MUST WATCH – Official Swearing In Ceremony for Secretary Rex Tillerson Held in the Oval Office (Video)…

Folks you just gotta watch this.  President Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence participate in an Oval Office swearing in ceremony for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Prior to the swearing in, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, delivers deliberate and personal remarks of congratulations and appreciation for Secretary Tillerson and his wonderful wife Renda St. Clair.

This remarkable, decent, strong and yet humble man will now be the representative face of the United States, and the Trump administration, to the rest of the world.  Secretary Rex Tillerson a guiding light and a servants heart. How intensely blessed and fortunate we are.  WATCH:


This is such a powerful moment in our nation’s history, bearing witness brings forth a deep and emotional pride.



…”And we knew; everyone would be safer – and we were so very thankful”..


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297 Responses to MUST WATCH – Official Swearing In Ceremony for Secretary Rex Tillerson Held in the Oval Office (Video)…

  1. Papoose says:

    Wow. Now the lights are on and the “Fake News” meme will come into play as the treachery will be revealed. Yellow journalism and propaganda is what we have been dealing with all these years. The term “Fake News” was invented for this moment, merely a decoy to condition us. It is nothing more than a preemptive strike as the Truth becomes known to the Cabinet. Remember when you hear the term “fake news” its just more of the same, yellow journalism and unadulterated propaganda. Looking forward to Jeff Sessions to come on board.

    God bless America and have no pity on the Domestic Enemies as they are revealed in the days to come.

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  2. MK Wood says:

    So refreshing. These people are so genuine and sincere. I am so grateful for Trump and the people he has chosen to MAGA.

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  3. Concerned Virginian says:

    Dear God, what a good feeling to be watching ADULTS in the room!

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  4. Grace Anne says:

    So much Goodness before us.

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  5. Ploni says:

    By the way, watching Secretary Tillerson being sworn in . . . this reminds me . . .

    How was Hillary Clinton qualified to be Secretary of State?

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  6. missmarple2 says:


    Thank you so much for posting this video. I don’t have cable, so these videos are very important to me.

    I noticed that President Trump said that Secretary Tillerson’s life had been leading up to this.

    I honestly believe that most of these cabinet members are guided by the hand of God, and may He bless them as they go about repairing our nation.

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    • notstuckonstupid says:

      Pastor Darrell Scott made a similar observation tonight on Dobbs, with regard to people ready and willing to help with Chicago’s renewal. God has been moving good people into place to fulfill their destinies.

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      • Sunshine says:

        Yes, something special, you can feel it, hovering over. Such a beautiful couple, they are. Mrs. Tillerson is beaming with pride and love for the new SoS.

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    • I too don’t have cable and depend on CTH for these videos and want to say Thank You to Sundance.

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      • Bruce Fauth says:

        Thanks for the vids here. I have cable but rarely turn on the TV. Too much crap on it. If it wasn’t for some college football in the fall, I would hardly watch any TV. Turned off the NFL after their crap and the politicizing of the Super Bowl (commercials and half-time Trump bash) I won’t even tune in THE GAME.

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  7. barton2016 says:

    Good for him. I bet he doesn’t even set up a server in his bathroom

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  8. Jim Rogers says:

    Nearly as good as being there!!! Donald, Mike and Rex ~ three damned good men!!! MAGA has begun!!!

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  9. I’m not saying I’m getting tired of winning, but had I known what the pace would be, I would have spent the last couple months doing some cross training

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  10. Did anyone else catch Trump’s last words to Tillerson “He left a very good job for this.” is what I thought I heard and Trump gave Tillerson a friendly pat. This is how real people act and it’s been a long time since we’ve had regular people in positions of power where they can maybe make this country and the world better. God bless and protect them

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  11. lbmomblog says:

    My take on video:
    I sensed pride, when a man or woman – nonpolitician – can take the oath of office to become the United States Secretary of State – and to have gotten their (to that pie in the sky) from the roads of life, one step at a time, nothing more than a curvy winding stairway, only to land at the top – and have his / her moment to serve one’s Country, and, to have had to pass the mustard in order to be allowed to serve in such a capacity. Yes, I sensed TRex’s and wife’s pride.

