President Obama Probes Personal Risks From President Trump…

There should be no doubt the anti-Trump administration protests last night were directly coordinated by DNC operatives and the various affiliated interests within the left-wing national organizations OWS, RevCom, BLM, etc.


The hundreds of various community organizing groups who have met with, and been led by, the Obama activism coalition in the past eight years were activated for a specific reason.  Everyone who has followed controversial political events over the past several years knows full well, none of this activity happens without direct White House approval.

If President Obama wanted the streets cleared, his own speech could make that happen.  He did not do so, yet.

That raises the question ‘why organize the protests’?  The answer therein outlines how severely the Obama and Clinton groups estimate the risk.  They are trying to save themselves through a process of applying leverage against the risk that Donald Trump represents.

In essence Obama/Clinton agents are undermining Trump’s possible action against them by creating a narrative where the best play for President Trump is to allow the usurping agents to creep away, albeit with suitcases of cash, quietly into the night; and avoid sunlight upon their prior unlawful activity.

The meeting today between the victor Donald Trump and the defeated Barack Obama is essentially a meeting to discuss the terms of surrender.  President Obama is seeking safe passage and amnesty for prior usurpation.

In the meeting today President Obama, and by extension Hillary Clinton, are requesting safe passage using the leverage of they’ll burn down the nation if not provided – hence the protests needed last night.

However, Trump is not their normal adversary.  Even though Donald Trump has not been directly involved in these types of political self-preservation efforts, no-one is more versed in leverage application toward a specific end goal than Mr. Trump.  He knows exactly what they are doing, and he knows why they are doing it.


So what was the outcome of the meeting?

That will be really easy to determine:

♦ If the ridiculous election protests continue again tonight, then President Obama has not called them off.  That means he and Clinton received no substantive assurances, and are worried about being held to account – prosecuted and investigated.

♦  If the ridiculous election protest do not happen again tonight, then President Obama has called them off.  That means he and Clinton feel more comfortable they will not be held to account – prosecuted and investigated.

I doubt there would be any overt assurances in any direction from President Elect Trump toward President Obama.   Nor would Mr. Trump imply such assurances or guarantees; it’s just not how he applies leverage.

Ultimately the Machiavellian political gamesmanship then evolves toward how does Obama/Clinton “feel” about the success of their initial probing for terms.


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833 Responses to President Obama Probes Personal Risks From President Trump…

  1. ajbenius says:

    It seems that there are some people who are disappointed that Trump used such nice language toward Obama. I don’t like Obama at all too, but unfortunately we have to keep in mind that he is still the president and he will remain the president until January 20, so he can still try anything to mess things up for Trump. Once Donald Trump is president and has his own DOJ, he can start doing the things that need to be done. However, for now, he can only play things a bit safer considering how the Electoral College hasn’t technically confirmed him as president yet.

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    • I agree. Trump is being a graceful winner and not showing his hand. I believe when he said “he had such respect” he meant for the office of the President. Not for Obama or his administration. Let Trump be Trump. He has been successful for a reason.

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    • MzMaryMac says:

      I totally agree. Regardless of your personal feelings about the man, you are gracious to him in his home. At this point, the White House is still Obama’s home, and Trump was his guest. Both men, who obviously hate one another, acted like adults, and regardless of what happens outside the doors and on the streets, I was glad to see both men honor the Office of the Presidency. Remember-Trump is going to be President for ALL the people. So let him do his job as he sees fit. He knew from the moment he announced his candidacy that he would win. He accomplished one of the greatest feats in the history of our country-came in as an outsider and beat the entire establishment, the media and the globalists.

      I trust Trump more than I have ever trusted any other man, outside of my father, my husband and my brothers.

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    • Absolutely. Until January 20th Trump needs to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

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  2. Janie M. says:

    HAHAHAHA, now ozero will know what it has been like for the past 8 years waiting for the other shoe to drop. Couldn’t be happening to a more deserving failure.

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    • We President Now!

      Obama told the republicans after he was elected that they needed to take a backseat, get out of the way, elections have consequences.

      Hopefully, Trump will show the democrats the same.

      Harry Reid opened the door with the nuclear option in the senate and stated just before the election that he had set it up so Clinton and the democrats would be able to use it to pass everything she wanted when elected as they figured that the democrats would win a majority in the senate. They lost the White House and failed to take majorities in the House and Senate. The republicans should now use Harry Reid’s own plan against the democrats and do away with the senate filibuster, period.

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  3. Bubba says:

    Like I’ve stated on previous threads,Trump has the goods on O & H. He has saved his leverage for the post election timeframe until insuguration day. That’s why that final shoe never dropped on H before the election. Trump knew that additional leverage would be needed until inauguration day when he assumes control of the gov’t. The timeframe between ekection day & inauguration day was always going to be the most dangerous time.

