President Elect Trump Meets With Alibaba’s Jack Ma in Trump Tower….

When President-elect Donald Trump says “America First” too few actually understand the severity of his determination to accomplish that goal. Leverage, or more accurately creating leverage, is a business art that Donald Trump has uniquely honed for decades. There are trillions of dollars in play.

Against the backdrop of a known position by President-elect Trump toward the business and financial monopolization by Amazon and Jeff Bezos, President Trump publicly brings Alibaba CEO Jack Ma to the cameras in Trump Tower. All except the business media will probably skip over the larger play within this epic display of 3-D leverage creation.


Titan Trump is almost too good at this; spooky good.  If he were an adversary, we’d be in big trouble. Thankfully he’s on America’s team.

China (writ large) and Amazon (domestically) both benefit from the historic constructs of Wall Street’s leveraged globalist approach. In essence, what we are seeing today are two natural sets of anti-American (monopolistic) business and financial interests being positioned against each other to create the leverage needed for an ultimate American win.

Trump is fracturing business globalism.  Remember, all large business leaders in modern China are essentially political emissaries.  China has been building an economic army for decades.

No-one, repeat NO-ONE, other than Donald Trump could see around these corners and construct this type of leverage:

♦ China’s economy needs Trump trade policy to remain favorable toward them (MfN status), they hold almost no leverage in trade negotiations other than their historic approach at purchasing advocacy via Chinese lobbyists inside the beltway.

♦ Likewise, Amazon, Jeff Bezos, needs Trump regulatory agencies (Commerce) to look past the monopolistic constructs they have purchased through their own K-Street lobbyists; even less leverage than China.

Trump even just presenting Jack Ma (Alibaba) to the U.S. world of e-commerce is a thunder-shock for Amazon’s business model who face almost no competition as a direct outcome of their well-financed legislative and business construct. Alibaba, operating as a third-party e-commerce agent, would be the biggest competitor Amazon could ever face in the U.S.

(Via CNBC) “We’re focused on small business,” Ma told reporters. “We specifically talked about … supporting 1 million small businesses, especially in the Midwest of America. Small businesses on the platform selling products — agriculture products and America services — to China and Asia, because we’re pretty big in Asia.”

[…] Like Etsy or eBay, Alibaba enables third-party sellers in China to take their own businesses to the web. The company only had 36,446 full-time employees, almost all in China, as of March 31, according to SEC filings. But with more than 10 million active sellers as of 2015, Alibaba estimates its China retail marketplaces “contributed to the creation of over 15 million job opportunities.”

Amazon, by comparison, had about 230,800 employees as of the end of 2015, though it, too, creates other jobs through its sellers, contractors and supporting services. Wal-Mart, which is strengthening its online presence, employs 2.3 million associates around the world, including 1.5 million in the U.S., as of the end of fiscal 2016.

Monday’s meeting was planned to focus on the Chinese e-commerce company’s U.S. expansion plans, according to spokespeople for both Alibaba and Trump. Ma had planned to be in New York on Monday and the scheduling worked out for the meeting at Trump Tower, a source told CNBC. (read more)

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322 Responses to President Elect Trump Meets With Alibaba’s Jack Ma in Trump Tower….

  1. Illegal says:

    This video shows what needs to happen in the US to order to change the Wall Street vs Main Street paradigm. Pollictically I do not know where this organization stands.


  2. Concerned Virginian says:

    I keep getting the feeling that Donald Trump, ALREADY acting like the Captain of the great vessel, The United States of America, is starting to turn this Ship of State around from the choppy, evilly-charted waters filled with danger in which She was sailing AT FULL SPEED, and is bringing Her back to the Safe Harbor of the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and Patriotism.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      I had to laugh at Trump’s Post… “It’s finally happening” lol It has been only 2 months since the election and He is not even in sworn in yet and this stuff is happening at lightening speed… Trump kept saying this at the rally’s ” This will happen so fast it will make you head spin” I LOVE our “get a move on ” President Elect !

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    • Eliza says:

      Remember Obama said was hard to turn this ocean liner, well that’s because he was going against navigation charted by the Constitution. With our ocean liner returned to its true route it should turn around quickly for the benefit of all.

