Top Ten Most Under Reported Stories of 2016…

Everywhere you look the end of each year brings forth a series of lists outlining some variant of an annual summation.   We don’t traditionally assemble anything like that – however, this year my thoughts have been on specifically domestic stories that have not received the attention they deserve.

With that in mind, here’s my Top Ten list of domestic, mostly political, stories that I view have not been discussed with the importance or emphasis they should have carried:

jeb bush what#10 – Jeb’s failure to launch.  When you think about the years of strategic planning that went into a Jeb Bush presidential campaign, well, the scope Jeb’s failure to launch just exemplifies how disconnected the professional republican apparatus was from the average voter.  The party apparatchik genuinely believed Jeb Bush had a chance at winning the nomination.  Hundreds of millions of corporate and individual dollars, from major GOP donors, contributed to a campaign that was intensely futile, but the people supporting Jeb seemed oblivious to the reality.  Almost every incumbent republican politician aligned with his campaign.  Their collective disconnect from the feeling of the average American voter was definitely under reported.

Trump rally illinois 4#09 – The number of grassroots voters who donated to the Donald Trump campaign.  After a decade of the republican party surviving only from the mega-donors and bundlers, the era of the small donor returned.  Donald Trump gained the largest ever group of small donors to contribute to the presidential campaign of any republican ever.  It’s also stunning how this fact was seemingly overlooked by all those talking heads who said he didn’t have a chance.   This under reported story was also the largest reason why Reince Priebus defended Trump from the professional dopes within the party he chairs.

five stooges never trump#08 – The irrelevance of “conservative” talk radio.  Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Beck, Eric Erickson, Mark Levin, and Charlie Sykes all supported anyone except Donald Trump until there was no-one left except Donald Trump.  Their ravings, rantings and anti-Trump endorsements/non-endorsements made absolutely ZERO difference in the republican presidential primary race.  They were completely sidelined, held no influence and were simply cast into parking lot spectator status.  Unfortunately no-one will ever write a story about it, let alone interview or question them about their newly fractured status.

a17b2-hip-replacement-recall-bribery#07 – The inability of multi-million republican Super-PAC’s to defeat the grass roots voters.  That’s a major under reported story, also connected to #9: the size of the Trump coalition.  Browsing through the Super-PAC expenditure and FEC reports all year it was stunning to see how many hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on negative advertising “against Donald Trump” by the donors to the GOPe professional political class.  If anyone ever took the time to total up all that Super-PAC money it would well exceed the amount wasted by the Hillary Clinton campaign, by a significant margin; a VERY significant margin.

little marco#06 – The collapse of Little Marco’s professional career.  Senator Marco Rubio humiliated himself publicly, embarrassingly and unbelievably.  How anyone could ever envision Rubio attempting to gain higher office on his own merits is beyond my ability to understand.  There’s a reason he’s been essentially invisible on the national stage; however, as soon as he might think about poking his head up again – there’s reams of footage of him playing the fool and showcasing a painful lack of maturity.  Sure he’s apologized, but he’ll likely never recover from the embarrassment of his own behavior.

mosby you mad bro#05 – The failure of the false prosecutions.  The media have never taken a full accounting of how the insufferable false narratives spurred by anti-police, and anti-law-and-order social justice movements have collapsed when faced with sunlight of actual evidence. The attempts to prosecute the transparently innocent began with Zimmerman (’12), continued with Darren Wilson (Ferguson ’14) and culminated with the Baltimore Six trials (’16). In each example the fraud within the prosecution could not withstand the sunlight of the actual legal system.  Think about how many millions were spent on investigations and cases that were constructed entirely by fraud and deceit, and simultaneously promoted by the ideological broadcasts of the media.  Stunningly under reported.

bush affluenza#04 – The final defeat of the Bush Clinton legacies.  Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, and Bush.  That’s 20 years of presidential valuation wiped out by the overwhelming support evidenced by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  The larger American electorate simply had enough of self-appointed political dynasty building and the final rebuke of Hillary Clinton was the end of an era.  There’s been little media attention paid to this aspect of current political reality, but the influence of the Bush and Clinton families is finally over.

