Randy Evans Knocks CNN’s Kate Bolduan Off Her Media Matters Anti-Bannon Talking Points…

The professional left is absolutely petrified of Steve Bannon for exactly the same reason they were petrified of Andrew Breitbart. Both know how to defeat the progressive left’s talking points and tired false narratives.  Both Andrew and Steve know that modern politics is downstream from popular culture. Direct messaging, around the media, removes their control.

For that reason Steve Bannon is considered to be an existential threat by the progressive movement and DC Democrats and must be removed at all costs.  In this interview Randy Evans knocks Ms. Bolduan off her talking points and the CNN producers immediately begin transmitting talking points to her desk in real time.  Watch:

The reality is the Moonbats cannot find evidence to support their accusations against Bannon.

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217 Responses to Randy Evans Knocks CNN’s Kate Bolduan Off Her Media Matters Anti-Bannon Talking Points…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. sundance says:

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  3. daughnworks247 says:

    The pearl clutching is fabulous. Somewhere, Andrew Breitbart is laughing.

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  4. Hillbilly4 says:

    CNN journalists staff has no one with any believable credentials. Maybe Trump should pull their Press Passes. Trump does not NEED CNN at all. C-SPAN is better than CNN.

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    • john VI says:

      No. If he wants to tweak their noses he needs to issue white house Press credentials to the blogger journalists that got this election right. Mike cernovich, milo y(buy a vowel) sundance/treehouse. Wikileaks (heh) Etc

      They threw away their integrity with their biased reporting for 18 months. Let journalists who HAVE real integrity pick up the torch.

      THAT will hurt them more than anything else I can imagine.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      How I wish people would just STOP watching CNN and giving them ratings….

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      • Sherlock says:

        If you are worried about people watching them, how about worrying about Trump talking to CNN. No Trump, no ratings. Much more effective than TReepers “cutting the cable”.
        I wouldn’t give CNN the time of day were I Trump. No one from my administration would acknowledge their existence. They are rotten, they cheated during the debates and still haven’t admitted the depth of their collusion, wiki proves them to be de facto DNC publicists. So, again, why should Trump treat them as actual journalists? He shouldn’t.

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      • KBR says:

        We didnt watch CNN. We watched a tape put on CTH by Sundance.

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      • jackphatz says:

        Don’t make us come to your house and electrify your TeeVee so you get a healthy shock if it’s turned to CNN!

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      • snaggletooths says:

        agree ALL MSM should be boycotted


    • MVW says:

      This, again, illustrates that the media and in this case it is CNN, is waging total War. Each interaction is pushing an attack agenda by any and every means, including repetitive loaded questions, lying, spinning, appeal to emotion, switching subject, etc.

      I am no expert at this War. I have no strategy to suggest. Bannon does.


    • There were piles of political bones at Ronald Reagan’s feet from people who underestimated him. They did it to Donald Trump during the primary. They did it to Donald Trump during the general election. They should have learned their lesson. Nobody in the media learned their lesson. Nobody. They’re doing it again. You paint a swastika on his forehead, you call him a Nazi, you’re going to set expectations so low that he’s going to beat you again. It’s just going to happen.”

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  5. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    Someone told us how the magician does the tricks so instead of being wondrous and entertaining while he pulls quarters out of people’s ears and correctly tells you what card you selected from the deck, the show just looks staged and no amount of misdirection will work anymore.

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  6. India Maria says:

    Notice the caption: “fringe right”……Alt-Right, better. AMERICAN PATRIOT, best.

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  7. neilmdunn says:

    I managed to watch 47 seconds of this. The Democrat party MSM lies so much i can no longer maintain my “cold anger”(esp. controlling blood pressure and stomach reaction). Reading comments only is much more rewarding and healthful.

