Disturbing Video – The Legacy of Robert De Niro…

During a school assignment, with the leadership of the school teacher and administration, a group of young children were asked to vote for  their presidential candidate.

One mother finds out her child voted for candidate Donald Trump.  She films her response to her child and posts to Facebook the punishment she feels is appropriate for his decision.

What she does is disturbing on many levels, yet profoundly representative of a very specific form of abusive psychosis:

The psychological abuse evident in this video is almost incomprehensible. Yet somehow there are large numbers of people who will see no issue with this behavior.  That reality is why she felt comfortable posting her action to her social media.

No-one except this woman, this mother, is responsible for her abusive conduct other than herself.  However, in a society where pop culture has a toxic influence on vulnerable minds, there is an advocacy group who should be taking a long look in the mirror. Thanks famous actors.


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418 Responses to Disturbing Video – The Legacy of Robert De Niro…

  1. judyw says:

    Update on Video of “mother” scorning child over vote.
    JFCWOV- We have spoken to Detective Luerra with Arcola Police Department and confirmed that the children seen in the video are safe and a case now has been opened. Arcola Police Department is diligently working with CPS and the District Attorney’s Office.

    We want to send a HUGE thank you to Deputy Fisherhill and Detective Luerra for the fast response in making sure these children are safe. And a huge thank you to all of our members who gave this child a voice and helped us get the info to the correct investigating department. We look forward to working with this department, and with all of you, in the future as we advocate for our children and ensure them a voice! Thank you!

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  2. Sandra says:

    Her kids are already doing gang signs. It looked like a nice neighborhood, but she acts like a welfare mama with her 4 kids and no father around.

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    • judyw says:

      I kept the link to follow updates….this really touched me deeply. I have a friend whose daughter is in the process of adopting 2 children whose parents are both in jail for killing their little brother in their presence. It is not a world I can hardly believe exists but it does. Anyway I hope these guys are as fortunate as the children my friend’s daughter is adopting. 🙂

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    Here’s the link to “Justice for Children…” Facebook page for updates:


  4. hellandahandbasket says:

    We all hear of the wonderfulness and righteousness of the black culture, and of how they have such love for their children, and we have for decades and decades been told that black women “were the caretakers of White children” during slavery, and Whites benefited because of all that love, and of course, that the black woman/mother is THE bastion/role-model of good-mothering, blah blah blah.
    Well, one thing that’s always left-out of this diatribe of a culture full of wonderfulness and righteousness are these statistics:
    American Child Abuse Rates per 1,000 children:
    Black 15.3
    American Indian 13.4
    Black/Hispanic 10.6
    Hispanic 8.8
    Black & Polynesian Pacific Islander 8.6
    White American 8.4
    Asian 1.7
    Facts and statistics always get in the way of outright lies – but that doesn’t stop the Liberal/Feminist-Cult from DEMANDING we ignore all of truth, and just go with the lies instead.
    Oh …and you’re a big-fat racist if you tell the truth as I just did …so, best to keep it a secret, right?

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  5. Jaxvillekid says:

    I could barely stomach this video. As someone who was abused as a child I know all too well the damage this woman is doing to her child. And for what? It’s disgusting and my heart goes out to the boy. She should be ashamed of herself.

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  6. mjazzguitar says:

    We already know that the palestinian brainwash their children to hate Jews, they are not human, and to stab them. But I was wondering, I wonder what the Muhammadans teach their children here in the USA?


  7. amwick says:

    Take a look,,,, this really does look like her…SHAME



  8. Sha says:

    That was heart breaking to watch. There are people out there that would give anything to be blessed with a child and here you see this horrible women mistreating her own child. I refuse to call her a mother because real moms would never treat there children that way . It makes me very angry to see someone mistreat a child so I have to put this phone down and walk away for a moment before I say something out of anger.


  9. Sammi says:

    I am so sorry any child has to endure such abuse. This woman should be in jail for inflicting pain on her own child. God help this little guy!


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