    And I sensed Jubilation from President Trump.
    And from Vice President Pence I sensed a mission to ensure the rocket had all its paperwork in order – so no one would be able to even begin to stop it.

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  12. I’m seeing reports of leaked transcripts of conversations Trump had with Mexico and Australia. At first I was really annoyed but I’m wondering a bit if this may have been a bit of a controlled leak.

    In the case of Mexico, Trump makes it clear that Pinata has no handle on the cartels and stresses what a bad deal US has vis a vis the Australian refugees. Might he want the public to know he is calling these things out? Or is this definitely a bad mole in the administration?

    Thoughts welcomed.


  13. Apfelcobbler says:

    What a great 24 hours!! SCOTUS, Tillerson, and Nigel “manslaining” the arrogant EU Parly with his signature humorous relief!

    Dennis Miller suggested a national “separation” on BOR tonite (in lieu of a divorce) with walls to contain the geographical liberal fringes. He described a new state of “Maxico” on the West Coast.

    And then BOR introduced a snippet of the Bud Lite SuperBowl commercial. Fox’s cheap labor bias is difficult to contain (ditto for reactionary beer companies) and I wonder how this will all go down on the field with Lady Gaga’s moralizing immigration art farting. It could be a noxious scene!

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    • Maquis says:

      The freaking MSM and their obnoxiously noisy cameras made much of that unintelligible to me.


      In this day and age, they should be required to use silent technology. Even not in the picture, they found a way to be in it; by peeing on the carpet.

      Hate those mendacious traitors.

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      • Maquis says:

        Sorry, mini-Android strikes again! Thie above was not meant as a reply to you…or anyone. However, the post below was indeed a reply, a not so, hmm, charitable, take on Gag-gag’s future. Ugh.


    • Maquis says:

      Well, she’s supposed to be on the rooftop, baby?

      As I understand it, God does little things all the time with weather -n- stuff, y’know, like wind? And there’s that gravity bit…

      In any case, Karma catches All.


  14. Rick says:

    You can tell Mike is the one who seems to know where everybody should stand and such, but the swearing-in itself and the way everybody speaks and carries themselves imparts a refreshing genuineness that I’m not sure I’ve seen before in federal politics. Obviously, all these people are unbelievably successful professionals, but they still manage to come across as living, breathing people trying to do a job. I take some comfort in seeing that. I know Tillerson is going to do a fine job.

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    • Cortiecram says:

      I am reminded of the line “dear hearts and gentle people”. They look Iike folks I’d like to invite over for a cup of tea.

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      • Happy go lucky says:

        Yes, I recognized it as well. They were gentle with one another, out of respect for the enormity of the moment and their dedication to the difficult path they are embarking on. May God bless and keep them.


    • well said, Rick! I felt the same thing, but couldn’t put my finger on it until you articulated it. It seems that one of Mike’s many jobs is to make sure that everyone is displayed in the best possible way at all possible times. We are so blessed.


    • Benson II says:

      When he took the oath of office it really came home to me how little that oath has meant to so many who took it before.
      This swearing in was so beautiful and so honest it’s a good thing I always have a box of tissues handy.


  15. We Trusted in God and we Trusted in Trump, we knew both the Lord and Trump would never fail us if we kept the faith and vocalized our Trust.

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  16. Venus says:

    I LOVE T-Rex’s voice.

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    • Me too Venus. His wife looks lovely and lovingly at Rex. Just the down to earthiness of it all. I was never that into politics, but I do not ever remember seeing so much of the Oval Office. Maybe President Trump is sharing it with us.

      One thing caught my attention, when Trump was talking about countries being in extreme contention with each other. It reminded me of the Fabians heating up the world and then shaping it to their hearts desire. The chaos, fighting and war mongering is all on purpose. The globalist have planted these seeds years ago.

