DHS Secretary James Kelly Outlines “Extreme Vetting” and XO Visa Restrictions…

DHS Secretary James Kelly explains that DHS is still researching alternatives to enhance the background screening processes for “extreme vetting”, which will likely include research into foreign national applicant activity with websites, social media and phone records.

WASHINGTON DC – “We have to be convinced that people who come here, there is a reasonable expectation that we know who they are, and what they’re coming here for, and what their backgrounds are,” Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told reporters Tuesday. [video of press conference below]

General Kelly reiterated that Trump’s order — which suspended most travel from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen — is “not a ban on Muslims,” contrary to Democratic characterizations of the order. “Religious liberty is one of our most fundamental and treasured values,” he said. (Article from Washington Examiner)


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82 Responses to DHS Secretary James Kelly Outlines “Extreme Vetting” and XO Visa Restrictions…

  1. It is about time we had some adults in the room instead of frightened little girly boys who afraid of their own shadows and afraid of attending everyone.

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    • Offending not attending, cotton picking auto correct

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    • bertdilbert says:

      I really don’t see why this should even be news. Trump campaigned on this and they even gave him a week of hell and “Trump was finished” for the 106th time. It was all restated at several rallies that he was going to impose extreme vetting. Now the press acts like it was some kind of big surprise.

      The fact that the press is acting shocked and surprised is in itself dishonest.

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      • Ann84 says:

        Obama’s uni-action on Cuban migration his last day in office surprised the heck out of me; We’ve heard very little about it and certainly no outcry.

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      • Old fogey says:

        I think the whole thing is “news” to the press is that they were not paying attention to what Mr. Trump was saying on the stump. They probably still are not listening carefully to whatever President Trump says – since they cannot accept the fact that he was chosen by the people for this office.

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      • piper567 says:

        bet not a one of them ever saw a TRUMP rally

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      • filia.aurea says:

        This was very painful to watch. Gen/Secy Kelly has the patience of Job. Actually, he was treating the presstitutes as one would a two year old.


      • It’s Democrat theatrics. They used the same tactic in 2000 and,uch to my surprise, it worked to hamper Bush. But, Trump is not a weenie like Bush. Trump has shown he is willing to fight for me, but even if he has a lapse, I know with certainty that Trump will fight for Trump. Unlike Bush’s spineless New Tone, Trump’s new tone is big, bold, brash, and unwaiveringly patriotic.


  2. bunkers says:

    John Kelly in the intro….

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  3. freepetta says:

    The libs enjoy re-characterizing things. That’s their spinning of the truth to pathological lies. They are slime!

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  4. Bull Durham says:

    This press conference gave me a revelation. Not only that Kelly is more than a stuff shirt 4 Star of 46 years who happens to have a great resume, but a man who is quick, decisive, a leader, with huge capabilities; and his team, the men who run the other parts of the DHS are really sharp and connected. These are not desk jockeys. These men are “on the job” for the People.

    It also depicted the “spinning hyenas”, as Howie illustrates the children with press credentials, in their usual ignorant patterns.

    We have a good start on securing the border and making America safer.

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    • ZZZ says:

      The tone comes from the top down.

      Our President has our backs.

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      • piper567 says:

        One of the nicest side-effects of men such as this lining up in support of our Great Country is to see so many young men responding with enthusuasm to Actual Men in high places. (and, yes, a few women, such as Vos)
        Yes, it starts with TRUMP…What an example of hard work, focus, action, decision making, boldness…and one response was to immediately attract young people who have never really been involved in politics.
        There is real growth in this constituancy, as evidenced by the phenominal growth of The_Donald, as well as a vocal minority involvement.
        The other half of this growth presents as the scorn these young men heap upon young women [?]who have no common sense, no pride, no direction, etc., and there is a sort of defining and connecting going on with these young people, as they find each other so easily today…which gives me great hope.
        I am thrilled that these young people can smell caca when it lands in front of them, and have chosen to align themselves with the models and policies that TRUMP is putting forward; these young people have a stake in the success of this Country, and are enthusiastic for MAGA.
        Thank You, Lord, for this respite you have given us. We are grateful.

