A Warning, A Reminder, The Final Ten Days…

We have been trying to warn everyone what will happen when a particular inflection point is reached. There are trillions of dollars at stake. Trillions.

Every internet platform will be utilized, manipulated, controlled by the oppositional forces -massive multi-billion corporate entities and financial conglomerates- who have a vested self-interest (financial and ideological) in the outcome of the U.S. election.

media bias 2media-bias-4

When the existential threat called Donald Trump says: “the system is rigged”, he, nor we, are simply talking about the political constructs – we’re describing every institution from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, to Madison Avenue and Park Row, to Wall Street and K-Street, to every single institutional construct inside and outside of DC that gains benefit from the cancerous lesion that infects politics.

The scope of the corruption is massive.

The scope of the “rigged system” is almost beyond definition.

trump eagle 10

Toward that end there is nothing they will not do to retain their power. Every social media platform that brings sunlight represents an existential threat to them. Every voice that shares reality must be shut down, controlled and removed. There is nothing they will not do to retain themselves.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.

You’ve seen it play out with censorship on Facebook and shadowbanning on Twitter. However, that’s small potatoes considering the scope of what they are capable of. Shutting down YouTube to block visibility of Trump Rallies, and the voice therein, is no different. Any action that can be taken to overwhelm the truth telling will be deployed.

Convenient “mistakes” are simply obfuscation to hide the real purposes and intents. We told you to watch out for this date, October 28th, because we knew how dangerously significant it would be when the truth of actual early voting ran into the months-long construct of media polling lies.

The only way the liars can retain the ruse is to remove visible truth. This is where you must remind yourselves how the objective use of fear is utilized as a weapon. The battle is for your mind; the battle is to stop you from recognizing reality.

The agents who control the rigged systems are beyond “gaslighting” now; they have entered a phase were constructing and/or maintaining the false premise no longer works because contradictory empirical reality is visible.

Within this phase all truth-tellers must have their voices blocked. Be aware of this.

This inflection point needs every voting American to understand they are engaged in an insurgency; and at a particular point -when the levers of opposition unite- it becomes more difficult to communicate through their shields.

But with an insurgency you already know what to do.

Further discussion is not needed. Whether you are capable of meeting with your team or not, the alliance objectives are clear. Each member already knows what’s needed….

go voteRepublican voter turnout projected 2

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47 Responses to A Warning, A Reminder, The Final Ten Days…

  1. Sandra-VA says:

    Thank you, Sundance!

    I have seen a LOT of stuff being posted here, of late, that really seem to be trying to turn the site into a laughing stock. I wonder if that is part of the operation to silence voices…

    Anyway, today surely has been the most amazing day! My head is spinning… Chris Matthews interviewed Mike Pence tonight and it was good… I thought, wow! Chris has come to the light. Not 10 minutes later he turned to his panel and they proceeded to lie lie lie. Mischaracterizing our man’s positions, lying about his stump speeches. Crazy! Switched to CNN and they were attacking a Trump surrogate about someone being ejected from a rally… no proof of paid protestors blah blah blah. I do admit, this is the first time in many months that I have tuned into MSNBC or CNN but I just had to see how they were dealing with this new development… I was not disappointed. LOL! Checked in on twitter and saw that the spin is “duplicate emails”… and of course, that matters not if they are duplicates! If there is ANY classified material on that computer at Huma’s house… boom!

    10 days. Just 10 more days until we can call Mr. Trump “President-Elect”. Cannot wait!!!!

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    • be says:

      Sundance ..Yes!!!! (deserved those exclamation points) Thank you and thank you Treepers. Kept us sane this is so important. Hi Chris 🙂 We are almost there. Just told my hubby this has been a long year and its almost over.. Better yet the new horizon is in sight.
      The rotten stench from the “other side” will soon be gone put out of our lives for ever .. Pray for everyone’s safety through this period.
      Thank you so much again.

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  2. Sam says:

    It’s started. A few of the sites I read online are no longer reachable with bookmarks or searches. I can still get to them but apparently my ISP has blocked and/or redirected the links. Changing DNS servers works. So does Tor. The sites are still there and have new content. I hope it doesn’t happen to the Treehouse.

