Kellyanne Conway Formal Administration Positions Announced – “Counselor To The President”…

After much speculation the formal role of Kellyanne Conway is announced.  It appears President Trump will be utilizing Ms. Conway’s vast advocacy experience to leverage/lobby congress internally on behalf of the Trump agenda...

(Palm Beach, FL) — President-elect Donald J. Trump today announced his selection of Kellyanne Conway to serve as Counselor to the President. Conway has been serving as a senior member of the President-elect’s transition team and previously served as the campaign manager of his successful run for the presidency.


In her position, Conway will continue her role as a close advisor to the president and will work with senior leadership to effectively message and execute the Administration’s legislative priorities and actions.

“Kellyanne Conway has been a trusted advisor and strategist who played a crucial role in my victory. She is a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda and has amazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message. I am pleased that she will be part of my senior team in the West Wing,” said President-elect Trump.

President-elect Trump’s victory on November 8th also shattered the glass ceiling for women. Conway is the first female campaign manager of either major party to win a presidential general election.

“I want to thank the President-elect for this amazing opportunity. A Trump presidency will bring real change to Washington and to Americans across this great nation. I am humbled and honored to play a role in helping transform the movement he has led into a real agenda of action and results,’ said Conway.  (read more)

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65 Responses to Kellyanne Conway Formal Administration Positions Announced – “Counselor To The President”…

  1. aredtailblog says:

    And Kellyanne won’t count to the left because she’s not democrat, just like Thatcher being the first female British Prime Minister won’t count because she was Tory.

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  2. missmarple2 says:

    I am so pleased for her, and think she is a great asset to the Trump White House!

    I like Corey’s new firm’s idea, too, as he can help people navigate through DC to get results. Plus a little smash moth stuff outside the White House is a good idea.

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  3. Joshua2415 says:

    I had serious doubts about KAC when she joined the Trump team, but she has earned this one for sure. God Bless her.

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  4. dbethd says:

    Love her attitude of being a servant to others.

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  5. EbonyRapror says:

    Another very good selection to the Trump Team.

    I’m hoping Sheriff David Clarke finds a place on the Trump Team too.

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  6. Concerned says:

    Trump loves smart hard-working loyal people. 🙂

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  7. NJF says:

    Kellyann has proven she’s fully aboard the Trump Train. Otherwise she’s an oscar-worthy actress.

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    • darththulhu says:

      I am now picturing her playing a card game with Mike Pence, and slowly flipping over the Queen of Diamonds …

      Not a serious concern, but if she’s that good an actress, might as well take it to the most absurd extreme. 🙂


  8. Bull Durham says:

    As predicted, Spicer is WH press secretary.


  9. jefcool64 says:

    Councilor to the president? Did Trump make that up so the media has no idea whether to speak to the press security or Conway?

    Not that I’m adverse to messing with their heads mind you

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    • TheseTruths says:

      PE Trump offered her the job of press secretary first, and she said she politely declined, so he found another role for her. She seems to have served him well, and I’m glad she can continue. I agree with you: Never heard of Counselor to the President. The more Trump shakes things up, the better, in my opinion.

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    • Scott M says:

      Press Sec can be a real joe job, this is something that looks good on the resume, gives her time off and potential power’

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    • Timmy-the-Ute says:

      She will have the same job she had during the election, she works with Steve. If Trump has to pay her out of here pocket to make you happy take it up with Donald. The position is consistent with Obama’s Pete Rouse. Edwin Meese was Reagan’s Councilor. Every President since Nixon has had a councilor except Carter. Looks like Trump wants to make it a two person job is the only difference.

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  10. Arkindole says:

    I’m reminded of the book title: “Beautiful Women, Ugly Scenes”
    Say goodbye to the Rachel Maddow/Rosie epoch.
    Small beta males (and congress critters); pay attention.

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  11. G3 says:

    Very nice addition to the Trump team
    Congratulations Kellyanne Conway

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  12. Jim Rogers says:

    Kellyanne, you are most welcome!!!