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  4. I’m still waiting to see if Obama changes plans about moving into the rented house in DC. I have a feeling they’ll quietly announce that their daughter decided to attend a new school.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Idk. Depends on whether Michelle wants to run for Senate or stay close to DC power circles for a national run.

      I am wondering where Barron will be headed to school. I’d hate for him to have to attend school with the Obama girl. Plus Sidwell Friends is overrated academically. Not sure he should leave his good school in NYC. Maybe he will go to boarding school like is brothers, or to military school like his Dad.

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  5. Patriot1783 says:

    Well guess the answer to SD question re whether obama called protesters off or not:

    71 days to go.

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  6. Beenthere says:

    I guess Obama didn’t get assurances that Trump will not investigate & prosecute at the WH meeting:

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I hate that this will hurt the Trump businesses and I am sure it will. I would stay there for spite personally but I’m a bit of a firebrand.

      The people in Trump Tower (and others) are probably already suing to get out of leases or for some kind of settlements. NYC real estate is crazy.

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      • WSB says:

        No, those are condos. They are all fine.

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      • disgustedwithjulison says:

        Dont be so sure of that…..The Donald is a winner….people are naturally attracted to a winner. Think about all of the people that sold out to Donald early on….Macy’s, the PGA, etc…..many are now having financial woes while The Donald’s businesses are doing just fine. This will blow over and the Donald will be even more successful.

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        • doit4atlas says:

          I agree with you 100% This is a losing tactic as ALL of Obama’s community organizing crap was…just use Fast and Furious as an example…backfired completely!

          Don’t let the popular vote fool you, there are still more law abiding Americans across this land than the thugs we see rioting in our cities. Huge swath’s of CA and NY Trump voters don’t bother to vote because they think their votes are meaningless. Apply this to the other deep blue states; NJ, MA, MD, WA, OR, and you see the issue.

          But, that doesn’t mean that the thugs have the numbers, they DON’T and the support for Trump as he drains the swamp will be quite strong.


      • I would bet more than a few tenants at Trump tower are bo/hrc donors that will be giving the petty president an earful soon. Sowing, reaping and rueing.


    • Sherlock says:

      There must be near panic at the White House now, as well as within the Clinton circle of criminals. The violence we’re seeing may well be triggered by that anxiety, or possibly simply by their desire to begin the talk of painting Trump’s presidency as somehow illegitimate–they always do that, but the rules of the game have now changed to include street violence by the left as a political tool.

      I also think that the pardon angle is interesting–certainly Obama would not consider a pardon of the Clinton gang (and others) unless he was fairly certain that real investigations are contemplated by the Trump administration, simply because pardons will cement irrevocably in the mind of the public that Clinton Inc. and Obama are a guilty as sin.

      Should there be no pardon, that would lead to one of two conclusions. Either Obama believes that Trump will not press for a prosecution or special counsel, or Obama feels he is personally safe, and really doesn’t care what happens to HRC. Fact is, there is no love lost between Clinton and Obama, never has been. She was made Sec. State as part of a deal to keep her happy during the 2012 election, in return for his promise to help her in 2016. That is my belief, at least.

      In my view, the rule of law, as well as deterrence of future criminality on the part of a number of individuals, requires a prosecution, and I really hope Trump does not heed the counsel of those who urge him to “move on” from the issue for political reasons. There will be plenty of republicans who will do just that.

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      • Andrea says:

        There first has to be some kind of indictment for him to be able to pardon. There is nothing to pardon right now….so Trump will bide his time until January….and then BOOM!
        I will love every minute of it !


    • I notice that too. Keep the pressure on them, Mr. Trump. They lost and there is no need to placate this traitors. Sooner or later, there will be calls for them to stop the rioting. Meanwhile, let’s sit back and watch the Dems double down on stupid.


    • Deborah says:

      Lock her up, along with Family and Others.


  7. paulgilpin says:

    supposedly, there is a tradition that an outgoing president leaves a letter to the incoming president on his desk in the oval office. wouldn’t it be fun if trump published the letter. and if he did it would be the only thing hussein thought would be private that we will ever find out about him.

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  8. sysconfig says:

    [size=6]A new bar set in sportsmanship[/size]


    Author: Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor Allen B. West –

    [b]While President Obama talks a good talk (for a change) about doing everything he can to work with President-Elect Trump to ensure a smooth transition of power, there are still signs of bitterness that peek through the veneer. Such as the fact that the Obamas canceled the traditional First Families photo, intended to feature outgoing First Family Barack and Michelle along with incoming First Family Donald and Melania.
    You know what they say about actions speaking louder than words, of course.

