Congressional Democrats Send “Beware of Trump” Warning Letter To State Department Bureaucrats – Set Up Direct Portal To Report Activity…

Democrats establishing a second, parallel, U.S. government structure. 

If there was anyone who doubted the previous outline we shared about the State Department operating as a complete and distinct agency of the U.S. government, today’s action from DC Democrats should put those doubts to rest.

A true “America First” diplomatic outlook is an existential threat to the preferred mission statement of the U.S. State Department. (link)


Democrat leaders within the House Foreign Affairs Committee sent a warning letter to State Department officials and career diplomats alerting them to beware of Trump administration changing their overarching objectives and globalist mission:

WASHINGTON – […]  “We believe your Department should work to ensure a smooth transition of power,” said the letter, led by ranking Democrat Eliot L. Engel (N.Y.). “However, individual civil servants, Foreign Service Officers, and other staff should not be singled out for their work in support of policy objectives that clash with the next Administration’s goals, leaving them vulnerable to retribution by the incoming Administration.”

[…]  “We want to make sure that you and the Department of State know that you have our full support as you seek to protect the Department’s public servants.”

[…]  The House Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats are setting up a portal on their website enabling State Department and USAID whistle blowers to alert them of any unethical or illegal practices, including but not limited to efforts to single out federal employees who may not agree with the Trump agenda.  (read more)

These Department of State entities see themselves as a complete and separate structure of government. They also function as a complete and separate ideological structure of government:


However, there are multiple ways to affect the behavior of the foreign service officers/specialists that make up the Department of State.  Some background will help:

♦  Not all foreign service are part of the globalists.  Some, including a direct contact official, are Trump supporters, and there are other white hats.  So there is help available within the State Department for change.

  1. Many of the senior positions with the Department, to include all Ambassadors, are appointed by the President.  The Ambassador (Chief of Mission) is the senior Executive Branch official in any country.  All Executive Branch employees (minus those reporting to the resident DoD Combatant Commander [COCOM]) report to the Chief of Mission (COM).  At their leisure, the COM can remove anyone from their country.
  2. The Department of State is the only major Department that does not require a polygraph and/or a psychological exam for its employees that hold a Top Secret security clearance.  A few liaison positions with other government agencies require a polygraph exam or psychological exam, but most positions do not.
  3. Most foreign service generalists/specialists are recruited from the East Coast or West Coast.  Few from the Heartland.
  4. Most foreign service generalists/specialists spend the majority of their careers overseas, with any domestic assignments in the DC area.
  5. Most foreign service members live VERY well overseas.  There are several very dangerous posts, but many posts have very nice housing, free school, local tax breaks, etc…  This is above the generous salary, benefits, and retirement.

♦ With these few things in mind, below are ideas to ensure, or at least affect/influence how the foreign service acts.

  1. The political appointed senior officials control how the Department enacts the President’s policy.  If the foreign service doesn’t follow instructions/orders, then there are administrative means to remove non-compliant staff from posts or even their jobs.
  2. Require all employees with Top Secret security clearance to undergo a polygraph exam and psychological exam.  You would be surprised how many would retire/resign.
  3. Start recruiting/hiring Americans from the Heartland to fill vacant positions.  Limit the Coastal elites.  Control the hiring process.
  4. Force foreign service generalists/specialists to serve domestically one of every three assignments.  Force them into positions outside the Beltway.  Once again, you would be surprised how many would retire/resign if they were forced to actually LIVE in the U.S. on a regular basis.
  5. Cut the benefits to living overseas.
    1. Lower the housing benefits.  Ensure people are living in secure housing, but it doesn’t have to be luxurious.
    2. Cut the school subsidy.
    3. Review the other benefits afforded to Department employees.

There will be accountability.  That’s why President Elect Donald Trump has picked the exact right guy for the job, Rex Tillerson.

aka: “T-Rex”


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267 Responses to Congressional Democrats Send “Beware of Trump” Warning Letter To State Department Bureaucrats – Set Up Direct Portal To Report Activity…

  1. M. Mueller says:

    Someone above said that the building was old and in need of updating. If that was one of the first infrastructure projects, the departments there could be “temporarily” separated from each other and located in different places perhaps making it easier to keep an eye on each department. Being that Washington probably doesn’t have very many affordable vacant offices, these could be located in Detroit, Chicago, etc. This may save the government money on office space and adjusted wages and give some extra money to cities that can use it. Of course, a renovation project of that size could take several years to complete.

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    • WSB says:

      Relocating some agencies to other areas of the country would be a great way to weed out a lot of people. Our government also has plenty of vacant buildings that should either be filled or sold.