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    • Lack is not all says:

      And this process gave me the perfect idea of how ignorant, low information people form our cadre of periodists. Its amazing the low quality of the questions and the redundance of them. Very seldom I payed attention to these conferences before the Trump government. Now that I do I am surprised and ashame for the quality of these questioners. They go blatantly after gossip, no substance and continuously that feeling in the air of I want to get you. Really really an open minder to me. Thats why they lie at the end because they dont have enough for an article when they start writing it. I think the majority of this people have to go back to secondary school. These people sounded young but even the older ones that participate in Sean’s sessions come out as aggressive persons unhappy that they have to shorten their opiparous lunches and the questions are not only gotcha also but very unimaginative as well. Dont they do tgeir home work? Where are the good quality professionals?

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      • Singingsoul says:

        What struck me is that they suspended presidents order when the judge got involved.
        What happens when one of these people who got a waver comit jihad who can we blame?

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    • Kelly let the air out of the media’s narrative. It was annoying to watch the media strive to reinflate their narrative, but satsfying to watch Kelly calmly keep them from doing so. The last I heard the media was left claiming that Kelly’s story conflicted with reports from unnamed sources — how lame.


  5. snaggletooths says:

    John Kelly is no nonsense just what we need

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  6. Andrew E. says:

    Just shut down the borders indefinitely. If we never took another middle eastern immigrant or refugee, what would we be losing?

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  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    Finally it is so needed. It does not matter if their family is clean, its them personally.
    The female San Bernnardino shooter was not/barely vetted because she was a bride. That should not matter.

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  8. petszmom says:

    the stupidity continues no matter what the group of scum media: ‘WHEN did you know he would sign the XO?”….gosh, ABC, didn’t you travel with the trump press corps during his campaign. Kelly answered: a year and a half ago. just jaw dropping.

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    • trumpsbamagirl says:

      I laughed out loud when he said, “a year and a half ago”- Way to shove it back in their faces with elegance and charm! 🙂 Very Trumpian!

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      • MVW says:

        The ‘shock and outrage’ is because Trump is doing what he said he would. The hyenas are used to bald faced lies like ‘You can keep your doctor and insurance if you like them’.

        Even more than this is that it was intended that this immediate shutdown of unvetted travelers from the 7 countries would be a surprise, and there may be another reason apart from the ostensible one to avoid preemptive entry queue loading with bad guys.

        Another reason could well be to spike the opposition’s (media, Dhimmocrats) credibility and defuse their ability to mount a future resistance to more changes to come. (viewers already know these media clowns are fake news, at some point there may be a further collapse maybe complete, in their support by normal Americans).

        This is real war and the enemy is primarily the criminal media mafia and Dhimmo-GOPer’s. ISIS itself will be easy, Islam, I dunno, but if any team can do it Trump’s team will.

        So, Trump is fighting like a true war and is winning with the first goal being unconditional defeat of the criminal media syndicate (Dhimmo-GOPer’s are morons).

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  9. Paco Loco says:

    The press needs extream vetting to weed out the idiots who are asking these stupid questions.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Obama people probably gave them a list of approved questions so they don’t know how to ask intelligent questions anymore.

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    • MVW says:

      Actually, the more moronic, loaded questions asked, the more these clowns cut off their own legs. My level of disdain was exceeded long ago. At some point, especially with an economy win, Americans will just shut them down, this may be happening now.

      Already I am accumulating a list of off network, independent news sources. It is not there yet, at least for me. The one thing that I need is a quick synopses, a distillation of the real news, and the fake narrative, rather than a long time filling monologue. I would even pay for it for a moderate monthly donation. Yes, I would. Truly.

      And an organized list of videos. I want to cut down time to cut to the chase. The Daily Press Spicer briefing has been super. I started to skim the Sunday Clown Shows even when they are interviewing my new favorites, Kellyanne, etc.

      CTH remains superb, but I have to hunt for videos worth watching in the superb but often massive number of following comments.

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      • Canada for Trump!!!! says:

        For a quick overview of the days top stories, I use this page:


        It’s all links, of headline stories, economics and market related. On the left you will see the MSM business news, where you can get a quick idea of what the top business stories of the day are. On the right side, there are a few of the best financial Blogs showing their latest posts.

        Zero Hedge features prominently, and it is the site to watch, as the writers there (teams of ‘Tyler Durdens’ on duty 24/7) are watching Bloomberg Data Terminals (cost $3,000/month per workstation) -when news breaks, anywhere in the world, ZH is on it within 5-10 minutes, as it comes up on the Bloomberg Terminal, and they will post that story very quickly. ZH has a deal with FinViz so that the story appears first on the FinViz page, 1-2 hours before it appears on the ZH website itself.

