FIREWORKS – Trump Leads By 3 In Virginia…

A game-changing poll from Hampton University shows Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton 44/41 in Virgina.  An immediate Tremor was felt amid the DC beltway :

fireworks 3

Poll Result HERE

Virginia is a very interesting state given the nature of the political movement, the ‘clean-the-swamp’ campaign dynamic, and the looming Trump mandate.   There are more than a few people in Northern Virginia who would see their profession made irrelevant by a Trump victory.

The peasants are revolting.  Meet at the Old Mill, we ride at midnight...



Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the consequence of a rational fear,
Through the days of October, in Twenty-Sixteen;
Hardly a man remains to be seen
Who remembers those famous days that year.

One man gave rise to corruptions’ removal
With steadfast admonishment despite their refusal
Held the Q-beam aloft and lighted their ruse
A billionaire walked in the average mans shoes;
Elitists decried the demands to step down
As the rallies continued in village and town;
Admonished and more they were labeled deplorable
Yet the strong brilliant faces were simply adorable.

“How dare you to challenge”, snooty voices decried
Staying strong in the falsehood, retaining their lie;
Looming faces returned were both stoic and bold
“Is that all you have” the firm patriots told.

A weaponized congress, an unchecked regime
Continuing hard with their pillage and scheme;
“How dare you to challenge”, they shouted yet louder
Ignoring their place and their fate from dry powder,
“No longer your House”, their words seemed to scream
Forgetting their stewardship of America’s dream.

The horizon soon filled with a most monstrous sight,
A trumpeters call was heard all through the night.
Beyond scale, beyond scope, was the size of the crew
An unwashed arrival in plain well-worn shoe;
“Who can these folks be” the elitist’s decried,
These faces, these creatures, attacking our pride.
“Did you tell them their place is not ever near here?”
One well cultured leader remarkably sneered;
How dare they advance, this vulgarian team –
How dare they to challenge our most glorious scheme.

Yet advance they continued, the patriots all
Through the door, down the course and amid every hall;
“There are simply too many”, the palace guards fret,
Seeming silly not to notice the foregrounds Trump jet.
“Call to Ryan, or McConnell, Ms. Pelosi or Reid”,
These vulgarian hordes are dismounting their steed;
“We cannot let them stay”, a gulping voice muttered,
“Well then you tell them that”, a retreating voice stuttered.

As the voters then swarm through the well marbled halls,
The scope of indulgence leaves no-one enthralled;
Outrageous expenses turn stares into rage,
We’ve paid for a theater complete with a stage?
The silver adornments, mahogany desks, the visual sense of comeuppance expressed.
How hoighty and arrogant the inhabitants became,
Oblivious all to the sense of their shame.
This grandiose mess is just why we are here,
Spending on foolishness, yet how you sneer.

Indeed you may spite us, and hate our appearance,
But our livelihood’s effort demands your adherence.
When you dismiss our values amid all your spending
You leave us no option, than to take over the mending.
When you contract our soil to the nations that hate,
It is our call to arms that controls our own fate.
When you sell out our efforts, then line your own pocket
We will move using recourse, and put your ass on the docket.

When you ignore us so much that you lie and you steal,
We will show up writ large and then force a repeal.
When your Jonathan Gruber can scheme with a grin,
Don’t blame us for arriving, that’s just where we begin.
If you think for a moment our resolve isn’t strong
Consider our leader, and you’ll know you are wrong.

Trump’s not the teleprompter tactician with prose,
He’s our glorious bastard who thinks on his toes.
Our leader may not be refined, or PC,
But for many of us, well, he’s just like me.
A man never wanting to run for these stakes,
Is exactly the type who can deal with these snakes.

We wouldn’t be here if you’d just done your jobs,
And stopped being a bunch of industrious snobs.
Your DC led schemes have our nation a mess
Embattled, worn out and fraught with distress.
Because of your efforts she’s tattered and torn,
One man has stood up to respond to the horn.

