Sunday Talks – Vice President Mike Pence…

Vice President Mike Pence made the Sunday talk show circuit today with interviews on multiple networks:

NBC Mike Pence


CBS Face The Nation


ABC This Week



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61 Responses to Sunday Talks – Vice President Mike Pence…

  1. Siloam says:

    Snowflakes ❄️ can’t stand having adults in charge.

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  2. gettherejustassoon says:

    I simply detest “Yes, but” interviews. Always looking to set up the one interviewed so the interviewer can push an agenda under the guise of sincere (barf) interviewing.

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    • The Boss says:

      I detest so-called journalists who don’t have an original thought or scoop among them. As has been their habit since at least the primaries, the so-called journalists of ABC, CBS and NBC asked Pence the exact same questions, in practically the same order. Why? They fear Trump and Twitter will put them where they need to be – in the trash heap of illegitimacy and irrelevance.

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  3. freddy says:

    My liberal friends just keep it up how racist it is to deny countries mostly Muslim no admittance.I just shake my head and go back to a nightmare I once had…I thought someone up the road in San Bernadino had committed the most heinous crime I could imagine…I dreamed the FBI dropped the ball on warnings and that the black widow had entered the country on a sham visa fake marriage scam… It got worse as I knew someone…I dreamed they tried to blame anyone else and not call it Islamic terror…………….That day changed my mind forever……….

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  4. moosebytes says:

    So glad we have a Mike pence as VP.

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  5. I wish the administration would cease interviews with the NBC interviewer. He is such a fatuous ass.

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  6. Proud Texan says:

    I disagree about avoiding them. But once in a while, they need to reply with a “that’s about the dumbest question I’ve ever heard” or a chuckle and then, “really, that’s what you want to waste time discussing? How about we talk important stuff?”.
    Just to take them down a notch. But, they’d probably just edit it out.

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  7. maga2016 says:

    Why arent they boycotting the partisan hack and liar Cuck Toad?


    • LBB says:

      CNN got the cold shoulder from Trump team again this week. My elderly mother, of her own decision, stopped watching CNN. She said it is too bad they went so blatantly biased.

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  8. Mr.Right says:

    People encouraging islamic immigration to the US are beyond disgusting human being.

    Its the same ignorance that causes the rise of evil throughout history…
    They feel good personally, even so its hurting everyone else. Its despicable.

    islamophile are criminals by supporting the proliferation of an oppressive totalitarian ideology.

    I’m enraged at this level of ignorance from American, specially from Christians.
    Their is no excuses . Get educated about the subject before advocating for something as dangerous as islam !!!


    And no. the danger is NOT islamic terrosim… its simply and solely ISLAM.

    I hope Trump cant overcome our broken legal system. Judge obstructing justice, now the court of appeal siding with islam states to have free access to the US … INSANITY

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  9. M33 says:

    I dont know why I watch these videos. I always feel like I need to take a shower afterwards…

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      I wonder WHY TRUMP has his people give these interviews ….. Maybe I’m just clueless, But, really WHY ??


    • JC says:

      Same here, M33. Thinking of getting a hazmat suit to watch these kangaroo court agenda pushers, then a detox shower after.

      Having trouble even looking at them now, let alone listening to their identical regurgitated talking points from the Mother Ship. Todd looks like Satan, Dickerson like a smarmy snake oil salesman, and Georgie looks more freakishly like a gnome every day. We truly wear the life we live, choices we make and paucity or richness of spirit we embrace.


  10. majorstar says:

    Re: Putin is a Killer

    Todd put up a list of people who he and his network say Putin is suspected of murdering, and asks if is there any American politician who the same could be said about.

    Easy: Bill and Hillary Clinton

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    • maga2016 says:

      the same came to my mind

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Agree ! As I looked at that list I thought–you could put a similar list with the Clintons name over it !


    • RP says:

      Over 100 ‘suspicious’ deaths all having connections with the Clintons…”We came we saw, he died (cackle, cackle)…

      And Chuck – you seditious, treasonous rat – 10,000 deaths in Ukraine can more easily be pegged directly to Hillary, Victoria Nuland and their coup of a Democratically elected government then President Putin.

      Chuck the balding goatee token redneck used to just annoy me – but last year he has pegged my loathing meter. Listen carefully to that slime ball – he has one purpose, one agenda and that is to create confusion, chaos, doubt and worry.

      I trust his time will come soon to plea for forgiveness and mercy….

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  11. WhyNot132 says:

    Pence is boring, and many of his answers could be improved, but he always comes prepared and doesn’t make mistakes.

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  12. paulraven1 says:

    I’ll start watching these again when I hear someone from Trump’s camp ask a media tool, “have you people lost your minds” or otherwise display total in-your-face contempt. Until then — I’m not interested.

