Paul Ryan Post Trump Victory: “this is the most incredible political feat in my lifetime”…

Worthy to note as you watch this…. Donald Trump won Wisconsin, and Paul Ryan lives in Wisconsin. Donald Trump won Michigan, Mitt Romney is from Michigan. When Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney were running for the White House they did not win their home states – Donald Trump did.

Speaker Paul ‘Omnibus’ Ryan is trying desperately to position himself. However, President Elect Donald Trump holds all the leverage in that relationship. Don’t worry, belay any concerns, no-one controls the agenda except Donald Trump.


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256 Responses to Paul Ryan Post Trump Victory: “this is the most incredible political feat in my lifetime”…

  1. Prettyplease says:

    When I woke up Tuesday morning, instantly I sensed that the Battle that has been raging in the heavenlies was over, and that we had won.
    There was such a peace in the room and it has continued. When I watched the clip on Hillary voting, I knew then too that we had win. Just read her body language, it was apparent that she was attending a funeral, her own.
    I understand the tribulation will come. Soros and his band of evil cohorts are not through trying to dismantle America. Traitors still abound and justice is about to roll like a river wide to clean out the filth and stench of the Aegean stables that America has become. To God be the glory for the things that he has done and will do!

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  2. Pam says:


    • longiron2 says:

      Sure hope TRUMP does not fall for Lyin Ryan BS that he will support TRUMP. TRUMP needs to drain the swamp and that starts with PAUL RYAN. TRUMP better step up and realize RYAN is the SNAKE and makes sure he does not get elected again. If he does not TRUMP will pay the prices right out of the gate.


  3. The Defiant One says:

    I do believe that the first HINT of trouble lyin’Paul Little Ryan will bolt and back bite Trump. He did it during the access Hollywood Locker Room talk, and I believe he’ll do it to stop the Wall!

    The most important thing to note is that Ryan actively tried to stop the President Elect at least twice. So the thing to note is while yes, Little Ryan will work with President Trump, it’ll only be if it benefits Little Ryan and his Uniparty Masters who while beaten weren’t vanquished… yet!

    All that said… let President Trump, be Trump. He made it this far playing 3D Chess against IMPOSSIBLE ODDS, he’ll do it again, EASILY against the little weasel Ryan!

    All we have to do is remind Ryan, we haven’t forgotten who he is!

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    • Amy says:

      I like how Lying Paul is acting as if he was behind Trump from day one.

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      • Lostokie says:

        And it’s clear he still thinks no one will remember that. This election should have shown him that “honesty is the best policy.” But, he is so blind and deaf (proof he’s got his head buried in somebody’s behind) that he doesn’t realize he would garner more support if he’d started out simply admitting he was wrong for the way he treated candidate Trump and will do everything he can to help President Trump keep the promises he made during the campaign. Then to prove he is going to do so, follow that up with a confession that he has done far too little to stop President Obama’s agenda, which stops today. From today forward Obama’s agenda is DOA in the House.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Well, Amy, to quote one of my most favorite phrases Sd has used…….The bloom is off the ruse!


      • tony E says:

        now if you look closely down low, you can see ryan’s wife with her hand up his arse making him talk like a puppet.


  4. yohio says:

    Amazing that you Paul Ryan act like you understand what happened and what is going on, yet you chose to protect the Wallstreet interests. What does that say about you!

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  5. zephyrbreeze says:

    Compared to Trump, Paul Ryan is a poor speaker with seemingly little empathy for his audience. He sounds like a political hack. The new political style standard is Donald J. Trump.

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  6. standingpat says:

    There is an adage about rats deserting a sinking ship. Paul Ryan is a rat climbing back onto a rising ship, S,S, Trump.

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  7. OverWatch says:

    I am so happy to hear this uniParty POS continue the party line. Makes them so much easier to target. DJT is probably happy for the same reason. This rear end weasel (family friendly) talks about DJT hearing a voice that no one else heard. Did he not hear the mothers protesting outside his walled home about their children that were murdered by illegal aliens as he blew past them in his motorcade this summer? This illegal alien group of thugs that he is not willing to deal with because of his handlers wanting open borders? Paul Ryan is a uniparty piece of garbage! If the skirt of the hildabeast is lifted you will see this guy staring you in the face.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      No. I personally, have been faxing, and calling him for years. He changed (got the big head) when he was picked by Mittens. Hadn’t been the same since. He’s also been there for like 200 years too, and under the tutiledge of John Boehner.

      Oh, and while I’m on the subject of Boehner, did you guys know that WE the TAXPAYER are paying for the ex-Speaker’s office, somewhere in that big building? He’s now a lobbyist too. Of course, they all like to become lobbyists, because if they serve even one term (2yrs) they forever more, get to literally go down on the House floor at will. Neat little deal they set them up with, huh?!

      That’s in my file for President Trump.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Dang overwatch! You just made that triple scary!!!!!
      1) There is a reason Hillz no longer wears skirts. SCARY!
      2) If Hillz was wearing said skirt, I promise you do not want to look! (I hear some have teeth! snort!)
      3) Then add Ryno’s face!!! E-gads!!!!

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  8. Don L says:

    Caesar’s friend Brutus was more trustworthy than Ryan.


  9. jakeandcrew says:

    I watched Ryan’s little speech in real-time, and posted my response on another thread. Now posting it here, where it belongs. Ryan’s butt kissing was almost as bad as Hillary quoting Scripture —

    Here’s what I heard Ryan say, “Oh, Donald and I, we’re best buds! I’ve had two conversations with him in the last 18 hours!”

    Well of course you have, you backstabbing elitist weasel! He won!!! And he did it in spite of you and your ilk, fighting him every inch of the way. You dropped him like a hot potato when he needed you most. And you want to be friends now? Go take a flying leap!

    It’s a good thing I don’t cuss. He really ticked me off.

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  10. drdeb says:

    On 11-15-16, Ryan Plans to Easily Win Re Election as Speaker of the House.
    Call and email your Representative
    No Ryan or NO RE ELECTION!


  11. The strongest card that Mr. President-elect Trump has is not that he won but We the People. I pray he remembers this and uses it frequently. It’s time to bring back the fireside chat with a modern bent ie; Youtube, Facebook or honest on-line media sites to talk with the People regularly.

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