        You will not be able to get news much faster, unless you have your own Bloomberg (or Reuters I suppose) Data Terminal, and ZH will throw in some initial analysis/reaction with it. Absolutely the fastest response time of any “news” outlets I am aware, usually 4-8 hours ahead of most MSM, and days ahead of the rest and the evening news etc. Some say ZH is not reliable, etc, but in my experience, reading it since it opened, it is almost invariably right about everything, and pretty much every major prediction they have made has come to pass. And they are not paying me for this endoresement, thoug I am accepting checks, if you can let them know.


      • filia.aurea says:

        I find it impossible to trust any news unless it’s posted by CTH/SD. Wading through the comments (if time allows) also yields worthwhile links and tidbits.


  10. Wow! Gen Kelly has been working with Trump since around the time that Trump announced his candidacy. That tells me that Trump was going for the gold. Got his generals in a row and knew exactly what he was going to run on. The pre planning for this monumental accomplishment must have been deep, strategic and extremely well thought out yet nimble to move/change if needed.

    Gen Kelly mentioned that he was “very, very good friends with Jeb Johnson (former DHS sec and a Muslim) . I hope that’s a good thing

    BTW! What a complete failure the protesters and whining from the left has been. Hope they keep it up. #faketearschuckschumer really labeled himself. What a duff!

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    • MVW says:

      “The pre planning for this monumental accomplishment must have been deep, strategic and extremely well thought out yet nimble to move/change if needed.”

      I think this is spot on, and further, I think there is a complete strategy that includes media, GOPe, Dhimmocrats, ISIS, Islam, economy, debt. It is awesome. Trump is the modern Napoleon. He will go down in history as ‘Trump the Schlonger’.

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  11. Disgusted says:

    If anyone else here is old enough to have been a “Dragnet” fan way, way back in time, doesn’t the guy Kelly calls Kevin, remind you of Jack Webb? Especially when he said “Friday”? Seeing him that way makes me feel pretty secure! (What I didn’t like was Kelly referring to JEH as his good friend! Oh great!)

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    • Spencer's Mom says:

      If i’ve identified him correctly, in case you are curious, apparently “Kevin” is Kevan K. McAleenan, the “acting” Commissioner of US Customs & Border Patrol, (who formerly practiced law in Cali, Amherst B.A., and J. D. from Univ. of Chicago Law School).

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      • Shadrach says:

        Lawyer….yeah, I knew it the moment he said “dispositive” 🙂 So he’s the new CBP commissioner…..
        Do we know who the others were? I think Thomas Homan (ICE) was standing next to Kelly, no sign of Ronald Vitiello (Border Patrol), the last guy I have no idea at all. Kelly said his name, but I didn’t catch it.

        In trying to figure out who these guy were, I realized most of the leadership at DHS is gone. Wow….good riddance, but….wow. Kelly’s friendship with Jeh didn’t stop him from tossing out some garbage.

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  12. kallibella says:

    In every press conference so far, I find myself with a knot in my stomach, mainly due to the fact that the media lie and make things up and promote fake news among themselves, and I absolutely hate that the questions they ask are based on their fake news premises. So, they put on an act in an effort to show that the new administration is populated with a bunch of know-nothings, who have, in the last week, caused more confusion than order.

    For the most part, their questions are not probing for facts/answers, but rather to score points, to ridicule, to promote their agenda. I think that’s may be the principal reason they keep repeating fake news reporting from the NYT and others, since they regurgitate what fake news outlets produce (deliberate misinformation) with the intention of providing more meat for the MSM to “question” official in President Trump’s administration.

    They are absolutely loathsome!

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    • gettherejustassoon says:

      About 6 mins of this one was enough for me. Never have so many been informed about so much that is of so little consequence while so few are adequately informed about that which truly matters. Or, something to that effect.

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      • I found it really informative in terms of how the government/bureaucracy works…who does what when…Kelly is good in that he knows what his job is and what it is not. Very interesting and educational. I like how Kevan is very straight forward and clear and concise in his answers. The press is the press…stupid and ignorant and pushing a story line. Very boring. But, still I found answers very helpful and educational. No emotion..straight forward.

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    • guitar107 says:

      Agreed. Team Trump has to come up with a way to deal with lying and rude members of “the press”

      Spicer is good, but he gives them too much leeway. They should ALL come up with a strategy to Destroy the false narrative.