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  3. Keln says:

    I keep running into this argument with fellow Trump supporters everywhere I go when I say “look at the facts, we are winning”, that I shouldn’t say that because somehow that will make people stay home.

    No it won’t. People love a winner. People pile-on when there is a clear indication of winning. They want to be a part of the win, and to bask in all of its glory.

    People like bandwagons. Sounds silly, but it’s true.

    We are winning, Big League, and were before Wikileaks and Veritas, and well before the latest FBI email redux, the point of which remains a mystery to me (although I could hazard a guess).

    Why does anyone think the media, the punditry, the Hillary campaign and various PACs, the NeverTrumpers, the ENTIRE establishment, the little weasels like CTR or Media Matters or Nate Silver, and the various social media corporations have worked so hard, so diligently to suppress any talk of winning? To constantly drum into our heads, day after day, that we are losing? That there is no hope? That there is a 2% chance or whatever that Trump will win? Why would they do that?

    Because that is what makes people stay home. That is what demoralizes people. That is what cuts a movement off at the knees. Talk of winning emboldens. Talk of losing sinks you. It takes the wind out of your sails. It makes you think there really is no chance, so why bother embarrassing or inconveniencing yourself to squeeze that couple hours in on a busy weekday to get to the polls?

    Many of the most ardent Trump supporters have not had their decision to vote for Trump change, but their resolve to speak the truth and express the reality that we are winning has been chipped away at. That somehow this is a bad thing and will convince people to not vote. No! It’s the opposite! Less dedicated voters keep seeing we are losing, and that is what might keep them home!

    Like SD says, there are Trillions at stake. These people know exactly what works to demoralize. And it isn’t talk of winning. We are winning!. Tell everyone you know. Make sure they know this is the winning team and to get out and vote for the winning team.

    Because nobody likes to be a loser.

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    • Marc says:

      It’s mindset. Conservatives want to back a winner. Liberals do too but they are inherently lazier, so they will stay home if they think their guy/gal has a huge lead.

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  4. cactusclyde says:

    I haven’t figured out yet how to link to a YouTube video, but I highly recommend that all y’all go there and look for “March of Cambreadth.” It will fill your heart with strength and determination. A new Anthem for the uprising? MAGA

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  5. The Recent Republican says:

    As my liberal friends always say, vote and vote often (which gives you a window into their mode of thinking). We can’t cheat like they do, but we can be smart. If you have touch-screen machines, see if you can request a paper ballot. If you can’t, watch the screen. Make sure it doesn’t vote flip on you. November 8th is our Lexington in the Nationalist movement to save Western Civilization and our country.

    Let’s fire the first shot.

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  6. sundance says:

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  7. KBR says:

    I can’t be stopped from voting. I voted already, and by paper ballot. Unless the machine that reads the paper ballots is corrupt my vote for DJT is already there.

    God bless us every one!

    And to Drudge, God is never buried under rubble. Never.

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    • JC says:

      Was just going to post that, KBR. Some may think they’ve buried God under the rubble, but it’s not up to them.

      God created all and is not some archaic man-made concept clutched out of fear to explain the hugeness and terrors of life. He is the Creator of the Universe! To believe that the existence of one atom was an accident, let alone the entire infinite complexity of existence, both macro- and microscopic, takes more faith than I could ever have. Imagine, the God of the Universe wishes and designs a relationship with me. Even my well-honed awe and wonder gene is inadequate to contain such knowledge. The relationship is so personal and real, it changes me, utterly. My finite thoughts, wisdom and experience are so positively minuscule, so absolutely framed by my humanness, I must take refuge under the infinite wisdom, knowledge and love of God.

      We gravely overestimate our power when we fret over things, especially cataclysmic elections like this one. God gives us privileges and responsibilities in the process, but He is in charge. Take our marching orders and… march. March with purpose, resolve, cheer and faith. Fear drains energy. Take charge of your thoughts.

      “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”
      2 Coronthians 10:5

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      • KBR says:

        JC this post is beautiful and should be reposted again! And again! And again!


        • JC says:

          Thank you so much, KBR; you are very kind and made my day. Words are so inadequate when referencing God. It’s an impossible challenge to encapsulate the joy of daily walking into the loving arms of God, Who invites us into intimate relationship with Him.


