President-Elect Trump Pushes Back Against Self-diminishing Rep John Lewis…

Yesterday representative John Lewis (D-GA) disrespectfully stated President-elect Donald Trump was “not a legitimate president” and he was boycotting the inauguration.

Traditionally Republicans have curled up into a ball and refused to defend themselves against ridiculous attacks from moonbat leftists.  However, Donald Trump is not a traditional republican.  Today, Donald Trump pushed back:


The media (writ large) and professional political left do not have a familiar frame of reference for what to do next.  Ergo, the pearl-clutching ‘how-dare-he’ ism begins… they were counting on Lewis’s race to be a PC shield against any backlash.   Once again, Donald Trump proves he doesn’t see race – he sees stupid.

Pelosi Gaveljohn-lewis-1

The biggest problem the Democrats have right now is the very real risk that President Trump is simply going to execute a plan, and actually Make America Great.  This is what they fear more than any other factor.

President Trump is poised to show the entire nation just how foolishly constructed all of the failed policies of the last several decades have been.  A simple strategy to revitalize the nation will leave generations of Democrats with nothing except naked rainbow warriors chanting about equality in potty use, worshiping sustainable algae cakes and trying to convince a generation that picking parasites off each other is better than exceptionalism.

The pride within the Make America Great Again program is antithetical to the interests of the hypocrites who champion ridicule of America.

Blinded by their own insufferable Moonbattery, the left-wing loons cannot see the John Lewis approach is going to do nothing more than push their ideological publicity even further toward the purist goofy faction of those who believe legislation can be accomplished via the ancient art of sage smudging.

Meanwhile, President Trump plays out tweets in his ‘off-time‘; a hobby in between giving out big-picture instructions and measuring out the micro-level success of each endeavor.

By the time the Moonbats pause their chanting, they will have nominated Keith Ellison for DNC chair.   Simultaneously half of the Southern border and security wall is built, phase two of ObamaCare replacement is complete, and President Trump is heading to the ribbon cutting of a million square foot robotics and automation manufacturing facility in Western Pennsylvania….

…and that’s before the end of month one.


…Hey Mr. Lewis, fyi, …the Russians didn’t write the emails…


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395 Responses to President-Elect Trump Pushes Back Against Self-diminishing Rep John Lewis…

  1. Mickey Wasp says:

    If, I’m not mistaken that One-Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) from Breitbart, is still on the table for a video of Lewis being called the n-word … Maybe John Lewis won’t pick that money up because the person it could help with a college education – could turn out to be another Dr. Ben Carson or businessman Herman Cain or SC Justice Clarence Thomas …

    These idiots and all those that ‘protect’ the racist innuendos and accusations and keep these narratives alive – need exactly what President Trump is bringing to them. They do not know how to handle a full frontal statement of their true records and their surrogates will only double-down on their racist remarks and accusations. I look for Lewis and his ilk to slink away in silence, lest their records and districts they represent start being brought into the sunlight …

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  2. keebler AC says:

    That Pataki woman needs to take the frown off her face, no fake red hair nor accessory as she’s fond of wearing will fix ugly.


  3. The county-by-county map graphic is from Mark Newman’s work at U Michigan. He demonstrated how easy it is to mislead (spin) through maps, just because people like looking at them. You can’t merely break down geographic areas and get an accurate picture of election results, because the population density in them varies widely:
    This map looks like it does because there are more counties (in number) in the red states than in the blue states, and it misleads because it doesn’t take into account the actual number of voters in those counties. It’s a type of optical illusion, not real math. Still amusing to see people rely on it as a supporting argument though.


  4. UKExpat says:

    Black RACE BAITING MORON makes a disgusting attack on Trump and the integrity of America’s REPUBLIC and CONSTITUTION and Trump RETALIATES instead of rolling over. So what are the headlines in America’s irretrievably Politically Biased LEFTIST Lame Stream EneMedia ” Trump attacks innocent Black hero’ of course. So we know what to expect for the next 8YEARS don’t we and the Media has just declared ITSELF untrustworth and IRRELEVANT,

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  5. pyromancer76 says:

    Racism is over and done with. It was done by the 1990s through the good faith efforts of Americans with the Civil Rights laws. Every excluded “group” — blacks, women, latinos, gays and lesbians, native americans, asians, etc., were given ways to counter prejudice that precluded their rights to “life, liberty, and happiness” in the United State of America — most particularly politics, economics, and education.

    Affirmative Action should have been sun-setted and only continued through equality of early educational opportunities (takes lots of clarifications here — but no corruption) for all Americans. Thereafter, your passion, determination, and abilities determine the outcome. Virtue is its own reward.

    Everything afterwards, after the 1990s, has been corruption agendas for all kinds of special interests, unfortunately including virulent hatreds of American values (e.g., communist take-over of the Democratic Party, or the feminist movement, in my opinion).

    We are so fortunate that we have elected a President who understands the tremendous successes that American values of determination, perserverance, and inventiveness enable. We are fortunate to have elected a President who has lived out these values in his life.

    I am so grateful that President Trump recognizes the racism and corruption that black (African-American, if we must, but it is a long time ago from Africa) communities foist upon themselves (inner city) by permitting voter fraud and kickbacks for the influential. If we can get a handle on stopping the worst of this, all communities within this great country can thrive.


  6. Maquis says:

    Oh man, I knew I should has used Z’s when I used the word Azz in my post…it was long, heartfelt, and I hope worthy to be posted here.

    Maybe I should wait and see what happens…but…

    ADMIN: did I go to spam, or…a review stack? 😦


  7. Wang Fu says:

    Where can I get a Rep John Lewis “Mask”? I can find plenty of Donald Trump masks on the web.


  8. Lucille says:

    practice for photo posting, except I don’t remember how I copied it…hahahah!


  9. Mckinney says:

    Black Creature From the Lagoon.


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