Donald Trump Victory Party – Live Stream…

Here’s a live stream to a rather joyful event that many might like to enjoy:

President Elect Donald J Trump

Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream

trump smile 3trump melania and donald

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580 Responses to Donald Trump Victory Party – Live Stream…

  1. nancy grayson says:

    Thank you for keeping us all on track., and beleiveing in Prez Trump. I went out in my front yard of my lib neighborhood, and screamed out-loud, “President Trump rules.

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  2. Linda Ruth says:

    Lame Cherry prays, “to God be the glory” for raising up Donald Trump to lead America out of darkness

    Thank You God for Your Servant, Donald John Trump
    Our Father, we commit Your servant, President Donald Trump into Your Guidance and Care, to accomplish Your Will, and we submit humbly to be utilized in Your Will to be good stewards to Your victory bestowed upon Mr. Trump and to be obedient Citizens in securing with President Donald Trump, the promise, to make American Great Again, for all the Glory and Honor of God, now and forever, in Jesus Name, Amen and Amen

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    • Maquis says:

      Amen to that!

      We are at the end of the beginning, great battles await us, as do glorious triumphs for the Children of Men and their God.

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    • Warner Dixon says:

      Not too many comments take my breath away. This one did. It was stunning, after all the nasty stuff, and uplifting. It says a lot about Linda Ruth. God bless you, Linda,for your uplifting message.


  3. callahan44 says:

    Thank you, God, for giving America Donald Trump and saving our beloved country.

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    • DelAware says:

      Thank you, Ancestors, for giving us the American republic, and an immigration policy that welcomed only immigrants like Donald Trump’s forefathers.


  4. Have to admit, a bit disappointed VA didn’t go Trump. Great victory for the country tonight, hard to accept home state didn’t pull through for Trump. Doubt I’ll ever see it go Republican again in the next 20 years at least. Might have to move down the road.

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  5. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Is South Park’s Mr.Garrison now President?


  6. Guffman says:

    Can’t wait to hear Obama’s remarks and congratulations to Trump too, if he can spit out the words. Bet he’s now wishing he hadn’t insulted Trump quite so much at that 2011 Whitehouse press dinner.

    Also, I’m sure the shredding machines have already been fired up at the Whitehouse, and the Clinton Foundation.

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  7. About to hit the hay, I fee like Jeb … low energy 😉

    Celebrate tomorrow everyone! God Bless!

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  8. sheridan says:

    God speed Mr President, Donald J Trump and Vice President Pence and the Trump and Pence families
    What a historic day and election.
    Thank you Our Lord and Father Almighty God and our Lord Jesus for this day
    Above all congratulations to all the amazing people at the treehouse and sundance.
    Thank you for being the most inspiring people ever.

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  9. boojum says:

    Good night all. And a thank you to Sundance.

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  10. Maquis says:

    As a broken Vet, I hesitated to get out and do the hand to hand fighting that so many have done to make this happen, I wouldn’t last but an hour or two, or maybe a minute or two; but I can write and I can shame the h**l out of Congress Critters and the like.

    I hope that we Treepers, and the Monster Voters, remain united, as family, willing and able to help our new President make our Founders Proud and our Children Free. I’m willing to fight as I can, and I’ll leave a mark or two, but The Treepers together will drain the swamp and Make America Great Again. Safe again.

    I doubt we will ever need to hold DJT’s feet to the fire, but I do hope that we can continue to demonstrate that we have his back, and that we are willing to help usher in radical change to undo the radical damage to our Republic by the “Progressives.”

    We need to be the Counter-Revolution, in the vein of the Original American Revolutionaries, for the rest of our lives. We need to be continuously destroying their secret works by bringing them into the light. To be gaining the aprobation of our fellow countrymen such that we may destroy the Globalists’ murderous edifices and lay waste to their plans. We need to set “Progressivism” back a hundred years, Nay, back to the appearance of the Serpent in Eden. (Alinsky was not far off in regards to the Author of his Dark Faith.) We must expose their genocidal contempt for the common man, and his common aspirations and his troublesome freedoms that thwart their utopian goals.

