Clinton Thug “Austyn Crites” Attempts To Rush Trump on Stage In Reno Nevada – Crowd and Secret Service Intercept (video)…

During a speech in Reno Nevada a Clinton thug named Austyn Crites (University of Chicago Graduate) attempted to rush the stage and attack candidate Donald Trump.  The crowd and Secret Service intercepted the attacker and Donald Trump was briefly rushed off stage:




trump-statement-assassin (link)


According to a Guardian Reporter the attackers name is Austyn Crites

Link to his Facebook as above – HERE – Showing he’s a Clinton supporter.

According to his LinkedIn Profile he’s a graduate of University of Chicago:


Additionally, Austyn Crites shows up in WikiLeaks – SEE HERE – Via the attachments to the files of 2011 uploads.  It appears Austyn Crites connects to WikiLeaks via a book called “The Next Decade“.

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558 Responses to Clinton Thug “Austyn Crites” Attempts To Rush Trump on Stage In Reno Nevada – Crowd and Secret Service Intercept (video)…

  1. I think we need to supply Donald Trump a Baseball Bat called DOINK!
    The He can knock the Doink… out of the ssA Hole… that rushes the stage next time round.

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    • Or just give him one of those electric shock thingies 🙂

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      • Tejas Rob says:

        Doink reminded me of this. Trump has a Donk – US!


        • Vincent (Australia) says:

          Ha! Makes me proud to be an Australian! But, just for the record, no Australian in their right mind would EVER drink ‘Fosters’.That’s another one of those ‘chuck another Shrimp on the Barbie” type things….we call Shrimp ‘Prawns’ over here. I hope you all stay safe over there. This is the craaaziest election that I have ever seen …anywhere (it actually reminds me of some of the infantile elections that they have in some of the Banana Republics to the north of Australia)


        • charles dansreau says:

          Possibly, or a stun gun in baton form. Ironically some states with heavy gun control outlaw this non lethal device. that shows that the politicians are not concerned about deaths, it is about control.


  2. Then he can knock the Doink


  3. M. Mueller says:

    This is from the comment section at GP – Disqus section:

    Hillary’s Secret Benefactor • 3 hours ago
    I captured this before he scrubbed his page. Check out Blue Engine. Connections to Clinton Foundation and Goldman Sachs. I have the entire pdf of his original facebook page as well as some snaps if anyone needs. EDIT: Actually, I decided to just put them up at Mega. 3MB zip file. This organization is actually SO well connected, it could be a front

    (I copied the image but can’t get it on here.)

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  4. maga2016 says:

    hes an Egg McMuffin supporter

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  5. Kegan says:

    He got a lot better treatment than a Trump supporter would have gotten showing up at a Clinton rally holding a Democrats against Clinton sign. If this guy supports Hillary, he is in no way a Republican.

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  6. shirley49 says:

    Bet if you asked the Secret Service and police who they would rather protect Trump or Hildabeast you would get e resounding TRUMP

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  7. EarlPHolt3rd says:

    Should have torn him apart like a chicken breast…


  8. drdeb says:

    Trump stands for everything that makes America great. The forces of evil have failed in their attempt to defeat him. God has this election and We The People support Donald Trump. God Bless Our Nation and God Bless Donald J. Trump!

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  9. trumptea says:

    So, he was a GOP #NeverTrumper …. Glenn Beck & Bill Krystol must be so proud.

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    • KBR says:

      He was clearly a Clinton operative. Creamer-style birddogger op.

      (As are, of course, McNuffin and his McNuffin Ryano’s…but dont let this narrative fool anybody)

      Pure Clintoncrime.

      Read the threads above and the links. Wikileaks outs him.

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      And the Secret Service man puts his body between the attacker and Trump. Notice his look of concern as he protects Trump. If HildeBEAST were in a similar situation, she’d swear (and has been know often to swear) at the Secret Service Agent.

      Trump writes a think you, and praises the agents. And I think they also really support him.

      Trump is a real man, honest, genuine, and has character. We need him as President.
      We need to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again.

      GOD Bless Donald Trump, and GOD Bless America and her people.

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    • ediegrey says:

      Trust in God.

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    • Bendix says:

      I like it that even before assuming the presidency, Donald has made inroads, to the extent that he has the authority to do so, at restoring the reputation of the Secret Service by bringing up the level of performance. This is the way it’s supposed to be.