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  13. spaulj67 says:

    A religion based on the teachings of a mass murderer, what could go wrong? To be a moderate Muslim one must reject the teachings of their prophet. A prophet that Allah says is the best example of a Muslim. Thus Islam cannot be reformed. The best we can hope for is that a significant majority eventually reject it when finally given the freedom to do so. This is a higher form of charity, helping Muslims escape Islam not pandering to the evil it represents to all men of good will.

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  14. Piper says:

    Mr. Hodges can be a bit of an alarmist IMO- been following him for years. He is an article with a little more info into the muslum/commie inflitration of the SS


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      The fired individuals apparently were not Secret Service agents, but rather were contractors working for the Secret Service. I would bet, though, that the story behind this is interesting. Could it be related to the Congressional IT guys who were caught doing all sorts of nefarious things? It would be nice to know.

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  15. gary says:

    Trump team needs to rethink how to take on the media. They are going against leftist media, and they have to come out in a way that defends Trump, Mike P thinks Trump says “stupid” things, and you can tell how he answers the question, he though Trump was “stupid” for saying the thing about we aren’t as saintly as a nation either.

    Trump tells it like it is, and Trump needs someone who sits down with Trump to find out “exactly what Trump means”, and then put it words that make it sound like it’s the right thing.

    The USA has done questionable things throughout it’s history. That is a fact. We were acting in our “self-interest” as a country, and the CIA’s job is to do secret stuff to make sure our country comes out on top. Mike is a pussy, but I understand Trump needed someone like that to soften the lumps. 🙂
    I like Mike but he back-peddles Trump statements and it must frustrate Trump, it would frustrate me.
    Go Trump Go!

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      People only do what you Allow them to do to you, And IMO, Pence ALLOWS the MSM to bully and make fun of TRUMP and his people instead of telling them to ” go to hell”……

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    • WhyNot132 says:

      well said


      • singingsoul says:

        What I like to know how come the media has such low opinion of POTUS..? They behave as if he only finished grate school and has no world smarts ..?
        I believe POTUS is very bright went to a very good school and has a good education. The dehumanizing that is going on is astounding and the disrespect they show him. I have never seen anything like it.
        President Trump has done nothing that I find offensive but maybe that is my own temperament the way I see things. I love people who are very bright and love it when they push the envelope and have fresh ideas and new solutions for old worn out problems that do not work.


  16. AmyB says:

    I think it would be great if President Trump addressed the nation from the oval office tonight. I would start with a short silent film recap of 911, including the poor souls who jumped from the heat to their deaths. Hopefully, the film will state, “Never Forget!” at the end. Then I would ask, “How could ( the democrats, the judge, whomever, I’m not sure what word would be best here) forget 911?”. I would read my EO and explain what those words mean and importantly, what they don’t mean.. I would tell the country exactly why he issued the order and what he is hoping to achieve.

    I know he’ll be criticized for using the 911tragedy to achieve his political agenda. Who cares? Unfortunately, 911 will forever be tied to national security. It is connected. The left and globalists are using emotions to state their case, ie. the poor children, the downtrodden who are being affected. No emotion is stronger than what was felt by the citizens of this country on 911.


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  17. Ask yourself, would you go sit down and talk to someone who hates you ? Who wants you to fail, who wants to make you look foolish, would you ? I would not.
    Media 96% LIB dems. They hate us and DJT.

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  18. gary says:

    The Trump Team should come out in a way that turns the tables on MSM. Go on the offensive, and ask the different stations, “why do you dislead the american people about this or that?”
    Say I’ll come to the interview if it is LIVE and not “edited”, and if you ask me a question, I get to ask you a question too about your reporting of this”.

    And Trump Team needs to come to these MSM interviews ready for GAME! To show the American Public what losers MSM really are. To show the American Public what slimballs the MSM are.

    Trump Team need to learn from the New England Pats, they come prepared for the game, practice for the game, and have some good plays ready to take down the other side.

    The Trump Team needs to protect the quarterback Trump, and realize this the most important game of their life.

    And then Trump can do a very prepared statement from oval office, maybe with video or slide-show, explaining the corrupt MSM media.

    Mike Pence is positioning himself as “Nice Guy” , so when congress tries to replace Trump because of rep backstabbers.
    We are only 2 weeks in, and already Mike is back-peddling Trumps statements. I sure hope Prebius is not part of the Trump takedown , and a spy for Ryan.

    Go Trump Go
    And watch your back! Mr. President

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    • LM says:

      It is amazing to see pink hatted people in the Northeast wearing a Brady jersey.

      People are fervent in their support of Brady. Why?
      He wins.

