United States National Intelligence Oversight – The “Gang of Eight”…

Checks and Balances…

One of the least understood aspects of congressional oversight is the elite group of elected politicians who are charged with congressional oversight over all intelligence activity. This highly important oversight group is called the Intelligence “Gang of Eight”.

The Gang of Eight are briefed on every covert operation that our various intelligence agencies carry out. They are directly responsible for oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

The Go8 are responsible for overseeing all executive office policy as it relates to intelligence gathering and corresponding activity.  In short these eight elected representatives are in charge of all oversight of all U.S. intelligence operations, open and covert.  The incoming 2017 Gang of Eight is:


A position within the Gang of Eight comes as a result of holding one of the following eight positions: 1. The Speaker of the House, 2. The Minority Leader of the House, 3. the Majority Leader of the Senate, 4. the Minority Leader of the Senate, 5. the Chairperson of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence, 6. the minority leader from the same committee; 7. The Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee and 8. the minority leader of the same committee.

It is important to understand that everything the White House, CIA, NSA, and U.S State Department does is approved by these eight members who are accountable to the U.S. electorate.  These eight representatives are the intelligence oversight “check” within the constitutionally established check and balance inside our federal government.

It is also important to understand that nothing ever happens without these eight members of congress being briefed on the occurrence.  If the United States are carrying out a covert CIA mission in Benghazi, these representative would know about and have approved.  If the United States is carrying out a covert CIA effort in Syria, these eight members would have to approve.

If President Obama or President Trump sign a “Presidential Finding Memo” granting the CIA authority to begin formulating a strategy or covert mission, these eight people hold the oversight responsibility to ensure the constitutional and legislative laws -which would govern any executive action- are followed.

♦ There are only three Gang of Eight members remaining from the time of the September 11th 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya (Pelosi, McConnell and Feinstein).

♦Five of the 2012 Gang of Eight members have resigned or retired from Congress (John Boehner -R, Mike Rogers -R, Harry Reid – D, Charles Ruppersberger -D,  and Saxby Chambliss – R).   This is not accidental.

If there is a U.S. policy that blows up into controversy, and is directly attached to the intelligence community, the Gang of Eight is just as culpable as the administration and intelligence agency itself.

This specific construct puts the most powerful Democrats and most powerful Republicans on the same hook as the administration and agency.  In the modern UniParty era, this construct also means neither party has any objective toward truthfulness.  Both parties are at risk.

This UniParty construct is why we knew the House Select Committee on Benghazi was never going to go anywhere.   John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Mike Rogers and Saxby Chambliss were just as responsible as President Obama, Secretary Clinton and CIA Director Leon Panetta.

When you consider all of President Obama’s foreign policy failures, it is critical to remind yourself of the Republican’s who held oversight on every CIA endeavor.

Never forget this undisclosed motive to advance cover-ups.

It is also never discussed in the media.

My spidey senses are telling me that understanding these facts, and understanding the construct of this oversight, will be an important reference point for all Americans in the very near future.


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  1. *** HAPPY NEW YEAR ! # 2017 .


    The leader, The Senate, and The House Political.
    -Organizations, bipartisan political .
    -Organizations, democratic party everywhere, all over the U.S states .
    Organizations international human rights .*****
    The world entered the pages of history, will be newer than and more seriously about the law, human rights law, on the globalization …..*

    1- Legitimate reason of all, the values, were be expressed by our struggle, have been the right, to protect our country .. . protected the future, for the children … ,
    2-To be have life is safer, what the corrupt regime , they used the power to rob , robbed general policy, belong of social budgets. And the equal rights belong of legal right of citizens, Together we stand up , unmask, kind crimes corruptions .
    3-To bring about, a clean planet, in brighter. and the world, no longer happen, oppression, injustice, due crimes corruptions , was intentionally destroyed, the country, and the future of our children ,

    ****And We are honored to have been the shoulders, come along with the law, human rights worldwide have signed on Dec. 23 . 2016 …. With Smart Measures, to shut down the kinds corruptions crimes , only singly to infection, toxic substances, in order to kill people, in addition, there is no development, maintain the safety for humans …..****


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  2. Marygrace Powers says:

    Worth reposting from yesterday/

    Our ‘enemy’/ the embedded globalists/” fanactical,
    determined, well organized”/everywhere as Delingpole
    states below/ THUS – ‘OK We’re DONE. UNLEASH HELL”

    DELINGPOLE: Rules for Righties — a War-Winning Manifesto for 2017/
    by JAMES DELINGPOLE1 Jan 20171,308

    2016 was a great year for most of us – but just because we’ve gained the beachhead doesn’t mean we’re going to win the war.