      “Do you want to ask hypotheticals or spread misinformation? Sit the eff down. You are not allowed any more questions today”
      If they repeat next day, then pull their passes for a week or a month.

      The Commie narrative must be stopped NOW!
      No follow up questions And definitely NO DEBATES during Q&A pressers!

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      • piper567 says:

        Sometimes the leeway that Spicer allows serves the purpose of further illuminating the depravity and ignorance of these presstitutes.
        But I do agree, it is difficult to watch; its embarrassing is what it is.

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    • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

      I agree. I watch these press conferences with various Trump administration coming aboard and the “journalists” are ignorant, have done zero homework, appear to be completely empty of any knowledge, and add no value to the conversation. A very poor demonstration of the current standards of the news media and the stupifying of our American culture.

      Thank you Sundance for shining your intelligence and smarts upon our government. Your contribution is valued and appreciated.

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  13. Joe Knuckles says:

    Welcome to the bizarre world. The press is not interested in reporting news at all. Instead, they are determined to spin a certain narrative.

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  14. emet says:

    The media is pursuing the “chaos” narrative. In fact POE immigration secondaries are always full of cases, possible cases, strange cases, one of a kind cases etc. Legal counsel, translatirs, etc are available 24/7. Officers are used to constant, unremitting changes to policy, law, case law in the various circuits, so there is no chaos. Detainees are fed, allowed to make a call after a period, juveniles segregated, gosh even room temp is taken when minors are present. Whatever the media/ACLU/Dems are looking for, they won’t find iy

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    • Cow wow says:

      Good info TY


    • piper567 says:

      The “chaos” narrative is a good choice on their part, from our perspective…they scream Chaos!, while all manner of folk are talking with one another about how much TRUMP is accomplishing.
      A part of all of this history we are watching is the opportunity folk are being given, not only to engage, but to begin to think a bit…if only a little.
      One thing that happens as people begin to realize that there is such a thing as truth, is that they begin to see caca for what it is…in this case, FakeNews.
      The severe drop in ratings for so many of these “narrative engineers”, ^^^, demonstrates that this tactic is one we should encourage. It might even be a good conversation opener, its SO easy to refute.
      The chaos thing is one of those words like “gravitas”, that people can hear is coming from all directions.
      msm be stupid.


  15. Marygrace Powers says:

    From the moment General Kelly was announce as
    Secretary DHS/ I actually started sleeping again/

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  16. Finalage says:

    I bet they didn’t see this coming. But what have they seen coming when it comes to Trump?

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  17. fred5678 says:

    The new ICE head sounded like he was RARING to go — and finally start enforcing our laws!!

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  18. SpanglishKC says:

    Dang!!! Trump is a master of picking good people. Pathetic reporters trying so hard to create daylight where there is none between Trump and Kelly. If this is going to be nay indication of what to expect he’s going to be amazing. Take that you lousy MSM

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  19. NHVoter says:

    General Kelly is hot. 😍

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  20. SpanglishKC says:

    At the 19:05 mark of the video Kelly ask Molly to repeat her question. It had to do with Rubio’s office spreading mis-information about the White House not wanting information released. Now I will admit i am biased against lil marco so either they were looking for opportunity to make Trump look bad or more media spin taht Kelly swatted away.

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  21. GSR says:

    Adults know there must be limits on immigration. We are not obliged to accept half the world. The Dems simply want to import a new voting bloc.

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  22. porkyspen says:

    They CANNOT let a press conference go down like this one did, ever again!!!

    They let the press dirtbags control the show! Our guys were two-stepping to and fro to the podium, and the optics on that just sucked!!!!

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  23. guitar107 says:

    Slightly off topic.

    To All the loons calling/registering themselves as mooslimes… Don’t go half way, you loons!

    Move to a h3llhole and accept Sharia and all its “wonderful” punishments: honor murders, acid splashed on your face, beheadings, stoning, amputation, etc, etc.

    Travel there and enjoy the “religion” of pieces.

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  24. justfactsplz says:

    The msm so wanted to make it sound like Kelly didn’t know what went down. They are still upset that they didn’t know what was going down in advance. Imagine their reaction when after the fact President Trump announces that we have defeated ISIS. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth that they have been left out of the loop.


  25. Steve says:

    Most muslim terrorists in Europe are 2nd or 3rd generation. There’s no way the US government can vet the unborn. They need to implement a muslim immigration stop.

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