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  3. Trumped1 says:

    Did the guy say: “Midwest USA selling products to china?”
    It’s like Trump just turned the world upside down.

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    • Illegal says:

      What products are those? The price of most American products are more than comprable Chinese products especially with a strong dollar weak yuan FX.


      • Trumped1 says:

        Im not sure what you are trying to say here.

        I know the angle Trump will take.
        Tarifs on chinese products if china doesnt open the market to american products/imports.
        If they dont follow up Trump might start doing such a market with Taiwan for example.
        The products are everything people in america want to produce and desire to sell.

        China will comply cause America is their biggest market. They either have to produce in the US or pay the same tarifs americans have to pay for selling their products in China.
        So the whole production moves from china to the US or we have real free/fair trade.

        Right now american companys are producing in china to sell with no tarif to the US(APPLE!)

        Worst case is americans produce for americans.

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      • Paco Loco says:

        Corn, milo, wheat, beef….

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        • Illegal says:

          They eat chicken, pork, and noodles. Their domestic corn production meets their consumption level.


          • svenwg says:

            Incorrect, the Chinese are one of the biggest importers of corn in the world due to the fact that it has never been their staple food, that was and is, rice.


        • NickD says:

          There’s a demand for Milo in China? Who’da thunk it

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        • Vince says:

          Not only food commodities, I think farm machinery would be a big sell in China. I was in China (several years ago admittedly), and they were still threshing wheat by laying it out on the roads and beating it with brooms. Also, there were small scale lumber mills in every rural town. Lots of related machinery could be sold or redesigned in that market.


      • justfactsplz says:

        I believe he is talking about agricultural products.


    • BillRiser says:

      Alibaba has a product line called Midwest all produced in China. Alibaba sells product to small distributors in the USA.

      I think they talked about setting up USA Manufactures to sell product through Alibaba like Amazon does today but he would sell to China. Not sure what that is, but I would not be surprised if we have a small business making some unique item that we are not aware of.

      The largest item in trade to China is Chicken, Pork, Corn and Soybean. Tyson has now a “farm to market” in China for Chicken. But those four commodity’s is what the Midwest would have to offer more so than before. Because…

      Our farms are another business that Obama has done it’s best to destroy. He has removed thier opportunities to sell domestically and worldwide with EPA Regulations. Just in California Environmentalist decided to promote a small fish over the lives of hundreds of farmers! Lots of lives ruined! Trump will repeal those Regulations and our farmers can grow and feed a hungry world.

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  4. sunnydaze says:

    China has a huuuuge population. Within that huge population are people of all economic levels, from dirt poor to wealthy and everything in between.

    There are definitely people in China who can afford nice things. And even if it’s only a small fraction of China’s pop., the sheer numbers can be comparable to Western countries.

    Then add in other parts of SE Asia where Alibaba operates.

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  5. Illegal says:

    OK if China opens its markets to US products what will they buy? The US has to compete against other countries for market share. If Apple returns to the US and is exported to China its cost will be more than what the Chinese consumer is willing to pay. There are other cellphones available in China that will cost less. Samsung cellphonesi are available and ithey willtake Apples current market share.


  6. Tonawanda says:

    I forget (getting old) … was Trump inaugurated in 2016 or 2015?

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  7. Marc says:

    Here’s my one concern on the matter. Has PE Trump considered the security concerns of having Americans use the Alibaba platform to sell items? Chinese is most known to control all aspects of large corporate industry and intellectual property is stolen constantly by the State. How can Americans be assured their information is safe and secure when buying or selling via Alibaba?


  8. Archie says:

    Geez, what’s wrong with Amazon? I live in the armpit of Oregon 2 hours from a city and they are a godsend.

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  9. Trump just BEAT Obama’s JOB CREATION “RECORD” before taking office!

    RE 11/30/16 comment from Obama’s White House:

    “The White House threw a little shade Wednesday on President-elect Donald Trump’s apparently successful effort to keep 1,000 manufacturing jobs in Indiana, saying it’s nice but pales in comparison to the jobs created under President Obama.”

    “Referring to Mr. Trump’s persuading the air conditioning firm Carrier to keep jobs from being transferred to Mexico, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, “If he is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs created in the United States while President Obama was in office.”


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