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    • entagor says:

      God Bless you Mr Secret Service. His Head in front of Trump’s

      Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends
      John 15:13

      Hope that one day I can live up to the ones who were greater than I


  10. georgiafl says:

    Sundance has this:

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  11. pochas94 says:

    Here’s one. Every person convicted of disrupting a public gathering should have a chip implanted allowing said person to be detected and denied entry into such public gathering places.


  12. ZZZ says:

    a sad attempt to force the narrative away from clinton

    stale, transparent, and ineffective

    EVERYTHING that describes the clinton campaign

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  13. nimrodman says:

    karmaisabitch on the previous page pointed out an article that looks important, I’m recapping it here at the end of the thread for better visibility.

    Trump Threat in Reno – More than Meets the Eye?

    “… trouble appeared to begin about 30 seconds earlier by at least one person at the rear of the crowd … police and security from the rear of the room began making their way to the disturbance several rows in from the rear of the crowd.

    “… while everyone is reporting on the “main event,” nothing is being mentioned about the disturbance at the rear of the room. If the two incidents are proved to be related, this is alarmingly similar to the tactics identified in the Project Veritas videos, as detailed by outed political strategist and alleged professional disrupter for the Democratic Party Robert Creamer.

    Viewers of the Project Veritas videos will recall Creamer’s detailed plans of placing paid disrupters in front and back of the room to exacerbate the confusion and disruption.

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  14. quintrillion says:

    The name Austyn Crites , Reno, is shown on a list of names as a DNC OPERATIVE

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  15. md070264 says:

    My question, How does the cameraman , get out of corral and get through all those supporters , when it is natural that in these cases that crowds compress. was it a larger set up?

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    • singingsoul says:

      Maybe they guy shouting gun was part of the guy charging the stage to insight violence or stampede…? Maybe this is an effort to discourage people going to Trump rally…?
      A darker image is to see how long it takes SS to get to Trump to protect him…? A trial ball one so to speak..? I find this scary and just shows how venerable a person in spotlight is. I hope SS take a look and evaluates how to protect Trump.


  16. An article by Doug Hagmann on CFP today says that if you watch the entire live feed a disturbance begins at the back of the rally before Crites causing security to begin to surge through the crowd at the back. This tactic of 2 disruptions are described in the Project Veritas tapes by Robert Creamer. Looks like the disrupters are still being paid by the DNC. Questions have also been raised about the supposed elderly veteran disrupting obama’s rally in NC allowing obama to rally the base against violent Trump and his supporters.

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      This backrow disturbance, to me, could be the point in the rally video where Mr. Trump puts his hand above his eyes to shield them from the lights and it looks like he is raking the back of the room. This would be just before the Crites HILLARY THUG started his “operation”.


    • corimari2013 says:

      Authorities must examine Crites’ bank account records.
      No doubt payments he (likely) receives from DNC and/or HRC will show, and can be traced.
      The fact that DJTrump said ‘what are they paying you-$1500?’ before the rush to the stage tells me that Trump and his team know all about these paid operatives.
      HRC and DNC criminal accessories to assault, inciting violence, intent to commit harm (even assassination?). GUILTY!

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  17. ghabhuerta says:

    So. Is Jane Fonda dead? It says so on Crites FB page, but I can’t find any reference to that at all anywhere else.


    • Tejas Rob says:

      There is some stupid FB page that shows celebrities as dead when they aren’t, I saw one of Clint Eastwood last week. Some scam to get page clicks, probably makes them money.

      When it come time for Hanoi Jane’s to go, I hope it is from being shot from a North Vietnamese cannon, since she seems to like them so much.


  18. sevenwheel says:

    A number of postings here are conflating two Chicago universities.

    UC or U of C is the University of Chicago. This is where Crites is from. It is on the south side of Chicago. The University of Chicago is an ivy league school, drenched in social-justice-type studies. Tuition plus fees comes to $70,000 per year. UC is a place where elites send their children to be taught by elites to become the next generation of elites.

    UIC is the University of Illinois at Chicago. It is located near downtown Chicago. UIC is a state university, draws its students mostly from Chicago and is a second-choice school for students who are unable to get into or afford the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. It has highly regarded engineering, medicine and architecture programs. UIC is not an elite institution. Tuition is around $26,000 per year for the majority of commuter schools who live at home with plenty of student aid available. UIC trains Chicago high school graduates to pursue working careers in science, engineering, medicine and business.

    Yes, Bill Ayres used to teach at UIC, but having earned my engineering degree there in the late 1980s, UIC is/was NOT a hotbed of radicalism.

