Tom Perez -vs- Keith Ellison For DNC Chair – CNN Debate 10pm Tonight…

Yeah, there’s a lot of political stuff swirling the various news feeds.  However, it’s worth watching the CNN debate tonight between Tom Perez and Keith Ellison for DNC Chairmanship.  The actual DNC voting will take place on Saturday February 25th.

The long term future of the Democrat party is being fought amid two distinct constituencies.  The establishment wing of the Democrat Party, represented by Perez; and the more insurgent wing of the party apparatus represented by Ellison.

UPDATE: Video Added


While there is a considerable amount of cross-over between the two ideological camps, essentially the direction the Democrat party will take in the 2018 mid-term election is the most visible issue.  Political junkies will be able to identify what direction is chosen by seeing which candidate the DNC selects for Chair.

♦ Tom Perez – represents the more traditional communist elements of the hard core leftists.  His identity politics coalition is generally La Raza Latinos, Labor Unions, RevCon Communists, Fem-Nazi’s and wealthier virtue signaling Limo-liberals.  The modern institutionally Democrat party per se’; and Perez holds most of the liberal media support.

Tom Perez endorsements: former Vice President Joe Biden, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

♦ Keith Ellison – represents younger Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Warriors and Muslim Brotherhood types.  Ellison carries the college aged Bernie Sanders supporters who were foiled by the traditional party apparatus in the Democrat Presidential Primary process.

Keith Ellison endorsements: Sen. Bernie Sanders; Sen. Elizabeth Warren; Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer; Rep. John Lewis; New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley

Essentially, it’s various degrees of moonbattery.  Ellison’s clan is the younger more visibly nuttery elements. Perez’s clan are the older, boomer generation, more insidious deeper long-term communist types.   Arguably Perez clan is more dangerous, Ellison’s clan is the type easier to poke fun of.

It is rumored that Team Ellison has a slight lead.  However, Team Perez has been pulling out all the psy-ops over the past several days to blunt Team Ellison.

Tonight at 10:00pm EST on CNN they debate:

If you’re watching, or just simply interested, join in the comments section.

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622 Responses to Tom Perez -vs- Keith Ellison For DNC Chair – CNN Debate 10pm Tonight…

  1. John says:

    Ellison was really channeling his inner Chuck Shumer today.

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  2. SR says:

    Only person can qualify for DNC chair is illegal mix race muslim with confused sex.

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  3. rsmith1776 says:

    Under this big Rainbow Umbrella, one has to ask, looking at the interactions between Ellison and Bootygig:

    would the gun-shoving mayor be first sacrificed under Muhammadochio’s Sharia, or would squadrons of the mayor’s deer-hunting boyfriends first convert the miniatural *propheteering* racketeer to their happy religion?

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  4. Jeffrey Leyerle says:

    I’m happy to hear that these DNC candidates who claim to have “vision,” have none whatsoever.

    I can sleep well knowing that the democratic party will continue its fight with President Trump, fight for the working man, create safe spaces for losers, steal back our wrongly stolen fairness from the evil President, create more inclusion, diversity and strength to…to…bring the party together and all.

    In the end I will cast my vote for the democrat that protects my right to have a good dinner. A right that should be fought for and protected for all Americans. A good dinner is just as much a right as free health care.

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  5. patrickhenrycensored says:

    This is what happens when the guests at an LSD party are given cat litter instead.

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  6. Bill Brown says:

    Keith, Keith….winning post is in sight….GO YOU GOOD THING !!

    Running one out one back, travelling well, perfectly positioned to destroy the Democrat Party as just another niche American hating ethnic weirdo. Bring your friends. Please. :-))


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  7. John says:

    O’Keefe going Wikileaks release style lends a little more intrigue for now today. No selective editing which is what he gets accused. Just release the tapes and people will find the goodies.

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  8. Joe says:

    If we could see the thought bubbles from Ellison’s mind, while he was listening to his adversaries, it would go something like this:

    “I’m throwing you off the building.” “Your getting a clitorectomy.” “Behead that MF!”

    You know, typical radical Muslim shlt.

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      I actually agree with this. At the very least, Ellison is a terrorist-enabler. I think he’s far more than that.

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      • mikeyboo says:

        And unfortunately, Perez is just as bigoted and crazy as Ellison. The difference is primarily one of presentation and style not “core values”.
        Debbie Wasserman Shultz was a paragon of inclusiveness and sanity compared to these two clowns. Bette Davis would have looked around the room and proclaimed her famous line: “What a dump!”