Donald Trump isn’t perfect, heck he’s far from that place,
But nobody else is as right in this race.
There’s another thing known about our candidate true,
It’s that none is more openly Red White and Blue.

He may not be the one who we needed before,
But Lord knows we need him – right now, even more.



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291 Responses to FIREWORKS – Trump Leads By 3 In Virginia…

  1. patrickhenryrevisited says:

    Have to wonder what the written history will be when the second American Revolution is won without firing a shot by electing Donald J.Trump to the presidency.

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    • Walt says:

      That depends on our resolve to remove these fools from our education system!!! Ronald Regan biggest mistake was not taking out the Teachers union and destroying the Department of Education. It is a State responsibility not the Federal Gov’t responsibility!

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      • Attorney says:

        BRILLIANT point! So glad somebody else gets it. Trump’s first act should be to take these indoctrinators on, and do away with anti liberty curricula. Yesterday.

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      • FLEEVY says:

        Reagan’s biggest mistake was Amnesty…this education stuff, maybe a distant second.

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        • Kroesus says:

          I would say the retreat from Lebanon after the 1983 Marines barrack bombing was a close second to the Simpson-Mazzoli Act…it emboldened Iran and we have had nothing but trouble from them since

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          • Taco says:

            this can’t be serious.

            Withdrawing from Lebanon in 1983 was the last sane thing the US did in the middle east.

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            • Jett Black says:

              Going after and killing Imad Mughniyeh in the early 80s, as well as making it abundantly clear to every GME terrorist and tyrant that the USA would not be hit without them suffering a massive reprisal would probably have changed the world dramatically for the better. Imagine there’s no Hezbollah–easy if you try.

              Sorry, just couldn’t let that go. The only way withdrawing from Lebanon in the early 80’s was a good move is if one presumes we wouldn’t have really done anything. If that was the follow on–just BS blue helmet “peace raping,” then yes, staying in would have been completely insane and getting out the opposite.

              Now, enough OT and back to our regularly scheduled show-TRUMP TRAIN!! NO BRAKES!! MAGA!!

              [video src="" /]


      • Education and the Church. Family values. The only way to stop the corruption is the same way it has always been. Wisdom, understanding, and the Lord.


      • Ken says:

        I just read somewhere that over 90% of the DoEd employees gave contributions to the corrupt PIAPS. This is the main reason why both she and Obama are dead set against school vouchers and hate homeschooling. They know that if you certain segments of the population stupid (i.e. Blacks and Hispanics stuck in government schools) they will continue to vote demoncrat.


      • Reagan’s huge mistake was accepting GHW Bush as Veep. this corrupted his entire white house. Trump won’t make the same mistake.

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    • herbork says:

      “I don’t know who he is behind that mask, but I know when we need him — and we need him now!” Commissioner Gordon beside the Bat-Signal in Keaton’s “Batman.”.
      “He may not be the one who we needed before,
      But Lord knows we need him – right now, even more.”
      ‘Nuff said.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        Anybody got a gif of Mr. Trump saying “I’m Batman!” to a kid while giving him a ‘copter ride at an event in Iowa? Looking a bit for it and the whole, very cool and nice thing has been shoved down the memory hole, except for disgusting, stupid prognazi mis-spin about the story. So incredible that so many people can be so incredibly stupid and mean!

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    • famouswolf says:

      I have to wonder if everything goes fubar over the next eleven weeks, one way or another, if we still have the grit and guts to do it the hard way, as our ancestors did.

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      • patrickhenryrevisited says:

        I do.


      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        “Put on the whole armor of God. Our loins gird about with TRUTH. Having the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS and feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of PEACE. Take the shield of FAITH with which we shall be able to quench the fiery arrows of the wicked. Wear the helmet of salvation and wield the sword of the SPIRIT which is the word of God. This is our armor of LIGHT to take authority over the day.”

