Cultural Marxism Has Consequences – Empty Christmas Markets…

A picture tells a thousand words.


Facing the new normal.  There are over 2,500 Christmas Markets throughout Germany, including 60 in Berlin.

 […] “We cannot go on denying there is a link between Merkel’s migration policy and these attacks, or we will prepare that ground for more of these attacks.”  (link)

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209 Responses to Cultural Marxism Has Consequences – Empty Christmas Markets…

  1. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    “Islamist enclaves in European cities are a bigger problem than the infiltration of trained jihadists from the Middle East”

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  2. Concerned Virginian says:

    And according to another article linked from the link above, at least one Woolworth’s in Germany (Dortmund) got rid of its Christmas decorations AND inventory, since, according to an employee, “We’re a Muslim store now.” Apparently Dortmund’s population is now about 2/3 MUSLIM.
    Thank you, President-Elect Trump, for getting a hold on the Muslim “immigration” situation in the United States—before the Republic becomes a “Muslim store”.

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  3. Watcher says:

    The Saudi’s offered to build 200 mosque in 2015. Merkel’s opposition fought it, they lost. Churches are being torn down for mosque.
    The mosque come with a cadre of wahabi Saudis. All fresh out of Saudi religious universities or veterans from other assignments. Hate preachers and agitators.
    The same has been going on in America for decades.
    To eradicate Islam they have to be sent packing to the desert or gitmo.
    Might even tip over the island before we are finished.

    The link below explains a lot. The comments worth reading.


  4. Mr.Right says:

    The part that is demoralizing is to solve this now, its impossible without the country falling into a ‘Dictatorship’.

    Western countries will never pass a law that can deport “undocumented” immigrant,
    because even with papers, the home country refuses to take back criminals and the non employable . And without papers (as we see in Germany) we issue open ended visas.

    Only under a dictatorship can “we” (western civilizations) reclaim our culture and quality of life.
    (all this didn’t come for free… ask the over 1 million American families that sacrificed their son for the country)

    The action to take sound draconian, but will deter the illegal immigration movement.
    But this solution is also very human as it send people on an all inclusive vacation to the Caribbean.
    (paid by the country of origin)

    1) Construct a large scale facility in Guantanamo for all illegal immigrants that refuse to return home (with overflow, like in saudi arabia, where they built a 3 million empty city to initially)
    So a short term, long term and criminal housing.

    2) Make the country of origin pay ALL cost associated with their citizens processing + a minimum crossing / processing fess. (The US run this as a non profit, under military command)

    3) Country of origin can charter planes to collect their citizen at ANY time after they have served their sentences (for all crimes committed on US soil, including breaking sovereignty)

    note: foreign citizen at that time can start the legal immigration process, but when/if accepted must be present for the interview at their local embassy.

    In short, if you are not a US citizen and you do not have a valid visa.
    You will be relocated on Guantanamo until you are chartered home.

    The US illegal immigration would drop to near ZERO.
    And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mexico build the wall as a cost saving measure.
    Also see many country do PSA against illegal immigration to the USA, and see country do stringent vetting of travelers to the US.

    And after the facility is under utilized, the US can rent for profit, with its services, to Westen Europe.

    The cost to US tax payer. not a single penny.
    It would end illegal immigration without building a wall, and it would boost legal immigration.

    This system forces the country of origin to take responsibility or pay. (The cost for refusal increase each year of refusal) This remove all burdens on US tax payers and allow “unlimited” funding to achieve the goal to end illegal immigration.

    And ultimately this would allow for more green card to be issued under an “extreme vetting” program.

    Never going to happen, even so this would increase the quality of life of all American
    (And boost legal immigration)


    • Wrong. All you need is to construct safe zones in Syria and perhaps one or two other migrant hotspots. Pay the right people off running these countries and give the migrants a choice. Go to the safe zones and figure out your situation there, or go back to your home country. No 3rd alternatives.


  5. Peter Klopfenstein says:

    The progressives either suffer a form of insanity or are the enemies of all good and up standing people in the World and they need to be treated accordingly. They are traitors in every country they operate. They are the fourth Reich.


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