Kellyanne Conway Interview With Sean Hannity – 14 Hours After Creating Chaos…

Approximately 14 hours after creating a media cycle fraught with antagonism and chaos, a more demure Kellyanne Conway appears on Fox News for an interview with Sean Hannity.

@04:42I’ve been offered a big position“…

Oh my.

Sounds like “a major award“:


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642 Responses to Kellyanne Conway Interview With Sean Hannity – 14 Hours After Creating Chaos…

  1. Skip says:

    Nikki Haley is the enemy just as I feel Mitt Romney is. Perhaps Mike Pence or Trump’s chief of staff should rein him in, this is a huge time leading up to the inaugration when he has to get it all right. There is no reason Haley or Romney should have been or should ever receive any place in the Trump cabinet. I have no idea what is on his mind to even bother to talk with Romney.

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  2. Totally Domestic says:

    What is a “miss truth”?


  3. freddy says:

    I don’t discriminate but Romney is head of a little cabal there in Utah and Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz and Glen Beck and Cruz are all in it in some way. Romney called that state of mormons into action against Trump and went to planning meetings to destroy him He got that skeletor guy to run so he could deny Utah and mormons votes to Trump…..Then he made a 30 minute speech worse than Harry Reid could have come up with………Romney is a puke and I pray I don’t have to scream he appoints him anywhere…..


  4. entagor says:

    This CNBC news clip says NYT reporters on Twitter state Trump was not taking HIllary off the table.

    However, the same CNBC news panel suggested Trump knows he doesn’t have time for this prosecution, since he has so much on the table blah blah. So – CNBC is walking the issue in both directions.

    Notice all their news is second hand

    Appears to me Giuliani was sandbagged by reporters who figured if they told Giuliani that Trump was walking back, Giuliani would issue a statement of support. Notice Giuliani had carefully parsed response

    At this point, Trump has to wash his hands and declare this is something for an AG to determine. He isn’t yet President, but being elected, further comments by Trump might taint prosecution. Maybe that is what the press wants

    So the only question in my mind is why did Kelley Anne Conway drop this bomb? If she took it on herself, Trump gets caught in a web no matter what he says.

    Of course, if a Trump AG prosecutes Hillary, Trump can point out it wasn’t his decision

    Rush is arguing we should ignore this, that the MSM is playing head games

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  5. Americat says:

    Whether or nor Kellyanne “speak-a-thon” Conway
    was offered any position…. or not…

    How rude, arrogant, and striving to always be smiling for any camera
    this woman is!. (As a woman, I can say that!)
    She thinks her smile will cover-up any intellectual or character challenges.
    Sadly, with her gender and smile, she may be right!

    Kellyanne is out for “only herself”…
    a frequent comment from numerous others
    that I have seen on many sites for some time.
    Not Team Trump/America 1st.

    in proudly and spontaneously announcing:
    she had been ” offered a BIG POSITION”…

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  6. entagor says:

    Sometimes it is hard to believe a non troll could hold certain positions, but many good people beg to differ. Not everyone is a troll, or a whiner. I like to hear both sides of an argument. And, I feel the Trump campaign also needs badly to hear the negatives as well as the positives

    The high emotions today are triggering my PTSD, Post Thanksgiving Stress Disorder. I am getting flashbacks to a Thanksgiving dinner where I ran screaming from my Aunt’s house, jumped off the porch and headed for the hills. after Mom happily explained why she canceled her homeowner’s insurance, which suckered her sister my Aunt into asking why.


  7. Roy says:

    Romney will have a short leash with President Trump, I have no worries.


  8. dreadnok89 says:

    We should be more worried about this recount fiasco. It smells fishy


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