Wisconsin Moonbats Cry and Complain After Electoral Vote (Video)…

Epic moonbat whining in Madison Wisconsin as the electoral votes are tallied for President Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.



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183 Responses to Wisconsin Moonbats Cry and Complain After Electoral Vote (Video)…

  1. Patriot1783 says:

    Shame on those people arguing against the will of the people that dutifully went to the polls on November 8 and voted for Donald J Trump.
    Suck it up cupcakes, you LOST.

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  2. how does somebody become a moonbat? seriously, inquiring minds want to know.

    I could barely drag my depressed self out of bed for 2 weeks after O won in 2012, but I just would never, ever resort to moonbattery, like the broad in the video….


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    • white1awake says:

      For me it was Obama’s election in 2008. It remains one of the most shocking events of my life. Felt like a punch to the gut . If only then I’d know that it would lead to this glorious election 8 years later 😉 President Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Rex Brocki says:

      Cinderella, all it takes is to be like my–sigh–mother and father. Neither was even remotely stupid, but they were both children of the depression, and they bought the propaganda that FDR had saved the nation… all else follows from that. They almost didn’t vote for McGovern because he WASN’T LIBERAL ENOUGH!!
      …and I’m sure you can imagine the strained dinner table conversation when they discovered, two POTUS elections earlier, that I had been out making campaign speeches for Barry Morris Goldwater!

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      • Rex, this makes sense to me.


      • dginga says:

        I broke up with my college boyfriend because he voted for Carter in 1976 and declared himself an avowed Socialist. Since I had campaigned for Ford I had to cut him off. No loving for Socialists here!

        After he was out earning a living for a few years (and paying lots of taxes) he saw the error of his ways and became a free market capitalist conservative. Too late, Cupcake.


    • In early 2012 I concluded that Zero would lose to whomever the Republicans nominated, and that there would be massive civil unrest as a result of the usurper being unthroned. As such, I got my concealed pistol license and bought some carry pistols.

      I was, unfortunately, wrong about Zero being tossed out in 2012, but the degree of Leftist civil unrest since Trayvon Martin foolishly took his fists to a gunfight in February of that year (after I had applied for my CPL) has convinced me that my assessment was correct as to substance. In fact, the furor over Trayvon was designed to rally support for Zero’s fraudulent reelection. That “success” will keep the Left convinced that such tactics are a recipe for winning, despite them not working for Clinton.

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      • Mike says:

        That raciest era ends with any degree of real law and order in place. Our inherent rights of self defense have been under fierce attack now for 8 yrs. Zero tolerance now – original criminal or corruptocrat.

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  3. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    The lady in video may need to be put in protective custody for her own good and safety. Last time I saw someone lose it that badly, the person later tried to commit suicide by drinking Drano.

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  4. RedBallExpress says:

    This is what winning looks like.

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  5. kimosaabe says:

    I think that seriously deranged woman is an actor in Hamilton. Gotta be.

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  6. TimeIsNow says:

    They really intend to keep doubling down on all this stuff for the four years Trump is President, as it makes them feel good.

    The left and the Globalists are committing suicide right before our eyes. The Russian hacking thing is so absurd, but it’s all they have so they double down, again, and again, and again. The MSM follow suit like the lemmings they are. Obama intends to stay in DC and keep attacking the God-Emperor. There is already 100’s of millions more dollars being supplied for attack ads against Trump and his cabinet selections. Obama and people like Pelosi still leading will cut off all oxygen to any possible new ideas that might regroup the Left and the DNC. They will double down with the same or similar attacks that cost them the election. More protests will occur, probably including violence. People on the Right will be called witches, or xenophobes, Nazis, KKK, and other terrible names. They might even chose Rep. Keith Ellison as a new leader, an amazing death spiral commander. Showing solidarity with Muslims is sure to get new people involved.

    Yessir,Wow. and far-out… as in over the cliff far-out! I love it.

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  7. Solo dramas are taught as a part of Common Core … liberal education adores drama.



  8. Prof. Woland says:

    We have to understand, this woman will now have to work for the next 8 years. Her EBT card will not be recharged, she won’t collect WIC, and her ObamaCare subsidy will end. That alone is enough to traumatize someone. Worse, her illegal alien mother will be deported back to Mexico. I want to cry.