  9. rsmith1776 says:

    There’s something about Perez’s ho(a)rse (hearse?) voice that reminds me of:

    – Hillary Clinton’s voice when stopping one of her pathetic rallies after five minutes of light rain

    – a sick, emasculated Godfather saying “look what they did to my party”

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  10. Trumppin says:

    #DNCDebate Democratic Party of Hate

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  11. Trumppin says:

    Dems so blind to how they are losing

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  12. andi lee says:

    One more…for the DNC road ahead!


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  13. WVPatriot says:

    I was not able to view the debate tonight. What is the consensus of the night…and the winner is… ?

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  14. WVPatriot says:

    I am not a troll; however, I am not quite able to decipher responses tonight…. Not good feelings about The Refuge.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      You will get a mixture of whimsical, metaphorical, tangential and serious responses. I think it best not to let your involvement depend upon what kind or how many responses you get, nor upon how many “likes”, since many can’t or don’t give them. Just accept that there are many branches in the Treehouse, and that we don’t all chirp in unison or when one might expect. All that said, this place is not right for everybody, and even more to the point, it doesn’t always REMAIN right for everybody. The membership has truly reflected the changing times. It does take a while to get used to.

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      Mostly it was different viewpoints on how to, and who could unify the party and get out ‘their message’ to the voter.
      What NONE of them realize, or refuse to admit, is that the voters rejected their message.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      Just go with the flow for a couple of weeks. This is the best place to be for cutting edge political analysis (Sundance) and entertaining commentary (“Treepers”). That combination kept more than one of us from going over the edge the last few of years.
      Welcome to The Treehouse WVP.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Relax. Everyone is just enjoying a predictable own-goal in slow-motion.

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    • The Boss says:

      WVPatriot – Let me try to give context to what’s posted.

      Here’s what I and probably a lot of others did. I opened the CTH in two tabs. One tab was the debate live stream. The other was for posting commentary as the debate droned on. And on. And on……………………………………………………………………

      After a couple hours of leftist drivel from eight debaters, all chosen to highlight the shallow democrat vision of diversity (physical appearances rather than intellectual rigor) I think it’s fair to say we were all losing it. Especially those doing boilermakers when certain overused progressive trigger words were uttered with astounding frequency.

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    • pluffmudgirl says:

      I stumbled into the Treehouse sometime last summer but didn’t feel comfortable responding to posts until September or so. Yes, the Treehouse is a diverse place with folk of all backgrounds and perspectives. I love that. This is the only place I have found where you can ask a question or express an opinion about current events and actually have a conversation exchanging and exploring viewpoints. Your ideas may get taken apart during the exploration, but you will not be attacked for having a different opinion. (unless you are an obvious troll) When you climb the branches here, you will discover there is no conformity. There will be push and pull….we agree to disagree. There is sarcasm, dark humor and slapstick comic relief applied generously. This isn’t a “safe-place” but it is a haven for those who crave conversations without the politically correct bullshit.

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    • Dmi60ex says:

      As a fellow West Viginianite just take it in and read , You will get some insights , you will get the train running off the track sometimes , but in the long run you will learn more than you lose.
      Another blog that you can get a kick out of the comments is Gateway Pundit , the memes are killers and funny as h


  15. 3x1 says:

    If Ellison is not picked, we can call Democrats racist every time they play the race card.

    “we had a black President. Even the Republicans had a black chairman! (Michael Steele) The Democratic Party wants to disenfranchise black voters!”

    If they do pick him, every Muslim atrocity, which is not infrequent, should elicit calls for Ellison to disavow whoever the latest akbars are.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I think this is going to be most awesome. There are advantages to a Perez win. The guy is a snake, a liar, and a communist. I’m sure he left a wreck at DoL. He will be the face of the party, and he’s a punching bag with targets and villain faces all over it.

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      • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

        So was HRC but her supporters only viewed her through a prism of righteousness which is why I see disadvantages for a Perez win. He represents the same face of the party that has become the status quo under Obama. The advantage (for fracture of the party) lies in an Ellison win as Sundance has pointed out many times.

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  16. Steve says:

    So they can choose between a MUSLIM and a commie? WOW! The Dems are done for good. We win either way.

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  17. Martin says:

    Heretofore, I had no idea that they actually had a televised debate to determine who who would raise the rabble um “lead” this gaggle of oppressors. Seriously? Can there be any doubt which side who is on?

