Report: Sarah Palin Under Consideration for VA Secretary…

Palin the SlayerAccording to a report citing two transition sources, Governor Sarah Palin is being considered for the position of Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Governor Palin has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump for several years and was one of his most fierce defenders against the insufferable GOP establishment class.  She would make an exceptional cabinet member in either VA or Interior.

The bench for possible VA Secretary is extremely deep and loaded with dream team candidates, including:  Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Scott Brown and Chairman Jeff Miller (House VA Committee).   The challenge of modernizing, restructuring, removing the corruptocrats and rebuilding the VA structure to provide improved veteran benefits, including healthcare, is urgent and important.

palin trump


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405 Responses to Report: Sarah Palin Under Consideration for VA Secretary…

  1. Way back when DJT announced I had a bumper sticker I made for my truck (CA.)
    Just to tweek the libs here….. I took it off when I parked due to DLS (Deranged Liberal Syndrome ) here in sunny CA.
    Ah… The memories. 🙂

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  2. Maquis says:

    I’m a broken vet and I’ve Sarah dor a long time, but I don’t want her wasted on the VA. The VA i SC a stunningly complex animal, and needs someone with serious management credentials.

    I’d love to see her at Interior. She knows the Feds’ games with the peoples’ land. Most of Alaska is “Federal” and / or the like. She knows of Zero’s harassment of land users and the abomination “water acts” that allows a puddle on your land to eliminate your rights to use your land.

    Also, the UN, with full support of Communist and coughislamistcough and their pending LOST, “Law Of the Sea Treaty”, granting UN flunkies the power to control all emissions into the seas, anything that can go down a river, any activity on OUR LAND can be controlled by the NWO using LOST. It has been awaiting US ratification since Reagan, but this clown is the only “President” that wants it pushrd through. His goons have been harassing farmers for digging a stock pond or not respecting the rights of puddles or the dangers imposed by livestock on the watershed.

    Sarah knows these crimes. She knows the abuses of the Feds, and their game plan, and the dangers of the UN. She also knows that Zero has banned oil development on “Federal” Land. Our Shale Revolution and literal energy independence capabilites are thus far on private lands alone. She would be a vital part of Trump’s plan to not only Make America Great, but to make America Safe, literally able to divorce ourselves from World Oil Prices and use our own supplies exclusively, with our own energy economy, with the outside prices coming into play when we EXPORT oil and gas.

    The Zero Administration has stood in the way of requests to allow the construction for and the actual exportation of natural gas. Massive liquefied natural gas tankers could mostly supply Europe, breaking Russia’s grip on tneir throats every Winter. Sarah could partner with the energy guy to make this revolution happen

    She could slso begin to address the ridiculous amount of land the Federal Government owns, and continues to buy, and increasingly is blocking publuc use and access. Remeber the Weaponized NPS that imprisoned seniors so they could only see the inside of their xabins whilst in Yosemite? Who blocked off the Non-Supervised OPEN AIR WWII Veterans Memorial? Who willfully enacted the Spite of their dear leader?

    Sarah knows of great tracts of land, Federal, State, you name it. Even of the Alaskan Archipelago in the Bering Sea, from whence one can, wait for it, see Russia.

    With her love of the outdoors and associated experiences, her fierce determination and intelligence, and her love of Freedom, well, I can’t think of a better job for her. Nor can I imagine a better person for that job.

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  3. NJ transplant says:

    Scott Brown should get the VA job. He really wants the job and was in the service for 35 years, so he actually is a veteran. Scott Brown was out there for President Trump very early. He help President Trump win the NH primary.

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  4. Sandpiper says:

    Who ever winds up as head of VA needs a strong leg and a big foot in order to really kick butt!


  5. rhcrest says:

    No way for Scott Brown. I listen to Jeff Kuhner on a local Boston radio station. He was just talking about Scott Brown’s behavior after he won Ted Kennedy’s seat here in MA. He was describing how he was at a town hall event with Scott Brown – Jeff Kuhner is very involved in local politics- that took place after he won Kennedy’s seat. Except for his vote for Obamacare, Scott Brown betrayed us on every single vote after that and voted like a Democrat. We MA people were calling him a traitor left and right. So at this town hall event, he was sitting next to Jeff Kuhner taking questions from the audience who felt betrayed by Scott and were telling him so. Scott was mocking them under his breath and calling them hicks, teab-ggrs and basically just a bunch of losers. These were the people who stood out in the snow and held signs for him, doorknocked for him etc. and that includes yours truly and he just didn’t care about being loyal to us at all and in fact hated us. Scott is a phony and a fraud

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  6. Patrick Martin says:

    Trump needs to select a VA Sect who understands firsthand the life and times of a military veteran. Someone with a history of successful military command experiences but NOT a bobble head yes-man or -woman. Consider one of the General officers who Hussain fired (forced to retire) because they stood up to him. Trump needs to select someone with the same military street cred and can-do attitude as USMC General James “Mad Dog” Mattis!


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  8. Grandma Covfefe says:

    To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned. Be prepared, be strong. Duty. Honor. Country.— Eric Holder (@EricHolder) June 30, 2017


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