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    • wondering999 says:

      Actually that woman probably HAS been “working” — for double or triple the salary of people who do useful work, because she has the required college degree (and possibly a level of debt to show for that)

      So so sick of drama from people who live in lalaland but believe they are the smartest thing to hit the universe because of a diploma in Drama Studies


  9. rsanchez1990 says:

    It’s amazing that these people keep throwing temper tantrums like this. They threw staggering tantrums to oppose Scott Walker and he won two elections for governor and a recall election. When are they gonna learn that what they are doing does not work?

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  10. Gnu and Improved says:

    Funny stuff. We dodged a bullet this election

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  11. 4bleu says:

    Looks like a paid purple political performer.

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  12. Cris Cassity says:

    The Democrats have destroyed themselves.

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  13. Jimmy Jack says:

    Their salty tears are delicious.

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  14. This, as I age and my heart condition worsens, gives me a kind of pleasure such as would “GET OFF MY LAWN YOU LITTLE PEASANTS” from my front porch, if I had one. Don’t worry……I’m going to pray about it and ask forgiveness…………realy……….”snicker”…………

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  15. Thorfinnr says:

    Seriously though? This is what we can expect non-stop the next four years. They will lay themselves out in front of the bulldozers at the border chanting, “shame, shame, shame” during the construction of the wall. The Left is relentless. You need to come in day one and lock up Clinton, expose Obama’s birth certificate fraud, hand Soros to Putin, strangle off the Left’s money, and do it by every ruthless channel possible. Parade Hillary before them in a purple jumpsuit with purple handcuffs. And they will howl, “Oh, here beginneth the fascism. We TOLD you he was Hitler.” . . . But they are going to do that anyway. But people like Miss Purple Sweater will see and internally take note of the consequences for disruption and gulp. However, if you are nice, and you take their advice and water yourself down and you worry about being “a unifier”, they will relentlessly chip and chip and chip at you until you are ineffectual. This is a one time opportunity to do real damage to the enemy. Scream while you have the conch, and don’t worry about the chants of shame, shame, shame.

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  16. I honestly do think we are going to see a big uptick in mental illness and suicides as the cupcakes and snowflakes are forced to endure real life. They have no been prepared for being the winner or the loser, and knowing everyone gets a chance to be each. There will come a time when a real catastrophe hits and there’s not going to be enough puppies, coloring books or protest marches to help them get through it alone. I’d say that uptick should start about 15 years or so hence, and really get steam in 20-25 years from now.

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  17. paulscottrobson says:

    Deja vu (again). It’s pitiful that these people think this will change anything. I find it hilarious that Hillary has lost more electors than the Donald ….

    Next move. Well, in the jolly old UK, they set up camp outside the Conservative party annual conference (think Republican National Convention), booing anyone and throwing things at them (including targeting journalists and anyone else) and bought an enormous PA system which kept Manchester (city where the conference was) awake half the night.

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  18. moe ham head says:

    probably paul ryans people

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  19. shirley49 says:

    Do they actually think that this makes them look credible. Savage is right “Liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER” They have no clue that this type of behavior is why Trump won.

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  20. Dr. Dave says:

    The more they attempt to put roadblocks in front of the Trump movement, the worse the libs look. The electoral college movement failed. Now they will attempt to disrupt the inauguration. They complain about the Russian hacking. Apparently they’re upset that the the DNC attempts to help HRC were discovered; not that it demonstrated their corruption.


  21. This lady seriously needs to lay off CNN, the VIew & other MSM!! And we thought that the school kids looked brainwashed after years of Common Core – now we got this to deal with too. Does she even know that Putin had his hand on the button had Hillary gotten in or that Obama has infested America with hidden ISIS cells? and they are worried about war????????


  22. Terry says:

    I live in Wisconsin and there is a reason we call Madison THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF MADISON. Moon battery to no end. The nonsense that place comes up with is incredible. Maybe all these whiners didn’t have enough “tummy time” when they were infants.


    • Nick says:

      The irony is that the thing that would have woken (some of) these people up – their clean cut state getting overrun by illegals, rapefugees, etc, has now been avoided because the very “bad guy” they hate, Donald, wont let it happen now.


  23. Steve says:

    Listening to liberals in pain has to be the beautiful sound in the world.


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