The Peoples’ Inauguration – Commemorative Video Recapping President Trump Inauguration…

A powerful commemorative video highlighting the inauguration of President Donald J Trump, the “People’s President”.






…And so, the work begins…

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117 Responses to The Peoples’ Inauguration – Commemorative Video Recapping President Trump Inauguration…

  1. patrickhenrycensored says:

    That’s who we are.

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  2. petszmom says:

    i want a yearbook, something i can hold in my hands and remember when i’m old and feeble.

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  3. Red says:

    Ok….weepy eyed again, I just can’t believe WE really did this!! After all of the rallys on RSBN, reading and absorbing all of Sundance’s information, the primary, the general. WE WON, I just can’t believe it😂😂😂😂😂

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  4. Alleycats says:

    Oh gosh, I cried all over again.

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  5. Fe says:

    Seeing that beautiful family makes my heart swell with pride.

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  6. Reality Wins says:

    I wonder what fault the press will find with this?

    I am so happy the press still haven’t figured out that if they had been half as critical of Obama over the last eight years as they have been to President Trump over the last three days they may have actually gotten Clinton elected.

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  7. Looking at the true images of all Deplorables who were there at Trump45’s Inauguration, isnt it funny how the media is turning this into a “why are you (Sean Spicer) and Trump45 so concerned about something as un-noteworthy as attendance” …..ummmmmmm enemedia, didnt you make it a topic of “concern” when you denigrated our President Trump with images purporting the lack of attendance??

    You cannot have it both ways, fools! Throw down the insult, Spicer, Trump45 and his people (yes, us Deplorables) will a have his six and throw down the gauntlet in your face. You dont like it?? Well cowboy up, your gonna throw muck, we will throw it back twice as much!

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    • mtatina says:

      Love your reply.

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    • Reality Wins says:

      In the press briefing today when the CNN idiot kept on and on about crowd size I was hoping Sean would say to him:
      “Word of advice: when you are standing in this deep of a hole, quit digging!”
      And then put his hand above his eyes like he is seaching the press crowd and add: “Yep, you are so deep I can barely see you anymore so let me take a question over here on the other side of the room.” Everyone in that room would have been laughing except for the CNN idiot. Ridicule – the best weapon to defeat morons.

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    • You can rest assured that President Trump (we can finally say that, thanks be to God!) is distracting the press with this nonsense about numbers. The press is taking the bait, and we’ll all be the better for it. I wonder what he’s up to…

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      • Love your astute perception…and here I was thinking I had Trump moves down pat… he is the master maneuverer of all things and though I trust him, here I have learned I lost sight of his Jedi mind tricks. Thank you realgaryseven for pointing this out.

        Yes indeed, what is he up to? As other Treepers have stated it is like Christmas Eve all the time waiting to see what Trump45 present we get to open next!

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      • stonedome says:

        what else do they have to talk about? they have been marginalized by their own beliefs and behavior. i laugh every time they ask a question because i know who they voted for…


  8. BillRiser says:

    Were is a crazy look at election night. You will giggle.

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  9. wheatietoo says:

    The look on Melania’s face when she was watching him being sworn it…that just chokes me up every time!

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    • Reality Wins says:

      That was the look of love!

      It would be great if someone took just the clip of him taking the oath, colored all the Trump women’s outfits different than in the original clip and dated it 2021. We could taunt the Democrats online every day between now and when President Trump takes the oath again. 😀

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    • piper567 says:

      wheatietoo, ^^^, me too…I’ve watched those moments over and over…wondering what was on her mind, all she has seen, when she came to America, married The Donald, and now, THIS!!
      Her breathing even changed, it was beautiful to watch.
      Sort of like a very muted version of what we all were experiencng.

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    • Howie says:

      If CNN, MSNBC, or the Washington Post had existed in 1776, they would have classified Thomas Paine as a terrorist, exposing his failed business ventures, failed marriages, and revealing him to be too pugnacious and nasty to be taken seriously. They couldn’t demand that he release his tax returns, since the individual income tax didn’t get enacted until 137 years later in the dreadful year of 1913. They would have glorified King George III as a benevolent father figure and boldly predicted a landslide victory for the British Army against Washington’s ragtag army of farmers.

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      • A.D. Everard says:

        And gloated about it.


      • Give it Time says:

        Go back and read the articles from that time… it was almost as bad. Same thing occurred during the time of Lincoln too. The press throughout our history has been used as the tool of the elite to sway public opinion one way or the other. Only now, with the internet are we able to fight back (and that is on a dangerous thread right now).

        Heck the “elite” of that time wanted Washington to be king! It was he who was able to stand up against them. Trump displays all the signs of being an amazing historical figure.

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    • Howie says:

      but an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men, can make an impact during the most crucial period of this Fourth Turning Crisis.