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    • Shark24 says:

      Having worked with various of the large government organizations while in the military, my solution was more draconian. Fire EVERYBODY on day one and then slowly bring back no more than 10% of the original workforce based on the minimum functions the Federal government needs to run it’s Constitutional duties. I know it’s not going to happen but a man can dream can’t he?

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      • Rex Brocki says:

        My dream too… sigh.

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      • The Demon Slick says:

        I dream of Obama being perp walked out of the White House while in the background agents carry out computers and filing cabinets. I dream Big league! I probably won’t get to see that but Trump winning is pretty good too.

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        • Ozzie says:

          I had that in a vision seven or eight years ago. I don’t have visions that I can really look to to get clarity so I question its meaning.
          I was very distraught after Barry o illegally was put in office. I’m a birther. He was walked out of the White House and was in hand cuffs waving at the cameras, as what looked to be state troopers walking him out. While I was watching, I felt the damage was done, and not happy or excited. I’ve actually searched the web and seen others say they saw the same thing. I know most of us here want to see that. I believe it needs to happen to restore the office.

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    • hrivkan says:

      I agree they should be located in cities like Detroit and Chicago as long as they’re located in high crime areas.

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    • SSI01 says:

      You know, a lot of talk has been bandied about re: having Congress and the Senate remain in their home districts and meet via teleconference on a daily basis. Meetings en masse would only be required for procedural votes, and so on. Why not do the same thing with the several federal departments? Physically separate them and force them to telecon. As noted, save office space in a high-rent district, save wage money and spread the wealth around. It’s easy to blame the fed workers in DC for their high wages, but if you’ve never just visited DC and northern VA and seen the prices of things, you’d begin to understand why wages are so high. Local businesspeople, and property owners/managers, take advantage of things, too, and drive up the cost of everything. Wages would come down if prices did, too.

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  2. potid says:

    My brother had to be brought to a level that there was no where to go but up or forever darkness. It was very hard, but necessary to save him. I see the country as the same. They both chose to go up. The others well….

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  3. Apfelcobbler says:

    Here is the flip side, being initiated by Tulsi:

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    • Howie says:

      USAID is just a money laundry.

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    • Kenyon Hull says:

      tulsi, when you and you compadres in the state department defy the law, when do you people cross the line from faithful citizens and traitors? And does your defiance help to promote America and American ideals overseas? You people have been pushing socialist ideas from the state department for so long that you think it is American policy. Not true.

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    • WSB says:

      I guess Tulsi is not a friend after all. This is outrageous!

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      • Jenny R. says:

        She is a Democrat and connected with a cult (a cult that has some connections with drug smuggling from Afghanistan…now where did I hear that heroin related deaths were on the uptick in America?…).
        She talked tough about islam and thumbed her nose at Hillary a few times, and people seemed to think she was the best thing since sliced bread.
        But she was still a Democrat and connected to a cult…

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    • Illegal says:

      Please do not give this Rep. any help. Her acts come directly out of the John Kerry career playbook. She was in in the Army – bfd. She served in a suport role. She is from Hawaii dah you think a picture of her in uniform sways voter? She wants to challenge the Dem Senator from Hawaii. She also has ties to a political party in India. Why?

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Because she’s a member of a hindu cult and so is Modi — he’s a hindu nationalist (and just because it’s usually muslims that they are beating the snot out of doesn’t make them good guys (ps. they don’t have a problem killing Christians or any hindi that don’t go in for their brand of nationalism and “beating the snot out of muslims” is putting it very lightly; I don’t like islam, but that doesn’t make me on the side of somebody like Modi):

        Tulsi is a member of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), also known as the Hare Krishna movement. She especially appreciates the Bhagavad Gita as a spiritual guide. Through this connection she has links to a different set of ethnic and religious hardliners like the Hindu nationalist Indian Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). That’s Modi’s party, along with his connections to Gujurat and the Sangh; that and anything that is connected to that needs to be kept at a safe distance.

        Look them up…not a nice bunch, and Tulsi likes to play footsie with them.

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        • Wend says:

          OMG she’s a Krishna??! I thought they were all gone. There’s a great book about the Krishnas when they were really powerful called “Monkey on A Stick”.


    • Here in Hawaii, many of us were shocked to see Tulsi and her state senator father Mike invite Vann Jones to come to Honolulu to speak on behalf of starting a “Green Bank” to be capitalized with state pensions, state payroll, etc. and run by the guv (Neil Abercrombie the raging Socialist) and his appointed staff. The “Green Bank” would be a ready source of funds for “Green” projects.

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  4. KBR says:

    There are Democrat congressmen who need re-education on the meaning of “Congressional Oversight by Committee.”