    With Brexit and Donald Trump, we’ve done the equivalent of capturing everywhere from Pointe Du Hoc to Pegasus Bridge. But just like with D-Day, the worst of the fighting is yet to come. Our enemy is fanatical, determined, well organised. Plus, they still hold most of the key positions: the big banks, the corporations, the top law firms, the civil service, local government, the universities, the schools, the mainstream media, Hollywood… Give those bastards half the chance and they’ll drive us back into the sea – which, in contemporary terms, means nixing Brexit (or giving us “soft Brexit”, which is basically the same thing) and frustrating all the things President Trump will try to do to Make America Great Again.

    I use the war analogy first because World War II analogies never fail, but second because this really is a war that we’re fighting. The bad news is that wars are hard, costly and ugly. The good news is that we’re on the right side and we’re going to win. Here’s how:

    We will never underestimate the wickedness of the enemy

    The liberal-left loves to portray us as the bad guys. But that’s just projection. From Mao’s China to Stalin’s Soviet Union, from Cuba to North Korea, history is littered with the wreckage of failed left wing schemes to make the world a better, fairer place.


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    • RP says:

      The easiest solution is if President Trump holds steady and thoroughly, publicly has Sessions and the FBI investigate, (publicly) charge and convict the “too big to convict” starting (STARTING…!) with Clinton, Obama and a few of the most egregious insiders like Podesta’s…maybe throw in a few business leaders, wall-streeters and high-profile journalists who are involved in covering it up…reach back and nail the bankers and Corzine…he will completely marginalize those who you say still and will be holding key positions. One thing for sure is that these criminals and cowards need to weigh the consequences of their current activities against future activities.

      Unless and until these soul less greedy frauds realize that there is a real possibility of losing life, liberty and the pursuit happiness nothing will change.

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      • Phil aka Felipe says:

        That sorry Soros should be at the top of the list. There is plenty of RICO evidence against them all. Seizure of assets under RICO laws would be delicious start.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        Jamie Gorelick, Franklin Reines, Barney Frank for all they had to do with enriching the right people (themselves, their boyfriends) by aiding and abetting Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac.
        Don’t know if the statute of limitations has expired, but real justice won’t occur until these
        financial rapists meet their just due. These three bastards have victims that number in the
        10s of millions. Old Testament justice should apply for their deeds.

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        • Famester says:

          Amazing, I commend you for seeing the truth concerning the Bill Clinton, Barney Frank housing disaster that they caused by the Commodity Futures Modernization Act and the Community Reinvestment Act via FNMA/FMAC
          “There is growing consensus in financial circles that the seeds of the mortgage market collapse were sown during Bill Clinton’s presidency in the mid-1990s. That was when he helped push through changes that empowered Fannie and Freddie to give more mortgages to minorities and lower-income Americans, often at below-prime interest rates and with little down payments.
          When the Federal Reserve and other respected voices began warning a decade ago that those changes were threatening the mortgage markets, Hillary Rodham Clinton joined fellow Democratic senators, including Barack Obama and John F. Kerry, in providing the votes to block Republican reforms designed to stave off a collapse.
          The one-two punch could prove a political liability for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential bid, portraying her and her husband as facilitators for highly compensated mortgage brokers and undercutting her argument that she has been a longtime champion of the middle class.”

          So many people forget about this, yet the YouTube videos are still there for all to see.
          I used to go to FNMA training and was “shaken to my Core” when I saw what they were doing.


    • spanglishkc says:

      “Unleash hell!” Indeed!

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      Here’s one key position Trump has already begun to defang … everybody and their brother knows that the CIA killed Kennedy. And Old man Bush was right there at the time.
      I, myself, noticed the black Secret Service agent who quickly disappeared from the stage when he came out all hostile aggressive like at one of Trump’s North Carolina rallies.
      Think about it, Trump is always three moves ahead of ye ole Uni-party.