    Your arguments will be more persuasive if you avoid conflating the two institutions. They are very different.

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    • Deb says:

      The school of education at UIC is a hotbed of radicalism. As a former teacher, I’ve read the curriculum and research that comes out of there.

      My husband is an engineer. No engineering schools are going to be “hotbeds of radicalism” at any Universiry. You will be shielded from the crazies in the “liberal arts” departments. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

      I attended a public university in the early 2000’s, it’s only gotten worse since my time there.

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    • singingsoul says:

      My daughter has her Master in Physical Chemistry from University of Chicago.
      In Science they are to busy to engage in political stuff. She had her tuition paid in academic scholarship and was paid by the University $800 a month for research while being a student. This was 26 years ago things might have changed ?
      I think you generalize a little..?


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        singing soul – see my post re: seven wheel. I know I am 100% right on this. You are correct that science schools (end engineering) are often less political bc they are too busy studying difficult curriculums that are based on absolutes. However, UoC has always been a very lefty liberal school, going back at least 100 years. Your daughter may have just been above the fray.

        And now it is so liberal there is no ignoring it at all. I have 2 very good friends who graduated from there recently (w grad work at Harvard) and they are raging libs who engage in leftist sjw causes dealing with illegals on the Texas border now. One in medicine and the other in medical/health public policy – UoC produces tons of leftist activists.


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      University of Chicago is definitely NOT an Ivy League university. It is a top tier elite university much like Stanford is (also not an Ivy). It has LONG been a lefty school going way back to the Chicago School of Sociology was established in the 1920s/30s. Saul Alinsky is also a UofC alum.

      I would definitely not the make the argument that UIC is a conservative school bc it promotes practical careers. The only way to make this argument is to do so by comparing it to UofC as it would be relatively conservative by comparison.

      FTR the following schools are Ivy – Cornell, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Columbia and Brown.


  19. This may be duplicative or uninformed, but

    Looks to me like the media at least had a heads up that this staged protest was going down and had an article ready to go per
    “Peaceful anti-Trump GOP guy at Trump rally beaten by violent Trump supporters at hate-filled, violence-inciting Trump rally ”

    These staged events get nowhere without coverage and then
    2. the desired spin, eg, ” more violence committed against peaceful protester by psychotic Trump supporters incited by their fascist leader, Trump.”

    Because The medias initial reaction was bizarre
    1. Quickly acting to debunk the assassination attempt angle, claiming no gun was found– they didn’t want this incident described as an attempt on Trumps life
    2. And the media immediately began videos and reports of Trump supporters being abusive to reporters at the scene– eg, they were gonna pursue that narrTive, ANYWAY

    The staged episode went totally awry when the SSA took over, rushed Trump offstage, and captured and detained the suspect….that was disastrous…no way to spin this against Trump and his supporters !..Damn– this made Trump a sympathetic figure !

    But they ran the story anyway– peaceful protester beaten by viplent Trump supporters !

    Because it was already ready to go !

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    • Bull Durham says:

      President Trump should refuse WH press credentials to all the Media and crews who have worked the campaign as adjunct to the Clinton/Dem/NeverTrump campaign. Permanently destroy the orgs and the careers by forcing them out of Washington to be forever local news boobs.

      And I’d do it with Overseas Media who are part of the web of conspirators. Reuters, AP, AFP, all the Soros enterprises, etc.

      Screw them all.

      Don’t give them any credentials, no access, even put them on no fly lists. Screw them deep.

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      The story was probably written in India, by low-paid writers. The DEMON(c)RATS even outsource their lies…..

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    • singingsoul says:

      Could the guy have had a gun and past it on to someone when he got caught..????
      Why would someone shout gun..? Maybe because someone had said he wanted to shoot Trump..?
      Very strange.


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Of course we have to consider it is possible someone else grabbed the gun – they didn’t search everyone leaving so we don’t know that didn’t happen.

        But we also have to consider that he intended to grab a gun from a cop and was unable to which makes this no less of an assassination attempt.

        And importantly, we must consider that a Hillary plant who was part of this yelled gun to cause chaos and get people to react against Crites. We’d be fools to assume only a Trump supporter would have yelled gun.

        And given that northern Nevada has a strong gun culture (I can personally attest to this) I’d think people in that crowd are gun savvy enough to have not made this mistake, even in a panic. I would not say the same thing for NYC or a CA locale. But Nevada is gun country.


