Candidate Donald Trump Carries Debate Night With Authentic Political Outrage…

Initially I had to wait to debrief on the debate, because unlike all other debates this time I needed to watch it twice, in some segments three times; and look at the expression, the emotion behind the words.

Some of the things Donald Trump mentioned last night flew under the radar. Like when Trump expressed his “disappointment in congress” to uphold some semblance of constitutional oversight against a weaponized executive branch.

I found myself thinking: wow, did he really say that…

Then it all began to make sense.  This is the unchained Trump.  This is the guy, now a candidate for president, expressing why he’s in the race; a position he never actually wanted to get into…. he’s often said he’d be quite happy if someone else were doing it, for the right reasons.  But they don’t… and so he is.

And his family knew it too:


This is the guy, who is genuinely PO’d at congress for letting the executive branch weaponize itself (it’s own cabinet member organizations) against its own citizenry.

This is the guy who said: “I just had to do it”…”I just had to”, letting all those reasons out for the voters to see.  Stunning, and genuinely authentic.  Trump means this stuff, if you watch him say it, you can tell.  Unlike most politicians, you can actually feel his emotion.

I recognized as I watched Trump explain his disappointment in congress, and later his absolute intention to appoint a special prosecutor to look into all of Hillary Clinton’s various “issues“, that the action of the professional political class in the past 48 hours has liberated Trump from having to worry about ‘their position’ on such matters.

All of those professional DC politicians who rushed to the UniParty exits over the weekend have actually liberated Donald Trump.  Before they ran he was concerned about their sensibility; now they’ve run – it’s no longer an issue.

This is the June 2015 escalator Trump.  Only this time he’s carrying a the severity of millions of people he’s seen face to face in his chosen words.

This is the powerful Trump.  This is the guy who really does intend to change this self-serving, corrupt and ridiculous DC operating system.

This is bold mandate Trump.  Watch:

The best part about this issue is that MOST Americans know, intrinsically at their very core, that Clinton is getting away with severe violations of the law. That’s what makes Trump’s indignation about her arrogance really have an impact.

Even Frank Luntz had to admit this moment was the strongest moment of the night for Republican, Independent, and Democrat viewers. This was the highest moment polled for Clinton’s supporters in the debate.

Even Hillary Clinton’s own supporters know Trump is correct.  The FBI investigation was flawed, bastardized by politicization, and structurally intended to reach a conclusion palatable to the DOJ (Lynch) who never intended to file any charges from the outset.

We know this; there’s a ton of after-the-fact evidence that supports this; and the vast majority of American voters also ‘get this’.  Everyone knows this is wrong…. ergo everyone knows Trump’s outrage at this insufferable double standard is righteous.

Oh sure, CNN goes straight to the Hitler and Stalin references when Trump says a special prosecutor should look into all the shady dealings.  The MSM pearl clutches while saying how horrific it would be to see a weaponized Department of Justice.

The media seem to think we are not aware of the IRS / Lois Lerner scandal was not technically an IRS targeting scandal, but more accurately a DOJ scandal using the IRS.

The MSM tends to think we are not aware of that… or of the 1.3 million pages of confidential IRS documents Lerner delivered to the DOJ on two separate CD ROMS.  Or the Schedule B filings which listed all the contributors to the non-profit groups etc…  Or the special attention list created from those Schedule B’s.

This debate proved one thing more than all others, Donald Trump intends to wreck this entire corrupt UniParty system once and for all….


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1,607 Responses to Candidate Donald Trump Carries Debate Night With Authentic Political Outrage…

  1. Ace says:

    The Uni-Party today is like that liar that you know is lying, and he knows you know he’s lying, but he keeps lying anyway.
    They are going to go down hard.

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  2. kinthenorthwest says:

    Sitting here watching “Celebrity Name Game”(remind you its noon where lots of 4 and 5 year old are at home)
    Category was “Cats” The men’s team did really bad—so the host says’ “who would have known men would have so much trouble with Pussy”
    Hillary give us a break

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  3. RedBallExpress says:

    Two observations:
    A. Losers aren’t winners. Trump never gives up!
    B. That fly came out of the hole in her tongue.

