Something Different and Neatly Executed: “Capstone Sorcery”…

Mad masonry skills on display here:


Here’s the secret to the second stage.

brick-layingAngel of Death - Demonic False Purity

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44 Responses to Something Different and Neatly Executed: “Capstone Sorcery”…

  1. Betty says:

    That is so cool. Now I am just itching to try it – fat chance I’ll ever get to though.

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  2. KBR says:

    Build the wall!

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  3. Orygun says:

    Now there is a guy who loves his work! Awesome! Why make work hard if you can make it fun.

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  4. That’s pretty near incredible, awesome and amazing. 🙂

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  5. milktrader says:

    Hired! Let’s build the wall ahead of schedule, under budget and beautifully!

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  6. ZurichMike says:

    Oh, thanks a lot Sundance. I just wasted 15 minutes on that twitter site. LOL!

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  7. Fake Nametag says:

    Can we get this guy to set one of these up that is 2000+ miles long?

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  8. Doug says:

    could you imagine if we did a large scale version of that on the mexican border… would be epic lol

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  9. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    The artistry of an artisan…. Now, if he were an authentic “artist” recognized by the NYC Art Establishment, he could make some real money. Government grants. Rave review by NY Times art critic Holland Carter. An installation at the Whitney Museum. He would, of course, need an acceptable artistic statement, a Déclaration artistique. I would suggest the following: “Brick Lives Matter: The Foundational Oppression of People of Color in America.”

    Meanwhile….”Despite Fear and Uncertainty, Parts of Art Market May Benefit From a Trump Presidency, Insiders Say….”

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  10. Keln says:

    That was so awesome.

    I remember there was a video out a couple years ago of just like 45 minutes of a guy laying concrete blocks on a construction site (CMUs), just as smooth and perfect, one after the other. And for some reason it was just mesmerizing to watch a master at his craft in something so common and mundane. I’ll post it if I can find it. Couldn’t believe I spent that much time watching it.

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  11. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Some lazy gringo figured how to do that!

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  12. lbmomblog says:

    all good, and yes lets do it, but just know that the ground is not level here along Texas border. so be prepared to have to make a few adjustments.

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  13. Kokanee says:

    Okay… I’m going to be a party pooper.
    Why? Really cool to watch but it would take a lot less time just to set them flat to begin with. Oh well… It was cool to watch.

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  14. Ono says:

    Some of the finest masons I have ever seen were Mexican/Mayans.

    Walking with sixty lb buckets of mud on their head up make shift ladders without using their hands and laying coarse after coarse of concrete bricks using the horizon and string line for level and 3/4/5 story poles for plumb and square. …all day long.

    Make Mexico great again and guess what???

    They will not want to leave the place that is near and dear to them.

    Trump knows this

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    • When I was younger I did some work as a mason tender. Hardest work I ever did, but it left me in the best physical shape I’ve ever known.

      Leave the house before dark, eat breakfast in a greasy spoon, then head to the job site. Get the first batch of mortar ready so the mason can start laying block or brick (or setting stone) as soon as the light is good enough to make sure it’s all plumb, level, straight and true.
      By the end of the day, you’re one tired puppy.

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      • Ono says:

        Nothing has changed.

        I’m a carpenter in life , and a general contractor by trade who studied architecture until I found out through a class in on site learning that I wanted to build rather than design. I will never quit working, and haven’t had a job in over forty years.

        I will help build the all for free.

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        • You, too, have come to know the deep satisfaction that comes from working with your hands. Sometimes I visit old work sites, just to relive the experience of transforming a piece of vacant land and turning it into a home or some other useful structure. It brings me a much greater satisfaction than anything else, except the raising of a daughter and my grandchildren.

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  15. JoeS says:


    I highly recommend everyone visit that Twitter feed for some great laughs!

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  16. Patriot1783 says:

    Build that wall!


  17. Sunshine says:

    I rewound it six times. Fascinating.


  18. Pam says:

    That is really cool and it takes someone with mad skills to pull it off and I’m not one of those people. lol


  19. Eliza says:

    Amazing & so very cool!


  20. Brian L says:

    It’s Australia. What else are they going to do when they’re not fending off the carnivorous, venomous wildlife?

    Pretty impressive, though.

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  21. fuzzi says:

    I love that…awesome.


  22. Sandra says:

    Too cool


  23. anarchist335 says:

    Don’t kick the cars!


  24. Southern Son says:

    I predict, That is how the Trump Effect!,
    will Rebuild America!!


  25. L Moore says:

    In the cities near Asheville, NC the masonry work is beautiful and unusual. The master craftsman Vanderbilt brought in to build the Biltmore House continued to live and work in the area and evidence of their skill and talent is all around the area. Brevard is lovely!


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