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  3. one of the most important articles to expand on currently.

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  4. BMG says:

    How will DJT navigate all these land mines?

    Had to LOL at Donna Brazile’s call for DJT to meet the Dems halfway and find “common ground”.

    Did ‘Brazile’ change her name from Brazen? Steroidal Chutzpah.

    You do, however, have to give the Dems, Left, Commies, BLM, and all of the other fellow 2-legged excremental travelers, this: They are relentless, single minded, and never give up.

    Fasten seat belts.

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  5. yy4u says:

    I consider myself a political junkie. In looking at this gang of eight, only two could I identify as Republicans (Ryan and McConnell) and I don’t consider them Constitutional Republicans but rather Globalist Republicans. So as far as I’m concerned, this is an oversight committee of eight Democrats. How did we get to this place from where we started? Did we wait too late to elect a Donald Trump? Have we already gone over the cliff into soft totalitarianism by Globalists? With creepy John McCain asking for war councils on Russia and NSA keeping tabs on all of us, did we become Orwell’s “1984” and not know it? I have faith in Trump — he will do what can be done; I’m just not sure what can be done. We vote, we elect whom we believe are Republicans and instead we get a Ryan or a Rubio or a McConnell or a Bush and they do nothing different with reference to Globalism and Open Borders than any Democrat.

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  6. Yggdrasil says:

    If any member of the Go8 were to go rogue and refuse to participate in the usual cover-up of secret and unconstitutional actions of the U.S. government, he wouldn’t have the lifespan of a Mayfly.

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  7. missmarple2 says:

    The best thing to do is lay all the information out, publicly and in prime time. I believe major players should be taken into custody before that, however.

    This should be presented with evidence of the amount of money which has been wasted so that the free stuff people feel like they will get a financial benefit if all of this is put to a stop. (Yes, I know that’s crass, but Trump is going to need more than his voters. He’s going to need the American people as a whole behind him.)

    We cannot shurk in our support and in our discussing this, even with people who do not share our political views. It’s simply the only way we can get him the support he is going to need.

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  8. Yippeekiyay says:

    I am so glad that President Trump has placed several Generals with actual training and experience in the field of intelligence in positions where they can keep us safe. I just can’t put my trust in having people with no education, training or experience to make decisions that affect all of us based on “briefings”. That, along with their political agendas, makes this group very scary.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      General Michael Flynn is the only thing we can trust in that situation right now.
      He’s staffing up. I think KT McFarland will be loyal to him. I tend to trust General Kellogg. He and Flynn are tight, served together buddies.

      The rest of the huge NSC staff will indicate if Flynn can overcome the CIA, DNI, DIA, NSA, CyberCommand all of which are riddled with incompetents, conspirators and disloyal agents of MIC and globalists.

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  9. Southpaw says:

    I am not convinced oversight receives all available and pertinent information. Just my nature as someone who doesn’t trust authority. The 60s. Everything leads me to 9/11 and John Brennan.

    CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia. CIA director hacking of Senate who were investigating enhanched interrogation of 9/11 and Saudi captives. He is also leading and pushing reports of Russia hacking.

    Please no photos of Brennan schmoozing with Bin Laden, may send me over the edge. At least I finished the Christmas pies so those tins can go back on my head.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      “Just my nature as someone who doesn’t trust authority.”

      Concur totally. A good American should never trust government. Franklin and Jefferson warned us specifically that the Constitution was not going to protect us from Tyranny. It would only slow it down. We would have to cull the officials and bureaucrats ourselves. It is not an automatonic machine that cleanses itself of tyrants, corruption and fools. It attempts to check and balance their crimes and excesses.

      Trump has to hire and fire, and fire and hire. 4500 appointees, but a government of 375,000 in the chains of authority and fulfillment.

      Even with two terms in office, his work ethic, hands on, and passionate energy, this is a mammoth project.

      Fighting the UniParty makes it almost impossible.

      We have to keep digging out the “traitors” to our cause, our America.
      This is our country, if not our government. And taking apart the government is our responsibility for the rest of our lives. It will take decades to cure this patient.

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      • haoleboy says:

        In my opinion there is no way the Intelligence agencies have been telling the oversight committee everything and recently they even came out publically and refused to expose what they have as evidence on the hacking and email scams.