Allred#03 – The disappearing women – Trump accusers.  Isn’t it interesting how the manufactured and promoted claims of dozens of women simply disappear once their usefulness is exhausted. Where’s the media follow-up stories on what, who, why and where are they now?  It’s as if the entire media apparatus knew from the outset the story only held value in the short-term goal of taking down candidate Donald Trump.  Now, they simply just disappear as quickly as they originally surfaced.  Yet somehow, at some later date, those same media voices will be back on TV promoting the next target of Gloria Allred inc.

trump-media-8#02 – The wipe-out of the corporate media apparatus.  It is understandable why the media would choose not to report on their own irrelevance; yet that doesn’t mean their irrelevance is any less a story.  Arguably you could make the complete collapse of the U.S. corporate and legacy media the #1 story of this entire election cycle.  Never before has any single political election so thoroughly, completely and visibly destroyed the credibility of print or broadcast journalism.  Collectively and individually they will never recover from the continual abject and transparent falsehoods they promoted in each and every hour of their coverage, and in almost every column inch of their publications.  Put a fork in them, they are all done – and they did it to themselves, repeatedly.  Good riddance.

trump-hat-2#01 – The New Economy.  In my opinion the inability of media, business media, economic or financial forecasters to understand the concept of the new Trump “America-first” economy is not only the least reported story in 2016, but will also be the biggest under-reported story of 2017 and beyond.

There is an entire new dimension in modern American economics that is uncharted territory – but that doesn’t mean it is not understandable.  However, any forward economic understanding can only take place if financially-minded people wipe out their preconceived thoughts (a completely clean slate) and allow room for rethinking the concept of two parallel economic models.   The ability to understand what can and will be possible is only found in the dimension between the two parallel economies.  Between the “Wall Street economy” and the traditional “Main Street economy” you will find our economic pathway for the next several years.

Consider me resoundingly optimistic.

trump hard hat 2

Well, that’s my list.  Can you think of any under-reported stories that you would like to have seen expanded in national discussion?

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  1. Sherlock says:

    I would say another underreported story was the coordinated violence aimed at Trump supporters and Trump rallies. A bit of the violence was reported, but no one delved into the obvious coordination or funding. Another virtually ignored story this year was the prevalence of faked “hate crimes” carried out by Clinton and Sanders supporters.

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  2. MIKE says:

    Re: #s’ 9, 8, and 7: To this day, all listed, (GOPes’, talking radio heads, etc.) still believe that Ted Cruz would have beat the HRC machine in the final showdown. That’s why we hear and read “the dems lost because they fronted the worst candidate ever” mantra. They don’t get that the fix was in, until Trump and the grassroots voters took them down.
    An underreported story? The left’s claim of “settled science”, is the antithesis to what real science actually is, in all things scientific, such as the dynamic of vast and mysterious atmospheres both inner and outer, and mans ability to influence it. That and their proposed remedies admittedly would not even work, were it true. Omission is one of the medias’ greatest weapons for advancing a pre-conceived agenda.
    Another lucid, excellent article here on CTH.

    please clap

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    • TheseTruths says:

      “To this day, all listed, (GOPes’, talking radio heads, etc.) still believe that Ted Cruz would have beat the HRC machine in the final showdown.”
      And this is one reason I haven’t listened to or supported them in quite some time. There is not much they can offer me in terms of real analysis anymore. All of us here have moved way past them.

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      • yy4u says:

        TheseTruths — Agree. If this primary season and election showed us anything, it showed us that there are NO experts out there, that we (the people) know as much as any pundit, professor, historian, journalist or talking head and that we can recognize b.s. when we hear it. We rejected JEB! and we rejected TED and we rejected Marco — all the up an comers the “experts” told us we needed to nominate. The ONLY candidate who could have beaten Hillary was the candidate we chose. I think that shows that we the people are the experts and the talking heads are just noise.