    May we never see another Marx, another Lenin, another Hitler, another Roosevelt, LBJ, Bush, or Clinton.

    May we ever spoil their plots and may we make the Left ashamed to declare their stripes. Ashamed and ever conscious that they are openly regarded as traitors to our Constitution, to Mankind, and to the World that this Nation has Blessed and will always Bless when She is Just and Free.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      YES, THIS. Trump cannot do this alone. If the congress puts up a fuss, we MUST hit our Reps/Sens with a bombardment of emails, phone calls, townhalls, tweets, FB, etc.

      They all have their little “favorite programs” The whole culture of Congress has to change!

      **Having been doing this for longer now than 10 years, there’s nothing sweeter than getting word, that We the People have shut-down the DC switchboard, or that phones are ringing off the wall in the the halls of congress!!! (I have spies there)

      What we really must pay attention to is this lame-duck session. It starts next week, when they all come back into session (while Obie is still in, they’ll try to cram a bunch of stuff in!) In fact, it’s time to stop lame-duck sessions period.

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      • Maquis says:

        Agreed on the Lame-Duck Lawlessness. Zero will make Bubba’s look like Kindergarten.

        My worry is the Shadow Government that Zero plans to stay in DC to run. The Clintons had theirs, it’s still operative; ie; Comey.

        Our President needs to know that there are many moles that need excised, no quarter, no mercy. The little people that never leave DC, the staffers and ‘crats, they are critical cogs in globalist plans and tactics.

        We are darn close to needing loyalty tests and internal monitoring to detect the Soros Acolytes and Lord knows how many other -isms and enemies to the Republic that intend to obstruct the will of the People. Of course, that would be branded as McCarthyism writ large… There has to be some way to address not only the CoC and the Corporate Masters, but the hidden traitors throughout the government…

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          We’re going to have to essentially work backwards from now to identify them.

          For example, I’d bet you dollars to donuts, that Lois Lerner got her start when Slick was in office. It takes time to work yourself up the ranks. Lois Lerner was a shill for the Demonrats.

          But not everyone who is in a quasi position of authority is corrupt.(Maybe most, but surely not all.(?) (This btw is exactly why even Roosevelt did NOT want unions in the Fed. gov’t.) However, I’m hoping that Trump’s Fed hiring freeze, will help to cut not only some of the fat; but also some of the corrupt. Hellz, there are some on record that they would quit if Trump got elected!!! GOOD!

          I’ll have to take a look in my little “Freedom Library.” I have a book that addresses this exact problem under Shrub’s administration. (that’s little-bush, for those who don’t know
          my nicknames.) The general gist was no matter what you thought of Shrub; he was also being undermined by “burrowed-in” Clintonites, behind the scene, who were actually sabotaging as best they could.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Sir, I am not sure in what branch of the service you served us, your fellow citizens so I hope I don’t offend you by the following. I have heard a saying about Marines as they are retired and grow older, “Not as lean, not as mean but Always a Marine!” I believe that applies equally to all patriotic, loyal veterans. Your spirit and should remain the fighter that you always were even if your body no longer is the same. Thank you for your service then and your continued, although different, service now.

      I agree with your sentiments and pray along with you with for the same. We all need to continue to work for and support Mr. Trump as he starts to implement his agenda and to clean up corruption just as we worked and supported him to be elected. Thank you for what you have done and what you share here.

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      • Maquis says:

        Your kindness is appreciated. Air Force for me, 25 years, but the saying still holds. Never take offense over inter-Service fun and games, the VA hospital is my principal social life and which branch messed us up doesn’t seem to cross anyone’s mind, we are all in it together. Ten years out and half my dreams are still military, fixing planes and saving the world. Frustrated at the little I can do now, but it will always be who I am. I do what I can, always carry, and try to prepare for events that so many refuse to consider possible. Most can’t see past their comforts and pleasures and have no respect for history or the fragility of civilization. It’s an honor to jump in occasionally in this marvelous association of brilliant, brave, kind, stunninly energetic and insightful patriots. I can scarcely keep up!