    One might think they had stumbled upon a Correspondent’s Dinner, with a split dais and only a small handful of hacks present. Yikes! Or a Politbureau meeting…

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  18. Rino Hunters United! says:

    DNC Chairman Debate Cliff notes:

    Tom Perez “I promise you I will burn down America!”
    Keith Ellison “I will burn down America and then bury her! Allah be praised”
    Tom Perez “I will burn down America and then bury her even DEEPER!”
    Keith Ellison “I will burn down America, cut her head off, bury her, and and build a Marxist Paradise.”
    Tom Perez “I will burn down America faster – and build a bigger marxist Paradise!”
    Keith Ellison “I will bury you and America!!! Allah be praised” (violently banging his shoe on podium.)

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  19. JAS says:

    The only way the Dimms win national elections is when candidates sell the ILLUSION of being centrists. The last ones of those were the Clintons and Bidens. The vacuum left by these “elders” is being filled by “micro agenda” focused moonbats, and that does not win general elections.

    A lot of millennials will be grownups the next election. These are not the 1960’s and millenials are not hippies, to the chagrin of “what’s left of the left” :).

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    • gwsjr425 says:

      In order to sell themselves as “centrist”, they must come off as conservative. They don’t.

      If you run down any democrat candidate website for policy positions, you’ll not that most of the planks in their platform have their philosophical origins in the Communist Manifeto.

      1. A Heavy progressive tax.
      2. High Inheritances taxes
      3. Government takeover of finances (i.e. mortgages, student loans)
      4. Constant advocacy of gov’t spending.
      5. Heavy regulation of industry.
      6. Expansion government control of education.
      7. Government control of business (i.e GM, banks and soon Medical)
      8. A ‘living wage’

      Its all there.

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      • WSB says:

        The commies are really sneaky good at repackaging their package. Just enough so the young buy in.

        This works really well if we wait until Ellison is chosen and then bring back the commie ban.


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    • John says:

      I think the Dims have abandoned that playbook. They no longer are going to try to appeal to people with traditional ideas and values, not just in the moral sense but also values of hard work and social responsibility. They are depending on the continued illegal immigration to create a minority-majority nation and plan to use Identity politics to win elections. That is why they are so determined to stop the wall from being built and the border from being enforced. And that’s why every one of their candidates was a member of one of the “victimized” Identity groups. Note that Howard Dean was going to run, but then apparently was told to drop out.

      As for the election of a DNC chair, I’ve read that the Clinton’s and Obama are backing Perez secretly (though not really a secret), and to me that means the fix is in. The Dims think they can fix anything, especially elections.

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    • Benson II says:

      They may not be hippies but their indoctrination started at a much earlier age and I venture there are a larger percentage if not as big a number as hippies, who have been indoctrinated. We’re in for a rocky road when these commie cupcakes come of age and try or succeed in running things.


  20. MfM says:

    As I have said many times when asked about why I’ve moved right. I say ‘I haven’t, the Democratic party has moved away from ME! ‘

    This debate once again proves it.

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  21. dave says:

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

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  22. trumpsbamagirl says:

    After watching this hot mess I would like to thank all of the candidates for clearly making the case for Donald Trump and for unintentionally increasing his support BIG LEAGUE!!!

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  23. Pigg says:

    Interesting clip at the end. I hope police showed up to help this officer. Seem like the gun discharged accidentally . Hopefully this kid and his parents are deported.


  24. Dukas says:

    Would it not be easier For Keith Ellison to use the Obama hordes that lie and cheat at the voting booth? Wouldn’t he have Soro’s rioting scum on speed dial? I would think that alone would make him a more formidable demonRat.


  25. jdvalk says:

    Still shaking my head that the heading of a political committee is a matter for a public “debate” on CNN.

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  26. gwsjr425 says:

    This should be the “debate” that solidifies the democrats as an anti-white party.

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  27. daughnworks247 says:

    I was supposed to take one for our team and watch the debate last night but missed it due to company. Check Last Refuge’s twitter feed. Hysterically funny.
    SOMEONE was on a roll last night. My compliments.

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  28. Prof. Woland says:

    Another thing, Ellison is a Muslim and sympathetic to the Palestinians. If he is elected, the money flowing into the Democratic Party will start to dry up quickly; particularly from (((large))) donors.

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    • LM says:

      Will it?

      The Jewish community largely supported Obama and ALL of his policies. They largely supported Hillary (and Huma)

      They supported the ACLU, open borders, Muslim refugees, etc.