    And if you had any doubt about the true feelings of those in the Obama camp about the prospect — now a foregone conclusion — here’s your pictures worth a thousand words.
    Photo of White House staff awaiting Trump is just plain stunning..ouse staff awaiting the visit of President-Elect Trump today — see Josh Not-So-Earnest looking particularly not-so today:


    • sysconfig says:

      Lets Try again..
      A new bar set in sportsmanship

      Author: Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor Allen B. West –

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      • RedBallExpress says:

        Probably what it looked like upstairs at Hitler’s bunker the last day.

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      • Not seeing much love there

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      • Wow, don’t those people know there are other colors in the spectrum other than BLACK! Does that mean they are in mourning? Plus that woman in the first photo in the back is just beside herself. Seriously? That is just bizarre. They do live in a bubble. Good riddance! Time to take out the trash.

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        • That woman is a meme!

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        • “… are other colors in the spectrum other than BLACK!”

          Hadn’t seen anybody mentioned it but …
          Hillary’s concession speech Wednesday morning, both her and BJ man were wearing lavender. She had lavender lapels, BJ man had lavender necktie.
          That’s the color of Easter Sunday as in : “Died and Risen
          First of all it is wildly blasphemous for them to imply any Deity comparison.
          But more so, it’s called Public Service. Not “I’m Entitled”, “Gimme”
          If the people don’t even want you, there should be no feeling of loss.
          I used to clear the elderly neighbor driveway from snow. Free of course. A Public Service.
          When they told me I didn’t have to do it anymore, I certainly didn’t feel grief.

          Michael Savage has called liberalism a mental disorder.
          Yes, and it’s contagious.


      • vexedmi says:

        The Ring of Criminals!


      • Deborah says:

        HA,HA, HA
        I Am Too Proud Of Trump and his Supporters.
        Trump & Supporters were Steadfast, Unmovable, Impossible to Stop…Amazing!! The Media, DNC, RNC, and Never Never Trump, All thru kitchen Sink at Trump and still Could Not Break the Man. What Strength! Says A Lot About the Man.

        As the Old Negro Spiritual Says……………”We Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Us Around.”
        Trump Supporters Were Loyal and True to the Words.
        I was Voting Trump from Beginning to End….Regardless. I just hope that Trump continues to be Steadfast and Unmovable in delivering the Will of the People.

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  9. Charlie says:

    Painful… BO should learn how to speak he’s awful. I expected his stuttering to flair up.

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  10. Flair1239 says:

    Trump gave his answer on Twitter, calling out the protests for what they are.

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  11. Linda Ruth says:

    The Clinton Crime Family is not going quietly away, and neither is George Soros. The purple lapels and tie worn by the Clintons at Hillary’s “not” concession speech were their overt signal that their war against America goes on with the funding and power of George Soros. That is why the protests are happening and why the MSM is so thrilled reporting on the anti-Trump anarchists. Obama will do nothing to stop any of it. He wants it as Soros’ puppet.

    Thursday, November 10, 2016
    The Colour Purple
    “Heading nearly all of these Western backed and financed “Colour Revolution” NGO’s, is the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros—who has not only fomented rebellions across the world costing thousands of innocent lives, he was, also, recently exposed as being Hillary Clinton’s puppetmaster controlling all of her actions during her failed bid to become the US president. ”

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    • Deborah says:

      After awhile enough is enough. There are no substances to the protest. No speeches are being delivered. It is just protesters promoting Vandalism.I guess if the States want protesting so be it.

      Come Inauguration Time, I hope the Capitol streets are full with the National Guards so All can Party Hard Without Party being Rained on


  12. justfactsplz says:

    Trump’s facial expression and the body language of his hands coming together in a point says it all. He is not a happy camper. It was just something he had to endure. I think Obama got the message by watching Trump’s face. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

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  13. Gadsden says:

    Michael Savage was complaining about Trump praising Obama today…everyone needs to remember that Trumo knows what he is doing! He knows when to apply pressure and when to use a soft touch. We also don’t know what happened behind closed doors. We elected the man and now we need to let him do his thing. It’s only two days after the election and people are already complaining? Trust Trump!

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  14. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    As a Canadian that checks on this blog every once and a while I knew immediately the day or so after Donald Trump won the race for the presidency that I needed to see the blog!

    I can imagine this blog is going to be a corner stone of news in regards to the Trump administration in the following four years.

    Very interested to as always keep reading and learning.

    The Smiling Pilgrim

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    • Super and welcome! Price of admission is don’t build a wall on your border – just kidding ;D.


    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Just don’t tell anybody but patriots and freedom lovers. Now that the trolls are all gone – either in mourning or to their bused-in protests – it’s very quiet here. Soon, nobody will pay attention to us, except the Trump administration, and its savvy supporters. THAT is the way it should be.


  15. Joe Smith says:

    Both Gingrich and Giuliani have signaled multiple times on Hannity this evening and yesterday evening that TRUMP will NOT be backing off on investigating Hillary and her myriad of complicit minions.