        • CalSteno says:

          I was there just three people to the left of disrupter; several of the men who restrained him were people we recognized from being in line with for three hours outside the venue plus three + hours inside the venue — all were strangers to us and each other, everyone chatted to pass the time. We were lucky enough to be third back from the barricade in front of the podium & slightly to the left of it and we ended up standing for hours right there with some of the people we saw/chatted with in line outside. NO ONE LEFT THEIR PRIZED PLACE. In fact one man (several people said he was French; didn’t sound French to me) tried to push his way to the front & everyone told him to turn around; his reasoning was that he’d waited a long time to get in & was stuck much further back — we all told him we’d waited EVEN LONGER to be closer to the front.

          One of the men who restrained the disrupter (& stood next to me for 3+ hours) told us as we were leaving that someone saw the disrupter appear to reach toward his waistband & that’s what prompted someone to yell gun. That makes sense to me as the disrupter was VERY strong, squirming away from several men until several more got involved to the point you couldn’t see the disrupter. His story that he was beaten IS TOTALLY BOGUS!! The men restraining him were holding onto him to keep him from moving WHILE THEY WAITED FOR SECRET SERVICE OR LAW ENFORCEMENT TO RESPOND. I moved back out of the way at least four times after my foot was stomped on — that’s how much movement & scrambling around it took to get the disrupter still. I thought I was out of the way standing at the barricade but that’s where at least some of the Secret Service men gained access to the area; I moved back a bit more (huge crowd behind me so I couldn’t go too far), that’s when the SWAT officers came through followed by police officers. There was no time or space for anyone to beat the disrupter plus all the law enforcement officers surrounded the area & took the disrupter away.

          Sorry this is so long but people need to understand exactly what happened. The disrupter’s story of how he acted, what he did is totally FALSE. He was not respectfully trying to get to the front; he was aggressively pushing his way forward, pushing his sign (it looked more like a 6 x 8 picture) in everyone’s face; and much more importantly for me, the expression on his face was very threatening/crazed — I don’t know how to fully express what it looked like but it was very scary.

          The men who immediately stepped up to restrain him are all HEROES as well as the people who were shouting for everyone to get back. STRANGERS INSTANTLY WORKING TOGETHER WHEN THEY SENSED POSSIBLE DANGER.

          Finally, the speculation at what Trump was looking at when he shaded his eyes; I didn’t see that in real time but I watched it on video & it looks to me that he’s looking not at the back of the room but at the disturbance that is erupting in front of him which is when I started shouting Trump Trump Trump Trump like they used to say at the beginning of the rallies as a way to help security locate troublemakers. They need to make that announcement at every rally — it would have helped immensely if everyone around the disrupter had started shouting Trump Trump Trump Trump.

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    • Bendix says:

      Has to be that, because there is absolutely nothing to be gained at this point from pulling such a stunt, otherwise.


    • Rex says:

      Jay Edwards, I agree on all your points and believe they best explain what we have witnessed.


  20. James J. Harp says:

    Austyn Crites, a guy who professes “Hope (as in Hope and Change) over Hate” (as in the hatred spewed from those on the left BLM Occupy et. al leftist groups?) appear to become unbalanced, unhinged, and unleashed at peaceful Trump Rally, Reno, Nevada, Wow, just like a mental case surrogate agitator from Obama/Clinton leftist/Democrat Party, or one of many sick/duped/brainwashed followers of Obama/Clinton.

    Paid DNC Shill or Just a peace-loving good man with good motives …? We may never know. His sign read “Republican(S) Against Trump” … Clearly, he certainly doesn’t speak for all the Republicans, he only speaks for himself! Maybe … “Republican” (singular) would have been less provocative …

    People like Austyn Crites and other overly-zealous political malcontents better have fun in their threating activities, riotous behavior, and their resistance to law enforcement while they still can, because Obama’s anti-American reign is coming to an end and there is a real man who will be elected to the office of the Presidency who will enforce the rule of law and “Make America Great Again!” That man is Donald J. Trump!×200.jpg

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      His name is exposed on wikileaks as a Hillary connection so yes, we may eventually know exactly what happened w Crites. He is not some innocent McMuffin Never Trump supporter.


  21. Get a kleenex this is a very moving video!

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  22. angryduc says:

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  23. coltlending says:

    This has me very angry. It just screams Hillary/Creamer/Foval.

    Give this turd a Wolverine Shampoo, Katica and SD!