      I question if they would abandon the democratic party because of Ellison.

      I truly don’t understand this. I love the people but do not understand their political allegiences. 🙁

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  29. Libertyvibe says:

    So, this is really the Sanders vs. Clinton crowd again. We know how this is going to end up don’t we? What a great opportunity to remind the Sanders brats how badly Hillary STOLE the election from Bernie, and don’t they want to turn all of their hatred and wrath towards her people?

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  30. Sandra says:

    I am just now watching this mess. It’s like the stereotype Olympics. Why is the gay dude wearing a vest instead of a suit? And nutty “white people should shut up” lady too. This is a job interview, wear a suit!

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    • Sandra says:

      I decided to fast forward and just randomly landed on nutty lady talking, and then Chris Cuomo asked Perez a question and called Perez “Chairman” (this is at 42:27). Well there we go. It’s done already, just like the Dem nomination. The debate, the contest to pick a new Chairman … it’s all just a show, a cover, because the Chairman has already been selected and it’s Perez and Ellison knows it. None of these other poor suckers ever had a chance, and they are too stupid to think that they did.

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      • WSB says:

        I agree, this was for show. Westminster for lizards.

        I had a great time reading the rest of the thread after the fact. Without spilling my coffee. I thank SD and the rest of you Treepers for such an entertaining read!

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    • mysticrose80 says:

      I started watching the video and had to stop. The comment thread here is hilarious; however, the actual video itself is no laughing matter (and that’s from watching just a fraction of it). All these circus freaks can talk about is how to get rid of President Trump. No offerings of real solutions to the REAL WORLD problems. It’s very sickening (I can’t believe I used to belong to that party eons ago. Thank goodness for the “red pill”.).

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  31. maga2016 says:

    omg everyone of them is a complete and utter moron

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  32. flawesttexas says:

    Good God…this is like deciding between the Black KKK and the Hispanic KKK (La Raza = The Race in English).

    No matter who wins…the Dems will be led by Hate

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  33. James W Crawford says:

    This presents an interesting choice for the Jews of the Democratic party. They can either support the Muslim whose avowed hatred of Jews is undeniable orbthey can support the candidate favored by the Clintons whove been so heavily influenced by Hama Abidin, the spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood. One might hope that Jewish Americans would be inspired to grow up, grow a brain and may be even grow a pair of testicles or ovaries.


    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      I don’t understand reasonable Jews who still support and vote demonrats.


      • mikeyboo says:

        Many liberals ,Jewish and non-Jewish, think their only choice is between the Democrat establishment and the Republican establishment. They haven’t yet begun to think outside the box and listen to Trump. Liberals listen to each other talk about Trump. They don’t really listen to Trump.
        The Jews are no more foolish in this regard than our prominent liberal churches- which unfortunately even include the Catholic Church under the current pope.
        Muslims are bent on destroying Christianity. Yet mainstream American churches insist on importing these would-be assassins. And, piling much worse upon really bad, they get tax payer dollars to do so. You would think they would take one look at Muslim persecution of Christians around the world and stand with Trump. But liberals are liberals first Christians as well as Jews.


        • CountryclassVulgarian says:

          The “churches” in the refugee business are another thing. They lift not an eyebrow let alone a finger as Christians are getting slaughtered but they are quite happy to use tax payers money to fund their “charity”. Catholic charities is the daddy of them all.

          But, as you said liberals are liberal first. Rage and virtue signaling are much more important than actually doing anything.

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  34. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Anybody doubted that CNN is the mouthpiece at the Democrat party, this should dispel any doubt.

    Who the F cares about the stupid debate between two obscure individuals flying for a party insider post?


    Except for DNC fanboys. Or, as they’re otherwise known, CNN.


  35. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Goodness!!! I did not watch. I can’t stomach it. I gather from Sundance’s analysis it’s the difference between a bullet to the head or a bullet to the chest. I sincerely hope the the demonrat party kills itself. They are turning off so many people and they don’t even know it. Just like he unmasked the republican wing of the UniParty, President Trump is now unmasking the demonrat wing. They are revealing their evil and depravity like we have never seen.

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  36. Maquis says:

    Every time I see Ellison I think Farakahn Mini-Me.

    Makes me sick.


  37. SamAnon says:

    Sure hope Ellison wins. It would push the Dims so so far to the far left that they won’t ever
    be elected dog catcher, much less POTUS. I also agree they would be less dangerous than
    a Perez led DNC.

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