        TRUMP / PENCE 2016

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      • piper567 says:

        ^^^ Oh, surely we all know that this ship of rats will not sink quietly in the night. We must be prepared for major ugly, to include an inability to effectively communicate…i know i sound tinfoil hattish, but it could get very ugly.
        I am praying that the good Lord will mitigate the actions of the evil ones.


      • paris23 says:

        I believe if people turned out to DC en masse, there would be little they could do to stop them. Would our police or our military raise a hand against us under such a circumstance? I think they would not. The Soviet Union even fell peacefully this way. It has happened elsewhere, also. I suspect many of them would run for the hills at the mere sight of a massive force of determined and angry patriotic Americans.

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        • dalethorn says:

          There was that critical moment in the coup against Gorbachev, when Yeltsin stepped up and led the people against the coup. If we had just one prominent senator who would intervene publicly in the illegal things the Democrats are cooking up, it would help. That we have 100 senators and 400-plus representatives and there’s so much silence, you have to wonder why they are so fearful.

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    • darnhardworker says:

      We must cleanse the halls of academe so that history will be truthfully taught. They have corrupted the history of the founding of this great republic and turned it into a dirty little joke that they snicker at. We need to change that; we need to teach the real facts to our youth.
      I applaud the efforts of Rush Limbaugh to do this through his children’s books.

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    • JoseB says:

      Quinipiac – looks bad across a bunch of states – I know it’s off, but how?

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      • paris23 says:

        Paul Joseph Watson interviewed Bill Mitchell yesterday. You will want to hear this. Not only are they oversampling democrats, but they are undersampling republicans by about 4 or 5 points this year. In addition, they tend to use a very small sample of independents, and they favor Trump. I am not an expert, but have picked up this much. It all adds up to RIGGED. This is a great interview:

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    • mdaush says:

      We ride on the Ninth!

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    • dalethorn says:

      Like Reagan collapsed the USSR. Like that. How sweet it is.

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  2. bertdilbert says:

    Last time Sundance said “We ride at dawn” followed by a poem, Trump gave a speech the following day that sounded like Sundance material and people here watching the rally were in tears.

    That speech made a very effective Trump video.

    Does history repeat?

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  3. big bad mike says:

    I knew Virginians would wake up.and realize they have been the most influential and important State in American History. They won’t miss out on MAGA! BTW, I’m from IL – which was once part of VA. But we are the Stupid People. I hope we won’t be shamed next Tuesday. We’re putting up quite a fight downstate.

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  4. Farook Al Bernstein says:

    Tomorrow…. Every Republican woman should go out and purchase a piece of Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing.
    The libtards are trying to organize a boycott to harm her business.
    Go to a Nordstroms or Lord & Taylor and support Ivanka.

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  5. NHVoter says:

    Nice to see Don working Michigan.

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  6. Gary Maggard says:

    I’m from Southwest Va and this is total Trump territory from Roanoke down. We need our friends up northern Va to help us out and vote Trump 2016! Our coal mines have been destroyed and businesses are leaving! One school that had over 1000 students are down to 430 because everyone has had to leave to find work! Dear God! Please help our region! God bless all who are in this fight!

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  7. IdahoDeplorable says:

    I’m going to be happy tonight! Love Sundance’s poem. It’s epic. I will be saying my prayers tonight, once again, for the Lord to save this nation and for Donald J. Trump to be our new POTUS.

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    • Andy Smith says:

      I agree! Sundance, your poem is fantastically awsesome! I was just inspired to do a dramatic reading aloud. I think my wife thinks I am crazy now. Epic times! Epic times! I believe this particular poem has a chance at making it into the history books. It may need editing down in the future to remove some of the details that our grandchildren will never learn, but overall it is outstanding and I had more fun reading it than the Longfellow poem about Paul Revere. Perhaps there will even be an illustrated children’s edition. It really flows!

      We pray for Trump family safety every night here at my house!

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  8. Rondo says:

    Hannity and guests are excellent.