    I can’t believe there isnt more repercussions for this guys stunt from the SS!!!

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  24. Sloth1963 says:

    New film! “Austyn Crites Institutional man of Misery”


  25. itsy_bitsy says:

    Listening to CNN accuse previous Trump crowds of attacking protesters is a bunch of cr*p! The violence with the exception of maybe one occurrence was ALWAYS instigated and encouraged by Hillary followers. The idea that this guy is a “supposed” Republican is only so much hogwash!

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  26. Deborah says:

    Cox Communication had Never Trump Neil Boorzt on 11/2 to do the Herman Cain Show. Everything Boorzt said was to discourage people from voting Trump…all negatives. This show is aired in Florida. Boortz did what he was paid to do. He he did an excellent job at putting down Trump.

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  27. KBR says:

    Katica twitter links to Stratfor page on wikileaks.

    Apparently, Crites was associated w/Stratfor?

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  28. KBR says:

    Here’s my theory:

    1)The disturbance in the rear (birddog 1) was meant to take attention, SS & LE, away from the (assassin? birddog 2/maybe Crites) near the front.

    2)When birddog 2 was pointed out by Trump supporters, he dropped his gun.

    3)After he was already secured on the floor by Trump supporters, someone (birddog3?)shouted “He has a gun!” So everybody would “get down” allowing birddog 3 to pick up the weapon from the floor unnoticed: just another member of the crowd ducking potential bullets.

    4) Birddog 3 eventually leaves, gun safely stashed away.

    5) And, since no gun was found on birddog 2, and no gun found in vicinity (thanks to birddog 3)
    Birddog 2 is let go.



    • James O'Malley says:

      It seems feasible. Trump’s security detail’s gonna have to up the ante quite a bit, since these idiots are becoming more unhinged and desperate.

      Prayers for Trump’s safety!

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  29. Watcher says:

    Other events have been happening also, but the msm has dropped them like a hot potato.
    The church burning and spray painting in Alabama, the Trump hotel and FBI building damage and spray painting in Washington.
    Do you honestly think Robert Creamer has stepped back. Maybe farther into the shadows.
    He goes back with zero over 30 years, still are buddies, was investigated during Carter administration (have to be fbi files), check out the Midwest Academy and characters.

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  30. JJ says:

    The is the irreconcilable election. This creep will never be my fellow citizen. He is as big a threat, if not larger, than ISIS. And so is everyone like him.

    Apparently his dead grandmother has voted from his residence there in NV. So he’s a felon, too.

    What a degenerate scumbag.

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  31. Austyn Crites is lucky the Secret Service was there, to protect him from The Deplorables. hehe


  32. MR52 says:

    Base on Wiki Leak Donor address – ”1035 Munley Dr.”,,”Reno”,”89503 Looks like a rental


  33. Rino Hunters United! says:

    Hillary supporters should be totally ashamed.


    • JJ says:

      Clot supporters don’t feel shame. Ever. Even when they’re caught in the single largest racketeering criminal enterprise in human history. No shame. No guilt.

      Just pure, unadulterated, emotion-based desires which they want to accomplish through any means necessary, including cheating in an election, promoting violence, theft through taxation, disenfranchisement of fellow citizens, etc.

      The Democrat leadership are criminals. Thugs, moral degenerates, and traitors, period.

      Not one of them ever feels shame.


  34. Watcher says:

    The “elderly veteran” at zeros rally for hildabeast just when he was talk about being cic seems staged to me.

    His reaction seemed scripted and the vet practically had a costume on, how did he get into zeros gig.

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  35. Deborah says:

    Hillary is at black churches being supported by Black Entertainers. Trump needs to run last minute “ADS” on:
    Video of “BOXER” who Trump had helped.
    Hillary’s espionage; selling Country policies to foreign Governments.
    Before every rally, Trump needs to play video of the boxer.


  36. bessie2003 says:

    Here is a video of the Elko, NV Daily Free Press interviewing Mayor Giuliani right after the incident at the Reno rally:

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  37. 108nams says:

    This may not be the appropriate thread for my comment, but because it’s worth it, here goes. A GoFundMe has been set up for Mr. Hao Lee, the victim of a firebombed Dodge Ram truck because……………..he had a Trump sticker on his truck!!!

    A link to the police report and video of Mr. Lee and his truck are available on the GoFundMe page located at:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about Trump supporters being attacked by thugs. This one pushed me over the edge. Thanks.


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