    This puts Obama in an awkward spot as to whether he’ll pardon Hillary or not.

    I’m now of the opinion that Obama will NOT pardon Hillary for the following reasons:

    The Obamas and Clintons hate each other and this is a good way for Obama to stick it to the Clintons.
    Obama knows that a blanket pardon for Hillary and some or all of her minions would be a MAJOR stain on his “legacy”, whereas he will not be criticized for NOT pardoning her.
    Pardoning Hillary is likely to create a major backlash and likely to do MAJOR damage to the Democrat party as such a pardon is proof-positive that the Democrat standard-bearer did in fact commit major crimes and lied about it to the public. People will trust the Democrats even less than they do now, rightfully believing that the system is truly rigged for the elite, allowing them to get away with committing major crimes that ordinary mortals would be imprisoned for.
    Not pardoning Hillary leaves the Republicans with a major tar-baby, distracting them from their agenda. A pardon by Obama allows Trump and the Republicans to have talked tough without actually having to take tough action, while also blaming crooked obama and the crooked Democrats for tying their hands.


    • racerxx says:

      I don’t understand how O can pardon H, particularly since she hasn’t been convicted. That’s one of the reasons that I’ve always leaned towards having any prosecution delayed until after the election. I personally don’t want to “play nice” with any of them. This is more than winning an election.


      • doit4atlas says:

        He sure can…

        a pardon can stipulate that a person is clear of all law breaking while they were in office, what it can’t do is clear anyone of future crimes. For instance, the pardon can clear her of the email scandal AND the foundation scandal, but can’t clear her of, say, killing Julian Assange if she did that today, because she is not in office now.


      • Deborah says:

        Investigate and lock up ALL involved.
        After all Trump’s Core is to Clean the Swamp. An Example Needs to be Made Out of the Clintons and does who helped contributed to the Clinton’s Crimes. An example was made out of Martha Stewart and what she did was peanuts compared to the Clinton’s.
        Trump must send the message that Corruption in Politics is Unacceptable and Punishable, so that other leaders will follow suit.


    • doit4atlas says:

      This is the deal they were negotiating yesterday: Trump gets Hillary and gang, but won’t go after Obama ONLY IF Obama plays nice in the future.

      Any shenanigans from Obama in the future, and the info about where he was born, who his daddy was, how he got into Harvard, how he cooked up Fast and Furious, ALL of it will be exposed. Don’t forget there is that video the LA Times quashed in 2008 that probably is very damaging to Mr. Obama. I’m sure Trump could apply quite a bit of leverage to get that thing exposed. He also probably had a big hand in Benghazi that, if exposed, could be quite damaging.


  16. UKExpat says:

    As OBOZO himself said ‘elections have consequences and I WON’ well now Trump has won and will do what Trump and America wants not what OBOZO and ISLAM wanted.


  17. CoffeeBreak says:

    Woe to the schmoe who tries to put Mr. Trump in a corner

    Confucius, probably.


  18. doit4atlas says:

    The fact that Obama has not addressed the nation about these riots is evil. If he doesn’t say something today, then Trump will prosecute him and Clinton with every resource at his disposal.

    If someone gets hurt, or God forbid, dies, the blood is on Obama’s hands. And by the way, where our “esteemed” leaders, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell? Shouldn’t they be all over TV renouncing these riots??


  19. Pingback: President-elect Trump’s first few days | Churchmouse Campanologist

  20. wasntme says:

    I don’t think Trump is backing off anything. Read his contract with America and sign it if it’s not too late. Puts a smile on my face every time I read it. If he doesn’t come through, breach of contract. If he were the typical politician, it would have disappeared by now.


  21. jeans2nd says:

    Obama’s reference to “as I said the night before” refers to Obama wanting Mr. Trump to hit the road running out of town, as in, hit the road jack, will help you pack…

    Then Mr. Trump is wished great success – success on being run out of town.

    “President-elect Trump” refers, of course, to Mr. Trump. “President-elect” refers to Obama himself – future tense vs. present tense.

    “Counsel” (from Mr. Trump) refers to attorneys.

    Now listen again. You’ll hear more.

    Wall meet freight train. That light you see is the train engine’s light coming at you, from the already completed end of the tunnel.

    I may be incorrect (but I don’t think so).


  22. Robert Bright says:

    Trump should find a way to tamp down the over spending on projects a cross the nation against the Unions. Giving other companies a chance for bidding such as a watch zar for overspending and bids. If they go over the bidded amount, they would be held responsible. Bob Bright


  23. sTeVe says:

    I personally believe BS Obama committed treason when he got on tv and announced to the illegal immigrant population that it would be ok to vote.
    If he is never held accountable then he skates and she skates.
    Just because he is a president shouldn’t make him and his administration above the law.


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