Sunday Talks – Rush Limbaugh Fox News w/ Chris Wallace…

Swamp gatekeeper Chris Wallace interviews Rush Limbaugh about the inability of the swamp media to destroy their nemesis, President Trump.


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226 Responses to Sunday Talks – Rush Limbaugh Fox News w/ Chris Wallace…

  1. GForce says:

    The greatest lie is the one gift wrapped in truth.


  2. Leslie Ingersoll says:

    Love me some Rush, always have. We need him and his support and his audience of listeners on our side. I too think Rush reads the CTH, but doesn’t really give credit for their great work.
    Rush was the first to openly say ‘I HOPE HE FAILS’. I especially like it when Mark Steyn fills in. I’m less inclined to listen lately because of the CTH, where I am an avid reader of Sundance’s writings and of course the writings of those who post on CTH. Congratulations CTH for prepping Rush❤


    • Rush had already exposed the liberal playbook a decade before this site existed.
      I have heard Rush cite Brightbarts articles but Rush’s staff covers many sources.
      The CTH and Rush do different things.
      The CTH breaks news and brings us links to news, and allows us to comment on the news.
      Rush does not usually break news he reads the news, analyses the news and comments on the news.
      Sometimes it is days before he gets around to commenting because he’s has so much content.

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  3. Rush, like anyone else, is not to be completely trusted, but he is brilliant when it comes to understanding the left, and he has been consistent in his fight against their agenda. Like many, many people, he was not immediately on board with Trump, had reservations about him, but I can forgive him for that. He is a master at explaining exactly what the leftist agenda is and how to respond to it. Regarding the Bushes, we all have people in our lives that have supported us and helped us in important times of need, helped make our careers, saved us, etc. His loyalty to them doesn’t bother me because he’s been open about it, and I don’t see that loyalty taking a front seat in his support of Trump, especially in light of Jeb Bush being in the election mix. I continue to listen to him and agree with him most of the time.

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  4. barton2016 says:

    I’ll start listening to Rush when he ditches his $BILLION sponsors. Until then he is completely beholden to what they want. And most of their interests are not America first interests.


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