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      • oedawg says:

        I think Ted Cruz might be the #11 story of the year. Cruz was everything a conservative like me wanted — from a policy position — in a candidate. But with Cruz it was all too predictable how he would be destroyed by the Clintons and the Media. I literally could see it in my mind. There would be a made up scandal. Probably something involving sex…infidelity, cheating, sexual harassment etc. And he would totally play the media’s game. Answering their questions over and over and over again. Getting pulled off message. Apologizing. And this made up story would consume him. And God forbid, if they actually had a recording or video of Cruz doing anything remotely scandalous, it would be game over for him. I knew he would crumble. There was a playbook already made to defeat a candidate like him. That’s why I decided to support Trump. It was clear to me that nothing from the Clintons/Liberals/Media bag of tricks would work against him. He changed the game, flipped the script, and kept them all on their heels.

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        • Here's Your Sign says:

          Absolutely. While Trump may not be the perfect candidate, he was the wrecking ball we needed to break the old system.

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        • georgiafl says:

          Cruz was another manchurian candidate with sealed records and a lot of lies (Lyin’ Ted) and especially his Cubans with benefits activism and advocacy.

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          • georgiafl says:

            Cruz was a globalist posing as a constitutionalist.

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            • Orygun says:

              He was the ace in the hole for the Bushes and the globalists. I backed him until I actually researched him and it was obvious the two sided game he was playing. Trump was the only one that was genuine and I will always remember his helping Ben Carson on the stage. That was not staged and showed his true compassion for people.

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        • ediegrey says:

          Cruz is a big phony – Donald Trump was and remains the only candidate on we the American people’s side. Donald Trump’s run to be president shone a huge, unrelenting light on everyone and everything that has been happening to our country for the last 50 years. There was not one talking head who was unequivocally for Trump, very revealing. All their hand wringing over Obama came to naught. And there was only one brave senator who supported him from the start – Jeff Sessions, who recognized who Trump was. I have to think God was on our side.

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    • I’ll clap…..Don’t want you looking like poor Jebby on here….wink I think Climate Change fraud may be the most unreported story. The truth is that yes, the science is settled….but itis not in favor of of the warming alarmists. They have become nothing less than science deniers……

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    • SharkFL says:

      Shaping narratives by omission .. spot on (clapping)


  3. waynestrick says:

    The rise of conservative and traditional political factions around the world would fit into a top ten.

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  4. Gary says:

    After reading all the comments I’ve decided one headline sums it all up…

    BREAKING NEWS: America wakes up and speaks….film at 11.

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    • arete55 says:

      I share your terse summation…

      Since the “Journalist Corruptocrats” had (and remain to have) no intention of reporting accurately (fairly) the dynamics of “The Movement”, lamenting their purposeful inadequacies will have no fruitful influence on them. Their moribund industry will further deteriorate due to the competitive vitality of laissez faire New Media.

      However, by creating such a comprehensive list of negligently avoided political themes Sundance provides, in real time, the road map for future historians to efficiently recall their qualitative importance.


    • farmhand1927 says:

      Breaking News: America woke up and made it clear that Benghazi matters, email scandal matters, Russian uranium deal matters, millions added to welfare rolls matters, illegals allowed to re-enter this nation over and over that rape, murder and steal matter, unvetted refugees given jobs and welfare that refuse to assimilate matter, boys in girls’ bathrooms matter, college professors that incite hatred and division and refuse to teach instead of indoctrinate matter, people being not just allowed, but encouraged by the 44th president to riot, pillage and inflict harm and terror in their communities matter, stifling, strangling regulations, fines and infringements from the bloated, out of control govt agencies matter, people that abide by the law, pay taxes, volunteer for the military, serve their families and communities being called ‘deplorable’ matters. To name a few.

