Report: Jared Kushner to Take Senior White House Adviser Role…

Various news agencies are beginning to break the story of Jared Kushner joining the White House team as a domestic and foreign policy senior adviser to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump.


Jared is married to President Trump’s daughter Ivanka, and has been an integral part of the Trump campaign from the outset.

( AP Report ) […]  Kushner’s lawyer has said he would step down as CEO of his family’s real estate business if he took a White House position and would divest some of his assets in order to comply with federal ethics laws that apply to government employees. The law requires Kushner to take more significant steps to detangle his business interests than Trump, given that conflict of interest laws largely do not apply to the president.

“Mr. Kushner is committed to complying with federal ethics laws and we have been consulting with the Office of Government Ethics regarding the steps he would take,” Jamie Gorelick, a partner at the law firm of WilmerHale, said in a statement Saturday, before Kushner’s role was finalized. (read more)

This past weekend The New York Times reported  Kushner hired a Washington law firm to review and assist in navigating federal ethics and compliance laws, as he positions himself to exit his company and join the White House in an advisory role.

In 2005 Jared Kushner was forced to take over his family’s real-estate business after his father was jailed for tax evasion; he was 24.

trump kids jared and ivanka


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325 Responses to Report: Jared Kushner to Take Senior White House Adviser Role…

  1. Pam says:

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  2. rashamon says:

    What saddens me is that potential ethics problems have forced Eric Trump to remove himself from his foundation, which has raised over $16 million in a decade to benefit St. Jude’s Research Hospital, a one-of-its-kind medical center specializing in pediatric cancer offering FREE care to its young patients. I personally know many who have benefited from their amazing work.

    For all of you who follow this outstanding facility founded by entertainer Danny Thomas and continued by daughter Marlo Thomas and her husband Phil Donahue, perhaps you could continue to make donations “in respect for” the work accomplished by Eric and his family. He has agreed to no longer solicit funds, so we don’t want to get him in trouble, just continue he admirable efforts.

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    • Kaco says:

      I don’t understand this either. How is it a conflict for Eric when every other politician has their foundations? Hillary Clinton for starters. Is Eric going to be working for the administration?

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    • Horse hockey…..You can directly thank the liberal nutcases for shutting down this charity….. There is no conflict of interest between serving in public office and doing your best to stop children from dying…..For every child that dies from this……..You can thank a Democrat….


    • G-d&Country says:

      I don’t understand why Eric had to stop fundraising either. Yes I already have donated to St Jude’s, and plan on continuing to do so on a regular basis, albeit in small amounts. Many,many small regular amounts will go a long way to making up for this travesty. Maybe it would be a ‘reverse boycott’? 🙂


  3. Okeydoker says:

    Jared is apparently a very bright guy, and the new President has confidence in his advice.

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  4. Pam says:

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  5. I think it’s VALUABLE that Kushner’s dad was imprisoned by the Feds. Describing just how evil and corrupt the Feds are with scams like civil asset forfeiture (Thanks Bill), and malicious prosecution to a non-lawyer is nearly impossible. People desperately want to believe that the Feds are good guys. They are NOT. People cling to labels assigned by this corrupt government thugs such as “Convicted Felon” and “Offender” like it’s gospel truth.

    A man like Kushner watched dumbfounded as his fathers entire life, credit, reputation, assets, and freedom were stripped from him- all under the most noble moniker for course. Such an experience will IMO make young Jared very very skeptical of any bureaucrat’s intentions and by default bias him in favor of the American Public (known in Gvt. circles as “targets”)

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  6. Pam says:

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  7. Jim Costa says:

    I heard this last week on CNN. Is there something updated on this?

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  8. Pam says:

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  9. sundance says:

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    • Mike Wilhoit says:

      Sundance, my very serious worry is that Jamie Gorelick is Jared Kushner’s attorney….what’s up with that? She is not to be trusted around DJT……


  10. Bob says:

    No wedding rings on Ivanka or Jared? I love cheap people. Bet it will be a very chilly Thanksgiving the year Trump has to let him go. Best not to hire family.

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  11. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    A great thing about Bannon and Kushner is that each is tied to a media outlet. Bannon with Breitbart (under attack by the Snowflakes), Kushner with Observer dot com.

    This means that, in addition to being able to go to the people directly via social media, Trump also should have at least two outlets he can trust.

    I still hope Conway (or whomever) starts yet another outside-the-White House media entity to get the Trump message out. We’re going to need all the allies and non-filtered media we can get over the next 8 years to help President Trump get the job done.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Kushner is putting the Observer up for sale… I might add that it has been less than complimentary to PE Trump during course of the campaign.

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      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        Thanks, Sandra. I did not realize those things. My mistake.


      • Wend says:

        I used to subscribe to the Observer when it was fairly new. Great paper-great balance of viewpoints. I loved Christopher Byron’s work about Wall Street.


      • So true, I was continually shocked at how much anti-Trump stuff appeared there.

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        • susiepuma says:

          Well Jared doesn’t say what he is but his whole family are Democrats…………..also neither he nor Ivanka could vote for DJT because they were not registered as Republicans. I do not like JK being put in the White House and he is not as smart as you all seem to think he is……….. Somebody ask him what he was doing during their Mediterranean vacation during the primaries…………………..btw…..Plugs Biden was in Kosovo at the same time…..

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          • BabyBoomer says:

            Jared and Ivanka were only precluded from voting in the primaries. They both had no impediment to voting for DJT in the general election.


  12. andi lee says:

    America’s cutest couple, who both happen to be, intellectually, brilliant!

    Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Kushner. Thank you so much, for the sacrifices and hardships endured, for the love of this country, and Donald J. Trump. MAGA!

    ~ Restoring God’s people

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  13. Pam says:

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  14. Ron says:

    Their whole family is beautiful.