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  5. Cassandra says:

    What a wonderful article Sundance. At 70 years old, he’s made and making a horrendous sacrifice. Thank you for this perspective.

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  6. entagor says:

    SItting here trying to read all the comments of this thread from the beginning, when Savage comes on the radio. Suddenly Savage is just bumped off the air by Hillary making a live speech in Detroit near where I live. The crowd is screaming. The audience screams are ramped to the max louder than any sports event.

    Hillary is doing the debate again without the burden of Donald. She started with Trump’s abuse of women. Unreal. Serious damage control. Creating an alternate reality

    The station just interrupted her for local news at the half hour. Commentator said Hillary is here for voter registration. The volume dropped for the commercials.

    We just returned to Savage. By his words, I know he is unaware he was bumped for about 10 minutes,

    Anyone else familiar with the movie Eyeborgs? What I just heard was like the scene where the hero breaks into the WH to rescue the President who is giving a speech, and when hero enters the auditorium, it is empty, there is no President, just a loudspeaker, because the President had been replaced by halograms

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  7. IMO says:

    BREAKING: Secret Service Told Audience No Flash Cameras Because of Hillary Clinton “SEIZURE DISORDER” –

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  8. I am getting really depressed today. The reason is that yesterday on this site I saw a lot of folks really dissed before the debate and who wanted to destroy the pubs and were committed to voting them all out. Today, after a Trump win, that sentiment is no longer here. Nothing has changed re. the scum publican party hating us and our candidate. You either get rid of them this time or you admit that you are stupid just as they think.They don’t fear us because we keep voting for them.As long as that happens, they are never going to fear us and are never going to change. We can’t primary an incumbent. We are fighting the pub. party and the dem party when we do. We have not been successful. It’s easier to defeat a one termer than it is a lifer. If we destroy the pub. pary, we don’t have to fight them in a primary. We destroy them and either take over what is left or we form a new party and they are then they will have to move to the left to compete with the democrat party and they will lose. We will be the new conservative party and won’t have to fight anyone but the dem. party and we can beat them. We don’t have a conservative party now, so we are always having to fight two parties.

    It’s now or never, so let’s destroy the pub party. Trump will support us over the corrupt uniparty when he is POTUS. Why wouldn’t he. We, as opposed to the uniparty have supported him. He’s not running to be a part of the pub. party. He’s already said this is a movement. A movement to get rid of the pub. party. And the pub party knws it, and are they knuckling under like some of you think they are going to do later. NO! They are never going to change. NEVER! So, that means we have to change. GET EM OUT! GET EM ALL OUT!!! How many on the down ballot are speaking out against the traitors? Damn few. That should tell you all you need to knw. They all support the party and the pry is against Trump. So, why would you support them? Quit being stupid. You can’t fix stupid with stupid.

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    • Eskie Mom says:

      It’s as if people never saw Sundance say that Trump “is our murder weapon” (speaking about the RNC, if I’m not mistaken)
      Cognitive dissonance?

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Got a call from the RNC for a donation—Just donated to Trump.
        Told them I do NOT donate to The GOP or The RNC
        They said they were going to reprimand the people who area stepping away from Trump.
        I told Them I will believe it when I see it.

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        • singtune says:

          I won’t vote for RUBIO here in Florida~! He IS as bad or worse than the Democrat & is a traitor to the People here. Also the RNC here is NOT doing their Job & I know for sure since I went to the Headquarter’s here in my Town & signed up to help, & after 3+ weeks they have not contacted me in any way.

          However i signed up with the TRUMP org. to Poll Watch & got a response right away from them. I think we & TRUMP are on our OWN>!

          I will Only Donate to the TRUMP org. Website~! & have done that this Week once again.