        Again , IMO , they are treasonous or mighty close to it.

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      • Phil aka Felipe says:

        “And taking apart the government is our responsibility for the rest of our lives.”

        Absolutely. Because we are not fighting just flesh and blood. This is spiritual warfare;

        “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”
        “…and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.”

        (Ephesians 6:12, Daniel 9:26)

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      • JoeS says:

        One thing that President Trump can do is to bring Benghazi and Syria into the light and break the backs of the uniparty.


        Now that would be sweet. He could bring them all down, and they would no longer be credible or trusted.

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      • I agree Bull D.

        Not only do we have a lot of work to do ourselves.

        But we must teach our children and grandchildren well, so they can carry on in our place.

        It will take decades to clean up this mess.

        But we must also try and ensure that our elected officials are not able to get our beautiful country into this kind of pickle again.

        The best way to prevent this, I believe, is to educate our families who come behind us.

        However each of us decide to do this, please start now.

        Write a journal. Create a video journal. Tell your own personal story of the Trump election.

        Try and leave something behind yourself.

        Also let us legally change our state school systems. They must stop teaching the mush they teach now.

        Each state must take back their own power from the federal government. No more federal government “oversight” on anything.

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        • Beverly says:

          This means we need to go to school board meetings from time to time — also, flip through our kids’ schoolbooks to see what the heck is in there.

          And not be so bashful about talking to our kids about the propaganda and outright lies they’re getting: believe me, they will remember long after (I did!).

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Concerning the Russian hacking. I believe when the truth comes out it will show all of the IP addresses lead back to DHS and Jeh Johnson who takes his orders directly from Obama. Now, where are my holiday tins?


  10. ZZZ says:

    GANG being the operative word.

    THUG is more apropro, IMO.

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  11. solomonpal says:

    Checks and balances or cucks and bitches ?

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  12. Matamoros says:

    So, you are saying all the foreign policy f*ck-ups are actually due to this “gang of eight” approving Obama’s anti-American foreign policy! These SJWs and Cucks need to go!

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  13. Who elects these gang of 8? the president has any control over them?
    The only way trump can bring them down will be to put all their corruptness on the table and see how they will turn his way! He knows what they are up to!

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  14. Bull Durham says:

    I wanted to take a moment to advise the inquiring minds here to consider the film “Snowden”.

    I saw it last night. Filmmaking like this is in the mode of thriller, political thriller. And Oliver Stone is a master of intense filmmaking. Certainly, some dramatic sculpting is taken to create impact. So it is not a documentary. But it does illuminate the CIA and NSA overwhelming power using cyber weapons with kinetic military weapons and using cyber hacking to attack other nations or entities the government and/or these rogue agencies choose to attack.

    It is very important to understand those processes and powers.

    Snowden, the film is a terrific film. But it is more importantly a great window into the Puzzle Palace of the NSA and the ideological maze of Intel processes.

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    • darththulhu says:

      It is almost the only candidate for the “Wag the Dog” of this generation. Good on Stone for being an irascible curmudgeon.

      Most Hollywood films of this century are completely pro-government, pro-war, and pro-world-policeman. Heck, “The Hurt Locker” outright lied about events to come out as straight pro-CIA and pro-torture. The day we get an honest film about hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, or anarchy in Libya, is a day far Far FAR in the future.


    • Dixie says:

      An interesting side note, Oliver Stone’s son, Sean, has converted to islam and thinks “Ahmadinejad is a little bit misunderstood.” He’s one of those who believes that Allah and God are one and the same.

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  15. LM says:

    Wonder what the Clintons are up to now. Swathed in purple, poisonous tentacles deeply rooted in the swamp….

    Wild conjecture here:

    The greed driven Clintons first accepted Saudi and other Islamic money to fund their political endeavors, They returned favors, accepted Huma, partnered with Soros, and influenced the world…including going to war in Kosovo at the behest of their masters,

    Thus they opened the door to Islamic “refugees”, initially coming from Kosovo.

    A favor unfortunately came due in the election of 2008. Obama–groomed by their backers, and with the country indoctrinated by the Clintons’ spin and pc platitudes, primed and ready to accept and never question the actions and unlawful edicts of a Black President–was thrust upon the scene and Clinton ordered to accept him.