    The Committee as a Whole has oversight, but any portion therof does not have oversight.

    A portion of the committee has only the power invested in each member of that portion as a representative of the district of the state wherein he was elected. Period!

    The reason committees have both sides of the aisle represented thereon is to keep political differences out of that oversight responsibility.

    Telling State Department employees to come directly to these Democrats rather than going through the proper procedures within the department is severe overreach beyond the Congressional Committee duty and beyond their capacity as individuals in or a portion of a committee. Each one should lose his seat on that committe and be replaced with congressmen of their own party who are educated to comprehend exactly what his committee power is and is not.

    Congressional Oversight Committee membership does not entail taking over the personnel management responsibilities of the State Department.

    To have Democrat-leaning State Department employees given a special “guardianship” which Republican-leaning employees do not have, and have never had, is placing a bias against Republican-leaning employees. A Republican-leaning employee may still be working under the supervision of a Democrat-leaning supervisor within the department, but he would have no special congressmen’s group to whom he could complain: thus Republicans would be treated unfairly.

    In any case, these Democrat congressmen need to be reined in, and removed from any and all committees until they can be educated as to what a “committee” entails. Apparently they do not comprehend this. Perhaps their congressional committee chair can deal with it. Perhaps the Speaker of the House must explain it.

    For heavens sake I know this, and I have never served in the government! What stupid people are in our government!

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  5. Paul says:

    Engle should be censured

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  6. A U.S. Marshall told me that Obama actually prevented our 94 Marshalls from traveling to each others’ offices to collaborate on best practices.


  7. TwoLaine says:

    Here is Engel’s statement about Tillerson. He has absolutely nothing to offer as criticism other than “ties to Russia”. Sounds like the ILLary campaign message. Nothing to offer here, just choose me cuz the other guy is bad. WEAK!

    I think they are all attempting to start a war with Russia that they can hand off to TRUMP. They seem to actually be encouraging and rooting for it.


  8. it’s very important for the new administration to clean up the bureaucracy in DC.. replace these rats with Trump loyalists.. as these rats will try to undermine him every chance they get..


  9. In AZ says:

    So the DemonCrap Communists agreed with not protecting whistle blowers under Obama, but now want tattling and spying on Trump to catch him doing something they decide is wrong.

    We need reeducation camps for politicians.

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  10. Bull Durham says:

    With Trump working his style and long hours, I believe he will clear out the dead wood by Spring.
    150,000 will be marked for quick bus rides home. Most of them probably do nothing. If you put CCTV cameras in the work places you’d see them doing nothing.

    The next layer by Fall. 150,000 incompetents.

    By next Christmas, 150,000 early exits, resign or retire.

    It’s going to impact DC, Maryland and Virginia businesses, but they have been living high on the hog, so, they’ll have to adjust.

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    • Wend says:

      It would be nice to see ALL of VA go back to being the nice Southern state it was before. I was lucky enough to be there in the 70’s when it was still like that. When they opened a Bloomingdale’s in northern VA I guess that was the beginning of the end.

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  11. Rope. Lamp post. Some assembly required.

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  12. BlueDevil says:

    I worked as a contractor to Dept. of State. Best thing you could do, to start, is, fire half of them, then, weed through what’s left. And, there might not be much wheat left after that second round of chaff sifting.

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  13. Jack says:

    Yeah “T-Rex”. You mean the guy who turned the Boy Scouts of America gay? That Rex Tillerson is going to “clean up” the State Department?



    • xyzlatin says:

      In the boy scouts, there would be about the same percentage of gay little boys coming through the system as there are in the general populace. I would hope that those little boys would not be made miserable by nasty people. Most gay people are the same as non gay ie. they prefer adult partners. Only a small percentage as also in the general population are pedophiles who target under age boys or girls. The solution is to supervise properly. You never know who will target children.


      • Agave says:

        Indeed. Two deep leadership is a must. BSA has a youth safety program that is designed to protect the youth as well as the reputation of the adults. Follow it if you are in the program.


  14. R-C says:

    “2. Require all employees with Top Secret security clearance to undergo a polygraph exam and psychological exam. You would be surprised how many would retire/resign.”

    NO, I would NOT be surprised in the least. As one of those who has sat for polygraph exams on several occasions (due to the requirements of the job I sought or held), and having been assigned to US diplomatic missions overseas, I can state that there would be nothing better than to hook those State Department snakes up to “The Box”.

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  15. Jack says:

    Tillerson is not a “swamp drainer”.

    He’s a swamp creature.


  16. Angus says:

    The author gets some of his assessment of State correct and much of it wrong. FSO are like tribes. The self annointed go to Europe or Asia, this mafia is vastly overpaid and overhoused, especially the senior officers.