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          • kinthenorthwest says:

            I also told them that if they are totally behind trump than they need to start showing it .
            I donate to Trump and Wyden since they are the only two I trust right now


    • Kathy says:

      Unfortunately it isn’t that simple. I would love nothing more than to get rid of our conrgressman John Mica. He, to my knowledge hasn’t said anything negative about Trump- but I can tell you two years ago when the kabuki theater was happening with the cromnibus bill, he gladly voted yes to get it to floor, then no (approved by the powers to be). This is at the heart of why Trump is our nominee. We are sick and tired that this crap has gone on. That the leaders of the Senate and House play these games and the reps and senators fall in line (on both sides of aisle).

      The problem in many cases with the dem opponents is they want things like gun control or liberal justices. So, my latest thinking has me realizing it is about the leaders of the party. Boehner, Ryan, McConnell. It will be a tug of war with them versus Donald- but just maybe, maybe Donald will lead some of these fall in line assh$ts (reps and senators) to the truth?

      I think if I had people like Ben Sasse, or John McCain- I would definitely write someone in. But if your reps and senators aren’t as bad as these guys, not so sure we shouldn’t give Trump the chance to bring them into the fold. Now, I really wish there was a way to focus energy on getting McConnell out of leadership and Ryan defeated. That would be a whole lot more effective than not voting for any republicans except Trump.

      By no means do I know what is the right thing to do- I just know it’s complicated!

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      • Ace says:

        The problem will not be solved by one election. It will take a generation. The GOP must be burned down. If 2014 didn’t convince you of that, nothing will.

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      • Eskie Mom says:

        It is, indeed, complicated. The ones who are vocally anti Trump are telling (a guilty dog barking or something like that), but go-alongs are pretty dangerous, too.
        We have those litmus test things for the SCOTUS. If we want Trump’s election and agenda to succeed, we’re going to have to have our own litmus test:
        Support Trump or else.
        That ship has sailed for some of them. There’s no going back.

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      • drillerelite says:

        The GOP these days is the worst bunch of weenies for the most part. Treacherous Cory Gardner got a letter from me. So proud to hear my Rep., Ken Buck standing up for Trump on a local show this morning and calling out the rats, he’s clear on the dangers to this nation if she gets elected. Writing Ken Buck a thank you now. MAGA

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    • Deborah says:

      I agree.
      The Republican Party is the Hypocritical Party. He who is without sin and without derogatory comments, let he Cast the First Stone.
      The Republican Party has showed us, not supporting Trump, its members are liars and cannot be trusted.

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    • CoffeeBreak says:

      Don’t be so quick to give up the ghost. Especially if you’re an early voter.

      I, also, am tempted to vote (D), locally, but will not. I can’t abide by the (R) being a puppet for major league change-artists. However, I’m confident the leftists in my city will keep this persistent issue in check.

      This is the only type of beauracracy I can thank my lucky stars for. Everyone here pays out the axx for it and we sometimes have to wait years for the myriad of approvals to rebuild after wildfires, but we choose to.

      I’m going to vote for the (R) in my local election.

      Mr. Trump has worked hard and deserves a Republican House and Senate. We want change and won’t get it as quick as we want with the Democrats in control.

      I understand fully about the Uniparty. I do. The Republican side of the Uniparty will be brought to heel.

      There are other things that Mr. Trump has not and would not say. Think about the adage of giving the enemy ammo to shoot you down with. There will definitely be consequences for eliminating all the Rats before Mr. Trump has the opportunity to really address their major league malfunctions.

      Imagine the hand-wringing from the usual pissants on all the boards crying about Mr. Trump not working fast enough on his promises all because he’s dealing with the (D)’s in charge. Why would we do this. Have faith.


    • Kaco says:

      I am planning on making my calls to my Republican congressmen, but I know Rob Portman has denounced Trump. I actually think I saw him standing by himself after the debate. I also know globalist Kasich is working with him. There is nothing on his website regarding trade, immigration, and refugees. A mailer went out only about protecting our 2nd amendment, which is important, but not the only issue. I am leaning toward leaving the down ticket blank. It is hard because he is running against Ted Strickland. I am still full of rage at the establishment GOP. I don’t think my representative has denounced Trump, but I am giving his office a word of warning.