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  8. John Doe says:

    I think Trump is teaching these Republicans how to be winners. Mary Matalin, Randy Evans, and another Trump supporter (nice looking guy with wire glasses…45ish) have all done a fine job taking out the talking heads in the last 36 hours. It’s a thing a beauty to watch!

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  9. Good grief. How do people watch this stuff every day???

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  10. Chip Bennett says:

    Is there any evidence, apart from otherwise-specious assertions from progressive hacks like SPLC and ADL, that Bannon is a racist/white nationalist?

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  11. hawkeye13 says:

    Perhaps some of the headlines she was sharing were a bit politically incorrect, which is why I love them… I have personally seen women on too high dosage of birth control pills that made them crazy and unattractive. I haven’t read that particular article, but chuckled when I read the headline… Liberals have been feeding the masses crap for so long that they are unable to think at all for themselves.

    I am liking the staff picks, I don’t have the many details, but trust President elect Trump to surround himself with great people.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Some women can’t take birth control pills because of the side effects (swelling, extreme emotional lability, clots, depression, suicidality, etc.)

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      • gloriosaedominae1 says:

        And they are dangerous. No one should be tricking their body into thinking it is pregnant. They also are abortifacients. I know this may be hard information for many to take, but even the Protestants did not allow birth control until 1930 at the Lambeth Conference. And it was only supposed to be allowed for the destitute.

        In other words, just because this little girl at the anchor desk can’t imagine a world without birth control and sex outside of marriage, doesn’t mean everyone else thinks like her. It wasn’t that long ago that nobody practiced birth control. And believe it or not, that is the real Pro Woman stance.

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      • backseatdog says:

        I know women like that and they don’t take birth control pills. They don’t know what they want . They just know they don’t have it.


    • Gabby R. says:

      Most of those articles were from Milo who is delgtfully politically incorrect!!



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  13. Harry Lime says:

    Just smile, shake your head nervously in denial and repeat the same nonsense over and over… seems to be the only tactic they have left over at CNN and the other MSM clown-shows.

    It’s amazing that these talking heads have absolutely no clue how they are actually viewed by a large portion of the public. Or do they? That may be even worse.

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    • LBB says:

      I pick the even worse option. CNN knows who they are broadcasting to in this new environment. The people I knew were not approachable in regards to bringing them to our side, will feel vindicated by seeing those headlines splayed over the broadcast waves. The liberal media is going to keep as many as they can outraged and justified.

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      • Harry Lime says:

        I agree. But they also kept an even larger number of voters outraged during the election season with their 24/7 biased reporting (if you can call it reporting). It’s one of the reasons why Trump won. At this point this completely one-sided nonsense just seems counter-productive to their own destructive globalist goals.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that they are so obvious about it and it’s apparent, by the election results, that more of the American people are catching on to what they’re doing…it just seems strange that they could be so stupid as to keep doubling and tripling down on this losing hand. Then again Keith Ellison is a favorite to head the DNC, so…I guess I should never accuse them of being smart. Persistent, yes. Smart? Not so much.

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  14. Plain Jane says:

    The next thing this chick does to try to make herself more relevant will be to do cheesecake photos a la MK for GQ.

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  15. deanbrh says:

    I expected to see splodey heads admitting they were wrong. Instead i see same old same old bashing-trump idiots and I’m returning to my boycott of them all and won’t be happy until Trump makes sure only journalists of HIS choice ever put a microphone in front of him again. EVERY word he says and thing he does is twisted to be negative. I soooo despise them all.

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  16. BobW462 says:

    They all scream “Bannon is a demon” in unison, but hardly a peep was ever heard about Rev. Jeremiah Wright and so many others who were part of Barry’s stable. SMH, again.

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  17. trumptea says:

    The MSM have absolutely no intention of “self-reflecting” or trying to figure out “what they missed”.

    They only want people to think that they have had a moment of introspection, hoping that the public will once again impart their trust to them. They have no clue … after all of that has happened in the last seven days, they are no closer to the truth than they were last Monday.