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  13. Mr. Morris says:

    Congratulations Kellyanne Conway! You are a positive force, charming, funny, smart, and possess a spine of steel. We wish you the best!

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    • Southern SonI says:

      We are gonna try to be at the Inauration, but will miss the Balls.
      Personally disappointed, that I won’t get a dance with Kellyanne.
      She said she’ll have her dancen’ shoes on.
      Congratulations Kellyanne!!
      I never doughted ya.

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  14. markstoval says:

    The best part of all this is when Kellyanne said that she was a mom first — but that unlike the men she did not waste time on the golf course and had no mistress to take care of. Best damn answer out of a women I can recall. She will help Trump.

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  15. muffyroberts says:

    Kellyanne is Trump’s Deanna Troy.

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  16. Sunshine says:

    BRAVO to Kellyanne Conway. Trump rewards loyalty coupled with ultra-competence.

    Meanwhile, ”close confidants of President-elect Trump are establishing a new government relations and political consulting firm in Washington, D.C., the Washington Examiner has learned.”

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  17. Pam says:

    Congrats to KAC. Well deserved! 🙂

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  18. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Kellyanne is pro-life and Catholic, I expect the American Bishops to work with Trump not against him.

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    • JMC says:

      Sadly, being a traditional Catholic doesn’t fly any more. One has to be a Globalist, open borders, Muslim-welcoming, socialist-leaning cuck to be in line with the Pope and the bishops. The Church has hitched its wagon to the Socialist star, but it will be destroyed by the trash that Socialism imports to efface Christianity and Western Civilization.

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      • md070264 says:

        Agreed. Bishops were taking money to shield the illegal issue we have right now.
        On KAC though, I was at a first Holy Communion this past May and She and her family were very very very respectful during the entire Mass . Her child was receiving the sacrament that day. While many of the families were loud, talking , taking pictures during inappropriate times, they were model Catholics. Many of the others treated the service as though they were pagan babies at a reunion.
        I respected her and her family during that time and I still do to this day. She is a class act.
        God Bless her and this Country, we are blessed to have her .

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  19. Peter G. says:

    Kellyanne, please remind The Donald to FIRE every Obozo appointee. ASAP

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  20. angryduc says:

    Lots of signaling going on during that interview.
    Kelly has done a great job (I was a skeptic because of her Cruz).
    Kelly as a Valerie Jarrett? That’s quite a mouthful, Valarie Jarrett has by stealth done more to undermine our democracy than almost anyone.
    Not sure I’d want another proxy ideologue (not that Kelly isn’t capable). It’s more like I’m not 100% convinced she has the same ideals that Trump molded his campaign to serve. Whatever services the Obama team offers should be scrapped in whole cloth. Definitely any systems or methods of checks.

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    • Give it time says:

      I caught that too… Kellyanne has been too gracious towards the Obama camp since the election. The Obama team is purposely trying to undermine the US. IMHO Kellyanne sees the world through a “messaging” mindset and ignores/ forgets that there are a lot of people who genuinely are trying to destroy this country.

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      • singingsoul says:

        Kelly Ann is representing Trump’s messaging not her own. I am sure in private she will give him her view bt in public she will speak his agenda.


      • Trumped1 says:

        You guys never understood why Trump choose her. I knew it from the start.. Everyone listens to her BECAUSE she is so gracious and diplomatic. She carries a lot of respect through all isles and when it COUNTS she can garner support from across the isle.
        Attack dogs like lewandowski are heros to CTH but wouldnt have been able to accomplish what Kellyanne did. Especially with woman who were not on the Trump train from the start.

        Without Kelly Anne we wouldnt have President Trump. CTH estimates of the total Trump voters were way off and it was tighter then expected.
        She brokered Cruz pushing for his strong Michigan district to vote for Trump and whatnot.

        CTH was very unfair with Conway during the election.


  21. petszmom says:

    i am very happy to hear this…i really liked KAC and so delighted we will be hearing and seeing more of her during the next 8 years.