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  10. Kay Emig says:

    I’ll give the video a thumbs-up for completeness: it had the ponies, it had the Scotsmen Bagpiping, it had the kids marching bands, it had the Cadets. Good job.

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    • SteveInCO says:

      It caught the best line of the speech too. “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

      That’ll be remembered long after our current struggle with the uniparty and deep state are over and forgotten.

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  11. Keln says:

    Excellent video.

    This whole thing has been so bizarre (and wonderful). For all my years as a politics junkie and even a political writer/satirist, I have never been so glued to the goings on of a certain candidate. I have never watched more of an inauguration than just the swearing in. I have never spent the entire day watching every moment of an inauguration day, the parade, the balls, all of it.

    And I’ve never been this excited about a President. Even all the while a tiny voice within my cynical self telling me I’m being suckered into a cult-like following, I am able to ignore it because the source of my strong belief in this man is my love of my country, something I established years ago now I would do anything for.

    Today was particularly sweet because I was able to tell that little voice to shut up after watching this President get to work immediately on the things he promised.

    No other candidate in any office has done that in my recollection. None has ever been so aggressive and so completely aligned with what he campaigned on. I laughed so much during the Spicer press conference when certain media fools seemed to almost be questioning why Trump didn’t do literally everything he promised in one day, realizing how much he actually did in his first work day.

    Obama was a joke. W was a joke. Clinton was a joke. Bush 41 was a joke. Even Reagan, as great a man as he was, and as great a President as he was, in comparison to Trump was less than was needed due to surrounding himself with many of the wrong people.

    Trump surrounded himself with precisely who he wanted, and he has a powerful vision and an unshakeable resolve to make that vision a reality.

    This country has never had a leader like this. We are in Terra Incognita. We have had some leaders who could have been as strong and effective as Trump, but didn’t have his vision. And we’ve had leaders who had a vision like him, but were ineffective, whether due to their own limitations or limiting factors beyond their control. We now have both in Trump.

    And most importantly, he is beholden to nobody except the people. His reelection depends entirely on results, not campaign contributions. If he does even half of what he promised in his first term, he won’t even need to bother campaigning. This is a first.

    Day 1 has convinced me beyond any shadow of a doubt that all he said is exactly what he meant. And his continued success in the face of incredible odds and opposition convinced me back in November that he has the ability to make it happen.

    I don’t even know what America will look like 4 years from now. But it will certainly be much greater than it has become. The potential is unlimited.

    I can’t wait to see it.

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    • james23 says:

      well said (and typed)

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      • You write and convey your feelings as well as you paint…..if a picture is worth a thousand words keep on painting, typing, conveying because it lifts our spirits and we can so dearly associate with your works/words. You sir are both an artist and a wordsmith.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      You’re not alone, Keln….I can’t get enough either.

      And don’t worry about this being a ‘cult’.
      In a cult, the cult leader encourages his followers to put him/her above all else…to forsake family & friends and keep solely unto him/her.

      Donald Trump has never done this.
      Quite the opposite, really.

      This is not a cult…it’s a movement.
      There is a big difference.

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    • Fe says:

      You’re definitely not alone. I took the day off from work so I could watch every single minute all the way to the end of the night. I avoided politics when Obama got elected, I was so depressd, just divorced myself from the whole thing including tv. It is the complete opposite now. I hang out here and on twitter, it’s a great time to be alive.

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      • Keln says:

        I took the day off too lol

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        • Kiliman ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

          I was lucky enough to go. It will be a memory I will treasure forever.

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        • I worked really hard to get ahead of the game so i could take Thurs and Friday off. Today, i couldnt focus on work becuz all i want to do was listen to Spicer, read CTH articles and poster comments, watch, listen and find Trump45 info. I told hubs I dont know how I’m going to do it all, keeping up with work and all things Trump45 and his wonderful family. I need more hours in the day, and I cannot sleep at night becuz there is so much to read and learn.

          But it is an awesome place to be as I like you love this country so deeply and to know our ship is being righted instead of falling into the despair of the many several years as our beloved country floundered and faultered. It is a joy beyond description living this history, and living it with all you Treepers.

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      • SteveInCO says:

        Unfortunately I had to miss the parade.

        These are the first snippets of it I’ve seen.


    • Howie says:

      On T Day I was nervous. I could not believe it was really happening. But, it did.


    • Curry Worsham says:

      So well put, Keln. The essay equivalent of your celebrated poster!

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    • GAPTOG says:

      Me either!!! Me either!


    • petszmom says:

      i so agree with your essay, keln. i was a lifelong democrat until 2010. i detested anything political. the most i carried around in my head was the first prez was washington, he chopped down a cherry tree. lincoln had a crazy wife. chris columbus infected the indians with small pox. that was it. in comes 2015 and since then i have become a walking encyclopedia of history, economics, politics, finance, am media savvy as far as the evil they do. i can recite the names of most of the cabinet picks and why they were chosen and can tell you almost all of trump’s policies. AND ALL OF IT is due to this website! without it and sundance i could never do daily battle with the libtards on social media. it isn’t easy but trump said it wouldn’t be. i will fight with all my will, strength, and breath for this administration for as long as it takes.