    This was not part of the Clintons’ grand plan, though they are responsible,

    They were placated with SoS and 2016 was promised.

    Looking at their history I do not believe that the Clintons and their partners in crime will voluntarily remove themselves from influence and power. Left alone and deemed powerless, IMO they will continue to plot and empower destruction of their enemies….us.

    Full support ffrom me to President Trump in swamp draining, hoping for the full empowerment of the rule of law to execute justice upon the criminal cabal. MAGA

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    • darththulhu says:

      I think you’re putting too much emphasis on there being only One Master Plan, when in reality they try to subborn all sides so that they win no matter who wins the highest office, and then order the loser to make nice.

      The elder Bush obviously did not want to lose to Clinton in ’92 … but Clinton played ball and so Bush made nice.

      Gore didn’t care about military adventurism, and possibly wasn’t going to play ball, so “the liberal media” fell all over themselves to mock Gore and prop up the younger Bush, and then to cheerlead for the warmongering of the younger Bush.

      Kerry obviously didn’t want to lose to the younger Bush in 2004, but Bush played ball and so Kerry made nice. Same in reverse if Bush had lost.

      Clinton and McCain obviously didn’t want to lose to Obama in 2008, but Obama played ball so Clinton and McCain made nice (except to argue that Obama should be Even More Warmongering than he has been). Same in reverse if Clinton or McCain had won.

      Romney didn’t want to lose to Obama, but Obama played ball so Romney made nice. Same in reverse if Romney had won.

      Sanders clearly wasn’t going to play ball, so the DNC crushed him. Trump clearly wasn’t going to play ball, so the RNC and Fox tried to crush him.

      You can see my nightmare these past Two Decades as a peacenik leftie whose primary voting criterion is “who will get Fewer Thousands Of People pointlessly murdered for megacorporate profits?”. I’ve been forced to hold the nose to vote for opponents of the Bushes, opponents of the Clintons, and opponents of McCain and Romney. Trump is quite literally the first candidate in my lifetime who hasn’t been a case of merely voting for the lesser evil according to my primary metric of “fewer thousands of murdered people than the alternative”.

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    • Dixie says:

      They are at it again……”Bill Clinton works to recruit big donors for foundation”


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  16. trapper says:

    A few thoughts on this, but coming at it from a different direction.

    Yesterday The National Interest put up this article:


    Earlier, last Friday to be precise, Pat Buchanan dropped this onion into the punch bowl:


    TNI views Obama’s actions as “petty score-settling” with Putin and Bibi and an attempt to tie Tump’s hands and limit his foreign policy options, characterizing Obama as “pathetic and vindictive,” concluding that he failed to engage in rigorous analysis, assessment of American priorities, or evaluation of possible consequences.

    Buchanan takes a different tack. He notes that Kerry’s statement that Israel can be either Jewish or democratic but not both, roundly criticized as anti-Semitic, merely repeats nearly verbatim that same sentiment as uttered by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. He goes on to declare the two-state solution dead, and concludes that Bibi’s Israel-first policy will inevitably conflict with Trump’s America-first policy.

    I believe Buchanan is closer to it. I do not see Obama’s actions as spite and vindictiveness. Rather, I sense Obama (or more precisely whoever it is who runs him) playing the long game. By his timing Obama has linked Russia and Israel together in one bundle. Russia and Israel, Bibi and Putin, opening the door for the Israel-first crowd who are also anti-Putin Russia hawks (think McCain). Why? To attempt to drive Trump into the arms of the Israel-first, Syria-no-fly-zone, boots-on-the-ground-in-Ukraine globalist neocon crowd.

    Remember, the Uniparty/globalist/neocons preferred Hillary/Obama/Bush, and if Trump can be steered onto the same old Israel-first Russia-hawk path, our movement will be stillborn.

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    • LM says:

      President Trump is his own man. He will not be driven into anything, He will be doing the steering.

      He is one of the best examples I have ever seen of living the Biblical admonition that we “are the head and not the tail”…

      He is also strong and courageous.
      He will take the land and make it great again, through the grace and mercy and outstretched hand of God….which I believe he is relying on.