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  22. georgiafl says:

    We were doubtful at first about Ms. Conway – but evidently PE Trump and the rest of his super mensches and mavens believe she has done a good enough job that she should be kept close for her talents to be put to good use.

    KC is very smart – a lawyer and an experienced pollster, plus she has a woman’s intuition about messaging and public responses.

    Heck, she got 3 kisses on the cheek from the PEOTUS on stage at the last rally in Mobile!

    With four young children, she’s taking on a YUGE job – and will have to move to DC. I hope her family and the Trump family will settle in to their new life in the White House without excessive stress or harm to their bodies, souls and spirits.

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  23. NHVoter says:

    Yay! I’m so glad that Kellyanne is joining Trump’s White House team!

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  24. I love these Hoover Institution interviews.

    KAC is great here.

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  25. bkrg2 says:

    Congrats to KAC! So happy that she and Trump worked out an arrangement to recognize her loyalty, hard work and advocacy.

    I read many concern comments on here about her loyalty or inconsistent messages, etc. Regardless, she was a yuge factor in getting Trump elected. (also I would never want her role in confronting all the idiots in the media 24/7) For those still concerned, I suggest looking at her from a different perspective. She is a smart woman who sometimes has a different view than Trump. It is critical that Trump has diversity of opinion on his staff. His ability to listen to other people’s interests and opinions is quite remarkable. This is a critical skill that will factor in to his success as a leader of this nation.

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  26. peachteachr says:

    Whatever she wants and my congratulations on the glass ceiling you broke by being the first woman to manage a winning presidential campaign. I thought women and glass ceilings were a thing this election. Guess not since the MSM seems to have missed the whole big deal.
    Have you noticed that the media is trying out a new name over the last few days? They’re the ‘legacy media’ in their own work articles. lololololololol, oh, my, that is so funny to me.

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    • Concerned says:

      Great comment! The libs who tried to portray themselves as being so supportive of women have been completely silent or even critical when it comes to Kellyanne. Here’s a woman who is incredibly smart, a sharp speaker and debater, looks great, is a mother, runs her own successful business, and elected a non-politician to the office of President!! As a woman I am incredibly proud of Kellyanne and look at her as a role model. Meanwhile, the libs prove once again that they are nothing but a bunch of angry hypocrites.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Well, the legacy media has frittered and wasted away its trust fund by becoming a political action/propaganda vehicle. Wikileaks and Project Veritas outed them.

      Now, there is no trust left in their trust fund – and – the public doesn’t trust the legacy media.


  27. don welch says:

    now the most powerful women in the world….just behind megan kelly of course.


  28. Steve says:

    Magna cum laude and a J.D. with honors. So, not such a surprise Kelly Anne drove to victory, eh.


  29. NC PATRIOT says:

    —–and to questioning male MSM wolves asking how she could possibly juggle the job and raise her four children–her answer was classic—“well, I don’t play golf and I don’t have a mistress, so I think I can find the time”


  30. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Yay, the Jersey Girl will stay with the team in the White House!! I have liked KAC from the beginning (one of the rare few). She has the Jersey Girl fighter spirit and loyalty. Trump, being from the nearby state of N.Y., knows this because both states are similar in many ways even though they are rivals on various things such as sports. She will be a tremendous asset to Trump/Pence.

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  31. LBB says:

    Congrats to KAC. Thanks for all you have done for the team to be successful. I believe this team having to adjust to the unexpected , more than the expected, will be a big asset in the future of the unforeseen during the next 4 yrs. May God guide them all.


  32. wheatietoo says:

    I think her role will be ‘Political Advisor’…but of course, it’s better that her official title is simply ‘Counsellor’.

    Mr. Trump is not a politician.
    Keeping Kellyanne close by, frees him up to concentrate his attention on Governing.

    This is good.
    He has delegated the subject of ‘politics’ and ‘getting reelected’, on someone who is an expert in that realm.


  33. Mark Dries says:

    Awesome! ! Much congratulations Kellyanne!! Thank you so much for all you do!

    Kind regards,

    Mark Dries


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