  8. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Since this IS the best election ever, then it means there is more excitement to come. More excitement means more up and down. Get those seatbelts on, people!

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  9. Blade says:

    Sundance: The scope of the corruption is massive.

    The scope of the “rigged system” is almost beyond definition.

    Damn straight. It is enormous and encompasses the entire #DistrictOfCriminals now. Those cancer cells propagated from K-Street which is ironic since we spent all our time worrying about the enemy emplacements on Embassy Row and less mentionable locations. This is what happens when vigilance stops at “Enemies Foreign” short of “and Domestic”.

    We must keep the movement alive, actually intensify it, and flush out the Domestic enemies and cut them down to size, each and every last one of them. Like Elliot Ness would say, they need back taken by whatever means necessary, Tax Invasion, Insider Trading, Pedophelia, or Jaywalking.

    They were only able to accomplish mission this by utilizing distraction and they still believe that will work as evidenced by the $Hillary Clinton crime syndicate attempt to gin up war with Russia. Does anybody remember that one primary debate where practically every (R)epublicrat took their turn at displaying their manhood by sayiing they would punch Russia, etc? Jeb, Kasich, Rubio, Carley, Cruz ( I believe ), Graham, not to mention McCain and various assorted Idiots not running. It was so obvious, so cynical, but mostly it demonstrated how dangerous the UniParty really is. They called Trump fascist, yet here they are inching into Nazi style scapegoating to gather support.

    As far as “beyond definition“, we had one nasty example up here that spanned over a century!.And it is very VERY comparable to today, especially at the ballot box. Perhaps Trump or us can incorporate it into a theme … Tammany Hall

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  10. the right phoenix says:

    Vote and pray. So much of this is a spiritual battle.

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  11. William says:

    Donald Trump is the only Republican running for office I can remember who has ever sent me an email requesting his notification if I see any voter fraud happening at a voting place. The man means business, and not business as usual like other Republicans. That’s a sign the Federal government is going to be obligated to change behavior, for the good, under a President Trump.

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  12. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:


    All over America the dipshidiocracy rushed to their TV when they heard ” THE NEWS ”

    FBI Reopens the email case on Hillary

    Who remembers the Summer of 2015 when the James O’Keefe undercover videos showed Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for Lamborghini’s ?

    One by evil one those videos were released showing the most EVIL people in the world selling pieces of aborted babies for profit !! Gobbling yuppie salad and slurping wine talking about wanting to buy a Lambo !!!

    The people were united in calling to DEFUND PP !! they called their congressmen and elected officials to get this evil group DEFUNDED !!

    and then it happened ……One story came along and took all that off the NEWS CYCLE !

    One story pushed out by Mr Pavlov had all the doggies rushing to the sound of the ringing bell !!

    The FERVOR to defund planned parenthood all went ….
    POOF !! no one posted any more of the videos and it was all replaced by another story .

    Hillary will blame it all on the ” VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY ” and James Come will report that once AGAIN he has found NO INTENT in his investigation of these emails ….and the people who rushed to the TV SET to hear ” the news ” will be demoralized , angry , feel helpless , and mostly give to declaring SURRENDER …..

    ” THAT ‘S IT …I quit ..it’s a waste of time to vote !! ” THEY ” won’t let us win !! ”

    by the way ….the story that took planned parenthood OFF THE NEWS was CECIL THE LION .

    Who remembers ? A dentist paid to hunt a Lion with his own money …that story caught fire and the Planned Parenthood evil all went away .

    Same thing with this contrived crap ….Hillary …the FBI James Comey and the enemedia are hoping to put an end to YOU paying attention to the James O’Keefe videos and wiki leaks .

    By bundling them all up as ….” A VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY ” poof …gone !

    STAY ON THE PATH …turn OFF the ENEMEDIA on the TV and talky radio and VOTE !!

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    • Sherlock says:

      In California, the predictable result of the Planned parenthood videos was a criminal prosecution of O’Keefe, followed by the passing of a law making it illegal to film inside an abortion provider. Who filed the criminal case? Kamala Harris, the ultra-leftist running for US Senate in Cal. Who signed the law? Gov. Jerry Brown. Within two weeks, Cal. will elect Harris, ban the death penalty, legalize MJ, and ban ammo sales.