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      • FofBW says:

        Well said!!!

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      • Marygrace Powers says:

        Precisely LM/ No doubt in my mind/
        ‘Hand of God’ is with Trump/US/

        Trump’s journey to the Presidency of the United States/
        nothing short of MIRACULOUS/

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      • matt mieske says:



      • trapper says:

        I didn’t say I thought it would work, only that I suspect this is their plan. Like others I’m trying to figure out what they are up to. The uniparty globalists are sneaky backstabbing liars, but where Trump is concerned not one of their schemes has worked. Not one. So there is no reason to think this one will either.

        It’s always like watching a Road Runner cartoon with them. What in the world is Wiley Coyote up to this time? Why in the world is he tying that rope to his leg? Trying to figure it out is the amusement of the game.


        • Beverly says:

          Hussein is a moslem, he hates the Jooos. Regardless of any other reason. It’s the scorpion’s nature.

          The Jews are just 5 million souls trying to survive in a sea of 500 million hostiles.


    • Bubba says:

      I believe that Obama and Bibi are playing a game for public consumption. They want the public to believe that they’re at odds. They have been working together in creating/arming ISIS and overthrowing mideast dictators for oil and other geopolitical ends (banking, natural resources, etc.). Remember, Obama is CIA. Nothing is as it seems. The CIA is an enforcement arm of the globalists. Obama and Bibi are working for the globalists’ interests. As for Russia, Putin is fighting against the globalists. Therefore, Obama needs to try to undermine him and lay the groundwork for future conflict. However, Putin is smarter than them. Stay tuned…the covert/overt struggle will continue.

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  17. kimosaabe says:

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    • georgiafl says:

      Assange is not an American, does not have American sensibilities, values, historical understanding. His upbringing was unusual: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Assange

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      • dannz says:

        Please do not cite Wikipedia on any political or Global Warming topic. They misinform, deceive, remove inconvenient truths, lie and are in the democrat/globalist camp.


      • pawatcher says:

        Julian Assange does not write the WikiLeaks leaks, you do realize that right? He and the staff catorigize the documents leaked to them. Then publish and be damned.
        Wikileaks has never been found to change any of the documents they have published. They have been truthful to the letter.
        Julian may not be an American, but honesty, courage, and integrity are his bywords.
        If you want to know the truth about Hitler; read his own written words. Want to know about Islam read Muhammads own written words. Want to know about Obama read his own written words. I could go on………
        All the DNC leaks have been proven to be real, true and un changed by wikileaks. They helped defeat Hillary, so now the LSM, DNC, etc. plan to blame the Russians for Hillary’s huge loss.


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        • georgiafl says:

          pawatcher, I was referring to Assange’s attitude toward Mr. Trump. Nothing more. Assange doesn’t seem to get Trump or his America first policies.


          • Beverly says:

            I agree. This is something almost no foreigner understands — the special bond American patriots feel with our beloved, exceptional nation.

            We are (as I heard throughout my youth), “the Great Experiment” on the world stage. And we are still engaged in a great struggle to see whether this nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We aren’t the last, best hope of mankind — that is Jesus! — but in terms of earthly efforts, we’re doing our best.

            American patriotism is love of freedom, the wind in your hair, idealism not cynicism, and the urge to be the best we can be, in this gorgeous country of ours, under God’s guiding hand. Foreigners have the older, “blood and soil” concept of patriotism, which I understand, but they always, ALWAYS underestimate our idealism.

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    • singingsoul says:

      I do not care what Assange says. Who made him the expert on US constitution and politics . Why would we want to keep a power structure that is bend hell to destroy us…? How does Obama fit into this because the so called power structure sat buy and allowed wars…?
      To me it sounds like progressive demagoguery .


      • Beverly says:

        Yes, Assange is a bit of a wild card, isn’t he? He is also an Australian liberal. So yes, read what he releases, but remember that he and his group select what they want to release, and interpret according to their own lights.