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    • jstanley01 says:

      Married to Ivanka, with two darling children, and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime in a job at the White House. Talk about living the dream. But it’s awfully easy to idealize Kushner’s situation too much. His rear end will be on the line every day in the bare-knuckle business of politics in Washington D.C., where booby traps, quick sand and sharp-teethed swamp predators abound. He and his wife and kids — along with his father and every individual in the Trump administration — need and deserve our prayers, giving of thanks and intercessions, that they and we, “may live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”

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    • Wend says:

      Where’s Baby Theodore???! He’s so fat and cute.

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  15. Pam says:

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  16. fedback says:

    Bannon, Kushner and Priebus seems like a very strong team. Different personalities and capabilities, hugely talented. Like it a lot

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  17. Rachel says:

    Priebus and Kushner were pushing Romney for SoS, therefore, I do not trust those two as far as I can throw them. Hope Bannon will be able to keep them in line with our America First agenda. Priebus, I believe has been grooming Kushner for this position so he can use him, as a family member to soften DJT on issues that run contrary to his promises to us.

    I can say that in the end Priebus, Kushner & Bannon meeting with Ryan will be like three against one. Priebus will always be GOPe and he will try to advance the agenda of McConnel and Ryan and will try to get Kushner to go along with him. Thank God Bannon is in the mix.

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  18. DeplorableBrexitGuy says:

    I have nothing personally against Mr Kushner. I also respect the fact that Mr Trump seems to have made mixing family with business the backbone of his success.

    From my own personal and business experience, I have been wiser to avoid mixing the two. After the fact has borne this.

    What I do not approve of is Mr Kushner being “the Forbes Face Cover” for December. This, and do not shoot me, comes across as massively egotistical. Not needed or necessary as we MAGA. There is no logic to it.

    Now once the country has been turned around and he has delivered results then he is quite entitled to sing from the rooftops, but not now.

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  19. Rachel says:

    That “Forbes Face Cover”, I believe it was Priebus who was responsible for that article. Like I said, I believe he was grooming Kushner. That magazine cover was so disappointing to me. I never saw Kushner stomping for DJT at a rally. How did he all of a sudden become the one who got DJT elected?

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    • law4lifeblog says:

      Rachel, Kushner appeared with PE Trump repeatedly throughout the campaign and was working on it constantly. I saw him myself at rallies more times than I can count, and he played a major role in nearly every speech. Where have you been?

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      • DeplorableBrexitGuy says:

        No different though to all of the many great people around Mr Trump. Many played a role. Many got no kudos for it.

        I would not hire Mr Kushner for my firm because of the cover. Sorry. There is no fool like a wise old fool.

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      • Rachel says:

        I mentioned that I never saw him stomping/speaking for DJT at a rally. I been around since June 16, 2015 when DJT first announced. I support him no matter what. I just don’t want anyone to take advantage of him.

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  20. Jimmy Jack says:

    I hate to see Jared have to sell all of his most significant financial holdings off to serve his country.


    • Libertyvibe says:

      I think these people are happy to do it. They look at money as an achievement. Now they are moving on to more important things. Also…lets face it…these people have a gift for creating wealth. Should they ever need it.


  21. furtive says:

    All about the three generations of Kushners, from Bielsky Clan to the Count of Monte Park Ave:


    “Right now, what Trump needs is a government. Kushner has been essential in assembling it for him. Along with Mike Pence, he moved within days of the election to assert control over the transition, reportedly playing the key role in neutralizing Christie, who had previously been in charge of the process. Christie had been doing a shoddy job, Kushner thought, was politically wounded by his scandal, and had shown soft commitment during the campaign’s low moments. Kushner also hadn’t forgotten his father’s imprisonment. Christie’s loyalists were purged, while Kushner recruited Bill Stepien, the ruthless campaign manager that Christie fired for his role in the bridge plot, to be Trump’s political director. After floating a series of leaden trial balloons — Republican National Committee chair? Homeland Security? — the diminished governor slunk home to Jersey. The Count of Monte Cristo couldn’t have plotted it better.”


  22. James Yerian says:

    Guess Trump isn’t the Main Street president after all. He, more than any other, will become the Wall Street president. You can forget about that fake economy driven by bankers and bonds and securities: it is here to stay.


    • missmarple2 says:

      One of the bad points of getting Blog of the Year is the increased incidence of nay-sayers and concern trolls.

      Your opinion is duly noted. The proof will be in the pudding, starting January 20.


  23. Libertyvibe says:

    I know the anti-Jewish sentiment has always been around, but it really seems to be rearing it’s ugly head lately. For some reason, it is all of the sudden ok for people to come out and say REALLY awful things. I can see how those that hate Trump will really be annoyed with the Jared pick for this reason. Hope it won’t get too ugly.


  24. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Jamie Gorelick? Keep your enemies close.


  25. churchill says:

    A soon as I read “Jamie Gorrelick” my eyes stopped travelling across the page and my brow furrowed. Then, as always, I channeled back to Basic Principles. First: Trump and Kushner are smarter than anyone else in the room, so there must be an angle. Eventually it came to me. Imagine Kushner’s and Gorrelick’s first conversation – probably went something like this:

    G – “So, what can we do for you, Jared?”

    K – “I need help with potential conflicts of interest.”

    G – “Jared, my dear boy, I worked in the Clinton Administration. I will tell the world that we are doing things EXACTLY as the Clinton’s did. No-one had a problem with that, did they?”

    It’s diabolically Machiavellian and I would expect nothing less. To all who doubt Trump; watch and learn. It’s what I do.


  26. Lucille says:

    “Does the Anti-Nepotism Statute Preclude Trump from Appointing Kushner?”
    by Alan M. Dershowitz – January 10, 2017 at 4:00 pm


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