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  5. TJ says:

    I believe the most under reported story is the intimidation, blackmailing and coercion by CAIR and similar muslim groups throughout the western world. Everytime a muslim comitts an atrocity against innocents it is followed by Muslim victim hoaxes and a host of stories about backlash against muslims. This is entirely orchestrated b the CAIR network. Movie scripts are being rewritten to appease CAIR. School books are revised with a pro-muslim slant. The dirty hands of CAIR and confederates operate as as a 5th column. I want to offer a concrete example with documentation in how it has operated in Hollywood.

    In 2005, muslims threatened to bomb Ridley Scott while making the movie Kingdom of Heaven about the Crusades during the reign of Baldwin IV. Ridle Scott rewrote the script to appease muslims. CAIR was involved. CAIR was given a pre-screening of the film for CAIR’s approval.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Good post.

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    • yy4u says:

      Interesting post, TJ. I didn’t know any of this. I love historical movies and saw “Kingdom of Heaven” and was appalled. A short synopsis is: Christians are bad, Christians are very bad; Muslims are good, Muslims are very good. I HATED that movie.

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      • Joel says:

        Read Robert Spencer is great.


      • Sherlock says:

        Hollywood always does this. I remember when Mel Gibson put out “The Passion of the Christ” the controversy that preceded its release. Just google “ADL and the Passion of the Christ”–ADL complained that the film was anti-Semetic. So, I’m not at all surprised by the revelations about “Kingdom of Heaven.”


    • robertnotsowise says:

      Kingdom of Heaven grossed most of its box office internationally. 77% to 22% US


    • Reminds me of 2014’s Outcast, with Hayden Christensen and Nicholas Cage. The backstory: they’re former evil Christian Crusaders vs some Muslim leader who’s spun as Mr. Peaceful Sensitive Righteous Family Guy Who Treats His Wife As An Equal, innocently defending their darling children. Christensen wraps up the flashback with whining screaming “prayer” filled with self loathing – the original Snowflake!

      2 minutes of this onesided Flip was all I could take.

      Amusingly Christensen – the Mean Christian Crusader (Cage played the Good Self Hating White Christian, denouncing their cause and quitting in righteous fury in the middle of a battle) – Cheistensen tried to revive his neglected career a year later via a supposedly “positive” Christian flick, 90 Minutes Later. That character was also a creep, behaving embarrassingly badly.

      H. Christensen please avoid Religious roles in future. And Sci Fi.


  6. Apfelcobbler says:

    The road Obama is taking reminds me of how bizarre Lil Marco was when he started getting desperate and (supposedly) did all that goofy clowning for the GOP – shortly before collapsing.

    Now Obama is being a childish fool and he must surely already regret it. Hard to believe he has the nuclear codes, right Hillary? It’s beautiful that Putin is ignoring Obama’s hysterics. Obama will go out like Marco – an embarrassment to his party!

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    • AFVet says:

      By ignoring Obama, Putin knows that it will further diminish Barry on the world stage.
      This has to infuriate Obama to no end.

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    • yy4u says:

      As I posted yesterday, Trump and Putin both had best tread carefully and behave like adults trying to deal with a 150 lb. toddler holding a gun having a temper tantrum.

      Obama is very dangerous right now. To thwart him with words or threats would be madness. Let him stomp and shriek. Unfortunately he is going to break a few things that can’t be mended but that’s better than having him blow up the world by starting a war with Russia.

      On January 20th after he’s sworn in, Trump can start to undo as much of Obama’s mischief as he can. After 1/20 his biggest problem is not going to be Obama and the Democrats it’s going to be the John McCains and Lindsey Grahams — thanks AZ and SC. We owe you one!

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    • I can’t wait to hear Trump’s take on the “evidence” after his Intelligence briefing this week.