      Wake up America–if we don’t win, California will be the US under HRC.
      Do not let your family and friends for the HRC.
      GO TRUMP!!

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    • KBR says:

      So therefore, all Oregonians will be forced to become vegan? For what is a ham but an animal part? And what is a drumstick but a chicken’s leg? A steak is a part of a cow, and milk is also.

      Meanwhile having a human part in one’s possession, whether it be baby parts or facial creams made from human parts, will still be legal?

      Fight this!


  13. JenMG says:

    I couldn’t view any of the Trump rallies last night on CTH, RSB, or any of the other 2 alternative youtube feeds. It kept saying “not available” or “not permitted to view this page”.


  14. SouthCentralPA says:

    As much as we’re not terribly fond of many of these places, as Dinesh D’Souza alluded to in the Liberty U talk you had up the other day, we need to be training our children to take them over.

    [SD– I think you meant Park Avenue, Park Row is a street in downtown Manhattan that runs next to One Police Plaza. FWIW]


  15. juridicus2016 says:

    With all due respect to Sundance, it is more than just trillions at stake. It is also the freedom of the conspirators. If Trump wins and he appoints special prosecutors who go where the facts lead, many could see their freedom placed in jeopardy. It is also the progrssive agenda that is at stake. Eight years of remaking America can be undone.
    This morning CNN interviewed Joe Biden. He said the only reason he did not seek the nomination was because of his son’s illness and subsequent death. He was unequivocal in stating he could have beat Hillary and that he is absolutely capable of being president. The pundits are unanimous in their belief that the repoening of the FBI investigation means that what has been found is significant and a ame changer.
    The empirical evidence seems to suggest Trump wins in a landslide. Even George Soros said he belives Trump wins the popular vote. Given what is at stake, every attempt will be made to stop this outcome. This could include forcing Hillary to withdraw. Biden steps in, there is no time for debates, there is no time for significant policy speeches, there is no time for meaningful evaluation of a candidacy and the country has an election on pure emotion. With so much at stake anything is possible.

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    • Eagle 61 says:

      While I respect your thoughts, and I would never put it past the Socialists to try to replace HRC; there is simply not enough time before the election to replace HRC.The Socialists play for the long term. They will regroup if they lose this election and they will learn from their mistakes. They will always be a foe of freedom and of our constitutional republic.

      Whether we like it or not, the choice is now set: Mr. Trump or HRC.

      I choose Donald Trump.


  16. LKA in LA says:

    I have always taken note of the photos and/or graphics Sundance uses in his articles. The sequence is always important also. Note imperial flag with Obama as the sun. Note the shields with media call letters. If we get cut off treepers, it will be ok because after election we can re-gather. Freedom is at stake so voting is all that is left to do. God bless you Sundance.

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  17. Texian says:

    Find your balls men.. We have been thrust into the crucible of History.. not by some quirk of fate.. but by God..

    “We view ourselves on the eve of battle. We are nerved for the contest, and must conquer or perish. It is vain to look for present aid: none is at hand. We must now act or abandon all hope! Rally to the standard, and be no longer the scoff of mercenary tongues! Be men, be free men, that your children may bless their father’s name.”


  18. Sherlock says:

    I hope those of you with Twitter accounts will start demanding that Hillary put up or shut up. If she wants to know what evidence Comey was able to find, despite Hillary’s best efforts to scrub her server, let her ask Huma! Bring Huma out of hiding, Hillary. Put her on stage now at one of your rallies and let her talk. Stop hiding Huma. Ask her what she parked on Carlos Danger’s laptop.

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  19. lbmomblog says:

    read the article, got it. And understood. But know that there are There are trillions of lives at stake, American lives, American voters, and we are here to Stand Up for truth and justice.


  20. Libertyvibe says:

    I was just listening to Larry Nichols tonight. He said some precincts are already early reporting 120% vote for Hillary. This is fantastic news, because it screams fraud. He said if by chance, it is called for her election night…they are counting on us getting violent, so they can obliterate us. We must keep our cool! We have piles of proof, will and determination to litigate an obvious fraudulent election. We also have God on our side. Do not be discouraged Treepers, if we are required to be patient and wait.


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