    It is truly the most bizarre thing I think I have ever seen.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Asking for “self-reflection makes the implicit assumption that the media “got it wrong” unintentionally. I say they are liars, got it wrong intentionally, and always do and always will. They are merely the mouthpiece of the left. They colluded with Clinton to the degree that they were a defacto part of her campaign. Asking for media “self reflection: would require them to admit not that they were “wrong”, but that they were liars, corrupt, biased to the teeth. We let them off the hook my pretending that they are ignorant–they know exactly what they are doing, and know exactly what they did. And they will do it again and again until they are put out of business.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      I was marveling at this today myself. Even though I predicted that they would triple down and that they have no reflective capacity. It is still incredible to watch. It’s almost like having one foot in Alice in Wonderland watching this surreal insanity play out, and one foot in the real world. How do people like this function? Who are they? Are they real people? Could they be cyborgs? Or aliens from a parallel dimension?

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  18. Honest Abbey says:

    CNN is in meltdown mode. Even their “alleged” conservative pundits are reduced to selling themselves out.

    Today S.E.Cupp was on CNN and these words actually came out of her mouth:

    [Referencing Reince Priebus and Steven Bannon cabinet positions]

    The country will now be led by four White men if you include Mike Pence.

    OMG! When did it become a crime to be WHITE????

    Her comment is beyond disturbing.

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  19. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Randy Evans is on with Lou Dobbs once a week, usually at the same time as Ed Rollins. He is really good. Several times, he even took on Rollins’ doom and gloom outlook on Trump and turned around what he said. He is also the one during the primary that came out early and said that the RNC Rules committee was not going to change anything even though Cruz and Company were trying to do just that.

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  20. regedit says:

    This whole thing makes sick-we are picking narrative of the Left and running with it even Breitbart had to do headline how friendly Bannon is to Israel-sickening
    I thought this exercise was about AMERICA FIRST
    Besides what is wrong with being a white nationalist?Political correctness everywhere -disgusting

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    • paulraven1 says:

      Yes, we’re jumping to the media narrative tune right now. Not good. This could end with some swift kicks in the teeth by some of Trump’s people. Wouldn’t need to scream or shout at all — just turn the tables on them, ask them questions, put them on the spot, make them play defense. But we just never seem to get it.

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  21. unseen1 says:

    I learned everything I needed to know about Bannon by watching the movie he made about Gov Palin “Undefeated” He was one of the few that stood up for Palin against the gaslighting , slurs and smears of the GOPE, the left and the MSM.

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  22. Regina says:

    a little O/T, but does anyone know if Chelsea has a security clearance?

    Because she sure was getting confidential info –

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  23. Piper says:

    I go to greatagain.gov and give my ideas daily- this morning I told the team to “make sure and follow Conservative Treehouse because it is the heartbeat of Trump’s most ardent and supportive followers”. Then I check into the treehouse and see the tweet asking for opinions-SO COOL!!! I miss Trump’s rally’s so I send them a prayer and one idea daily- I LOVE THEM!!! 🙂 !

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  24. Pat Buchanan for Secretary of State!

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    • unseen1 says:

      my bet is Sessions


      • WeThePeople2016 says:

        I love Sessions, but I hope he stays in the Senate. He is the ONLY one that Trump can trust in the Senate to keep him abreast of what McConnell is up to. Sessions has been informing the American people about the trickery going on in the Senate for several years now. If he is taken out, who will fill this vital role? There is no one that I can think of, unfortunately.