  7. Southpaw says:

    The sheer number of terrorists imported into the nation, but that could be because they haven’t been activated yet

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  8. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Number 5 is the epitome of fake news. Many police officers lost their lives because of that one.

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  9. KBR says:

    One thing not mentioned is the extreme patience exhibited by the entire coalition of Trump supporters in the face of threats, lies, even beatings at rallies. We, the gun-owning sharpshooting hunter party, kept our anger cold and our powder dry through it all in 2016.

    Pretty amazing when you think of it.

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  10. daughnworks247 says:

    Under-reported news:
    Connection of churches + Federal $$’s + illegal immigrants has corrupted our churches and sways public opinion on immigration policy.

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    • singingsoul says:

      I had been all my life churched and left the church 5 years ago because of the illegal immigration issue. This was done through women groups. I could not reconcile what I knew and what women in local churches not knew.

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    • nkmommy says:

      Though perhaps equally under-reported is the number of churches that encouraged their congregants to vote for the one who will defend life despite being told to dislike him by the media. Many priests did a great job of presenting the issues of importance in this election even if the bishops were not or were talking with of only immigrants.


  11. parteagirl says:

    TED CRUZ and the Evangelical vote:
    This time evangelicals were less interested in someone who sounded like he practiced their faith and voted overwhelmingly for the candidate who promised them he would protect it.

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  12. be says:

    Thank God for the hope we have now. Pushing evil and the devil out of control of our lives.
    God is listening always.

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  13. Apfelcobbler says:

    The Russian Embassy does some tweeting of its own (above) bypassing legacy media (as far as I know so far)

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    • wondering999 says:

      Is that for real? I am sick at heart at the thought that our malignant leadership directed the deaths of the Russian ambassador in Turkey recently (along with Ambassador Stevens?) I do not trust any of our leftover “leaders”, they appear to be godless, heartless, greedy murderers and warmongerers. God help us before we are punished for the sick leaders we have patiently tolerated. Please 2017 do not rain war on our heads or any more innocents elsewhere

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Only God knows Putin’s heart, but Putin best not think he can mock God. May his words be truth.

      Matthew 15:18 But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.

      It does not mean Putin & USA align, but if of God, God uses all who believe in Him.


  14. dervish114 says:

    It was amazing that this year witnessed the implosion of not only the RNC, but the DNC as well. The establishments of both parties were dead wrong, and the American people, in no uncertain terms, made it clear that we are fed up with being robbed and lied to by Washington.

    Number three really offended me. The Dems yammer on about how the Russians “hacked the election” because Wikileaks revealed true information about Hillary, yet the Dems blatantly tried to swing the election by posting falsehoods about Trump. Remember when Allred’s daughter and the HuffPo pushed that story about Trump and a 13 year old girl? It was quickly debunked, but they tried to frame him for a felony crime. That’s as serious and as under-handed as it gets.

    The media has amnesia about it now apparently, but I hope that Trump’s DoJ investigates it.

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  15. SPMI says:

    Please God let nothing stop the transition of Mr Trump to Commander and Chief of our precious United States.
    I will be in DC for the inauguration and the prayer breakfast. Hope to see a lot of you guys there.

    G O. D J T R U M P!!!

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  16. Kyrissaean says:

    illegal immigration is a way for for foreign governments like Mexico to interfere in US election while unbalance the economy same time. That is why 1994 California prop 187 was toss by democrat party out so high cost of living goes out of control. every time politicians pander to illegals, they deteriorate accessibility in affordable healthcare for 60% average citizens. If people want to keep a few good aspects of Obamacare, immigration laws must be enforce, even if a few illegals are allow to stay, they must no longer be over pampered. illegals should not be allowed for certain things like voting since the question of allegiance for USA as seen with violent ones during this election that defend foreign governments negligence and they aren’t facing any burdens toss by state/government. Also those whom favor open borders/illegals like soros/oligarchy authoritarian progressives bribe some members ACLU to act like communist/nazi educators to convert college students to first order storm troopers that hate anyone that don’t blind follow globalism. islam=merge foreign government/religion. politically they range from nice groups to radicals that preach some are more equal than others. it makes obama a puppet for muslim game of thrones mainly between radical moderates to radical radical. high cost of living/illegal immigration makes any minimum wage useless, encourages abuse of worker visa/outsourcing, and dilutes quality of life/innovation. you can say world of Warcraft/ff14 online could be long elaborate expanse with rare updates instead of pay by subscription/dlc so things operated are differently. Also price should be adjusted in accordance with trump’s conditional tax break incentives. quality/affordability with good but reasonable wage. if things were like 1980s stuff like fire emblem fates petting mechanic will be allowed instead of unsuited for western audience today just like furry fandom tf or casino mini games in pokemon. did you know that when it comes to climate change regulations UN gives double standards to places where heavy outsourcing is located. you can make clean air,water a right, layers of contingency to prevent/clean negatives, but when looking seriously at overall planet health, you need other countries to do their part.

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  17. Allen Sutton says:

    One of the most under-reported stories can be summed up in Abraham Lincoln’s final comment of his first inaugural address:

    “”Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty.”

    As Ben Franklin counseled, “God governs in the affairs of men;” God remains the sovereign of creation, and it is my hope that Believers will never again sit on the sidelines of this nation’s political and governing process.

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  18. LKA in LA says:

    Number one for me—the opening of borders while putting a lot of abled body American citizens on disability payments aka “shut up money.” Meatime the workers pay for all and more illegials flood into the country.

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  19. The total collapse and demise of the Obama legacy should definitely be in the top 10.

    Everything he has done is now wiped out. His whole Presidency has turned into dust and will be quickly swept away, barely to be remembered by future generations.

    Historic, indeed.

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  20. carterzest says:

    Excellent SD!

    I’d only add:
    #05 – The failure of the false prosecutions.
    Officer Michael Slager &The Sandwich shooter. (Surely I missed one…)


    • yy4u says:

      Four years ago, Allred pulled the same thing on Herman Caine and drove him out of the race. Caine is married to a very classy, very private woman, has a nice family, and he withdrew rather than slug it out with them. What happened to those women? Did they drop their suits against Mr. Caine? Or did they quietly go away once Mr. Caine left the race? The Caine story is not UNDER reported, it is UN reported. I personally want to know what happened. I personally want to know whether Mr. Caine settled or not. Maybe this kind of behavior is not election hacking but it certainly can influence an election — especially since they tried the same thing on Donald Trump this year. I do know when Allred resurfaced with the same story and the same complaint, I tuned her out.

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  21. Paco Loco says:

    There’s still 36 hours left in 2016 for more Obama criminal mischief. I truly hope that Trump has the terminity to sick Jeff Sessions on Obama and Clinton and let the chips fall where they may. These felonious traitors (Soros included) need to be brought to justice for their high crimes and misdemeanors. They will do everything in their power to make your presidency fail and to bring down the Republic. Please PE Trump, NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY!

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  22. Fe says:

    I haven’t read all of the posts, so forgive me if this one was already mentioned: the failure of the MSM to report on the Wikileaks and what those emails revealed along with never shoving the microscope up Hillarys rearend like they did to Trump (they won’t stop). Another one is the liberals believing their own press regarding those FALSE polls, and unfailing trust in their god Nate Silver. Thank the good Lord for Sundance and Treepers. I am new here but I’m not new to conservatism. Finally found a site that doesn’t play games. Thank you Sundance. I’ve spent some time promoting this website to my conservative and not so conservative friends on my FB. I decided to keep my FB account for one reason only, to point people to truth & debunk those insufferable lies and nasty tricks by the left.