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    • Southern Son says:

      So we’ll said keln.
      As many other of your post.
      The lesDeplorables pic, well…Historic!
      But I also remember your disappointment over a college football loss.
      I do Not remind to hurt you.
      I have a Very Good Friend, who was just as devastated over a FSU loss.
      I only bring it up, because my friend has still not recovered, from a disappointing Sports Season.
      He cannot reconcile, that it’s a bunch of teenagers, for the most part, playing a game.
      So much of our culture focuses on things that are really unimportant.
      This #WAR!, is Far from over, and
      We Need You.
      Please do not take this the wrong way!
      My almost Four Decade Buddy, had very little interest in Our trip to the #bestinaugurationever!
      It hurts my heart.
      Please keep Contributing in the Continuing Struggle, to MAGA!
      We will need you more than ever…

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      • Keln says:

        I’m not as upset because Ohio State beat Michigan, and for a buckeye, that is the most important thing. Championships are nice, but only icing on the cake if we beat Michigan.

        And beating Michigan is war. You can’t understand if you aren’t a Buckeye or a Wolverine 😀

        And don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. All this winning is just too good to abandon.

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  12. wheatietoo says:

    Question…I’ve been wondering about this since it happened:

    At 4:32 in the video that Sundance has posted, a group of military personnel walk up behind President Trump as he is giving his speech.
    What happened there?
    Why did they do that?

    Does anyone know?

    The group walks up…stands there for a bit…one of them departs, the others close in and stand there for a minute, then they leave.
    What was that about?

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  13. justfactsplz says:

    What a beautiful tribute. Here I am dabbing my eyes again.

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  14. Howie says:

    President Trump will be one of the greatest presidents. I am saving this and others in a folder. In the future CTH and SDC will be studied by historians. All our posts will be left behind for citizens a hundred or two years from now. Imagine that. CTH is like a time capsule that people will be able to open showing the everyday thoughts and opinions of us regular folks. Amazing.

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    • Alleycats says:

      I have dozens of posts and articles saved. Also, campaign materials and my newly acquired inauguration memorabilia are stored in my cedar chest. I’m saving them for my grandbabies as pieces of living history they will one day read about in books.

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      • I surely hope you have then Trump’s (as opposed to now Trump45) 10-13-16 speech in your memorabilia…the slings and arrows speech after the infamous Octopu$$ygate. A speech for the ages right up there with the Inaugural addresss by Trump45. Just a reminder , just in case 😉

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    • kenmar1965 says:

      I do hope this siteam is archived offline somewhere. It would be a shame to lose this important piece of history.


    • Southern Son says:

      Howie…I hope they recognize how we almost lost you.
      “He left, paddling a boat to the Bahamas”, it would have read.
      SO happy it will not.


  15. furtive says:

    He did it his way:

    “But his critics, especially those whose heads are exploding over his election, should also remember this: His upside is enormous. His fierce determination to succeed now stands to benefit the nation.”

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  16. Sayit2016 says:

    I think it was Lindsey Graham that actually said ” I do not know what Trump means when he says America first” I thought to myself that fact that you don’t means you need to get a new job….

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  17. Southern Son says:

    I have much of it on my video.
    But trying to get it, with watermelon heads in the way, was very difficult.
    Plus, I could only get what was on the first large monitor.
    But I would go back tommorrow, and try again.
    The looks on the faces of the Elites, would be my focus.
    God Bless President Trump, his Family, and All of the American Patriots that are part of OUR Movement!
    Pinch me!

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  18. Bob Thoms says:

    produced by the ny times…..nice of them to make it available.


  19. 18CatsInOH says:

    Well, Bruce Broughton. He was the piano player at my wedding in 1975. His dad was the minister who married us. He and his brother Bill were avid musicians and composers even way back then. Interesting.


    • 18CatsInOH says:

      Aha. I wrote the above before I actually watched the vid. Now I understand. They just used existing music clips. Silverado, one of my favorite movies…and the name of one of my gray cats… 😉


  20. ledeplorable says:

    Sundance…..Thank You.


  21. MfM says:

    Wow, Michelle’s face after Trump greeted and kissed her. She didn’t look like she was having nice thoughts.


  22. I love it at 08:41 when father and son were enjoying a moment together.

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  23. Mike diamond says:

    That is for real love it, we are seeing sunshine again!!


  24. Lady K says:

    Beautiful compilation and to me the most beautiful part is all the love this family shares and how it shines through every photo. Will definitely be saving. Thank you!


  25. yy4u says:

    Contrary to what Michelle Obama says and thinks, for the first time since 1984, I have HOPE.

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