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      • regedit says:

        Buchanan for Secretary of State
        Sessions for Senate Majority Leader
        Rudy Giuliani -AG
        Sheriff Clarke-Homeland Security
        Gen Flynn -Secretary of Defence
        Sheriff Arpaio-Head of ICE
        Ben Carson-HHS
        Education -get rid of it
        Laura Ingraham-Press Secretary
        Mike Lee-Supreme court justice
        Newt Gingrich -Head of RNC
        Rand Paul -ambassador to UN
        Nigel Farage-ambassador to EU or better yet to UK


  25. wyntre says:

    Bolduan, Baldwin, Burnett, Baynes, Bash

    CNN has a monopoly on blond bimbo presstitutes. /s


  26. Mr. Morris says:

    I like Steve Bannon, he is super smart and very media saavy. Mr. Bannon’s communication skills are superb. His qualities make him dangerous to the corrupt media and their acolytes in the Democrat Party.
    By the way, Andrew Breitbart revealed the wickedness of Anthony Weiner when he took over a Weiner Press Conference. Thank heaven the media toadies and the Democratic Party defended Mr. Weiner and chose not to listen to Andrew Breitbart. Then “poof” Andrew Breitbart died shortly after under mysterious circumstances. Many people have died under mysterious circumstances during the reign of Barack Hussein Obama and his handmaiden Hillary Clinton.

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  27. bill says:

    when i watch that ditz smile and play her role,,,,,,, aaaaaack !


  28. paulraven1 says:

    Each day is a continuing education in the viciousness of the Left. It has no end, no limits, no reckoning points. They’re vicious cretins, remorseless existential killers — no compassion, no empathy, no reason, only the will to destroy politically inconvenient human beings.

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  29. Piper says:

    Is anyone here interested in seeing Alan West or Alan Keyes be given a position in the Trump Admin.? I really admired both of those men and think they would be an asset somewhere.


  30. Daniel says:

    I don’t know if Bannon really said something once about Jews, but why is this one group, the one that no one is allowed to critique? If we can agree that Muslims have a problem with terrorism, why is it anti Jewish to complain about Jewish whining? Isn’t that what his wife once said he said about Jews? You can notice a disproportionate negative phenomenon with any group, but for some reason, Jews are supposed to be perfect?


  31. Red says:

    We need to do a big service for all of the Rino’s, Democrats, and enemedia and start sending tubes of Preparation H by the truck loads to DC and enemedia headquarters

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  32. Newman says:

    We’ve been thru this rodeo before when the crooked bastards in the media accused Corey of assaulting Michelle Fields when in fact he barely touched the lyin’ wench.

    Screw them!! These bastards are always looking for a scalp.

    And if anybody cared what the crooked media says…Trump would have never won in a landslide.

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  33. Have Gun Will Travel says:

    Mike Rowe for a cabniet position

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  34. mike diamond says:

    none of the trump team should even let cnn or any in the news media interview them until trump gets his team in place! the news media tries to twist every word the trump team says! never trust the news media again!

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    • paulraven1 says:

      Curious this — the media wasn’t remotely interested in what explicit and odious things Obama’s friends Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers said — and said, and said, and said — but they have a very keen interest in obscure and unsubstantiated comments by Bannon and out-of-context headlines he never wrote on the site which he edited.

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  35. gloriosaedominae1 says:

    I do remember that article that David Horowitz wrote in which he called Bill Kristol a “Renegade Jew”. And while I appreciate Horowitz’s support of Trump, I really didn’t care for him sticking his nose into the situation and making it about Jews and Israel. This was an internal fight between the Neo Cons who have wrecked this country by taking over the Republican Party in the early ’90s.

    Maybe someone here can clarify the Horowitz family history. Were they Leninists or Trotskyites? We do know that David was a Red Diaper Baby out of Brooklyn. And we also know that Bill Kristol’s father was a Trotskyite and the first member of the Neo Conservatives. It was an amazing metamorphosis when these folks turned into blood thirsty Neo Cons. And, gasp, they were also Jews. I guess we aren’t supposed to point that out. It must be Anti-Semitic.

    When David was at Ramparts he and his crew were instrumental in creating and supporting the Black Panthers. Is it OK to bring that one up? He probably was also the ghost writer for Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul on Ice. So he is not exactly an innocent and he was part of that Jewish wet dream which portrayed Huey Newton hold that gun in that weaved chair.


