Kellyanne Conway -vs- CNN Moonbat Chris Cuomo…

Inside the Webster’s dictionary next to the word “insufferable” you’ll find a picture of CNN moonbat Chris Cuomo.  Earlier today Cuomo interviewed Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway:

Official Seal of Democratic Partycnn-super-pac

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84 Responses to Kellyanne Conway -vs- CNN Moonbat Chris Cuomo…

  1. At the beginning Chris was rocking back and forth in his chair like a child being scolded.

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  2. yy4u says:

    How did she talk to this jerk without throwing up on camera?

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  3. 4bleu says:

    New media isn’t coming fast enough. gah

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  4. scottmc37 says:

    Look in the dictionary under “Strong Intelligent Woman” if you want to see her pic

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  5. lettruthspeak says:

    Thank you God, for not allowing Hilliar to win. Otherwise insufferable imbeciles like Cuomo would have felt completely validated spewing their insanity. This is getting to be so far beyond Trump. His election has accomplished the greatest gift Americans could have asked for, and that is totally exposing these crazies and their worthless tripe.

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    • bleep21k says:

      @lettruthspeak – “This is getting to be so far beyond Trump.” AMEN! I posted before that I watch CN&N in 5 minute snippets here and there….I feel I MUST (lol) formulate or come up with some plan to bring this network down, each and every time I watch!!

      I fear I’m going to become obsessed with this notion. I think I’m going to pray for the ruination and even demise of CN&N – yeah I know this is wrong, but goodness gracious!

      This network is doing more to help the continuing “divide” of our country than President Trump could ever imagine doing.

      They have discussed the “Hamilton tweets” as much or more than 4 slain law enforcement officers – how sad.

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    • Bendix says:

      Is his big brother in the slammer yet?


  6. Peter says:

    “You’re leaving something out, KellyAnne ! How about that lie /false narrative we threw up against him in 1986 – doesn’t that count for something? soros/alt left media thinks it does, they sent me this memo just before the show and told me I should stick you in the eye with it. Obviously this is a big deal!”


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  7. Risasi says:

    She is growing on me. I still don’t completely trust her because of her background, but I can see what Trump sees in her now.

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    • gloriosaedominae1 says:

      My Dad, who got somewhat worried in March and cast his primary ballot for Kasich, can’t say enough about her. He told me this last evening. I did not say anything to him about her possible negatives. It would just cause him inner turmoil. She is perfect for putting the elderly, and others (read most people) who aren’t as savvy as to what is actually going on, at ease.

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      • soozword says:

        I have an elderly female friend who is a lifelong Democrat who undoubtedly voted for Hillary. We’ve learned not to talk politics as a general rule, but the day after the election she surprised me by congratulating me on my prediction of a Trump win (kudos to SD and Treepers here, of course). She added that Kelly Anne was a great representative for Trump and likely helped him a lot. That was a big admission for the ol’ gal. Nevertheless she soon posted yet another FB pic of Obama and his wife saying how much she adored the devoted couple.


  8. barton2016 says:

    Globalist trash. Funded by the same banks and multinationals that funded Clinton, Bush and Obamas.

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  9. Butch says:

    Just once I would like to see an interviewee respond with “Did you ask me here just to interrupt me or can I finish a sentence?”
    The struggle will only get worse for the next 4 years. These are petulant children who would flip over the game board instead of admit defeat.

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  10. trumptea says:

    Just IGNORE these shows … ALL of them. Make them irrelevant.
    Take your interviews and Press reports to the new/alternate media.

    Do this for 8 years without even saying “boo” to them.
    The ONLY power that they currently have is that our side keeps going on their shows and legitimizing them.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Why are Trump’s people continuing with these MSM interviews? What is the purpose? Unification with the enemy? It isn’t ever going to happen. They will never see the light. Never.
      No more interviews! Nor Sunday shows. No more. It serves absolutely no purpose. Just more of the same ole’ negatvie coverage. Correct me if I’m remembering incorrectly, but I thought PE Trump said on the Fox “Objective” interview that he wasn’t a believer in “any coverage is good’ — including bad coverage.

      These divisive interviews continue to reflect and engage in the divisiveness in our country.

      I would encourage PE Trump and transition team and all going forth to not engage in this divisive, negative coverage.