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  9. Brian Drake says:

    I have another office harpy story based on polls like this….one of them was boasting that she had been playing with the electoral college website where you can assign states and she flat said that no matter what she selected, Trump couldn’t win, Hillary’s got it in the bag, bla, bla, bla…

    Now I want to ask her to rerun those numbers with VA and the polls shown in this thread! I think she was going by what Rachel Madcow showed tonight which is 276 Hillary.

    My face isn’t big enough for my palm on this one.

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  10. Nonnie says:

    Bravo! I don’t know who you are but I’m crushin’ on you!😍


  11. judyw says:

    A leaked video taken by his wife Melania shows Donald Trump driving with their son Barron in the passenger seat as they listen to a Taylor Swift tune.

    There is something remarkable in seeing a billionaire businessman doing something so unremarkable, and yet, is that not one of the secrets to Trump’s appeal to America’s common men and women? Despite his great wealth, his longtime celebrity status, he remains a regular guy…

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  12. Paco Loco says:

    We are witnessing the beginning of the end for socialism and political correctness that has poisoned the country since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and Bob LaFollet. It will be a long hard battle to eliminate this scourge from our political institutions and the cultural elite. At last we have a leader now in DJT who can take the country into a grand era of prosperity and freedom and put the nail in the coffin of the Marxists and Leninist’s like Obama and Clinton.

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    • The Recent Republican says:

      We can’t just vote and go home, thinking it’s over. The extreme Marxist left does not quit. They never go home. And they will not ever leave you or your children alone. It’s going to be a nasty march through every institution to pry them away from the socialist left. I hope people are up for it.

      What was that line from The Untouchables with Costner? Never stop until the fight is done?

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      • Nonnie says:

        I haven’t agreed with Rush during the last 12 months but he has long since said that liberals don’t give up. They take a set back election and come right back. They don’t compromise. We have to keep pressing for our beliefs and our culture. We have to teach it to our children and grandchildren. Watching a fraction of the “carp” on tv and movies would be a good start. Our kids are 33, 25 & 20. Their generation was raised by Hollywood. In our little section of Mississippi, we only got one tv station when my brothers and I were growing up! Free!

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      • Remington says:

        It’ll never end. Once Donald takes the helm, it all starts. Winning just puts us in position to make things right – whatever it takes. This is a subset of the eternal battle between good and evil


    • Thomas says:

      True believers and grifters.
      Horses a**es and road apples.
      One follows the other.


  13. tinkerthinker2 says:

    Thank you Sundance for the poem! You have a yuge gift!
    I’m thinking that Trump has made us (the people) relevant again. ~ another YUGE gift.
    Thank you Lord. I am humbled about it all…

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  14. NoeliCannoli says:


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    • nimrodman says:

      From Burn After Reading:

      (remove the #, it’s a little impolite so I prefer it not auto play here)


  15. sunnydaze says:

    Hannity just interrupted a REALLY GREAT Fed Gov Corruption talk that Eric Trump was giving to tell his audience that Trumps down in the polls.

    He is unbelievable.

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    • NoeliCannoli says:

      Never been a Hannity fan. He started out as a Limbaugh wannabe and got big by being a cutesie boy to conservative women. Fox was his big break. Still a lightweight.

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    • maxx power says:

      He’s in way over his head. Should be on some local station in…idk, Iowa or someplace. either that or just not have guests at all. All he does in interrupt, & at the most inopportune times.

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    • blognificentbee says:

      Sunny, we have to know that the Fox overlords are not going to show every Trump family campaign stop in full (even though they should). That’s not Hannity’s call. However , he is out there every day since the convention beating the drum for Trump constantly – on radio & TV. I don’t always agree with his style or delivery, but he is way low on the list of those that deserve my criticism in the media.

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      • sunnydaze says:

        It wasn’t a campaign speech, bee. Eric came on his show for a sit-down interview. And was smack dab in the middle of a GREAT sentence! Unfinished.