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        • Katherine McCoun says:

          What an intense experience and lifestyle that must have been! I hope and pray that the VA is taking good care of you and if they haven’t that it will all be straightened out very soon.

          You are right, our lifestyle and freedoms are fragile and we must continually protect them. Thank you for physically fighting and now we have all fought a political battle together to protect them. I hope that many of us stay involved to make sure the platform is passed and enacted!


  11. guitar107 says:

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster.
    Sundance, thanks for keeping us focused and on track.
    CTH has been my refuge for some time… it keeps me away from the garbage spewed by the complicit media.
    What a nice victory!

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  12. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  13. goingsunny says:

    Empire State Building lit up with the picture of the 45th President. 🙂

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    • wheatietoo says:

      I love that!

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    • NvMtnOldman says:

      So much better than seeing the WH lit up in the gay colors. The media pukes are in denial. I love it.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        The White House is the People’s House. That was another poke-in-the-eye from the man-child.
        The White House should never be used for political purposes of any kind.


        • jello333 says:

          AGREE! I’m glad that same-sex marriage is now legal. But I absolutely was NOT happy that Obama did that at the White House! You’re right, it was nothing more than a poke in the eye, and “Nya nya nya!” by the scumbag. I have gay friends who feel the same… they think Obama’s attitude actually detracted from the moment.


  14. GracieD says:

    Praise God!!!

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    ILLary SCHLONGED Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank You Lord!

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  16. PCC says:

    With regards to deporting the illegals, consider these two points:
    1. Trump’s approach to get the illegals out has nothing to do with race/creed/religion – -NONE, ZERO, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH . It simply has to do with the (current) law. If you’re here illegally (from where ever, Syria, Ireland, Italy, Mexico…) you have to leave…
    2. The fact that 95% (my guess) of all the illegals are: Mexican, Central American (various); Syrian (non Christian by the way) and other Mid-East (non Christian) is actually evidence of RACIST and ANTI-Christian actions by the current Fed Gov’t / Admin (who let only those select types in.).

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  17. Agave says:

    What a great way to wake up! You did a magnificient job of keeping us informed and on task, Sundance. Thank you!


  18. LoveMyCountry says:

    I started to go to bed last night when they were giving notice to go home to the democrats yet, I knew Trump would not leave us hanging. Im so glad I stayed up. You could tell there was something troubling that had taken place with this whole debacle the press pulled last night. Mike Pence’s wife especially seemed as if she was so tired. I felt so sad and angry at the same time that they made us wait the way they did. It’s almost as if they planned to make us celebrate alone. None of the usual balloons falling and confetti falling announcing his victory speech. Im so angry even today at how this whole thing was handled. The people of this country who supported US as the people of the USA and all who only want a truthful government and country whose word and integrity means something to everyone around the world deserve better than what I saw taking place last night. I will never forget this. I learned a lot through this election. Truth can not be killed. It may be put in some hidden place for a time but sooner or later it always comes back to life to light the world and give us hope. THAT is our God who loves us and cares for His children. I hope for our future and the future of our children that this lesson is taught for many years to come. May God bless those who fought for it and will continue to fight for it every day of our lives. Thank you TRUMP and all who never left your side but fought along with YOU and US. Now, its time to set the truth tellers free from the prisons they have been put in for simply telling the truth!!

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  19. Katherine McCoun says:

    Great speech in many ways. Loved how he thanked and talked about the Secret Service.

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  20. Katherine McCoun says:

    Watching Mr. Trump again. Love that he remembers his older brother who passed. Reince was great and appropriate. Saw Katrina Pierson on stage as well as Bannon. Barron did a great job of esp. considering the time! Gracious speech and ended with its time to now begin the work he and his team were elected to do! loved it

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  21. Dalel Tartak MD says:

    Thank you Lord !!! You knew our hearts as always:)


  22. Helen says:

    I was asleep during the speech and couldn’t wait to finish work today to watch this. I am so thankful to God, all of you, Sundance, and Donald J Trump, President Elect!!!! God bless America!! We did it!!

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