soviet Union, Progressives repackage the same failed policies and call them new and improved, but it’s the people who have to suffer the reality of their disastrous plots. There is a reason vodka is the #1 selling product in Russia.

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      • Thorfinnr says:

        They all resent their parents. That’s what Leftism is. Rebelling against society-at-large (Leftism) is a way to have some power and control over the constraints your parents put on you growing up. They are mostly people who haven’t worked through childhood issues, which is understandable for 18-25 year olds, but sad and pathetic for people like Bernie. It also attracts a lot of intellectuals who were told how special they are in childhood, only to discovered they are getting lapped later in life by people they considered inferior, but who have a work ethic.

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        • Perez talks about being a Pell grant recipient, but he graduated from a PRIVATE high school.

          Perez is the youngest of five brothers and sisters, all of whom but Perez followed their father in becoming physicians.His father died of a heart attack when Perez was 12 years old. Perez graduated from Canisius High School, an all-male Roman Catholic Jesuit private school in Buffalo, in 1979.

          Perez received his Bachelor of Arts in international relations and political science from Brown University in 1983. He covered the cost of attending Brown with scholarships and Pell Grants and by working as a trash collector and in a warehouse. He also worked in Brown’s dining hall and for the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights. In 1987, Perez received a Juris Doctor cum laude from Harvard Law School and a Master of Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government. In 1986, while a student at Harvard, Perez worked as a law clerk for Attorney General Edwin Meese.

          Always privileged…but yelling to the poor about how they are going to save them…on our dime and our backs.

          The question that comes up for me with his fancy education is the same as for Obama:

          While he was born in the U.S. of Dominicans, were his parents citizens at the time of his birth AND/OR were they ever citizens?

          Did he apply for or receive financial assistance as a “foreign” student because of his parents’ citizenship or lack thereof?

          I’m six years older than Perez and can tell you that financial opportunities to go to school were few and far between, but I have proof now in my old age that most of the minority males that I know and now, know of, received special scholarship and financial assistance to go to universities…and they were chosen to go to the better schools. Because I know many, I can tell you that they weren’t special. They were not what we would call “competitive” students today.

          And that pisses me off.

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        • paris23 says:

          So is there an investigation into voter fraud going on or was Trump’s request rebuffed by the uni-party? We really need for this to happen. These are some dangerous people.

          I wonder what Dershowitz is going to do? Leave, Dershowitz, leave…. I would love to see a Jewish exit from the Lunatic Fascmunist Party.


      • Marti says:

        Sedanka: They want power – period !


    • dman1971 says:

      Very easy to explain Perez is a registered and devout communist and ranking member of the communist party USA and Ellison is a devout muslim and ranking member of the muslim brotherhood and also a radical like Sanders. All of the DNC is bad now. The reason Perez was backed by Clinton is because she is also a member of the communist party USA even though Obama is a muslim and loves the brotherhood he backed his boy Perez so he can continue pulling the strings. All of them anti American and all of them dirtbags that should be deported with the rest of the filth.

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    • paris23 says:

      Excellent summary, John.


  6. Mr. Morris says:

    Now it is official, Tom Perez representing the Communist wing of the Democratic Party is DNC chair, and Keith Ellison representing the Islamist wing of the Democratic Party is DNC vice Chair. This elitist duo will unite the two branches of the Democrat Party. They will rule from the top down.
    They need to continue importing people from the ME that cannot be vetted. They need to continue policies that gut the middle class.

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    • WSB says:

      A beautifully “arranged” marriage in Hell, Mr. Morris, no? Probably what their dinner was about last week. Their handlers bought them an engagement party.

      We need to ask Doug Schoen how he feels about this little dynamic duo, don’t we?

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        He was happy with the Hillary Alinskyites, but I’m not sure if the naked communism of liar Perez will appeal.

        In any case, “antisemitism” worked like a charm to even up the race into a Hillary-cheatable one.

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  7. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Ellison would have operated overtly; Perez is a snake and will operate covertly with Obama’s underground state. Be very careful with him. He needs to be watched like a hawk. He was in the DOJ before he became Labor secretary. I had heard and read that he was nasty in the DOJ and broke all rules. Be very aware!

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  8. grandmaintexas says:

    The Dems were in trouble with either of these fellows. The party lost its center in the presidential election. They will not regain it with Perez. Good news all around for the USA.

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  9. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Yes, this is the new DNC Chair:
    Thomas Perez Dropped Voter Intimidation Charges Against Black Panthers Who Brought Weapons to Polling Place


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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      “The Department of Justice whistleblower who resigned over the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case said President Barack Obama’s labor secretary nominee Thomas Perez is the “most extreme cabinet nominee in 70 years.”

      J. Christian Adams, who worked for Perez at the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, sent a stern warning to the U.S. Senate about Perez’s policies.