    However those in Africa, the Middle East and some parts of Asia get stuck in poor housing because of State’s policies that do not permit people to rent their own properties but live in quarters that are assigned to them using arbitary standards, such as space assigned on the basis of dependents. The problem with this theory is that most dependents do not go to poor posts or serve in foreign schools because none are available in many nations.

    State’s assignment policies are a joke and are akin to nepotism. The European mafia exists because these officers can be depended to remain deaf, dumb and blind to the outrages commited by senior officers. What outrages?

    -Major illegal improvements to senior officer rental properties.
    -The regular abuse of the visa issuing process to obtain, shall we say special perks.
    -The assignment to managerial positions of political officers when they have never managed more than two junior officers a secretary and a PC as opposed to people who manage budgets in the millions and direct the activities of dozens of workers, under State department’s rubric such officiers are not “substantive.”
    -The failure to provide adequate language training. Once an officer gains a mediocre language proficiency in Spanish or French, odds are that he will serve in Africa, the Middle East Central Asia where such languages are useless. But the command of Arabic, Russian, Burmese, etc are not necessary. In strict contrast being assigned to Tokyo, Oslo, Berlin, China, absolutely does require command of those languages, not because the locals don’t speak English better than the American staff, but as a means to deny assignment to those not considered up to snuff by the reigning mafias.
    -A culture that will not tolerate independent thought, effectiveness nor efficiency. Someone who makes no mistakes butneither makes any decisions is a superior officer to one who makes 100 decisions and in the process makes an error. Result a system that is wasteful, ineffective, and cannot justify its own existence. Doubt me-who relies on State for anything besides foreigners seeking a visa.
    -Promotion policies that are wildly out of any sort of reason. The political and economic officers (those people who can’t make it in real agencies or the private sector) are promoted far faster than any other segment. The others exist merely to support the rulers.
    -An administrative class that lacks any sort of professionalism, common sense, or motivation resulting in locals looting embassies and the sabotage of vast quanities of equipment.

    Example-administrative officers will not supervise motor vehicles allowing locals to allow systems to be destroyed and then forcing trucks, cars etc to be sold for a fraction of their value. Guess who buys these disabled vehciles?
    -Repeat this for customs clearances, insurance policies, rentals, contracting. Example, Meixico City leases include annual “inflation” clauses, problem is there is rent control and such a feature is a joke. But it can double rental in a few years. Add to this the fact that one landlord rented hundreds of properties to the embassy. Can anyone say bribes.
    I have seen this all over the world.
    -The biggest problem at State, and at all federal agencies is the Inspector General offcie. This should be a seperate corps drawn from differing agencies that would not report on those they inspected, allowing an objective examination of policies, methods, and effectiveness. What does happen is anyone going to the IG is risking his acreer and immediate dismissal. Simply put any information you provide isn’t kept secure nor secret therefor anything you say will be transmitted throughout the organization demonstrating you are a problem. The possibility of self reform is impossible.
    -The culture remains intact through cloning. The Federal government long ago abandoned merit testing and now relies on minority placement and the old buddy syetm. Doubt this, read any advertisement for a position.

    IE: Civil Engineer GS-14
    -must speak Ukranian and Chinese
    -must have knowledge and experience in air conditioning.
    -Must be proficient in mud hut construction.
    -Must be able to play the piano.

    The reason is their announcement was tailored for their candidate. All others need not apply.

    As far as serving in the USA-why? Most people who do serve in the USA do so because the opportunties in the third world, health risks, terrorism, crazy coworkers, isolation, poor food, no creation or education opportunities make sacrificing all the noted benefits seem like a minor issue. Would you really rather spend three years in Port Morsby, Gabon or Uganda or in DC.

    Just imagine those places you go to on vacation. These are reserved for the Washington mafia. All others go direct to the nineth ring of hell. And performance in these areas earmarks to permamenr assignment to thes holes.

    Finally why does the USA have embassies in every pesthole in the world? We could close half of our embassies and no one would notice.

    The final damning thing I can say, is look at the staffing of the embassies of our competitors and compare it with our own. The Japanese will have 95% of their staff engaged in trade. Ourrs have perhaps 2%. But our consular sections are about 10-20 times the sizes of any other nation. Why-those visas are worth gold to the locals and certain embassy staff. Visas should be controlled by the same people who check people entering into the USA-not State.