    This Black-Jewish Alliance has come back recently with George Soros and Black Lives Matter.


  36. Rondo says:




  37. catluver99 says:

    It’s not about Bannon. The enemedia is run by elite communists and they pay these presstitutes to smear everyone on Trump’s team from him all the way down to the cleaning lady. Every week we will hear about another of Trump’s picks is either in the KKK, or said something outlandish 50 years ago blah blah blah until Jan 20th. Then, they’ll just nit pick things the Bad White Supremacist Republicans did or didn’t do for our country. The first week President Trump takes office, the idiot press will probably want to know why the wall hasn’t been built yet, “he said he was gonna build it, where is it!!” How anyone with 1/4 brain even listens to this tripe is beyond me. After trying to smear Bannon, let’s guess who the press will smear next.

    What bothers me the most about this foolishness is that there are paid terrorist riots in the streets of America and the communist media owners are fanning the flames with all this disgusting rhetoric.

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  38. Paco Loco says:

    Bannon’s the strategy man in the Trump Oval Office. He’s being demonized by the MSM because they are afraid of him and pissed that he kicked their collective ass to win the election. Bannon led the Trump campaign through the fusillade of lies and deceit like Commander Dewey in Manila harbor. His first task Is to develop the “bully pulpit” platform for Trumps Presidential messaging to bypass the MSM using the new media.These dopes in the press and TV media are about to be “Trumped”!

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  39. Paco Loco says:



  40. KitKat says:

    To get to her safe place, she had to turn off his microhone..


  41. pam2246 says:

    Steve Bannon directed the superb 2004 award-winning documentary “In the Face of Evil – Reagan’s War in Word and Deed” based on Peter Schweizer’s acclaimed bestseller, ‘Reagan’s War”. IMO, few people in America know the tactics of Left better than Bannon.

    The movie’s available on Netflix & Amazon.

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  42. TheVelvetKitten says:

    I think Cernovich as well as Milo should be found a position somewhere. They have taken the media head on thru this entire debacle. Milo carried the message to universities and has took on every single group causing disturbances. He is fierce with facts and I have yet to see media back him a corner. I have seen much ethics from Cernovich regarding reporting and he is a tough opponent with facts and getting the message out. Calling out corrupt media on a regular basis.


  43. Patriot1783 says:

    Herman Cain


  44. Sandra says:

    Did the chick, whatever her name is, read questions off of a monitor imbedded in her desk? She kept looking down, looked like she was reading. Just like Hitlery. Dumb b’s can’t even hold a normal conversation without a cheat sheet.


  45. Piper says:

    admin- This is the 3rd and, I promise, the last time I will post this video- But to me it is so hope filled and inspiring that I HAVE GOT TO share it with everyone- I’m especially hoping that SunnyDaze will see it because that is the Treeper who shared “The Fireman’s Prophecy” with me here a couple of weeks before the election, and I clung to it when days were scary and overwhelming!

    Just hoping that someone else is encouraged by it:


  46. ALEX says:

    Same old same old from these hacks. Trump needs to give a speech using the WikiLeaks documents and all the journalists named in them.

    I was wondering if he could file FEC complaints or even bring lawsuits to show the collusion. At the very least it would grab a few news cycles…..Sad they keep at this.


  47. Texian says:

    Please keep Bannon. There was a noticable difference in the campaign when he was added to the team. Points were more clear and more importantly, emboldened. It was when the campaign went into overdrive. Don’t change a thing. Y’all are running on all cylinders. “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!”

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  48. ezpz says:

    Am I the only one who not only didn’t know what alt right was, but never even heard of it until hillary gave that ridiculous hate filled screech about it?

    Whenever I hear ‘alt right’ I think of this:

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  49. Howie says:

    Jack Benny for Secretary of the Treasury


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