James Comey: “We haven’t changed our conclusions on Clinton”…

comey-letter-2Important to notice the limiting disclaimer:

[…] “with respect to former Secretary of State, Clinton’s use of a personal email server”…

Does not apply to Clinton Foundation investigation, which is ongoing.

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind everyone what we previously shared on October 28th about the original Comey letter to congress.

comey-sundance-1(October 28th 2016)


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984 Responses to James Comey: “We haven’t changed our conclusions on Clinton”…

  1. TheseTruths says:

    OK, Pieczenik, NYPD, and people in the 15+ other agencies Pieczenik says are working undercover for us: What is your next move? It can’t stop at this.

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  2. Okay, so the devil is not willing to go against the devil. YAWN… We should not be surprised, DC has a very dark stronghold of wickedness and Comey is a part of it. Who knows what blackmail they have on Comey or members of the FBI for that matter. BUT THE WALLS HAVE BEEN BREACHED! Light is breaking through. Do not be dismayed or worried. Obama’s power has been STRIPPED; the spirit of charisma has been cast out just by the brightness of the coming of the movement through the prayers of God’s people and truth out of the mouth of Donald Trump and even his conversion. No one is even listening to Obama anymore, he’s been exposed and people no longer see him as “hope” or “change.” He is seen as a sort of wicked SLENDERMAN and just as {{creepy}}. Keep in mind even the Nobel Peace Prize Committee asked for him to give his peace prize BACK. The world has turned against him. Very few allies left, and only those still held in check by BLACKMAIL and threats to remove US protection. Example: ITALY

    As for Clinton, we know she is physically and mentally breaking down. We allowed evil entitles into the white house and are in process of a collective exorcism for lack of a better term. THIS IS CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS. Demons scream and stink the worst just before exiting and we are witnessing this. They want to hold onto power. But they forget they are but humans and not the gods they’ve been fooled into believing they are. YES, THE TIME HAS COME to close the door on the Clintons, and the Bushes and the reign of deception and control. In fact GHW Bush is now 92 and not going to be around much longer.

    A paradigm shift has ALREADY taken place, I believe that occurred 2012 and is now bearing fruit. You will know it is complete when you see the MSM become like the print newspapers of today. That is already a work in progress as seen by the new media on the internet. How fast that transition depends on those who still watch MSM. THIS is in YOUR CONTROL those who still partake of the MSM, as you are their audience and thus you are part of the MSM because they wouldn’t exist without you. They are basically obsolete in the new era that is dawning and already breaking. When there is no interest, there will be no MSM.


    If a spirit view is not to your liking, have a listen to styxhex who puts logic and reasoning to it. Basically he says that it won’t change a thing, especially since there’s only 48 hrs to go til voting. He also says it almost looks better for Trump in that it is obvious the FBI couldn’t have possibly reviewed all 600k+ emails in so few of days and therefore makes his new announcement look like coercion and confirms what Trump’s been saying all along “the system is rigged,” making Trump right again. Again making them fall into their own trap set for us, aka Trump.

    Comey Again Refuses to Indict Clinton: I Doubt It Will Save her Campaign (Length 7:12 min)

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    • Jenny R. says:

      He’s correct, and I’m not so sure that the bigger thing isn’t to be found within the Clinton Foundation investigation. I think the really big thing is hiding in plain sight to be honest, and that it involves some pretty big people….which is why it may never come out of hiding.
      But the other players might cut the Clintons loose in order to save themselves. Hillary is indeed one of the main cogs in the establishment, but she is not the only one….and cogs, no matter how rare, can be replaced.


    • NYPD has video of Reptillary & Huma, at Orgy Island….

      both can be heard….saying the P-WORD….shocking….


  3. ASpade says:

    I don’t think people realize what happened here.

    The White Hats gave Obama a chance to exit stage left and only have a minor mark on his administration and legacy while losing money, prestige and influence.

    Obama went all in and is playing chicken with the White Hats.

    Comey holding off the charges is actually a good thing because it means he can charge her at a later time, a time when she will not get pardoned.

    Remember that Black Hats are always undone by their own self interest or the self interest of their associates.


    • Matt Musson says:

      Bill will be indicted along with a dozen others. But, it will be after the election.
      If Hillary is president she will pardon him, be impeached by the House and survive the Senate Vote (it takes 2/3rds).

      Be prepared like it is a hurricane because if things go South – they will go in a hurry.
      Be prepared for a debit card that quits working and for all the ATM’s to shut down.


  4. bob e says:

    However the wind blows tomorrow, we must thank Sundance & the Treepers
    for the utterly amazing journey of the 2016 Presidential race which they have provided.
    Spectacular insight & coverage from the 1st day to the last ..

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  5. Bruce Fletcher says:

    America must feel very reassured, now they have Superman an The Flash working for the FBI


  6. UKExpat says:

    Many of us were derided by those who could not believe us when we said that under OBOZO’S REGIME the alphabet organs of State are merely Political Pawns America is indeed a BANANA REPUBLIC with a MEDIA which is merely the PROPAGANDA ARM of the DemoncRAT Party


  7. oldgrunt68 says:

    I am immensely grateful for all CTH and Sundance have done on this election.

    He is so right. It was all a ruse from Oct. 28. What were emails doing on the pervert Anthony Weiner’s server. Comey set it up to help the Clintons out of a jam.


  8. moe ham head says:

    gee another shocker from the swamp


  9. oldiadguy says:

    This article is in regards to the FBI’s ability to sift through 650,000 Emails.


    I know the article is taking a swipe at Trump, but the process they describe is correct.

    Take Care


    • ray76 says:

      That method relies upon knowing what to search for. You can’t find what you don’t look for. It is not a thorough investigation, it is superficial and inherently biased.

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      • oldiadguy says:

        The FBI was limited into what they could look at by the judge that signed the search warrant. It is my understanding the judge limited the type of Emails to be search and the time frame the Emails were sent.

        You may not like it, but it is what it is.

        Take Care


  10. mike diamond says:

    martha stewart went to prison,john gotti went to prison,other members of crime families went to prison,hillary clinton
    gets a free get out of jail pass! what a shame!


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