      Find another way to promote unity by not engaging in divisiveness MSM coverage.

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      • Linden says:

        All Trump has to do is deny them access and coverage, it is their lifeblood. They will NEVER behave themselves, so they have tobe constantly discilpined, like the silly children they are. Kelly Anne should have just treated him that way, and told him that if he persisted in those gotcha questions, she would just smile pleasantly and remark on what a lovely day it was, working with all the nice people on the transition team. Don’t even look all him. Or hand him a diaper and pacifier on stage.


  11. tammy says:

    President-Elect TRUMP sure knows how to pic the right person for the job! Way to shut the clown down, Kellyanne! PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP! MAGA!

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  12. 4bleu says:

    After some thought, perhaps she should have ignored Coumo’s tweet theme assignment and demanded why on-air he lied to the public about being illegal to read wikileaks documents and why he blanks feeds of guests who start taking about wikileaks.

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  13. NJF says:

    She should be awarded “combat pay”

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  14. money4mesite says:

    Why even bother going on these horrible shows? These hacks are like rabid dogs! Nonee of these hacks called Obama out once for his interfering and bloating starting with his beer summit Trump was sticking up for his Vice President who was bullied by an idiot! God please help Trump slay these enemies of the American people!

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    • Wendy Baughman says:

      You hit the nail on the head, Kelly is a hell of a lot smarter than Como she knew she was walking into a Lions Den CNN ( which we boycotted a year ago) she made Como look like a Pussy Cat we have a lot of respect for Kelly what she did took guts and gave her a lot of satisfaction sure did us


    • bverwey says:

      money, I believe there is a strategy in place to continue sending staff out to network talk shows. Every time they so it only reinforces the optics, to those millions who are not reading here, that there is something wrong with “trusted” news source of late. It’s part of the plan.

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  15. I see a trend with all of these talking head news ‘stars’ where they don’t ask questions but disguised attacks…and then they will not allow the person to answer. ‘Tell me why it is okay to appoint a racist?’ Answer – ‘He is not (blah blah blah interrupts the ‘star’… ‘that is your opinion, tell me why it is okay to appoint a racist.’).

    Well guess what clown, that is YOUR OPINION as well so why it is okay for you to be asking this in the first place?

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  16. bob says:

    Is it just me or is Kellyanne dressed like a biker chic?


  17. Abster says:

    These people want you to believe there is no good in Trump, those he has appointed or those who voted for him. I no longer tune in bc there is no substance to a thing they say. Very sad for those who enjoy being well informed. Good news for CTH, Drudge, Breitbart, Info Wars…

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  18. rex13732 says:

    Kelly Anne …Don’t waste your time with these putz’s. You have more important tasks to attend to. “These guys can come along for the ride but they’re gonna have to sit in the back of the bus”… Yes. Because of who they are and how they act, they can sit in the back of the bus…and be quiet…

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    • MVW says:

      I think Kelly Anne views these interviews as sport. Like shooting hyenas in a barrow. She has an IQ about 30 points north of these Fake Newz Face Talkers.


      • elize says:

        Exactly. Imho, so many respond emotionally during interviews and libs use that method to rattle people. She is logical, uses facts and doesn’t let anyone push her around. Finally we have people with balls in charge.

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        • Linden says:

          This is fun for her. She is in control a all times. These Cuomo-like buffoons actually think that everyone has to answer to them, and grovel for their approval. Delusional twits.


  19. lisaginnz says:

    I didn’t hear her “snap” at Cuomo, but I heard him be a whiny butt hurt leftist. Uggh.


  20. Avi says:

    how did KOOMOE get his job?


  21. itswoot says:

    After seeing the interview, I got a mental picture of Kellyanne jumping up from her chair during the heated exchange and going after the wuus Chris Cuomo to wrestle him to the ground and give him what he deserves.

    Kind of like Ellie May Clampett chasing down her cousin Jethro and putting him in a scissors lock.

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  22. I watched this interview because I wanted to understand what happened in Trump Tower today when all the major networks met with Trump today off the record. I am guessing that he asked the press exactly what Conway asked Cuomo: Are you going to cover my transition and presidency fairly? Then he went around the room and waited for each of them to give him their yes or no answer.