      “Different business groups who don’t think the nominee matters should pay close attention to Perez’s record,” Adams said in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon. “People like Perez are very skillful at creatively ignoring the law to suit their own ends.”

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  10. redsequin4 says:

    Do we have the best President ever? LOL

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  11. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    rigged from the git go….

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  12. so essentially they both won.

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  13. 2x4x8 says:

    so a Communist and a Muslim walk into a bar …………

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  14. toriangirl says:

    Confession. I’m having a wonderful time watching the DNC implode, Never thought I’d see this in my life time. It’s not a hope now. It’s happening in front of my eyes.

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  15. SR says:

    Perez wins mean Hillary is all set to steal 2020 primary again. RNC should start spending money on dividing DNC. We are all angry that our candidate Ellison did not win.

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  16. Wayne Robinson says:

    Tom Perez will be dead before2020


  17. joshua says:

    Time for the Russians to hack the DNC servers again and leave a message of “Alahu Akbar mofo….Perez gonna lose his head. signed….Osama II.”

    or maybe have the hack come from Cuba…or China…who cares….

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  18. mpmp2015 says:

    The whole event looked like a funeral. The winner didn’t look like he wanted to win and had a guilty look on his face and the loser looked like he was robbed. The Democrat Party establishment won and it further deepens the divide between bi-coastal liberal elites and the Socialist wing of the party. I see the Green Party and the Libertarians making another serious run at the presidency in 2020; further splitting the left leaning voter base.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      That’s a good point, the few moments that I watched it did look like a funeral, the smiles seemed pasted on compared to the openly joyful smiles coming from the speakers at the C-PAC convention. Huge difference in approaches, more than just winning smiles, smiles that reflect love at what they are doing (the conservative convention folks) vs. smiles planted to cover power games being played. I too expect to see a resurgence of Green Party and Libertarian candidates in the next election cycle, people looking for a healthier alternative to what the DNC is feeding them.

      All the while the Trump Administration will be busy making America great again!


  19. JLG 🇺🇸 says:

    Poor MOONBAT (CRAZY is better!) Michael Moore – he’s not very good at predicting winners! I thought he was moving to Canada? 😂

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  20. RJ says:

    Perez gives off the Lenin vibe with the pitiful looking goatee.

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    • Add a little Trotsky.

      I read a Perez e-mail to Podesta. The tone was one of a paid employee checking in with the boss. He gave Hillary a little advice…but always sounded wistful.

      Why wistful? Because he believes HIMSELF to be the one that should have been running for president. Not that fat, stupid, insipid white woman.

      But what to do about Mom and Pop from the Dominican Republic? What to do about their citizenship? Yeah…same old song and dance routine.

      Always a communist who has exploited all the advantages of our country and using their energies to destroy us. A hate-filled, racist, conniving, money-grubbing bunch of ugly pigs who need to find their way back to their homelands.

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  21. Oldtradesman says:

    Perez’ victory was a given. Ellison would have driven a small but crucial percentage of white Democrats toward the Republican side during Trump’s term in office. Can’t have that!

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  22. Surprise Surprise Surprise

    After the DNC tapped Tom Perez to pave the way for the next coronation of HillRy Clinton, they promptly rejected Obama’s rule that banned donations from large corporAtions. I guess that they don’t want “HER” campaign to suffer from The declining revenue of her sham “Charitable” foundations.

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  23. George Smith says:

    Choosing either Perez or Ellison as the DNC chair would have solidified the democrat party as the anti-white party, but they chose to do it anyway.


  24. Gerard says:

    Perez gives new meaning to the phrase Uncle Tom; a person who will sell out his own people to curry favor with the rich and famous. Congratulations Uncle Tom, you belong with the DNC and all the other traitors to the American People.


  25. Hollywood Bungalow says:

    Late to the party here, but the Far Left is having an absolute meltdown over Perez winning. Now it appears that maybe it was a good thing that Perez won. There are also rumors that Donna changed the voting rules at the end. This may be why Trump tweeted that it was rigged. Read the mayhem via #DemExit.


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  26. Patriot1783 says:

    Another example of the kind if guy the dimheads want to run the show:


  27. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    All of you Liberal Democrats will go down in history as the most evil party ever formed. You will never regain power again after these evil acts towards the Republican USA President Donald J. Trump.


  28. Gee, i thought the democratic party was going to analyze why they lost and they were going to get in touch with their voter base. The one thing they should hav observed is that trump won because he was focusing on the economy and JOBS. Elison is a black muslim and socialist and we should expect him to center on those areas. Perez is born in the US of Dominican republic immigrants, His legal education and work experience is that of civil rights support for minorities. If it is a human being and a minority of some sort he is professed to be an expert in defending their rights. Havent they ever thought that a person with a business degree, economics and technology management might be what the democratic base and independent base might want. government has to care about the rights of non minorities, economy, taxation, etc. rather than the feel good focus on matters that are in moral question for mainstream america.


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