        This is true, BTW, about any source, including our host here. Always weigh, judge, and winnow out. 🙂


  18. kimosaabe says:

    Trumps election is something the UniParty never fathomed therefore never planned for. Has caught them completely off guard. Which means they are engaged in massive planning behind closed doors to thwart him at every measure. Step 1 is to discredit his election as a ‘Russian coup’. Delegitimize him to the nation. Trump is walking the biggest tightrope of any incoming POTUS in history. If he doesn’t go along to get along, they will use any means necessary to destroy him. The question is how far will Trump go to not get along. Remember Eisenhower alluded to the shadow government in his farewell address and Kennedy may have been taken out because he wasn’t going along with them (may have been planning some revelations). Interesting and EXCEEDINGLY DANGEROUS times that we are living in especially now. I am very much concerned for Trumps safety as he drains the Swamp and forges ahead with truth telling. An honest POTUS who they can’t control is the last thing the UniParty wants.

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  19. Bull Durham says:

    I have been asked by my Russian friends and contacts to explain Trump on Israel.
    I have no problem seeing it as separate and apart of all other foreign policy, America First, Peace through Strength issues.

    Trump will protect Israel, not fight her wars. Trump will make certain Iran or any terrorist group or anti-Israeli group has no nukes or any form of WMD. That is very limited in geography, defense equipment or involvement. Most of it is reliant on Intel and Israel tends to only trust its own Intel.
    That makes Trump’s task easier. Verify what the Israeli’s say exist and then take action.

    All other regional issues fall into the our America First, selfish national interests. In the region, it used to be oil. We no longer need Arab oil.

    So, Israel is an emotional issue for Trump. Not strategic. It requires little other than military defense and good communications with IDF and Mossad. And we know Trump has family and friends pipelines of communication directly to Tel Aviv.

    In the scheme of things, it is one of many minor responsibilities. Trump has trade and war on terror issues, Congressional sabotage to his nominees, the fight for truth in media, and the huge infrastructure project to launch. Health care and VA reform are challenges much greater than protecting Israel.

    There also is another protector of Israel as a nation. Russia. One million Russian Jews live there.
    Putin is a good friend of Jews. He has acted to protect Israel. He put sanctions on Iran, refused for years to fulfill a contract to deliver S300 missile defense until Iran gave up its enriched uranium and heavy water. And he got the chemical weapons out of Syria. He allows Israel to strike with missiles into even Damascus when Israel feels Hezbollah is getting heavy weapons or more rockets.

    Trump and Putin will assure Israel’s right to exist, hopefully in Peace, when things are done with terrorists.

    Liked by 5 people

    • georgiafl says:

      The leftist/globalists hate Christians and Jews and have facilitated the decimation of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. No wonder they are after Russia and Putin.


      • Bull Durham says:

        Yes, if Trump and Putin just concentrate on Christian values, we will have a Peaceful 21st century, after we kill all the terrorists and globalists (who are child and parent, after all).

        Liked by 4 people

      • Beverly says:

        And their allies, the moslems, are still furious with Putin’s smackdown of the Chechen moslem terrorists.

        Complicating the picture, though, is the fact that historically, the USSR championed and made client states of all the Arab nations — remember that they all carry AK-47s, a Soviet weapon? and flew MIG fighters? the Russians armed them. Whereas the Israelis were the only ones carrying M-16s.

        The moral of this story is: Always keep your eyes opened, fore and aft. If you can form a (temporary) alliance with another state, well and good: but don’t be naive enough to think that they’ll necessarily be our BFFs. They will plow their own line according to their own interests.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Rip Tide says:

      Thanks Bull !!


  20. Ficklefinger says:

    There are ways to have the enemy eliminate their own burrowed double agents. Traitors are ALWAYS suspect. You can plant clues about the turncoats sufficient to undermine their credibility with their enemy masters to the point they are ultimately killed by their own “friends.” No trials needed. A very smart British agent did this to a brilliant Nazi spy and the Germans shot their own
    bright agent, who was NOT a traitor to the Germans, based on a well-executed ruse.

    Since you can’t pry the truth out of these traitorous spy scoundrels, smart people can just figure a way to set them up. You can even award them posthumous medals to publicly pretend they were “good” guys instead of the backstabbers they actually were.