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  23. youme says:

    I consider the early release of 46,000 federally convicted drug dealers, in the midst of a heroin epidemic, another “most under reported” story of 2016
    What You Need to Know About the New Federal Prisoner Release

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    • facebkwallflower says:

      More info please. The drug epidemic has swelled the foster care number to 23000+ in Indiana alone. It is beyond crisis point, beyond inner city and poverty, and beyond the trailer parks now… And 46000 convicted drug dealers released?


  24. bertdilbert says:

    I am going to combine #10 and #7. Money alone does not work anymore.

    Jeb Bush failed horribly and got no results for having spent mega bombs of money. Hillary never got the memo and frantically flew around the country to raise money. The problem was Jeb already proved money was not going to work.

    That money went to buy fake news and fake polls along with negative ads.

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  25. TheLast Democrat says:

    #1 under-reported story:


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  26. lepanto says:

    02 – The wipe-out of the corporate media apparatus

    I think this should be rated as the Number One under-reported story.

    Perhaps it is only out of humility that Sundance left this item in second place. This website, in particular, has distinguished itself as far superior to any of the Lo-Info corporate media. There are many other such websites and media sources, but the once (so-called) “mainstream” media are now widely recognized as irrelevant at best, and sometimes nefarious.

    Perhaps the single most catastrophic wrecking ball to the corporate media was the Trump campaign’s strategy of endless, huge, energetic “rallies” all over the country. When ordinary people got to see, with their own eyes, tens of thousands of people like themselves united in huge crowds, the failure of the media to reflect reality became overwhelming.

    The same discrediting of the media has been obvious for four decades to anyone who attends the annual March for Life in Washington in January. When you see hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans in an all-day event in Washington, and it is ignored or distorted in the evening news, you realize that the “news” does not reflect the real world.

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  27. Raven says:

    This has been an historic year in politics with the top of the sundae being the election of Donald J. Trump. But what has been reported about the greatness of our incoming President? Zero, nada, zilch. The media criticizes every step PE Trump takes, without pumping the electorate WHO VOTED FOR HIM up with the great things he’ll do once in office. Bambam was talked about as though he were a god before he took office, even getting a Noble Peace Prize for zero, nada, zilch he had done.

    So the #1 news story that was totally under reported in my eyes was how “We” the people voted for and won an election “they” did there best to destroy — the election of Donald Trump for President. We did that and yet the media keeps going after the whiners — the minority — reporting everything they say and do. Where have the joyful shouts from the majority of Americans who voted for Donald Trump been seen in the media? We are the majority — WE were and continue to be written off as though we do not exist by the media. The silent majority is still being played by the media as though they are writing the script — and it stinks. “We” were not silent on election day, we are not silent at all, but because we are Americans who still know what the word respect means, and show it to others, we are played as voiceless patsies.

    My two cents on what was sorely missing in media reporting in 2016.

    So for my own news report for year end 2016 —

    “Yippee, zippee, yahoo, giddy up. . .. WE WON! BY GOD’S GRACE, DONALD TRUMP WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!”

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  28. Summer says:

    I don’t consume the MSM so I have no way of knowing what exactly is under-reported.
    However, I think it is reasonable to assume that since the media mostly broadcast fake news, the real ones (politically inconvenient to their overlords) will ultimately go un/under-reported.
    Journalism is no more about reporting news; it is about creating narratives, shaping alternate reality and promoting ideology.

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  29. All American Snowflake says:

    #04 – The final defeat of the Bush Clinton legacies.
    Please let Trump completely destroy the Bush/Clinton cartel in order that Chelsea and Michelle are NEVER allowed to rear their ugly heads.

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  30. The Recent Republican says:

    The continuing advance and normalization of anti-white hatred by numerous colleges, schools, and the mass media at large (Hollywood, television, journalism). However, people are starting to push back against racial identity politics. MTV recently had to take down their disgusting New Year’s resolutions for white men just a few weeks ago after the response was resoundingly negative (the network has been pushing openly anti-white programs and “documentaries” for years). Of course, the mere mention of this issue usually gets a round of derisive laughter from liberals (and some idiotic conservatives) who claim that “reverse racism” or anti-white hate “isn’t a thing” while continuing to brainwash people into believing that whites are guilty of everything that’s bad in the world since the beginning of history. But more Americans are waking up to it.