      So, my advice to those who call our President and his supporters racist for wanting to enforce our laws, and those of us who want to ban most Muslim immigrants (I do not personally discriminate as to country of origin, having researched the religion) is to obtain pictures of the slaughtered Christians of Africa and of the Middle East and display them while firmly demanding respect for both our President and our opinions and perhaps suggesting that they do their own research.

      I do not believe these victims of terrorism are predominately white…perhaps that is why the left does not share our anguish about what has happened to them. President Trump does.

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    • singingsoul says:

      gary “Mike Pence is positioning himself as “Nice Guy” , so when congress tries to replace Trump because of rep backstabbers.
      We are only 2 weeks in, and already Mike is back-peddling Trumps statements. I sure hope Prebius is not part of the Trump takedown , and a spy for Ryan.”

      Today when I heard Schumer shout “Dump Trump” the same thought came to mind.
      The people mindless repeating Schumer’s chant like brainwashed people whose brain does not function properly to discern right from wrong.
      I believe when Pence says I am a Christian first and if Pence ever does otherwise it will be a blow to Christians. He will stand with DJT.

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  19. andi lee says:

    Huh. Who knew? A male offspring.

    Wonder if Jack a chip off the whoremonger’s block?

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  20. Sunshine says:

    Pence is going to school, Trump training school. In eight years, Pence will be the next POTUS.


  21. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    VP Pence is a good and patient man for putting up with people trying to talk over him while he is trying to answer the “questions”. What the heck? All this outrage over President Trump trying to do something for this country, and not a peep when Obysmal consistently acted against the country. I cannot wait for the legacy media to wither on the vine and blow away… I look forward to when civility and respect is restored instead of sniveling and contempt is the view held.


  22. I agree with Trump that we are killers also; give me a break..we’ve overturned governments all over the world…we are murderers. I supported Trump originally because of his foreign policy and non interventionist policies…I do not believe we are morally superior to Russia at all….how many innocent people did Obama kill with his drones….disgusting.

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  23. deh3k says:

    Pence is great. He is not Trump and would not pull off Trump’s provocative comments well. But he’s an excellent speaker and gets the Administration talking points across.


  24. deh3k says:

    Amusingly, Trump has all the media discussing whether we are killers. Considering how complicit the media has been in government action, they might be best off to ignore that comment entirely. Yet again, they fall into the trap. How many people are busy googling “Who has the U.S. killed?”

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  25. Mike diamond says:

    Chuck Todd needs to go work at a carnival,or state fair the dude doesn’t do well on TV! He seems to have a lot of dis respect for the president and vice president! And he has a spoiled brat altitude!

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  26. QuestGirl says:

    CBSv= Nitwit interview.
    ABC = Well done George. This interview covered alot of ground. Well done. The best interview on MSM I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t have cable, so no FOX in my home. As with Jake Tapper, it appears George has aged these past 3 months from not sleeping.

    For what it’s worth, ABC has always been my favorite news source, before the MSM became the readily known MSM. I turned them off in 2011/12. I turned them back on about a week before the election. Also, George has given thousands to our homeless shelter out here in the Midwest.


  27. lexie2007 says:

    Chuck Todd gives me heartburn. Every time he does an “interview” it’s more like a prosecutor trying to prove a case that has no substance.


  28. jmclever says:

    Except for being KGB, that list Chuck Todd put up on Putin could equally apply to Hillary Clinton.


  29. fleporeblog says:

    Right Direction or Wrong Direction (Rasmussen Poll) – From the Point DJT was elected to now
    Date Right Direction Wrong Track
    Jan 29-Feb 02 46% 49%
    Jan 22-26 47% 47%
    Jan 15-19 38% 54%
    Jan 8-12 35% 55%
    Jan 2-5 31% 59%
    Dec 26-29 33% 57%
    Dec 18-22 33% 56%
    Dec 11-15 33% 56%
    Dec 4-8 35% 55%
    Nov 27-Dec 1 31% 59%
    Nov 20-22 30% 58%
    Nov 13-17 33% 58%
    Nov 6-10 32% 60%

    Right Direction or Wrong Direction (Rasmussen Poll) – President Obama same time last year
    Jan 29-Feb 02 28% 65%
    Jan 22-26 31% 62%
    Jan 15-19 32% 63%
    Jan 8-12 30% 63%
    Jan 2-5 28% 67%
    Dec 26-29 26% 67%
    Dec 18-22 26% 66%
    Dec 11-15 26% 66%
    Dec 4-8 24% 68%
    Nov 27-Dec 1 25% 68%
    Nov 20-22 28% 63%
    Nov 13-17 25% 67%
    Nov 6-10 28% 67%


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