        The fact that Hannity has great people on and supports Trump is the ONLY reason I watch him.

        Still wish he’d let these great guests get a word in edgewise. Since they ARE great guests that no one else has on.

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        • blognificentbee says:

          Oh, sorry, thought it was a clip not an interview. In that case, yes agreed, Hannity definitely needs a class on how not to interrupt while interviewing!


      • singtune says:

        Hannity IS Media~! Yes he leans toward TRUMP, & is now on the TOP with the most watchers on Fox. But we need to keep in mind he is Media & Gingrich a Globalist & is his Hannity’s friend. Gingrich is for TRUMP, when he is not against him, & Knows TRUMP is winning~Plus~he knows where his bread can be buttered~!

        Basically Hannity does look good Compared to the Hacks on CNN~~MSNBC~~NBC & CBS~& others on FOX like S. Smith~!

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    • LKA in LA says:

      Have you ever noticed Hannity always brings the conversation back to himself? He always make it about him. Today I listened to 5 minutes of his radio show and I had to turn off because he just interrupted an important interview that was informative to make it about him. He and Linda his assistant had to go into their daily segment of Hannity is a great guy. It happens every day without fail. Sick of it. He is a name dropper also. Frustrating man.

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      • Nick says:

        Ive noticed that Newt (who is finally 100% pro-Trump and whom I want to hear when he is on Hannitty these days) is getting fed up with this and called him on it a few times. I notice the frustration in other guests too.

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        • yy4u says:

          AGREED. I appreciate Hannity being the only commentator other than Dobbs who is giving Trump a fair shake (Greta might have, but she’s gone) — but most of the time the guest is just a way for Hannity to give HIS opinion. I get very frustrated with him and BOR asking the guest a question then the guest (whose answer I want to hear) says three words and Hannity or BOR jumps in and gives HIS opinion which if that’s all he wanted to do he needn’t have bothered having a guest. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my husband that I don’t understand why Hannity even invites guests on because all they do is serve for him to spout off the statements he endlessly repeats. Rush doesn’t bother with guests — just pontificates for three hours — but at least he doesn’t pretend to invite guests on. FRUSTRATING


      • Paul Killinger says:

        Yeah, but despite that we know his heart’s in the right place.


      • Ken says:

        I’ve notice this too. Been listening to Hannity ever since he subbed for the Maha Rushie way back then. He’s very pro Trump but he does interrupt his guess often and brings the conversation back to himself. I was a roofer, bus boy, carpenter, superhero etc. It’s gotten old. Newt was on the other day and did call him on his interruptions. When someone as sharp as Gingrich is making a point let him talk then you put your two cents in. Listening to Sean sometimes reminds me of O’Reilly with the interrupting. Totally annoying.


  16. Either Sunday or Monday posted on the open thread about my concerns for home state of Virginia. This gives me hope NOVA hasn’t completely taken over and the rest of the state will rise up next Tuesday.

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  17. AmyB says:

    Sundance, I know you are a Class A investigator and writer. I didn’t know until tonight that you are also a gifted poet. But most importantly, you are someone who informs, inspires and challenges your readers to become better citizens. The proof of this is the wonderful and unique collection of faithful commenters that share the Treehouse space and all of us want to make America great again. Thank you so much for what you do so well.

    Note to self – time to make another contribution. I just think of it as rent for my branch of the Treehouse.

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  18. NoeliCannoli says:

    Sundance: That is truly an Epic Poem. You are the best.


  19. geoffb5 says:

    When you do a poll which has educational demographics compared to the adult population of 41% of the HS grads, 86% of those with some college, 178% of those with 4 year degrees, and 195% of those with graduate degrees and you still have Hillary tied with Trump i Colorado then I’d say Hillary has got a problem.

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  20. NJF says:

    Wow NRA just ran an ad on FOX about the media elites. Amazing. I can’t find it 😦 online.


