Full Audio of Harvard Confrontation – Clinton Campaign -vs- Trump Campaign…

To fully understand the level of angst still permeating the failed Hillary Clinton campaign team, it is wise to remember they were so entirely overconfident they actually rented out the entire Javitz center on election night.

That’s 840,000 square feet of celebratory venue on four levels stretching across six city blocks in New York City.

clinton-javitzTeam Clinton had convinced themselves the election outcome was merely a formality.  Everyone in their concentric circles, including the media, was totally and completely convinced that Hillary Clinton was going to win.  The loss was seismic, tectonic, and beyond jaw-dropping for their echo-chamber.  It caught them entirely unprepared.

That’s the essential backdrop for a level of psychological and emotional denial the Clinton team just cannot bring themselves to overcome.  Last night the severity of their collective grief was on full display during a panel discussion at Harvard University.

It’s somewhat of an election ritual where every four years at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (CNN’s David Gergen President), opposing teams from the presidential campaigns answer questions together from the media and from each other.

However, this year, Clinton’s advisory team attacked Trump’s campaign team with racism charges, saying “I would rather lose than win the way you guys did.” But the Trump team didn’t take it laying down, and Kellyanne Conway fired right back.

Here’s the explosive confrontation:

Following the Harvard confrontation Kellyanne Conway, President-elect Donald Trump’s senior transition adviser, joined “CBS This Morning” from Harvard’s campus to discuss Thursday night’s heated forum discussion with Clinton strategists. In addition Ms. Conway discusses, Mr. Trump’s Carrier deal and potential Cabinet picks, including the still-open post for secretary of state.




In honor of the ongoing epic Clinton meltdowns, we provide the following:

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406 Responses to Full Audio of Harvard Confrontation – Clinton Campaign -vs- Trump Campaign…

  1. No secret here, but the mere mention of the labels “xenophobe, racist, masogynist” and I turn whatever is on OFF. I’m literally at the point of complete disdain and contempt for anyone who identifies themselves or others as simply a skin color; skin color fetishes whether if be “black, white, brown.” And I am not alone.

    No one in the 21st century can live like this!

    DISDAIN: the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect; contempt.

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  2. Peter says:

    I get so crazed when listening because to me, and I am not brilliant, trust me, but why not say to the college babies out there: “if you want to know the truth behind why/how Trump won, as painful as it will be for you – go back and watch and compare Hillary at 4pm on nov 7 in allendale , MI (outside Grand Rapids, college town) and Trumps 1am rally in Grand Rapids, MI on the 8th. Do it. And judgefor yourself if Donald trump closed on hate – he didn’t. And any informed patriot in the audience who is honest with themselves can see right there and make a judgment for themselves how and why Trump won – the voters trusted Trumps economic message – pure and simple. We cannot let them get away with redefining truth…again and again.

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    • distracted2 says:

      I saw this video right after the election and I have to say it pretty much sums it right up. It should be required viewing for every liberal in the US.

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      • Peter says:

        I know, right? I’ve watched it about a dozen times since and it keeps making sense , spot on analysis in a language we dumb people can all understand 🙂

        KellyAnne is good, but she needs to say and repeat: you need to persuade, leftist have lost the argument cause all they do is insult – they can’t argue anymore cause they are always offended!!! They lost!!! Oh what a joy it is, but put it out there over and over – be higher than their arguments, avoid the gutter.

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      • georgiafl says:

        Keep on calling us nasty names – we don’t care – but without a platform of policies that work – we will never vote for you.

        Socialism, communism, fascism and oppression (such as PC = punitive conformity, silencing dissent and free speech) are bankrupt and ruinous everywhere, every time. Always have been – always will be.

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  3. MissV says:

    These people need to look in the mirror – Clinton’s people.

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  4. Charles says:

    Dana Kanamide has a great voice – he sounded just like Roy Orbison…

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  5. Scott says:

    She rented out the Javits Center AND they planned a huge fireworks show on the night of Nov. 8. But then at around 9 a.m. on Nov. 8 we got the word — the fireworks has been cancelled. No explanation of why. But she knew. The Trump M-80 blew up in her hand.

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  6. Travis McGee says:

    I like to tell them that when they take away the illegal alien vote Trump won that too. I also like to pile on by asking who’s going to be inaugurated, the person who got the most illegal votes or the person that won the most electoral votes?

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  7. kobayashifh says:

    Damn them.
    War is hell.
    They went to war against America a generation ago.
    They lost.
    When I flush the toilet
    I don’t get sentimental.

    Branco had a very meaningful cartoon
    about the Hahvaad way of thinking
    Hamas argues that all Jews should be killed.
    Netanyahu says “No”
    John Kerry [who fought Vietnam in congress]
    says “Well can’t you meet them halfway?”

    Fifty years of creeping incrementalism.

    Could we at least meet ‘them’ [Uniparty, Hillary. et al]

    July 2014

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  8. tammy says:

    Just like DJTrump picked Kellyanne a (rockstar) he will pick the best men/women for the job of draining the swamp!


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