    • MVW says:

      The result of that meeting will be clear tomorrow. Trump has the FCC, the Justice Department RICO unit, NSA, and more 3 letter agencies than these media psychopaths can count.

      Everyone has family and friends. That is how it works.

      Dhimmi Treaties have been used for a eleven hundred years against every non muslim. No reason not to reverse those treaties full bore. No mercy. Total War. (If you imagine that this observation is a disconnect, unrelated, think again).


      • MVW says:

        Imagine what the Director of the NSA can carry in his encrypted pocket when he visited Trump the other day? Think the meeting timing is unrelated?


  23. Bonitabaycane says:

    The enemy is still the enemy. One of their forces is CNN led by one of its general’s Comrade Cuomo. He is despicable, treasonous, Leftist scum. The war continues.

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  24. mister549 says:

    Oh, boy. I must not be as strong as I think I am. Kellyanne is really, really good; however, listening to the “jerk” was tough to do! I think I’ll go wash my mouth out.

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    • Concerned says:

      I’m having that problem right now as I listen to this. I almost shut it off halfway through because of Cuomo who just cannot let his obsessions go.


  25. Bendix says:

    The only reason we have ever heard of this little pissant is because of who his big brother is.


  26. He is basically a symbol of what is wrong with the media….he represents all of them very well.

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  27. Sayit2016 says:

    Oh man… was eating split pea soup and a grilled sandwich.. and literally spit peas. Cumo crying ” My President is tweeting !!!! MAKE HIM STOP !!!!! Cumo who slammed Trump 24/7 is now claiming TRUMP as his, so now Trump has to do what he says just cause he said so ? This is rich. Hint * Chris– no one cares if the play is sold out for 20 years ……Trump’s gonna TWEET get used to it. Or not. Again no one cares.

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  28. Sherlock says:

    She destroyed him.

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  29. rsmith1776 says:

    What a disgusting “famiglia” the Cuomos – more skeletons in their background than Jimmy Hoffa’s personal diary.

    Kellyanne did a good job but…. my god, what a disgusting, repulsive creep he is!

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  30. deh3k says:

    Kellyanne was the adult in the room. Like Mike Pence was in the VP debate. She keeps getting better and stronger.


    • MVW says:

      Kelly Anne has data she did not have before. Or perhaps Bannon tells her to slip a word or phrase into the conversation. Notice she keeps dropping the term ‘LEGAL’ in these interviews?

      Does anyone thinks this is a casual mistake? These psychopaths are all vulnerable.

      We will see the media with a Trump Dog collar on. It will look like magic.

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  31. What a condescending little sh!tweasel prick he is. I hope CNN goes bankrupt soon and a real conservative buys that network and fires every last shill working there.

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  32. Howie Rosen says:

    I cannot stomach the Cuomo’s. Any of them. Their faces remind me of prunes 😦

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  33. Deborah says:

    A Boycott of CNN and the play Hamilton.


  34. Kroesus says:

    now the little twit Cuomo seems to think the communists get to dictate not only how but when PEOTUS does his job as a voter…..KC should remind the brain dead zombie the contrast between a 15 hour/ day 7 day work week and a maybe 2 hour/ day and 2 weekend days spent golfing workweek of their current declared champion

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  35. elize says:

    Yes, that was classic!

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  36. Mr.Right says:

    I think anything CNN is a waste of time.

    They have an agenda, and its not news. I wouldn’t be surprised if CNN start to do interview with A. Baldwin dressed in his Trump character and ask stuff like “How do you plan to deport the Jews”, “Will you send undocumented latino doctors to Guantanamo to be waterboarded for their crimes? ”

    CNN cannot be taken seriously… it beyond a parody.


  37. freepetta says:

    Chris Cuomo is such a jerk! He just can’t help but read from the Dems talking points. He couldn’t go fast enough to Senator Sessions and make the most disparaging remarks, but Kelly sure let the pathetic wuss have it, Cuomo was rocking back and forth in his chair she had him so stressed.


  38. Michelle says:

    Holy cow Chris cuomo is such an annoying interviewer. He is so immature.


  39. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Great job Kellyanne!


  40. lingane says:

    I would make an exception in CNN uglyness, with this guy on electronic map board. White-haired, rather polite. I don’t know is name. He seems not antipathic


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