  21. chojun says:

    I think this video sums up the swampy state in DC

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  22. Former Lurker says:

    Read on another site that the headline of the day is “Trump grabs Hillary’s Virginia”.

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Trumpnado in six days.

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  23. Diana says:

    Long time lurker, scared to post. I just hope and pray that my beloved Virginia votes for Trump. I have lived here all my life and can only remember the last 2 elections going for a democrat–Obama—and now we are are a “deep blue state” thanks to NOVA ana all the transplants from New York and New Jersey. I wish they would move back to the cities they destroyed with their demoncratic votes. I keep hearing the food is better there

    Go back home!!!!!!!!!

    who constantly vomplain about the foo

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  24. Colleen Mancuso says:


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  25. Ghostrider says:

    The media manufactures polls to take control of the narrative in order to ‘make’ the news.

    The media wants us to believe that HRC’s support and lead over Trump has remained the same: A 6 percentage point advantage. The Comey letter to Congress had NO effect. That’s the new narrative tonight.

    What exactly is the purpose of early voting? How did it come about and why is it necessary? The main stream liberal media uses early voting “exit” polling techniques to keep on lying to the public. I hope at some point legislation is passed to stop the media from deceiving people with yellow journalism. the lies. What they are doing is not a game, it’s criminal.


  26. Sundance: Fabulous job!

    One edit (RE meaning of “decried”):
    Elitists cried out their demands to step down…


    • Old Crewdog says:

      Nope. It’s correct as written. “Elitists decried (protested, opposed) their (the peoples) demands that they (the Elitists) step down.”

      Sundance – il est formidable – Tres formidable.


  27. Stringy theory says:

    Go Trump!

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  28. MaineCoon says:

    So gifted, SD. Truth in your poetry and prose. I’m blessed.


  29. DebbieUK says:

    Mr Trump has to have a plan because the Marxists and globalists are not going to give up.This is a war and Mr Trump is going to win the first battle. but there will have to be many battles.
    UK is not out of the EU yet and we peasants are still battling to ensure it. there is still anger that the goverment ie prevaricating and turning it into a long game .But we will not give up.

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  30. Mark Johnson says:

    It is true, there are many within the beltway that are praying that Trump doesn’t win, however there are untold thousands of government workers out in the field (in the other fifty states) that are hoping that he wins…

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  31. Paul Killinger says:

    By itself, Virginia would be her happy a** right there!


  32. anarchist335 says:

    “Donald Trump isn’t perfect, heck he’s far from that place” – I hear this from all quarters. No one is perfect. The Bush-Clinton tape of The Donald from 11 years ago was edited. The globalist scum that owns the beltway elite have to fall. Killary will die in prison. The counter-coup of American Patriots in D.C. through Julian’s WikiLeaks will be victorious. MAGA


  33. Nash Montana says:

    Looks like Trump is grabbing Hillary’s Virginia.


  34. I worked in Fairfax prior to the 2012 election. There were many guys that lived out West toward and to Culpeper, had farms or parents that did and just refused to vote for Romney so they did not vote. In talking to a friend two weeks ago he said it is totally different this cycle. They will vote and it will be against Killery and hopefully Trump.

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  35. Jake says:

    Fabulous ode to our Revolution of 2016, Sundance. Thank you.

    I happened to drive along Battle Rd. in Lexington, MA yesterday. I really had a inspirational sense of our patriot fathers all around me. What they instilled in me was steely resolve. MAGA.


  36. Major Styles says:

    Virginia is huge…home of the CIA.


    • yy4u says:

      And Norfolk Naval Base — one of the largest in the world. NASA also is here, Knott’s Island shoots off rockets. I can never remember to check when they’re going to send one up. Langley AFB, Oceana Naval Base — Little Creek Amphb base — home of the SEALS. A marine base, I think. These are the men and women who keep America safe. But up in Northern VA are the government pigs chowed down at the government trough who vote to keep Democrats in power. Go figure.

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  37. SteveInTX says:

    The banner of ENOUGH! reminded me…


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