      President Trump, Pence, Tillerson, Sessions, Gorsuch and all the new cabinet are taking on the world, with enemies within. Can you imagine leaving Exxon as CEO, having to liquidate all your stocks/bonds, forgo an enormous salary and probably a very nice job, and then walk into this vipers nest. The amount of Tillerson and all our new administrations sincere love and loyalty to this country is astounding, to say the least.

      I sincerely believe they are doing this gut wrenching job because of a higher calling. I believe they are serious and sincere when they say they are doing it for love of this country and her people.

      I’ve tweeted Rex and let him know how proud and honored we the people are for his decision to take on the SOS and it’s enormity.

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    • TexasRanchQueen says:

      Me too. A strong powerful voice can be a very effective tool.


    • NJF says:

      Same. As he took his oath I thought, “oh yea I could listen to him talk all day long!”

      Another silver fox.

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    • spacette55 says:

      I’ve been watching him in old Youtube interviews speaking as the CEO of Exxon Mobile to Charlie Rose, the CFR and others. He’s a marvelously precise speaker with no “hemming and hawing” in his speech patterns — good declarative sentences that make sense to common people about the complex subject of oil exploration. He’s already personally acquainted with world leaders. He’s an asset to our nation and the Trump cabinet.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Me too. It’s that wonderful Texas drawl that I never get tired of listening to. I could listen to it all day. It’s unlike any other accent, it is unique to Texans. I find it very sexy too.

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  17. LBB says:

    Congrats to Tillerson. He has been one of my favorite selections. President’s last comment that Rex gave up a good job for this, applies to many others who have agreed to serve our country.
    May we all continue to help MAGA. It sure has been worth it already.

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  18. Jim Rogers says:

    In less than two-weeks as POTUS, Donald J. Trump has replaced Usain Bolt as “The World’s Fastest Man!”

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  19. mrboxty says:

    It’s 2017. Can we get some freaking silent camera shutters?

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  20. Red says:

    President Trump has chosen real Gentlemen. I feel like I’m dreaming. Just compare the caliber of men he has chosen to the McCain’s, Schumer’s and all R’s and D’s in Washington. It absolutely amazing, truly a Dream Team….

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    • deanbrh says:

      Red, when you think about it, the caliber of the people in Congress reflects the job, which is a matter of living apart from family, sitting and listening to way too many dull and lifeless speeches, and busting your pick to get re-elected every 6 years, just for starters. Not many would want such a job. In congress we get a whole bunch of losers who would do something else if they could.


  21. Jack says:

    I still don’t like what he did to the Boy Scouts.


    • greenvalleygal says:

      I’ll bite. What did he do to the Boy Scouts? Tillerson himself is an Eagle Scout.


      • milktrader says:

        Allowed gay scout leaders, iirc


        • amjean says:

          And what did you expect him to do? Allow
          the organization to get sued out of existence?

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        • susiepuma says:

          And if girls feel like a boy, they can join the Boy Scouts ….it was announced today. Guess that means that the boys can infiltrate the Girl Scouts…………………..
          Sick, sick, sick…………………


        • BAM says:

          We listened to Lars Larson yesterday, and he was talking to someone from the Boy Scouts of America, can’t remember who though. Now Lars appears to be against allowing gay people in the program, but the person said that the individual troops are sponsored by various groups or individuals and the individual troops have autonomy about the nature of their specific group. So if there were to be a “transgender” person, they would have to find a group that was accepting of them, even it it were to be on the other side of town. To me this was a strong indication of avoiding massive lawsuits while maintaining some integrity.

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          • this makes sense to me… avoid the expensive, drawn-out and very public lawsuits. Let the bigmouth fringe groups try and form groups within the Boy Scouts if they REALLY feel compelled to put actions where their mouths were. let the whole issue fade into the sunset or let a few of these groups, if any are going to come into being, co-exist within the organization peaceably.


    • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

      State your beef and back it up with links. Rex Tillerson has a lifetime affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America and gave a very moving key note address in October. Listen to it and you’ll understand the man and what makes him uniquely qualified to serve as our Secretary of State. He is a humble Godly man driven to make sound decisions based on a foundation of morals and values, many derived from his experiences while in the Boy Scouts.

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  22. Roy says:

    Wonder what Mitt is thinking right now?

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  23. JT says:

    this appointment is about business, nothing more. roffles @ “servants heart”.


  24. ruralnc says:

    What a wonderful event! I love reading all the positive comments and share in your joy. After the video Sundance posted my favorite picture, the father pointing for his son to the Lion In The Sky as I have named it: “…And we knew; everyone would be safer -and we were so very thankful…” I realized tonight that Sundance’s words under each picture reflect an ongoing story he has begun to write for us. Thank you, Sundance!! I look forward to the next installation of your story.

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  25. parteagirl says:

    Having grown up in Texas, he sounds just like all the men I’ve grown up around. He’s “sturdy stock.” Makes this Texan heart proud.

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  26. JC says:

    It is profoundly clear that the chasm widens between the white and black hats. Secretary Of State Tillerson’s swearing in symbolizes this in a succinct demonstration of class, dignity, moral strength, integrity, wisdom and intelligence. From President Trump and Vice President Pence, to Secretary of State and Mrs. Tillerson, the obvious humility and gratitude for the privilege to serve is as refreshing as it is deeply touching.

    The contrast to past administrations is breathtaking, even heartbreaking. Instead of the clawing narcissistic, power-hungry theft of money and power across the board, we are watching what true service, honor and righteousness looks like. Our demise at the hands of usurpers, traitors and globalists was nearly complete, and now…

    Thank you, God. Thank you, Mr. President.

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  27. Lucille says:

    A very subdued President after spending the day with the family of Chief Special Warfare Operator William Owens. Those kinds of heartfelt and emotional meetings will be, by far, the hardest days of his presidency. The weight of office is very heavy, indeed.

    May God continue to give President Trump strength, courage and wisdom.

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  28. Beverly says:

    Watching this ceremony, it crossed my mind that the America-Haters Party thought that an out-and-out traitor, John Effin Kerry, deserved to be our Secretary of State. And now, this decent, intelligent man, with his wealth of international experience, will be one of our chief stewards/caretakers.

    A fresh, clean wind is blowing through Washington tonight.

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  29. Coldeadhands says:

    God’s speed Rex Tillerson.

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  30. RJ says:

    Secretary Tillerson will have a big job flushing out the Muslim Brotherhood from the State Department. They have infiltrated like head lice and have to be removed with no remorse.

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  31. RedBallExpress says:

    What is with all the camera shutter noise on all these events? It can be turned off. Is this what they want?


    • Landslide says:

      Yes, it drives lots of us crazy!!!! Someone posted pics today in the main thread of 2 models currently for sale that have silent shutters. I would personally buy one and donate!! It is so annoying and seems disrespectful at a serious moment. That aside, GO TRex!!! Make Dignity Great Again!!!

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      • Benson II says:

        Durn that just proves how old I am. This has always been common place noise so I didn’t think anything of it. Whether it was Hollywood stars (ones whose opinions we never had to suffer through) or meeting of heads of states the shutters sounds were always part of picture taking.


  32. Bull Durham says:

    Well, we have a strong, intelligent man. He will need wisdom and God’s guidance to chart a peaceful course in a world that is in flux. We need to make friends with and cooperate with nations that can be very unlike traditional allies. I pray he has the gifts to do that.

    Our past course of history for 80 years has been filled with war and misery. Maybe Trump and Tillerson can accomplish Peace through Strength.

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  33. NJF says:

    Wonderful ceremony and remarks by POTUS and SoS T-Rex.