  21. Bubba says:

    You can bet that all of the gang of 8 (past & present) are compromised so that they can be forced to play ball. That’s why they’re allowed onto the gang in the first place. Also, I don’t believe for a minute that all ops are reviewed by them for oversight purposes. Only the official, on the books ops are allowed to be reviewed by their committee. There’s plenty of covert ops that are off the books and not discussed. The CIA has many companies, NGO’s, private citizens, foreign govt’s, etc. to run clandestine operations through with no fingerprints. Nothing is as it seems. Everything is convoluted. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and vice versa. No one person knows all. The complexity and the secrecy and the deceit is the petri-dish and the bacteria just grows and grows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sherlock says:

      Imagine how much classified information has been leaked by members of this congressional oversight group alone. Would anybody in his right mind actually trust a person like Pelosi not to blab to her commie cronies? Would anybody trust McCain, Graham Feinstein with a secret? I imagine they only keep mum when it is in their personal self interest to do so. Otherwise, that group must be like a sieve.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Beverly says:

      This goes on in Every Major Intel Agency Worldwide, my friend. Nature of the beast.


  22. Bull Durham says:

    Leningrad (St. Petersburg) 1987 Donald Trump on Palace Square (Translation)


    • I was there in 1981. Very beautiful concrete city. I remember all the armed military men on every street corner. We had a luxury hotel and sold our panty hose and jeans to the maids. Toilet paper was a luxury back then in Russia. There were bread lines in the outer cities. A few of us escaped the tour bus, went on our own little excursion and got lost in the underground transit system. I was scared to death. Two kind student men from Africa help us get back to the hotel, but never would do that again.

      These last few posts of Sundance has my head spinning. I love the information, facts, posts and could read endlessly. Thank you all for the excellent comments.


  23. pawatcher says:

    To get to the root of the problems and plans for the ME/Islamic Terror, Russia, globalization, and the US; you have to go right to the beginning of the fermenting by the CIA. Al Qaeda and all Islamic terror providers were funded by Saudi Arabia and US.
    Just remember who was heading the CIA then, that’s right papa Bush.


    Liked by 2 people

  24. Until PE becomes President, Trump walks the tight rope. Maybe this leaked tape of Kerry was intentional, a message to McStrain, Graham and the like to play nice.

    Th corruption is so deeply entrenched that I think the only way to begin cleaning it out will be to first have your complete team appointed. Create a TV network that is pro Trump, plus other highly visible modes of communication that he controls and cannot be shut down. Then achieve some heavily supported legislation, make good on the VA, get most all the vets behind you and really feel how this monster government works,

    Then, out of the blue, Baaammm, a KO, when the enemy is just getting comfortable with you.

    This way President Trump has the most support from the American people, the military, Law enforcement. If he can then rip open the belly of the beast for all to see, he can eliminate the most influential traitors, cut the head off the snake and take a lot of the body with it.

    If we are too impatient, feel he’s not draining the swamp quick enough, remember, piss poor planning provides piss poor performance, or something like that.

    If he does nothing else, my vote was the best I’ve ever cast. America has been change and there are patriots who will pick up the ball and run.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. William Ford says:

    With “friends” like Ryan and McConnell who needs enemies? These turds will sign on to the “Russia Hacked the Election” narrative crafted by Obama and DNC operatives for purely political motives because it serves their globalist establishment purpose to damage Trump as much as they can. It’s disgusting. Trump has to fight both parties. He must constantly use the bully pulpit to take his case directly to the people and bypass the partisan dishonest media.


  26. azcatsclaw says:

    Where is the “Intelligence” in this Gang of Eight?


  27. justfactsplz says:

    I take no comfort whatsoever in the above picture. The whole lot of them are corrupt and paid for.


  28. GForce says:

    I just look at this line up of traitors and get so wickedly disgusted. I give credit to all the folks that can muster the strength to thoughtfully comment and toe the line on this one. God what a mess!


  29. irishsavant says:

    I’m sure Israel never gets one iota of information from that (((select group))). /s


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  31. guitar107 says:

    The Globalist gang of 8.


  32. Pingback: Donald Trump and 9/11 | Churchmouse Campanologist

  33. Chris says:

    another great article by SD

    The Globalist gang of 8.

    reviewed this AM as a refresher,, yep, the enemy of truth is coming from within, this explains alot
    .. as it relates to recent and not so recent events..
    .. like a giant picture puzzle thrown in the air, all the pieces gently falling together on the table.
    SD pulls back the curtain and sheds the glorious sunlight !


    Liked by 1 person

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