Standing Ovation for President-Elect Trump During Christmas Eve Services…

(Via Palm Beach Post) […] Trump and his wife Melania and an entourage of Secret Service agents and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies made the trip from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club to attend the 10:30 p.m. service at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, which sits about 400 yards from the Atlantic Ocean. They received a standing ovation from the congregation when they arrived. (more)

[…] Bethesda-by-the-Sea is the oldest Protestant church in South Florida. It opened more than 125 years ago in Palm Beach. Its location has made it popular with celebrities, politicians and athletes. Michael Jordan was married there in 2013, and singer Rod Stewart was spotted at a service earlier Christmas Eve. (link)


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43 Responses to Standing Ovation for President-Elect Trump During Christmas Eve Services…

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    Love Trump and Most Americans do too.
    Merry Christmas Sundance.

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  2. McGuffin says:

    Thank you for posting this at the top of the page. Other news sites have the story but no video.

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  3. zephyrbreeze says:

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  4. freepetta says:

    I have to say, unexpectedly and to the dismay of the libs DJT is going to be an outstanding president! He will be beloved, respected and admired by most!

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  5. debmonson says:

    Thank you for this a wonderful affirmation for our President and First Lady. A large majority of America LOVES THEM!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE TRUMP FAMILY

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  6. The Devilbat says:

    I wonder what the usurper did instead of going to church?

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  7. KoKoPuf says:

    Wish I could have been there to join in!

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  8. maga2016 says:

    Donald Trump will make the world peaceful again!

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    • Bailey02 says:

      Mega 2016: Ditto. Amen.
      America, whole world safer with Trump as U.S. Commander in chief.
      We just have to be careful with Obama’s ‘last licks’. We have another 20 days to see what is the Imposter will go rampant and try to tie Trump’s hand with his bad intention to destroy America.
      Might be Mr. Trump can make it as official that Obama is an illegal imposter and we can denounce all of his actions with no legal bind and should be voided.
      How to stop this Imposter, the Jihadist Obama??


  9. Dekester says:

    Magical, and truly beautiful. The smile on the soon to be First Lady is heart warming

    We are fortunate that these two risked so much for all of us.

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  10. Rudy Bowen says:

    I’m wondering what the security protocols were…I mean, did these people have to go through metal detectors to get in church?


  11. georgiafl says:

    In this case, the applause is appropriate. Mr. Trump did the Christian world and church a great service by running for POTUS and telling the truth about good and evil – which has been reversed in the PC culture and by this administration.

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  12. Jane in Florida says:

    Dear Sundance and staff, President Elect Donald John Trump and staff, and fellow Treepers,
    Please know how blessed I am to have you in my life. I will be 79 years old on December 30th and
    I can’t remember any year where I felt so happy to be alive! I pray for you all and pray that I can continue to share Sundance’s headline news and your replies. You make life worth living! Thank you and Merry Christmas everyone!

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  13. That applause and handshaking makes me think the Trump family is familiar to this congregation! Like, friends!

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  14. Okeydoker says:

    Real americans love our new President.

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  15. Atticus says:

    Aretha Franklin said it best.


  16. Paul Killinger says:

    When you think about it, Hillary and the Dems spent at least $1 billion and the MSM effectively 5X that much telling lies about Donald Trump.

    Now many people who voted for her or didn’t vote at all are discovering he’s a very serious and capable man who is doing exactly what HE SAID HE WOULD once in odffice.


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