  9. jwingermany says:

    I posted this to my Facebook with screen-shots:

    The Drudge poll was manipulated between 1AM and 7AM Eastern time. At about 10:45PM, Trump was leading 93,000 to 10,000 with 103,000 total votes. I looked at the poll shortly before 1AM…Trump was leading by about 150,000 votes 85%-15%. So we’re looking at about +37,500 votes per/hr in favor of Trump.

    Between 1AM and 7AM, the Hillbots came to help Hillary and closed the gap 55.77% to 44.23%. Trump—327,406 votes to Hillary—259,663 at 7:10AM. Difference of about 68,000 votes. So, during those 6 hours Hillary had about +13,500 votes per/hr advantage.

    Well, about 7AM Eastern…people are drinking their first coffee and read headlines on Drudge. Some even vote on the Drudge debate poll. That’s when the pendulum flipped in the other direction again. Trump rapidly started distancing himself from Hillary. By 12:15PM Trump’s lead expanded. Trump—68.27% (625,250 votes)…Hillary 31.73% (290,639). Difference of about 335,000 votes. So, between 7:10AM and 12:15PM Eastern time, Trump gained 267,000 votes or about +44,500 votes per/hr advantage.

    During those morning hours, 7:10AM through 12:15PM…Trump received 297,844 votes…Hillary received 40,976. Total votes: 338,820.

    Well look at that! Trump 87.91% to Hillary 12.09%! Those numbers pretty much mirror the pre-1AM numbers!

    I actually have Drudge poll screen-shots to back my data up from 7:10AM (Will try to post data at the Conservative Treehouse). The earlier numbers I can support with Facebook chat screen-shots with my brother in New York…I live in Germany.

    Hope the link works.

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  10. Maisy says:

    As far as online polls, you obviously cannot trust them . The sad part is actual voting is as open to manipulation as they are and the democrats continue to play games to keep it that way. Their deliberate attacks on common sense make their flood of illegal and “dead” voters and funny business possible. The attempt by the chief vote importer Jeh Johnson to take over the election is scarier than Hillary’s press team, (snakes on a plane).

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  11. Eskie Mom says:

    Kellyanne Conway can deal a killing blow if she gathers the other women- and I’m sure there are many, who have been sexually harassed by Congressmen, upper level staffers, and lobbyists.
    I’m sure she is torn because of the risk of handing Congress over to democrats. But they do the same thing and can/ should be exposed as well. Probably by KAC, the others she referred to, plus democrat women (and men) in the same position.

    It’s not like it would be doing something dishonest or chickensh#t. That would be the hypocrites. The position is occupied. Trump is in this as much to clean up the corruption as any of his other Make America Great Again positions. He is being cautious by not saying so directly.

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  12. TwoLaine says:

    The bees have been busy. STUNNING.

    This blows my mind! UGLY. I would imagine TRUMP was none too pleased as well.

    Debate Officials Threatened to Remove Bill Clinton Accusers If They Sat in Trump’s Family Box
    by Charlie Hoffmann
    10 Oct 2016

    Classy, those DIM’s…. And they worry about TRUMP’s finger on the button. This is The Shrill’s Foreign Policy Dude.

    Clinton’s Foreign Policy Spokesman Told Trump to ‘Go F*** Yourself’
    by Madeleine Weast
    10 Oct 2016

    This one will blow your mind. Apparently TRUMP was anti-Semitic last night, and was signalling others to be the same… Its cray-cray. They go LOW LOW LOW on this one.

    George Soros and Sidney Blumenthal Were the Dog Whistles of the Second Debate
    by Helen Chernikoff and Nathan Guttman
    9 Oct 2016


  13. MouseTheLuckyDog says:


    @Cernovich , @mitchellvii, @realDonaldTrump, if HRC cares about people why did Bill pardon ? #MarcRichPardon.
    3:24 PM – 10 Oct 2016
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

    Ps: Can someone show me how to copy tweets here?