    However, it will only get worse in 2017 after President Elect Trump takes office. Look for the usual suspects from news channels to professors and celebrities to triple down on this narrative. And sadly, Americans will continue to reward the film studios (Disney, Sony Pictures/Columbia, Warner Brothers) and academic institutions that advance these ideas with their hard-earned money.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Raven says:

      This too — “advance and normalization of anti-white hatred.”


    • Tryintogetthrumod says:

      Diversity + proximity = conflict.
      Another underreported story, all the times a Trump supporter was physically assaulted by anti-Trumpers. Usually the MSM just ignored it.
      Also the huwite crime rate (extremely low) vs the black & hispanic rate (high), the MSM ignores that all the time. I consider Obummer and the MSM complicit in the murder of those 4 Dallas police officers for failing to point out to their audience (dumb people) the real reason why police constantly have to deal with blacks (not targeting; simply dealing w/ their extremely numerous crimes).


  31. Marti says:

    SD: Your ten under reported stories have been under reported because they are true.

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  32. Great list, Sundance. It’s interesting to contemplate how they are all related to one another.

    Happy New Year!


  33. Lisa says:

    I think this is a great list, but I would add one more: I think one of the major under-reported stories of 2016 was not just that the polls were wrong, but WHY they were wrong. In point of fact, the national polls were always very close (most of them, anyway). They had Hillary leading by a few points, and in fact she won the popular vote by a narrow margin. The question was, why were the media reporting national polls to begin with, since we do not have a popular vote election? It has been clear for a number of years that the popular vote and the electoral college were diverging. Gallup pulled out of the business of trying to predict presidential elections entirely after 2012. I’ve not seen a single media story post-election night, in which Gallup has been interviewed and asked what they thought of all the polls that were coming out pre-election, in favor of Hillary, whether they thought those polls were meaningful and accurate, or what the future holds for presidential polling. Clearly something has to change. But as of right now, it seems that the media just wants us to forget all about what happened with the polls, so that they can roll out those same polls during the next election cycle, no questions asked. Most likely, from this point forward, only state polls with a fairly large sample (e.g. thousands, not hundreds), are the only ones that are going to matter.


  34. Ken says:

    The diminishing respect for Christianity is under reported. Islam is reported as if it is the ‘cat’s meow, while Christians are being forced to bake homosexual cakes. The big news outlets seem to be relishing in the overturning of traditional truths, while ignoring the plight of Christians around the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. M. Mueller says:

    The #1 unreported story is that God Is and prayer matters. God does answer prayers. Keep praying and make good use of this extra chance God has given to us.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. yohio says:

    The number one under reported story is that SD and the Treehouse gang predicted the rigging of the Republican Primary through the Splitter Strategy. I still would love to know if Trump knew about this before he started, how much he knew and understood, was this something he personally followed or was it given to him? Finally how much of what he knew played into his decisions, strategies, debates like Megan Kelly story here and sooo onnnn…. This would make for a great great story and book if could get the truth!!


  37. Greg Sheldon says:

    I think Black Lives Matter not being reported as a racist hate group, Radical Islamic Terrorism not being reported as a hate group and the Conservative Christian Right considered domestic terrorism is all of the same piece. Liberalism is an externalized form of self loathing. This extreme bias is at the heart of the media’s depiction of our country and is just now starting to be revealed. Go Treehouse!


  38. azcatsclaw says:

    The disappearing women was Cain all over again(even down to Gloria Alfred), but this time we were expecting it and ready to defeat the lies.


  39. Pingback: Top Ten Most Under Reported Stories of 2016… – sentinelblog

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