As Riots Continue President Obama Schedules a Press Conference Monday 3:15pm…

The riots and protests coordinated by the White House and professional left-wing organizations continue through day #5.

However, despite the MSM trying to attach responsibility to Trump, their intended purpose -to protect the Obama/Clinton legacy- is not yielding the desired results.  More and more people are looking toward the White House silence and beginning to understand the manipulative ideological intents of the professional antagonism.

President Obama is about to depart for Europe (Greece) and Peru (APEC summit) on his last foreign travel assignment.  Allowing President-Elect Trump to own the domestic media narrative under these circumstances is entirely too politically dangerous:


President-Elect Trump has effectively leveraged silence, and as a consequence forced President Obama to own the riots and protests.   Anticipate Obama’s attempt to distance himself from the violence of his own creation tomorrow afternoon.


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404 Responses to As Riots Continue President Obama Schedules a Press Conference Monday 3:15pm…

  1. Aaron Versch says:

    This is not surprsing. POTUS is not an alpha male. He buries his head in the sand at the thought of confrontation. This, coupled with being obessed with his legacy is why he won’t strongly condemn the riots. He doesn’t want his legacy to be that he turned his back on his supporters who needed his leadership. Yet his legacy will be how his supporters stood in the way of democracy but not voting for his own Secretary of State who would carry on his legacy.

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  2. cali says:

    These agitators are hired by George Soros via Craigslist and bussed wherever they need to go. This is an alliance – Soros/Obama/Hillary – that are in cahoots. Blocks of parked busses – luxury busses – are parked outside protest areas as recently filmed in Texas. Joseph Watson has videos on his site.
    George Soros pays these hoodlums who also joined by A.N.S.W.E.R – intending to change the election outcome by getting the electoral college – voting on 19 December – to change their votes from DT to Hillary. The Hillary/Soros/Obama alliance urging these electors to vote against their own voters interests and promise to pay any all related fines arising from such violations.
    Nobody in their right mind believed Hillary’s conciliatory tone to just forget about it – no, she demands the presidency and Soros et al doing their part with the agreement of the global aristocrats who as Sundance has said often – trillions of dollars are at stake. This is about creating so much chaos in hope for the electoral college to give into that pressure.
    Citizens from Egypt, Ukraine and other countries recognize this ‘purple’ revolution for what it is because they too had Soros et al overthrow their elected governments.
    Hillary, Bill and Chelsea all wore dutifully ‘their purple’ on the morning of Hillary’s concession speech. The information, plans and actions are all out there.

    Lastly: Vladimir Putin issued an international arrest warrant for George Soros – dead or alive!!!

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    • cali says:

      I want to add: Obama obviously is not very familiar about Greece because upon his arrival there he will get the surprise of his life and karma from that which he is running from here – as chaos grips major cities:
      Anarchists in Greece are getting ready to give Obama a reception of a lifetime – agitating and rioting by intent to teach him a lesson for a lifetime – their words not mine. It may be that the populism across Europe shows this president as being part of the problem and always has been.

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  3. jracksa says:

    If the Country wants to see REAL rioting by REAL Patriots, then let the EC change their votes against the will of the voters. At that point there will be no reason not to assert the 2nd Amendment for the express purpose Jefferson put it in there!

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  4. beaujest says:

    His library in Kenya has my vote !

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  5. Lucille says:

    November 14, 2016 – Daniel Greenfield


  6. Mist'ears Mom says:

    I would hope he has a message to stop this madness from the idiot children who did not get their way. This crap needs to stop now and he needs to tell them to stop it, just like President elect Trump said last night. He needs to inforce law and order-period.
    If he doesn’t and comes out with some mealy mouth backhanded comment about individual rights being OK to voice their concerns with non-violent protesting. Trump should hold a press conference and condemn him and the protesters. This is getting ridiculous. A bunch of loud mouth bratty kids that are paid to cause chaos is not acceptable.
    We get it you are upset-you lost-get over it-no one said life was fair!

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  7. Tazz2293 says:

    Any updates or is oblameo still talking about himself?

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  8. TwoLaine says:

    Doesn’t this a-hole have a plane to catch? Golf to play? Or, is he getting paid by the word like the rest of the media?

    So boring. So many lies and propaganda. When will it end…..?

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  9. TwoLaine says:

    Here is what I got out of the “Press Conference” today.

    I smelled the UNIParty at work. They want to pass the TPP and they want to pass Amnesty. The riots, let’s call them what they are, are sanctioned by both sides and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    This is how they “do business”. Their goal is to suppress the vote and press forward with their PERSONAL mandate to IMPOSE AMNESTY in this lame duck session, just like they did in 2014.


  10. Cheryl Grimes says:

    Seriously, he said nothing about the riots!!!???? Did I miss something in the news from another day maybe? Lord help us!


  11. UKExpat says:

    What sort of President witnesses ANARCHY and destruction happening across their Nation and does and says nothing for days, I’ll tell you its the sort of President that is SYMPATHETIC and more likely COMPLICIT with the ANARCHISTS.


  12. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    Obama and Hillary could stop this unfair and ridiculous protesting all over the USA, but they
    don’t want to. They enjoy it. Obama is definitely the worst President we ever had. Thank God, he’s
    almost out of the office. Now, Obama is slandering President Elect Donald Trump’s name as President in different countries. These country leaders will now know how evil Obama is and ignore his slandering of our President Elect Donald Trump.


  13. Mike Drouin says:

    How nice would it be if the old school conservative Democrats (like mom and dad were) could wake up, like I did, and leave the party for the sake of common sense and morality. What this Obama fool has done is brainwashed the ignorant with his liberal college professor rhetoric. He speaks as though he is an intellectual but he is actually a harbinger of chaos and prejudice , separating our country using false messaging by approving anti-social behaviour. There are still a lot of real Americans who were not fooled by the stupidity of the Hillary/Obama left wing global agenda as proof in the Trump win. God Bless the USA. Love Ya, Mike D. in Grapevine Tx.


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