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  14. Carol in Oz says:

    Treepers might be interested to know how last night’s debate is being interpreted by the MSM both here in Australia and in Europe (via three English version TV news services).
    Up until today everything negative that could possibly be gleaned from the US Election campaign has been presented as confirming Trump is very bad and losing; Hillary good and winning. That theme was triumphantly emphasised following the first debate with many references to Hillary winning and none to the online polls won by Mr. Trump.
    This morning that changed into the rest of the world looks to the US as a leader so yesterday’s Presidential debate is deeply worrying not just for the US but for the world, because the US is faced with two nominees who are both deeply flawed!! Wow! Until now, there has never been anything even slightly negative mentioned in relation to Hillary. Regular low information viewers must have been scratching their heads.
    The only sound bites from the debate itself were the exchange ending with ‘You’d be in gaol” followed by Hillary’s “He’s paid no taxes for 20 years” Presumably this was intended to underline this new ‘both flawed’ meme.
    Predictably, Trump’s locker room tape remarks were raised so they could yet again be labelled as shockingly vulgar in disapproving tones. They closed with “Republican leader, Paul Ryan, has announced he will not campaign with Donald Trump at all over the next month and his focus instead is going to be ensuring Hillary doesn’t get a blank cheque. Both Australian and European talking heads explained that means he knows Hillary is going to win and sees his task as being to get ‘other’ Republicans elected.
    Mr. Trump’s grassroots support has never been mentioned let alone the enthusiasm of Americans at his campaign rallies. Nor were viewers enlightened as to why and/or how Mrs. Clinton has come to suddenly also be considered a deeply flawed candidate. Up until now that label has exclusively belonged to Mr. Trump.
    The overwhelming theme over the past week has been that the locker room tape had ended Mr. Trump, as in not only was Hillary winning, but principled members of the Republican party now had no choice but to replace him.
    I can’t believe the elites at the top of the MSM tree have given up on that aim.

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  15. Deborah says:

    The time is right NOW for Trump to run commercials in the inner cities of Miami, Jacksonville, Detroit, Philly, NYC, Chicago, Missouri, and Baltimore, to reach out to African Americans. The commercial should state: African Americans voting for the Clintons over the years, has helped to make the Cintons rich. In exchange, what has the Clintons done for African Americans? To build prisons and incarcerate black men. Hillary calls black men Super Predators(play video of statement only). More black men were incarcerated under the Clintons than any President. This is Hillary solution to inner cities problems. Trump solution for the inner cities are investments and to bring jobs back to this Country that Hillary drove away.

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  16. WeThePeople2016 says:

    This was all coordinated with Ryan and others. Falwell calling them out on it. It sounds like this was it – their big Oct. surprise. Falwell said it backfired on them.

    Falwell: Lewd Trump Tape Part of GOP Coup Against Donald, No ‘Coincidence’ It Came Right Before Paul Ryan Joint Appearance

    Falwell, who endorsed Trump in January, said, “I just think some of the establishment Republicans—I’m not going to name any names, I’ve got some independent information, but I’m not going… I’m not going to reveal it on the air—but I think some of the establishment folks who reluctantly endorsed him had this planned all along as a way to slither out of the endorsement, and
    I think it backfired on them, and I’m glad to see that.”

    When Crosby pressed Falwell, he was more direct: “It wasn’t a coincidence that it came out right before Trump was supposed to appear with Paul Ryan at a rally, and it conveniently gave Paul Ryan a way to disinvite Trump.”

    The Trump surrogate said he has heard for a while from trusted Republican sources that something was being planned that would allow the GOP leaders to take Trump off the ticket.

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  17. charles k says:

    Hey Treehouse peeps,
    in case you have not read this yet, Jerry Falwell. Jr detaisl some inside info that NeverTrump RINOs. (not straight up dems), staged the audio tape to kill Trump’s campaign – staged it exactly one day before RINO Lyin Ryan would host Trump in Wisconson. Falwell believes that it has only begun to backfire and that Trump will benefit from this cheap attempt
    at rick-rolling his campaign.


  18. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Donald Trump Back Up 3 Points Over Hillary Clinton in LA Times – USC Dornsife Poll

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  19. Sandra-VA says:

    Fall out from a protest outside RNC HQ:


    • M.A. says:

      Has there been ANY statement from Reince since Ryan and company pulled THEIR attempted coup? Reince is going to have to choose: he’s either BFF to Ryan/Romney or RNC Chairman.

