Final Stats – More than 58% of Miami-Dade Cuban Voters Supported Donald Trump…

We discussed this at length prior to the general election.  Now there’s statistics available to evidence what we felt was predictable.  In the voting precincts in/around Miami-Dade Florida, containing the highest demographics of Cuban-Americans, Donald Trump won more than 58%.  The Patrone’ Effect.

latinos for Trump

(Via Capital Hill Cubans) A look at the election results in the 30+ precincts in Miami-Dade County with the highest concentration of Cuban-American voters show that President-elect Donald Trump won with over 58% and Senator Marco Rubio won with over 69%.

These aren’t exit polls or issue polls. These are actual votes counted.

Moreover, these numbers simply represent a base — a starting point — for they are somewhat diluted by non-Cuban voters.  (read more)

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68 Responses to Final Stats – More than 58% of Miami-Dade Cuban Voters Supported Donald Trump…

  1. NJF says:

    Well, well, Juan Williams was right! /sarc

    AJ Delgado kept telling anyone that would listen, Trump had very strong support in the Cuban community.

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  2. Hillbilly4 says:

    Time will tell if Rubio has learned anything. He was used and tossed way by the Globalists, GOpe. Each person can find redemption, but it comes with a high cost. I was one who, early on, thought Rubio might have something to say. But, he dishonored himself with his shameful debates, until Christie shook him.
    Let’s see if he can redeem his family name.

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  3. FANTASTIC!!! The Renaissance President bringing American’s together once again.

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  4. kingjulianx says:

    How about Michigan call the dame state for Trump already.

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  5. Chip Bennett says:

    BOOM goes The Narrative.

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  6. Peter says:

    I have two comments- first of all when the other candidates were standing next to or alongside DT saying the Pledge of Allegiance, they all had their hands over their jackets / heart except for Ted Cruz who had his hand inside his jacket. This is a known symbol for members of a certain “club”. Anyone else see it? Comments? I don’t know much about Cruz as I am a Brit but he just looks weird.
    Secondly this video rips the heart out of the DNC Podesta Soros and Clinton – can this be used usefully?

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  7. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  8. unseen1 says:

    We need to import more Cubans wanting to escape utopian hell

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  9. lbmomblog says:

    Winning, I was at grocery store, was listening to cashier talk to a woman (both Hispanic), The cashier was telling the other woman “they have all gone back, we just need to get on with Trump, and move on” I was joyful as I listened to them talk with each other about how they are tired of seeing green cards in the schools and them seeing those same people get free food, and services, while they struggle to get by. It was good to hear the “we just need to move on…” part.

    I took it as some folks are beginning to be OK with the election results.

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  10. Reality Wins says:

    The numbers don’t lie but to the left the truth does not matter.

    Only a month ago…

    Has Bob Cesca apologized for this perfect example of psychological projection the world has ever seen?

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  11. Thorfinnr says:

    Karl Rove’s stupid Hispandering outreach narrative should be put to bed. Nationalism is the new outreach for Republicans, if they have half a brain.

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  12. John Franco says:

    Do not listen to the lies spread by the left, hispanics and blacks do support President Trump in bigger numbers than they care to admit! Why would anyone no matter they’re ethnicity wish to support a lying, corrupt person like Hillary Clinton who shares none of our values? This is a perfect opportunity for President Trump and the Republican Party to bring even greater numbers of minorities to the GOP…and all the president has to do is deliver on his campaign promises, his contract with America. That is why people voted for him we are tired of the democrats push to socialism, we want our country back!

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    • William F BUCKLEY Ghost says:

      Except Miami isn’t exactly rural. It may be more of the middle-class professional Hispanics voted for President Elect Trump. The ones who don’t want America to turn into the third world slum they left !

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  13. Watcher says:

    First I would like thank the Cuban voters in Florida, second I would like to thank zero for campaigning for hildabeast in Florida.

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    • unseen1 says:

      A lot of his views haven’t changed in the 17 years since this interview. That is a good sign that he will follow up on his promises he made. Thanks for posting this it was interesting.

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  14. 4bleu says:

    To add anecdote to the data… we were introduced to Mexican soaps dubbed in French. The entire country would stop when it was time for ‘Mari-Mar.’ To say Trump and his family embodies these wildly popular super-glamour and glitzy soaps that are cranked out by Mexico and syndicated worldwide is an understatement. SD was the first/only U.S. political observer we can think of to have noticed this ‘patron’ appeal factor.

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  15. unseen1 says:

    still going through rally withdrawal

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  16. silverlakela says:

    Something missed, with all the election news. The shocking verdict of the Bundy’s acquitted.
    Martin Armstrong, “This is the FIRST time in more than 200 years that a jury has rejected the government. The jury did what Comey did with Hillary: they closed their eyes and ears and said NO! Up to now, when the government charged someone, it was PRESUMED that they were guilty. This is a very significant event for it is shows that there is an underlying anti-establishment trend bubbling up and that too is what Trump and BREXIT are all about.”

    Bundy Brothers Acquitted in Takeover of Oregon Wildlife Refuge

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  17. Barry Odinga says:

    Proud Cuban family here voted for DJT on the Liberal cesspool that is Broward County.

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  18. Sandra says:

    This is the kind of unity we need. We’re desperate for it! We’re so tired of being pitted against each other. We have many common goals … more/better jobs, better pay, lower taxes, lower health care costs, less government waste, better schools, safer neighborhoods, etc. Why do the Democrats insist we be at war with each other? How does that help?

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  19. rsanchez1990 says:

    I can’t remember where I read this, but I read that Trump jumped 20-30 points in polling among the Cuban population after he started talking tough about demanding reforms from the Castros before opening up trade between the US and Cuba. Support rose most among the older generations of Cubans, who have >90% citizenship and voter registration, contrasted with younger Cubans who care a lot less about communism and about becoming citizens and voting.

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  20. What annoys Cubans and other South American people is being labeled Hispanic. I have a friend from Guatemala that hates it. I call him a Guataemelllon head because of some of the things he does and says. He just laughs at me. He was once called a Mexican and came unglued. He a Guatemalan darn it. Same as Cubans are Cubans not Hispanic’s as the liberals label them. The libs have read and fully comprehend the little know book by Dale Crackabie How to win and influence enemies.


  21. blutoslounge says:

    Remember the Cuban-American & lovely woman I met in Arizona?

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  22. Kaco says:

    Thank you to our fellow American patriots that came from Cuba! We all want a better lives and livelihoods under our Republic and hope and pray President-Elect Trump can accomplish the goals to make America great again! We dodged a bullet on election day. Hillary would have continued Obama’s destruction of the United States until we were communist ourselves.

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  23. ZZZ says:

    and I would bet 100% he won the national popular vote, HANDS DOWN.

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  24. bdc5551 says:

    A lot of people may not like to hear this, but there is a good chance that Rubio being on the ballot helped Trump out. Especially with with Cuban-Americans. Rubio got 4.8 million votes compared to Trump’s 2.6 million.


  25. Azathoth says:

    I long for the days when we didn’t need to pay attention to which way every single ethnic piece of our balkanized country voted in every single election.


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