    I’m very thankful that so many non-politicians have stepped up to serve. That despite the media onslaught against POTUS there were those willing to sit with him and learn his true character.

    I view Sessions the same way.

    May God look guide them and look after them.


    • …and over the coming years, may the American People see that regular people are BEST SUITED for the jobs of serving the People’s interests….not self-serving, self-important, dangerously connected and easily corruptible ‘career politicians’. May we be spoiled by this group and never go back to the old again!


  34. EbonyRapror says:

    I’ve heard others say it before but it’s worth repeating – President Trump is constructing his cabinet with top notch people who have risen to the top of their fields in the real world, not with political cronies and theoreticians from academia and the DC swamp. These are people who earned their way to success and hence know what it takes to work hard to succeed. I’m very impressed with the people President Trump has chosen and very encouraged they will do well.

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  35. Smith says:

    We need AG Sessions, when is AG Sessions going to be sworn in………..


  36. Bob says:

    A lefty!


  37. justfactsplz says:

    Well it’s about time they confirmed Mr. Tillerson. Next up, Jeff Sessions. He should have been confirmed long before now. These progressive weasels fighting President Trump’s picks tooth and nail are showing their black ugly hats and hearts.

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  38. Jack says:

    MUST WATCH: God is not going to bless Rex Tillerson. Stop asking Him.


  39. Alison says:

    Heart full of pride & gratitude for these men & their families. What a stellar team President Trump has assembled. We are blessed to bear witness & to know that it was all of us who were instrumental in righting our Ship of State.

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  40. SpanglishKC says:

    Watching this ceremony and all the others so far and seing Mike Pence;s involvement you get the sense that this is the most trusted, involved, respencted and supportive VP ever. I don’t recall ever noticing that in any other Administration in the modern era.

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    • nhgardengram says:

      I think it is awesome that THIS VP is going to be relevant and involved. Past ones have been more or less sidelined. Not this one! President Trump knows how to pick and then utilize all his resources to WIN for America. God Bless them all!!


  41. psadie says:

    At last, a Cabinet made up of “Professional Executive/Businessmen”…Thank you God!

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  42. ZC says:

    Thank you for posting this video. I also do not watch tv, I hunt for videos on YouTube of speeches by our elected officials (and those of other countries, as well). For me, that, and conservative internet news such as this site, is as close to the “horse’s mouth” one can get, to bypass the mostly swamp media.

    It is such a blessing to see normal, humble, intelligent people with integrity stepping up to the plate to serve our country at this time. Many prayers are answered.

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  43. Thank you, sundance, for making it possible for all of us to participate in this awesome ceremony of a very important job. I felt so proud. The men on display (POTUS, VPOTUS and Secretary Tillerson) exude strength, wisdom, restraint and confidence. Makes this old-fashioned girl feel safe, hopeful and well-cared for.

    Also, POTUS Trump laid out the scope of this SoS job in NO uncertain terms, while clearly laying out a scathing judgement against past administrations and how they have helped to create the very dangerous and unstable world that is today. God speed to our new leaders.

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    • skeinster says:

      Pres Trump’s remarks actually made me cry and that’s unusual.
      The Left doesn’t understand- we don’t want a bully to make others do what we
      want- we want strong leadership that makes us as safe as possible, so we can take care
      of ourselves and others.
      Mr. Tillerson, you have our support!

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      • deanbrh says:

        Can’t you just imagine, after having watched Obama’s Apology tour, how impressed ALL the foreign leaders will be with Tillerson. He’s impressive before he even opens his mouth.

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  44. Shootingstar says:

    I’ve read, and it makes perfect sense, that Session’s vote is being delayed because his Senate vote may be crucial to the DeVos vote.

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  45. mamadogsite says:

    This sentiment has been posted on many threads the past few days, but bears repeating.


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  46. gettherejustassoon says:

    Sec. Tillerson speaks for first time at State Department (12 mins 11 secs) – He doesn’t disappoint, not at all. He will do America proud!


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