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      • 3x1 says:

        Remains to be seen.

        Regardless, you can’t freelance protests if you’re an official part of a campaign.

        Dumb move by Corey (whether he is right or wrong) and correct response by the Trump campaign.

        (And i think the GOPe / RNC are filled with scum)

        If you are NOT affiliated with the campaign, then protest at will 😉

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    • law4lifeblog says:

      It wasn’t a protest, but a positive proTrump rally. Local establishment RINO types misrepresented it and got NY to fire Corey Stewart…..disgraceful. It would have been 100 women showing support for Trump on a federal holiday with little traffic….the hacks saw an opportunity to push out an inconvenient opponent of illegal immigration, and the firing turned it into a national story.


  20. truthandjustice says:

    Be prepared for this to come up (which SD posted about recently) (this via

    The Clintons in particular will use a recently refiled lawsuit claiming that Trump, with Epstein’s help, raped a 13-year-old in 1994.
    Interestingly, an Obama-appointed federal judge, Ronnie Abrams, was assigned to preside over the case and ordered a December hearing – after the election.
    However, when the lawsuit was initially filed in April, questions were raised about its validity by the media.
    For one thing, the lawsuit, which was anonymously filed, seems light on details of the alleged crimes and the specific circumstances.


  21. Christine says:

    WIKILEAKS in Summary:
    Hillary has sold the United States to the rest of the world….
    Hillary will be the Queen of the Entire Planet…
    Hillary and the Globalist will sent all United States Jobs to other countries for Cheap Labor.
    United States Unemployment Rate will be 50%.
    United States citizens will complain…but the INTERNET would block complaints.
    Hillary will tell the United States Citizens there is nothing she can do….NEW GLOBALISH WORLD.
    Hillary will have homes in 35 countries….laughing at how she made the United States a 3rd World Country.

    To think Latinos left Mexico and were lucky to legally become citizens of the United States the richest county in the World…and then they voted to allow open borders and they now live in a 3rd World County.

    Let us hope this Hillary Plan is exposed to the entire country before it is too late.


  22. Lucille says:

    One of the commenters on The Next News Network video said: “….did you notice the moment when Trump said to Anderson, ‘You wouldn’t understand,’ when asked to explain the locker room talk. I nearly cried in laughter… Anderson probably still doesn’t get it!”

    What a great catch. Hahaha!

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  23. Lucille says:

    Bill Clinton’s Reaction To Trump Bringing His Sex Victims to Debate

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  24. M. Mueller says:

    Got this via email today:

    Hillary said that “Muslims have been a part of America since the time of George Washington”
    True. Let’s see what they had to say…
    In 1784, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were sent to go talk to the Muslims of North Africa and the Middle East because they were attacking, without provocation, American ships. Here’s what the ambassador said in response:
    “It was founded on the laws of their Prophet [Muhammad] – that it was written in their Quran that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners; that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners; and that every Musselman [Muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”
    In response, Thomas Jefferson concluded that:
    “If we wish our commerce to be free and uninsulted [i.e., unattacked], we must let these nations see that we have an energy [willingness to use force], which at present they disbelieve. The low opinion they entertain of our powers cannot fail to involve us soon in a … war.”
    George Washington agreed, affirming that what was needed was decisive military action that would “reform those enemies to mankind – or crush them into non-existence.”
    Pretty damned enlightening…

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  25. Jane Harris says:

    Forgive me if this has been posted already…..


    • Eskie Mom says:

      Don’t think it has, Jane. The Trump controversy is the GOPEs’ baby. However, it kinda does kill 2 birds with one stone (Trump + the Clintons). Which clears the field for Ryan? Mitt? Jeb? Cruz?

      I fully expect them to try for the “faithless electors” and/ or throwing the vote to the House. (Electors have been messed with already, at the convention)

      I really hate these b@st@rds.


  26. waynestrick says:

    Abe was more attractive.

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