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  17. Garrison Hall says:

    Changing the organizational culture of bureaucracies is devilishly hard, which is why most managers simply paper over the warts and cracks and start looking for their next job as soon as they get settled into their current one. Then, after about two or three years, they move on leaving the same dysfunctional morass behind that they inherited from the other doofus who was there before them. It just goes on and on this way. What almost always happens when new managers arrive is that the self-protecting bureaucracies immediately start trying to co-ope the new manager. The message is clear: “join us, become an insider, and you’ll have a slow and easy ride to your next job. Oppose us and you won’t be here very long.” This is an incredibly effective offer-you-can-refuse, especially if there is not top level support for real change.

    The fact is, however, that you can change organizational culture provided you have the backing from those who are in charge. From the looks of the people Trump is putting in his critical cabinet positions he’s hiring the kind of people who really do intend to drain the swamp. This, predictably, has the State Department leftists and statists on high alert. Nobody is supposed to mess with them, but now someone is threatening to do just that. John Bolton absolutely scares the pee out of them. This will be fun to watch. GO TRUMP!!

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    • SSI01 says:

      Mr. Hall, you have described to a “T” the behavior and attitude I found in the bureaucracy of the agency I used to work for. It explains why people you knew when they were in the ranks and were good guys changed 180 degrees once they went into management. You couldn’t recognize them. Those who took a low-level management position and acted in a humane manner toward their underlings either never went any further – or bailed out of management first chance they got. We would get cosmetic change, but nothing TRULY substantial.

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  18. Laura Wesselmann says:

    State Department is THEE number-one commie-progressive department in the government. Flush and start over.


  19. nimrodman says:

    uh, yeah – about those polygraph exams:

    “You gotta believe me … you gotta believe me … you gotta believe me …”


  20. Boudica says:

    I think I am login’ T-Rex


  21. UKExpat says:

    Just like ACADEMIA is the alphabet organs of Govt are INFESTED with LEFTARDS they need to be eliminated root and branch and the Departments FUMIGATED and then staffed with American PATRIOTS.


  22. Time for a new mission statement


  23. SSI01 says:

    Their mission statement is (or at least should be), “to implement the foreign policy initiatives and achieve the foreign policy goals of the President of the United States.” PERIOD. Not what DOS insiders think those policies should be. Like anyone else in govt, they are hired civil servants paid to do the bidding of the POTUS, as long as it is consistent with guidelines and strictures laid down in the Constitution of the United States. They can express their opinions about a subject, if invited to do so – but once the orders are given debate stops and, like any other civil servant, they will do as they are told. The only brake on this behavior is if they are told to enact or obey plainly unjust law, and so far I don’t see Trump telling them to do that.

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  24. rsanchez1990 says:

    If we had term limits for Congressmen, we would just need to wait out these snakes who seek to undermine President Trump’s foreign policy.


  25. B Woodward says:

    If President Trump cannot fire Hillary’s and Obama’s career State Dept employees, transfer them to the Benghazi annex. Their new job will be to finish Ambassador’s Stevens task of retrieving the missiles that Hillary and Obama gave to the Islamic rebels without Congressional oversight or permission.


  26. gary lacey says:

    I think I would produce a document stating the State Dept was going to conduct tests and leave it at that. Then I would send out some memos that we were cutting back in various depts and that should be kept hush, hush and wait to see who goes running to the LAT and the WaPo and promptly fire those individuals. They failed the test.


  27. Gary says:

    Democrats are wanting to go down a treasonist path.


  28. Nchadwick says:

    From the New York Times link
    “The directive has nonetheless upended the personal lives of many ambassadors, who are scrambling to secure living arrangements and acquire visas allowing them to remain in their countries so their children can remain in school, the diplomats said.”

    Ambassador Denise Bauer with Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo of Belgium in Brussels in 2013. Ms. Bauer is trying to stay in the country until her daughter finishes high school.

    The same Denise Bauer that DONATED $1,024,687 TO THE DNC AND WAS MADE AMBASSADOR TO BELGIUM!

    YES – Drain the Swamp

    Ambassador Andrew H. Schapiro is seeking housing in Prague as well as lobbying his children’s Chicago-based school to break with policy and accept them back midyear.

    The same Andrew H Schapiro who, last year, tried to teach Czech President Zeman how he should express devotion to Euro-integration and show respect to the Obama-led flagship of world democracy. Zeman responded by saying Andrew Schapiro is not welcome in his castle.

    YES – Drain the Swamp

    Pamela Hamamoto, the permanent representative to the United Nations, and Ambassador to Geneva, trying to find a way to keep daughter from having to move just months before high school graduation.

    Pamela Hamamoto donated $605,000 to the DNC. for Ambassadorship!

    Yes it is – Drain the swamp

    So glad that the New York Times could do some investigating before releasing a bias piece of propaganda!

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